"Lol! Lol!" I sighed, "Where is she?"

Oh, hi there. I'm Azume, I live in a house, like most Australians do and I love to game, alongside my sister Lola, but I just call her Lol. More about me you say? Well, I'm allergic to peanuts, I've broken my left arm before and I could rant about the fact that people (mainly Americans or uh... USA ians?) only hate Vegemite because they spread it way too thickly (It needs to be spread very thinly).
Anyways, you'll learn more about me later.

I strode up the hallway and banged loudly on her door, which was mainly covered in a large black and yellow warning poster that read:
*Gamer at Work*

*Insert stickman playing video games here*

Blowing stuff up
Smashing cars
Mastering moves
Leave food and drink at door

Suddenly the door swung open and Lola appeared, still in her pajamas, which included a black and green striped singlet and grey pj pants with a thick pink strip around the waist, at the bottom of the left leg the word 'relax' was written in at least 5 different styles.
"What is it?" She droned. Yeah, she's more of a night person.
"You have exactly 3 seconds to explain why you woke me,"

I rolled my eyes, "But it'll take four seconds to explain!" I exclaimed in fake panic, then chuckled slightly, "Why'd you delete my save files!"

"To make room for Pikmin." She replied simply, "You can delete them now though," she yawned unphased by my anger and closed the door again.

I stormed off to delete the Pikmin files from the Wii. She couldn't have just moved the save files to a memory stick. You wanna know how long it took me to complete Okami 100%, over 300 hours, and that's only because I keep leaving the Wii on overnight. My family like to watch the most annoying shows, so yeah, I don't get the TV much.
After deleting Pikmin, I opened Okami once again and let the beginning scene play while I made a Milo.
I dragged a stool over to put my Milo on and waited for the Menu to appear. Once it did I started a new game and sat through a more detailed version of the beginning scene and another scene of a mysterious person (no spoilers) who made the mistake of removing the sacred sword which was used to kill a horrifying beast and if you can't guess what happens next then why are you even reading this?
Yeah, so blah, blah, blah. Orochi, the 'horrifying beast' from before plunged the land into darkness.
Now to the actual totally interesting non-interesting part of the story.

The scene shifted to Kamiki Village, where the statue of Shiranui was shown.

"A horrible tragedy suddenly swept over the land. However, there was
one village that seemed to escape the terrible curse. The tiny settlement of
Kamiki Village enjoyed the protection of a sacred tree. It is here that the
real story begins." I read aloud while Sakuya was introduced.

"How troublesome! This is just like the ancient prophecy of doom. What
has transpired to bring about such calamity? We must act quickly! There is no
time to lose! My power has diminished over the years I've spent protecting this
area. I don't have much time left in this world. Amaterasu, now is the time. We
have never needed your power more. Shine your divine light upon this broken and
polluted world. Let your heave-ve-venly r-r-rays-s-s..." The words and letters started jumping around on the screen. Suddenly the screen went black and I scratched the back of my neck, wondering what the hell was going on.
I got up and started to walk towards the Wii, which was making a strange sound. Almost like singing.
It sparked and the noise grew louder, only it wasn't just sound it was a sweet sounding voice.
"-none other than our mother and the
origin of all that is, Amaterasu!"
I almost fell over as I recognized Sakuya's own lines from the game. Instead I shuffled closer, but as I did the Wii sparked again and this time I was the target.
But instead of being shocked like I should have been, I started glowing. Slowly from red to orange to yellow, and so on until I reached purple. At that point I was cursing like crazy, unable to see what was happening as the colors blinded me. The purple faded to grey then to purple again, this cycle repeated faster and faster until all you could see was a blur. And then, it just stopped.
I took a step back and fell. Down and down. It felt like forever before it finally came to a stop. The colors were still flashing under my eyelids. Purple to grey and back again.

I slowly stretched out. Phew. Just a dream. I stretched my arms expecting them to both either hit my bedside table or the wall, since I was lying on my side. Except they hit a tree root instead. A freaking tree root.
"What the-" I snapped open my eyes, my sight slightly fuzzy. I stared down at my hands. Except they weren't hands anymore but paws, wolf paws. I checked the rest of my body hoping it was just my fuzzy vision. But it wasn't.
In summary, I knew I was a light grey wolf with light purple markings and I knew I was confused as hell. Now all I needed to find out was if I was extremely happy or extremely 'Holy freakin' crap! I have no idea where I am but I'm super freaking excited'.
Maybe later.
Right now I had to actually find someone to question.
I barked. What? Might as well.
"Huh? Who are you Scruffy?" A little green bug jumped up into my nose.
"Hey Furball! Watch this, I can understand some animals," he turned back to me. I think. With Poncles it's too hard to tell. "Come on Scruffy, speak!"
I tried to hide my smile and barked once more.
"Scruffy says: 'Hi! Who are you?'"
I shook him off and replied, "Actually I just barked, bug, and the names Azume."