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It was the full moon. Since Stefan had first learnt about werewolves this part of the lunar cycle was synonymous with danger. Of course, since he had left Mystic Falls with Klaus that hadn't been the only thing the full moon had meant. Ever since that curse had been broken the Original had acted oddly, even considering Stefan's limited knowledge of him, but the full moon was always different to the rest of the month.

He was completely and unbelievably clingy on that night. If it was anyone else it wouldn't have been as odd, it probably wouldn't even be considered clingy. But it was Klaus and even with his fascination with Stefan it was still strange when he followed the younger around or just sat and patiently waited for him to finish feeding. What was even more out of the ordinary was the touching.

Normally if Klaus touched him it was for a reason, like to stop him leaving or to remind him who was in charge. These touches were different, soft and affectionate as he rubbed Stefan's arm or let his fingers trail over his shoulder.

This was the second full moon Stefan had been around Klaus. The first time he'd thought it was just a game of some sort but when the hybrid had gruffly explained it as an effect of the full moon before ignoring him for the rest of the week he decided he was probably telling the truth. It was a bit extreme to be a game, even for Klaus.

The blood pouring into his mouth was delicious, distracting Stefan from his thoughts of the hybrid for a minute. Klaus had chosen well, like he always did when he picked lunch. Part of the Salvatore screamed at him for looking at a human like they were nothing but food but with the warm tangy blood exploding over his tastebuds the guilt quickly faded away.

It didn't take long to drain her, his hips moving slightly as part of him looked to satiate a different hunger. The second the last drop of blood slipped into his mouth everything came back in a rush, he woman dropping to the floor as Stefan breathed in shakily.

Before he could wipe the blood off his lips warm fingers were running across his mouth, dipping in slightly, and getting rid of most of the blood. Stefan started to protest before his green eyes met Klaus' blue as the hybrid lifted his fingers to his mouth, sucking on them almost-teasingly.

"What are you playing at?" Stefan managed to get out, part of him, the ripper part, responding eagerly to the scene in front of him.

Klaus chuckled, pushing the younger up until he hit the wall, and murmuring, "We both know what I'm playing at ripper. Don't you want to play?"

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