(Please note: Rachet and Clank is only referenced once in this story, THIS IS NOT A CROSSOVER.)

CHAPTER 1: Struggles

Pain surged through me. I had no idea what caused it, all I knew was that it was there. All I could see was black. I was thinking that I was asleep, even though I wasn't. Suddenly, I was jolted upwards and I started to see light and hear screaming. It was at that moment that I remembered what was happening. I had accidently picked a fight with the toughest kid in school, Julio Baldez. I could hardly hear anything he was telling me, all I could pick out was: "You're gonna be sorry Michelson!"

Just as he was about to deliver a final blow, the principle came rushing through the crowd and separated the two of us. He then yelled at the crowd and then told us to see him in his office.

When we got to the office, the principal started to stare at us. I still had blood dripping from my nose. It was quiet for about three minutes until he finally broke the silence.

"What made you two think that you could even think about fighting?" he asked.

"It wasn't my fault sir, Michelson ran right into me and started to talk shit about me."

I started to regain what had happened just before the fight. What he said was all true, I did talk shit about him after I accidently ran into him and I wasn't going to lie to the principle.

"Its true sir, after I ran into him I started to tell him that he was a retard for being in the way." I confessed.

The principle looked me in the eye as to say to me "WHY!"

"None of what just happened is tolerated at this school" the principal said. "I expect it to never happen again. Do I make myself clear?!" He said.

"Yessir" Julio and I both said.

To keep from controversy he decided to give the both of us detention for the rest of the week. Both Julio and I walked out the office after the slips were handed to us.

I started to walk towards my next class, biology. It was on the other side of the campus which made my day even worse.

"Great, not only did I get my ass kicked, get detention for a week, and make a new enemy but I also get to take a nice long walk to my next class, GREAT!" I said to myself in anger.

When I got into my class, I noticed that everyone, including the teacher, started to stare at me even when I sat down. The teacher walked over to my desk and put a large packet of paper full of questions in front of me.

"You have only 15 minutes to complete the test" My heart dropped. Not only do I have to take a large test in fifteen minutes, but I also have to think extra hard because I hadn't studied at all. My day was just getting horrible.

After the final bell rang we were dismissed to go home. I walked out onto the sidewalk and began to walk towards my house. I thought it was going to be okay from there on out until I saw Julio. All he did was flip me the bird and tell me that I was dead. However, I just ignored him and continued my walk.

After about 5 minutes, I reached my house. When I walked in my mom immediately started to yell at me. "YOU HAVE A WEEKS WORTH OF DETENTION?!". I just stared at her with a straight face.

She continued yelling at me for another hour. I had no idea that she could continue for such a long time. But, after she finished I walked up to my room to just lay down and let all of what happened that day melt away. As I was laying, I started to think about what had happened. In one day I had: gotten in a huge fight, possibly had a broken nose, made a new enemy, bombed a test, and received a weeks' worth of detention. I didn't let it go to me, instead I thought about the future and what could happen in a better way. Even though I did this, I still wished that I just could leave and start a new life. But I knew very well that it would never happen; I was forced to live with it.

After my reflection of my day I walked back downstairs to get some pain killing medicine to help dull the pain of my face and body. After that I went back to my room and flopped onto my bed. I drifted off into sleep and started dreaming.

During the dream…

I awoke in a strange place. It was a place I didn't recognize at all. I looked around the small room I was in, just to see four walls with nothing but white paint on them. Suddenly the room dissipated to nothing and I was left in dark emptiness. Soon I saw an image of a being. I couldn't see the being, only its shadowy body and outline. It looked muscular so I assumed the being was a man. As he walked up to me three more beings came out from behind him. I was startled. Just as I was about to identify these beings, I awoke from my dream.

Back to reality…

I woke up with a startled gasp. I quickly looked around my room to make sure that it was a dream. I saw everything that my room had: a TV, a clock above my door, 2 dressers, a window, and three posters of my favorite game; Ratchet and Clank. I was relieved that it was all just a dream. If I was really in some random room with nothing but four shadow outlines, I'd go insane right then and there.

I looked over at my digital bedside clock that I had gotten on my last birthday. It read 3:00 a.m. I sighed at the thought of trying to fall asleep again. So I decided to think about the dream again. It was so vivid that I could remember every detail and aspect of the dream. As I started to re live the dream in my head I noticed something about the beings. They reminded me of something. But what? To me, it was too much work, especially at the hour it was, to think back to what they looked like. I immediately disregarded the thought because it seemed to be ridiculous. To my pleasure, I slowly drifted back into sleep for the rest of the morning.

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