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For the story now begins!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land where mages existed...

A day in Fairy Tail was as normal as any day. Lucy, however, was out on a mission by herself, unlike most times where she paired up with Natsu. Natsu was in an argument with Gray over something about whose scoop of ice cream was bigger.

"Freezing bastard!"

"Flame brain!"

"Ice mice!"

"Ice mice?" Gray asked in disbelief.

Natsu shrugged and ignored his previous pathetic insult. "Ice princess!"


Natsu stared. "What does nincompoop mean?"

Gray snorted and moved off. "Figure it out yourself."

Natsu frowned and was lost in thought. "Hmmm..."

Away across the guild, Lisanna was staring dreamily at Natsu and not at all paying attention to Levi's rant about how some books on grammar were actually grammatically incorrect and therefore would be teaching incorrect grammar and yada yada yada...

"-and so if it says I is good, that's not correct grammar and-huh? Lisanna? What are you doing?" Levi asked.

Lisanna looked at Levi with a slight blush. "I'm going to do it." She moved off towards Natsu, who still did not find "nincompoop" in his "Universal Book of Gray's Insults". He was also ignoring the dictionary sitting on the counter.

"Natsu...Ireallyreallylikeyouanddoyou likeme?..." Lisanna managed out to Natsu.

The whole guild stared.


Natsu looked up. "Hm?"

"Will you answer my question?"

Now, my friends, Natsu had learned that when a female asked him a question, it was usually asking if he agreed with said female. Disagreeing was extremely painful and should never be trifled with unless you had a death wish or was a masochist.

Natsu grinned. "The answer is yes! Sure! Of course! Why no-mmph!" Lisanna had just kissed him.

And then the door flew open to admit no other than Fairy Tail's resident Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy Heartfilia.

Uh oh.

Lucy stared at the kissing couple for a few seconds before abruptly turning and storming out, slamming the door with a crash worthy of Erza.

Natsu immediately got up and ran after her. "Oi! Lucy! Lucy, wait up!"

Lucy whirled around. "Don't touch me!" She was near tears now.

Natsu stared. "Lucy, what's wro-"


Lucy was now crying. "We spent all that time together, and now you just go and act like I never existed and you pretend nothing's wrong! I HATE YOU!" She stormed off, crying.

Natsu stared. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Aye." Happy flew over.

"Happy! Did I do something wrong?"

"Aye. She's probably feeling neglected."

"Okaaay...hey, Happy. Do you know what nincompoop means?"


"Oh, alright then, do you think that-"

"NATSU YOU FREAKING IDIOT!" Erza had arrived on the scene, along with a rather dangerous looking stick, which had just been used on the unfortunate Natsu.

"Erza!" Natsu whined, rubbing his head. "What did you-"

He was silenced by Erza's killing intent.

Erza stared down at Natsu. "You do not understand the female sex, do you?"


"You, who have been Lucy's best friend in Fairy Tail for at least 7 freakin' years, now has been neglecting her completely for the past 2 months since Lisanna's returned, and is pretending that nothing has changed so-"

Natsu stared in openmouthed horror as Erza's Giant Stick of Unimaginable Doom descended on his poor, abused-and-about-to-be-abused-again-and-again head.


While Erza was busy distributing 2 months worth of bad Karma onto Natsu, Lucy was in her bedroom and digging around in her "Mom Box". This box contained various objects that symbolized her mother, including a weird scroll that had a note to her and drawings of hands in various positions.

The note said:

Dear Lucy:

I should probably tell you now, that while I was a Celestial Spirit Mage, I wasn't a mage at all before. I am a member of the Shokan clan of the Land of Shinobi, a universe different from us in many ways. I won't go into the details, but the reason I could become a Mage was because the Shokan clan was given the ability to summon any animal. Cats, toads, horses, and even dragons were not beyond our ability, but we could not use the Sage Mode of the summonings unless we had a contract with them. Now before you ask about Sage Mode, I should probably tell you that that long list of hand drawings are the necessary seals to transport yourself to the Elemental Countries. Please make sure that you use it responsibly and that you tell your friends and family that you are leaving.


Your Mother, Layla Shokan Heartfilia

P.S. It would do you good to NOT engage in battle. I assure you, the ninja could kill you faster than you could blink.

Lucy stared at the long list of 153 hand drawings. SHe took a deep breath.

"Okay, let's do this."

Erza was now finished with her revenge on behalf of Lucy when she saw said girl run towards the nearby park clutching a scroll.

"Lucy!" she called, but the look Lucy gave her was so full of hatred and hurt that she looked like a completely different person. Erza ran after her, still calling her name.

When she finally caught up to Lucy (for someone running in high heels, Lucy ran pretty fast), it was to the sight of Lucy finishing a set of hand positions before abruptly vanishing.

"Lucy?" asked Erza, but she was gone, with the scroll lying on the ground.

Master will want to see this, Erza thought before turning around and hurrying back towards Fairy Tail.

Master Makarov was happily falling into a dream consisting of rather...perverted tendencies when Erza charged in, calling out a "MASTER!" at the top of her voice. Makarov was immediately jolted out of his wonderful (for him) dream and pulled back into a harsh reality consisting of a lot of property damage.

"Yes, Erza?"

"You see, this morning, Natsu and Gray were..."


"-and so, only this scroll was left." Erza handed the scroll over to Makarov.

Makarov's eyes widened. "T-This c-can't be...I thought it was just a myth..."

"A myth, Master?"

Makarov nodded. "It's said that there were people would had no qualms about killing. They had a special energy source like our magic, except it was not just limited to fire, or wind. They could preform all sort of magic and were skilled with weapons and hand-to-hand fighting. Some had the strange ability to cause strange illusions, and still others had varying fighting styles. I thought they never existed, but...this is proof."

Erza nodded quietly. "But Master, Lucy used it-"

Makarov sighed. "Then Lucy has the blood of the shinobi in her, and she was never a full-fledged mage in the first place. But from what I can see, this is a very powerful magic. But I do not think Lucy would have done this unless she was provoked. Do you know what may have happened?"

Erza proceedeed to glare menacingly at Natsu, who immediately cowered in fear of the GSoUD (Giant Stick of Uninmaginable Doom) that she was holding in one hand.

Makarov sweat-dropped. "I see it has something to do with Natsu..."

"OF COURSE IT DID." Erza's voice boomed over the silent crowd, directing her killing intent at Natsu.

"I don't suppose you'll forgive him?" tried Makarov.


"Oh dear, this isn't going so well..." muttered Makarov.

Somewhere in Konoha...

Kiba was just ready to charge at Shino when a blond, busty girl dropped out of nowhere and landed unceremoniously on Shino.

Kiba stared. Hinata and Kurenai both stared.

And for the first time, Shino cursed. Loudly.

Tsunade stared in amusement at the girl who had managed to make Shino curse. The blond girl was struggling and whining and yelling at the two ANBU holding her. Problem was, ANBU were trained for this sort of thing and made no attempt to comfort the girl. If anything, they gave her menacing mask stares that would trump Erza's stare.

"I am Senju Tsunade of the Sannin and Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. And who may you be?"

The girl, now trembling, looked up. "I'm Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia, and my mother left me a scroll and she said her given name was Shokan and please don't kill me!"

Tsunade sighed. "Don't worry, we won't kill you."


"Yes. We might torture you mentally and physically up to the point where you wished you were dead, but killing you right now? No. We don't do that over here."

Lucy trembled and burst into tears. "But I'm just a harmless little girl!"

"And little girls can be dangerous spies." Tsunade nodded to the guards. "Place her into a cell and have him go into her minds. She might be needed as well."

A/N: him refers to Yamanaka Inoichi and She refers to Mitarashi Anko. Tsunade is not using their actual names for security reasons.

Lucy protested again, but Naruto strode over to her and told the ANBU to let her go. Lucy dropped to the floor, and looked up ready to say thank you, but Naruto stuck a piece of paper to her forehead and Lucy couldn't talk or move at all. Naruto then nodded to the ANBU, who hoisted Lucy up and continued off to T&I.

And somewhere at Fairy Tail...

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Natsu screamed as a good chunk of the female population of Fairy Tail (excluding Lisanna) chased him, all holding GSoUDs and ready to beat the hell out of him.

Levi was the best so far, having hit Natsu five times.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR MAKING LU-CHAN LEAVE!" she yelled, bringing the GSoUD onto Natsu's head.

"And she is telling the truth." finished Inoichi.

Tsunade nodded. "So she is of the Shokan clan...I thought they had died out."

"Hokage-sama, will Shokan-san be learning the shinobi arts?"

"I suppose so."

"But, Hokage-sama, she is severely behind."

Tsunade smiled. "That is where Gai comes in. He's off to meet her already."

"Hokage-sama, are you sure that's sane..."

"Ah, don't worry. We've all experienced Gai."

Lucy frowned.

"I'm sure that this 'Maito Gai' should be here soo-"

"YOSH!" Gai leapt in. "Are you Lucy Shokan?"

"Y-yes," squeaked Lucy, mentally scarred at Gai's shiny bowl cut, bushy eyebrows, and green spandex suit.

"GOOD! Now, before you start, you will have to wear this." Gai held up a spandex suit.

Lucy fainted away.

In Fairy Tail...

"Where is Natsu-kun?" asked Lisanna.

Erza, eating cake, mumbled a "Hms hn huh hmfmmy."

Mirajane smiled. "He's in the infirmary."

"Eh? Why?"

"He has a severe concussion..."

NOW...CUE TIME SKIP OF THREE YEARS! (Yes, three years.)

"It's time to go." a figure in a dark cloak smiled as the wind blew through, revealing blond hair.

An orange-haired figure stood quietly with a red-haired young man in a strange metal contraption next to him.

"The Akatsuki are ready." was all he said as 14 figures silently slid into place behind him.

Another figure walked up, his hood down to reveal whiskered cheeks.

"Gaara's not coming," he said. "He has to watch over Suna."

A pink haired figure walked up next to him. "Tsunade-shishou's staying to watch over Konoha as well."

"All together, we have...13 people coming, not including the Akatsuki."

"Right." The figure stood up. "Let's go, everyone."

A bright portal lit up the sky and the 19 figures disappeared.

The 19 figures landed in a deserted alleyway of Magnolia. They moved quickly, and with a purpose, towards the tall, towering cliff. One briefly concentrated, and thousands of copies of that person appeared.

By the time dawn broke, a large, formidable building that could only be described as a fortress sat on the hill. A large banner was hung over the door, with the symbol of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

As people gradually became curious, they placed jobs for this new guild. More and more people, encouraged by the flawless record of jobs finished, gradually came to place requests. The silver haired, one-eyed, orange-book-reading guild master welcomed each of them with a eye-smile and a nod. The members, though just 19, were able to accomplish nearly every job. They did what was instructed of them, nothing more. The one job they would not take were the jobs that were requested by those who wished to seek selfish gain. They somehow knew the exact personality of the client no matter what facade was put up, and those who fought them and survived described them as "people who have grown up to fast".

The other guild, Fairy Tail, still had job requests, but those were mainly the jobs that the new guild has refused. They still managed well, but people were now wondering if the new guild was really the best guild, or was Fairy Tail still king? There would be only one way to decide:

The Great Magic Games. Only this time, Fairy Tail would not be fighting for its place as strongest guild only. It would be fighting to survive.

And the new guild's name?

Phoenix Reborn. A fitting name with a fitting motto:

You can't beat us. We'll always rise from the ashes and live again.

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