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Belle was silent as they drove out of the parking lot, however she was still visibly shaking. Running her hands over her shoulders, she tried to warm herself up, and calm herself down at the same time. Finally she spoke. "What did you tell Miss Swan?"

Glancing away from the road for a second to put his hand on her arm and gently caressed it, he smiled at her, hoping to comfort her. "Don't worry about that love. But if anyone asks you, she is the one that came into the restroom, not me."

Belle's head shot up and she stared at him, confused. "Why should we lie about something like that? You saved me, and possibly my life. You deserve the credit for that."

"Look at us Belle. You couldn't pry me from your side right now even if you begged me too. I need to be sure you are safe and sound. Me taking you home is probably the most selfish thing I've ever done." He saw her smile faintly, and he knew that she didn't take it the wrong way. "And how would I explain that to Mr. Graham, or the police for that matter?"

Looking through the windshield, Belle thought for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders.

"They would have made you gone home with a police escort no doubt, and there would be no way for me to know that you were alright and safe. Either way Victor's ass is going behind bars, and this way, I get the comfort to know you are alright." Mr. Gold moved his hand from her arm and up to her cheek, his thumb gently moving over her cheek bones. Belle nuzzled her head into his hand, and took in the faint smell of cologne that was radiating off of him. After a moment, he asked, "So love, where do you live?"

"It's quite a ways away I'm afraid, out in the boonies" Belle looked over to him. "Sorry."

"Not a problem. Do you need to call your father or anything?" Mr. Gold reluctantly released her face, so he could fully concentrate on driving.

"Actually, my father isn't home..." Belle admitted, her cheeks flushed.

"So what you are telling me, is that I'm driving you half an hour into the woods to an empty house, where your nearest neighbor is a mile away?"

Belle bit her lip and smiled slyly. "Yes that would seem to be the case."

"And you are just now telling me this?" Mr. Gold tried to look put out, but he was fooling no one.

"Well, I didn't know when else I should have told you." Belle smiled evasively.

"What am I going to do with you love?" He responded. "When will your father be back?"

"Monday morning."

"So you'll be all alone tonight..." He let the question hang in the air, knowing he shouldn't even allow her to answer.

"I won't be if you want to stay." She couldn't look at him in the eyes, and she felt that her face was on fire.

Swallowing hard, Mr. Gold tried to get his head on straight. "Belle, do you realize what you are asking me? You want me to... stay the night with you?"

"Yes Eli," one of the rare times she ever used his first name. "I want you to stay with me."

"Are you sure? I don't think I'll be able to do much protecting if all I'm thinking about is you all alone in your room." He made sure to tread carefully though these waters, choosing his words with caution. He didn't want to scare her away.

"I want you to stay with me in my room. In my bed. Tonight." Belle looked straight at his profile, her gaze burning the side of his face.

He didn't know how to respond. He knew he needed to say no, to be the voice of reason. That this was a bad idea. Instead what came out of his mouth was, "Ok. love. I'll stay with you."

"Thank you. You just turned this awful evening into the best night of my life. Maybe I should thank Victor as well?" Belle joked.

"I'll give you my cane, and you can beat him with thanks." He countered.

Belle pulled herself from their conversation long enough to gather in her surroundings. "Oh! I'm sorry! Turn here! At this stop sign, turn left." After he maneuvered the car into the proper direction, she continued on her instructions. "Follow the path and soon enough we'll be at a fork in the road. Take the right route straight to my house."

"Aye love. Give me a little more warning next time though?" He teased.

"I'm sorry. Is there any way I can make it up to you?" She turned to him and gave him her best doe eyes.

He looked at her for a second, and even that was too much for him. In the blink of an eye, he pulled over to the side of the road and cut the engine. Before she could even ask what he was doing, he turned to face her in his seat, and leaned in to kiss her gently. Slowly she parted her lips to allow him access into her mouth, their tongues doing a lazy dance. His hand slid across her breast as he brought it up to her face to cup her cheek. He could feel his erection start to push against his dress pants, and regrettably pulled away from her mouth before he took her right there in the car.

"What are you doing to me love?" He leaned his head down and settled on her bosom, and listened to her rapid heartbeat. Panting slightly, he tried to regain his composure enough to drive, when all he wanted was to sit like this in his car until the end of time, her hand slowly massaging his scalp. It was Belle that broke his trance though by lifting his head and giving him a small peck gently on his lips. Smiling brightly her eyes told her that the sooner he drove to her house, the sooner they could get back in each others arms. Visibly forcing himself away from her, he turned the engine back on and drove away from the shoulder of the road and towards her house.

Making sure to park his car behind the house, just as a precaution, Mr. Gold allowed Belle to lead him by his hand into the house. Slipping inside her dark abode, the only sound being the click and lock of the door, he turned and looked at his beauty. He was still finding it hard to believe being here with her. He felt like he was 16 years old sneaking in through his girlfriends window. He looked at her with a smile he reserved only for her.

"What's that face for?" Belle asked, shyly hiding her face, their situation just sinking in.

"It's for you love, if you'll have it." Keeping his feet planted to the ground was almost impossible. The desire to stride over to her in three steps and hold her close was overwhelming, but he kept his stance, determined to allow her to set whatever pace she wanted. He knew he would be content sleeping in a chair in the corner of her room, if that meant they were in the same room.

"What a silly thing to say." She cast aside her shyness and waltzed right up to him. Cupping his face in her hands, she said "Of course I'll have it."

Mr. Gold snuggled his cheek into her soft hands. The smell of her was intoxicating, a mix of paper and perfume, something he had long ago associated with her. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and shuddered. "Belle..."

"Shhh." He wasn't much taller than her, especially since she already kicked off her heels. She still however had to stand up a bit further to connect their lips in a searing kiss. Dropping his cane in favor of pulling her closer to him, his mouth was quickly responding, his tongue already begging for entrance she eagerly gave. Running her hands up to his hair, she once again massaged his scalp, hearing him groan into her mouth. Her reward was feeling his hands run over her bare back where her dress didn't cover. She could sense his fingers running small circles, making her shiver. Breaking for air, she looked him straight in the eye. "Bedroom."

Mr. Gold didn't say anything, only nodded dumbly. Belle handed him his cane before taking his hand and interlocking their fingers. Leading him to the back of the house to her room, a comfortable silence fell over them, their feet not even making any noise. Reaching her room, she escorted him in first, then herself, slowly shutting the door. Then turning to face him, she smiled at her history teacher. Swiftly walking by him, their arms barely touching, she turned on her nightstand light. A soft yellow luminescence filled the room, revealing what was in it. A queen sized bed took up most of the room in the corner, and a dresser on the opposite wall with a large mirror. The closet was next to another door, presumably leading to the connecting bathroom. Lastly his eyes fell upon Belle, who had reverted back to being shy. Her hands were clasped in front of her, and she was staring at the floor, unsure of how to proceed. This time he made the first move. Setting his cane next to the door, he limped over to her, and grasped her hands in his. He answered her unsaid question.

"Love, we won't do anything you are not comfortable with. All you have to do is say the words and I'll get back into my car and drive off."

Her head shot up immediately. "I don't want you to leave. That is the last thing I desire." Sex dripped off that last word and Mr. Gold swore he blacked out for a second. However, he recovered just in time for her inexperience to win out. "It's just that..." she scrambled for the right words before giving up and blurting them out. "I'm a virgin."

His face softened. "Oh Belle." Letting go of her hands with one of his, he reached up to caress her face. "Is that all, love? As I said, we don't need to do anything sexual. I'm fine holding you through the night."

"It's not the sex that has me worried. I mean it is a big step but..." She sighed. "I just want to be good enough for you."

"Of the two of us, I should be the one worried about being good enough. Belle, you are perfect in every way. Never be worried about satisfying me in any capacity. Giving me the honor of being with you like this... that is more than enough for me. Anything else you give me I consider a bonus."

Belle wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his chest, probably destroying her make up. She didn't care though because she knew she was in the arms of someone that she loved. Leaning back, she looked up into his eyes. His soft brown irises gave her all the courage she needed. "I love you."

Her words pierced his heart. Not believing her, he gave her once last chance to take back what she said. "What was that?"

Rolling her eyes, because she knew he heard her and she knew he felt the same way, she gripped his face in her hands and forced him to look her in the eyes. "I. Love. You." Belle said, accenting every word.

Mr. Gold was in a temporary shock. Fretful that she made a mistake, she started to loosen her hold, before he placed his own hands on her face, drawing her lips to his for a mouth crushing kiss. He kissed her like his life depended on it, Belle being all the oxygen he needed. "I love you too." He gasped between kisses. "Belle. My beauty." She grasped his lapels, and clung to him with all she had. Slipping her hands into his suit jacket, she started to remove the black garment. Letting go of her, he shouldered out of the jacket, and placed his hands on her hips, allowing her to explore. Feeling her at his tie, she slowly undid it, letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor. Next she got to work on the buttons of his blue dress shirt, as his hands started to move once again across her back. This time he allowed himself to run his hands further down, gently cupping her ass through her dress. Hearing her squeak, Belle could feel his smile against her lips. Breaking apart again, she finished with his buttons and pulled his shirt off.

"Are you going to attempt to undress me?" Belle asked coyly. "All it is is a side zipper." She graciously lifted her right arm. "Right here." She felt his hand ghost across her back and make its way to her side. Lips back on hers, he slowly unzipped her dress, and it being strapless, it fell effortlessly to the floor, leaving her in her lacy strapless bra and panties. Still lip locked, she carefully led him to her bed, being mindful of his leg. Their lips stopping for only a second, Mr. Gold kicked off his shoes and socks before laying down on her bed, followed by Belle who crawled in next to him. Both laying on their sides, their hands lightly explored each other, their breathing uneven and labored. Belle found the hem of his wife beater, and tugged on it up, revealing his skin underneath. She slid a hand inside, running it over the slight muscle that was there. She could hear him trying to control his breathing, and failing miserably at it. Pulling his undershirt up higher, she roamed his chest, being sure to rub his nipples more than once. Withdrawing her hands quickly, she swung her leg over his waist, and turned him slightly so she could sit on his pelvis. With the look of a succubus, she re gripped the hem and pulled the shirt all the way up and off of him. Throwing it across the room, she bent down to kiss him again but she was stopped with a hand in between her breasts.

"Hold on love." The endearment all the more sweet. "I want to see you." Through his eyes, she was an angel sitting atop him, a privilege he didn't deserve. He gripped her hips, and kneaded the soft flesh he found there. "You are so beautiful. What did I do to deserve this?"

Keeping his gaze, she lifted her arms to the clasp in the front of her bra. She paused a moment, gathering the last amount of courage she had, and undid the clasp, letting her breasts fall out, softly bouncing. Getting rid of it, she brought his hands up to cup her mounds, letting him know it was ok. She wanted this and she wanted him. She sat there in the yellow light for a small eternity, letting him run his hands over her tender skin, pinching her nipples until they were rosy nubs. Sitting up, Mr. Gold scooted Belle back a bit on his legs. She could feel his erection through his pants rubbing up against her panties. However he didn't make a move to pleasure himself, only to bring his mouth to her nipple and tenderly suck on it and run his tongue over it. Gasping loudly, Belle arched her back into his mouth, wanting more of that wet heat. Shifting slightly, she rubbed against his hard on, and heard Mr. Gold moan loudly, releasing her nipple. Liking his reaction, she did it again, forming a slight rhythm.

"God Belle." He groaned out. "That feels so good." Panting, he replaced his mouth on her breast, and continued his treatment.

Happy for the encouragement, she pressed down a little harder, and gyrated her hips more. She may be a virgin, but that doesn't mean she didn't read any dirty romance novels. His clothed cock brushed slightly against her clit, and that was enough to make her cry out. Getting the hint, Mr. Gold brought one of his hands in between them and slipped it inside her panties. Already soaking wet for him, he rubbed her sensitive nub in time with her dry humping. "Ah... Oh my God." Belle moaned out, now pressing herself down on his erection and his hand.

Releasing her chest, he kissed his way up to her ear, leaving a trail of bite marks claiming her as his. Reaching her ear, he licked the lobe and sucked on it before whispering, "Come my beauty."

She came undone and screamed his name, her juice pouring all over his hand as he continued to please her through her orgasm. Still shuddering, Belle tried to come down from her high, but all she could think was that she wanted this man inside her. Grasping onto him to keep herself up, she regained her breath, while he placed gentle kisses upon her neck. Sliding back off of him for a second, she could feel that he had also come from their foreplay. Seeing the apology in his eyes, she shook her head with a smile, indicating that she didn't mind a bit. Undoing his belt buckle, she took of his pants before any damage could be done to them, and then removed his boxer briefs, being mindful of his bad knee. Both garments being safely discarded halfway across the room, all that was left was her panties.

Laying on her back, head on the pillows, she stretched her body drawing him back to her. Eyes locked in a lustful battle, Mr. Gold put his hands on the lacy material, silently asking for permission. Nodding her head, he pulled down the garment, and it joined the rest of the clothing on the floor. Drinking in her appearance, he was already getting hard again. Putting all of his weight on his good knee, he leaned over her, a predatory look in his gaze. Starting at her breasts, he kissed and licked his way down her stomach and navel down to her soft brown curls. Reaching her hot core, he picked up and kissed up her thigh, tortuously slow. When he got to the junction of her thigh and her sensitive area, he gave small bites, and relished in the way she screamed out in pleasure. Deciding he had teased her enough, he put both legs over his shoulders, and started to kiss her clit. Using his tongue, he licked the bud, frantically, Belle already squirming on the bed. Taking his hand, he inserted a finger into her, and curled it slightly into her g-spot. Shouting his name, she pushed herself down, trying to get more of what he was giving her. Adding another finger, he massaged her inner walls, and quickly started to finger fuck her, hitting that spot every time.

"Are you close love?" He asked, getting a head shake in response.

"Ah... I'm going to... God." Belle moaned loudly, urging him on. Doubling his efforts, he hit in just a couple more times before she orgasmed again all over his hand. "I need..." She didn't know how to ask him, but she needed him inside her right now. "Please..." Belle could only hope he knew what she wanted.

Still keeping on his good knee, he heard her mixed cries, and still with her legs over him, he slowly started to advance himself in her. "I don't suppose you have any condoms do you love?"

"Birth control." Was all she got out before she eagerly pushed down on him, damning the consequences of pain.

"Careful. It's going to hurt." He warned. "Are you ready?"

Wordlessly nodding her head, he pushed through the final barrier, and a dull pain radiated though out her. She bit her lip in a small cry, adjusting to his size. Finally she gave the go ahead, and he started to rock into her. It didn't take long to find her g-spot again, and he made sure to brush against it repeatedly. He could already feel that she was close again, as was he. Her walls were closing in on his cock, and he couldn't take it much more. Leaning down to kiss her roughly, he pounded into her, his mouth capturing all of her moans. "I love you Belle." He whispered before he came into her, Belle following shortly afterward.

Pulling out of her, he rolled off to catch his breath. Giving him a chaste kiss, Belle sat up, already feeling sore. Putting mind over matter, she got off the bed and into the bathroom, and returned with a wet towel and cleaned what she could off of her bed. "I really need a shower." Belle said, sitting back down on the edge of her bed. She could feel his hand running up and down her back.

"I think we both do." Mr. Gold agreed, but reluctant to get off the bed.

"Take one with me?" Belle smirked at her lover, and pulled on his hand to get him up.

"Since you asked like that love..." He returned her smirk with an even more devilish one and sat up and off the bed. "How could I say no?" Following her into the bathroom, they had themselves an 'extended shower' that had little to do with getting them clean. Once finished, they made their way back to the bed, and Belle turned off the light before falling into it with Mr. Gold. She curled up close next to him, using his chest as a pillow, as his arms wrapped around her.

"Good night my love." She said to him as she drifted off into an instant sleep. Of course she was awake just long enough to hear him say, "I love you" one more time.

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