The trees outside were the same as ever, heart shaped with white roses, some of which still dripped with red paint. Why did he have to go and be the hero? If he had left those three cards to paint the roses by themselves he wouldn't be in this mess.

"Alfred? Котенок? Are you in there?" chirped the sickly sweet voice of his captor as opened the door to Alfred's cell.

Alfred looked up, his captor smirked down at him, Alfred tried to back away put his shackled ankle prevented him from moving.

"Awww…is himz still scared? Don't worry Love, only one more day till our wedding, after that you'll have nothing to fear. This insane Wonderland will kneel at our feet, with you at my side we shall rule for all eternity, won't that be fun?!" cooed the man, leaning in to steal a kiss.

Alfred closed his eyes and his mind to the temptations he was offered, why had this happened? Why? What had he done to deserve this madness? The last thought he managed before his mouth was invaded was,

"Will Matt be able to save me in time?"

"For the twentieth time where is my brother!" yelled Matthew, he was losing patience with these weirdoes.

"Und for the ninety seventh time ve've told you he's here!" said Ludwig the white rabbit.

"Ve~ Ludwig don't-a be so mean to the poor ragazzo." Said Feliciano the March hair, as he poured more tea onto Matthew's lap.

"You should vorry more about finishing all of that tea." Said Gilbert the Cheshire cat, he was drinking his tea up-side-down.

"He's right amoureux, a joli little boy such shouldn't 'ave to fret about such things." Said Francis the mad hatter, as he dipped Ludwig's pock watch into his tea.

Matthew banged his head on the table, why did his brother drag him into this?