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Lola sighed and stretched out on her bed. She had finished her 'Spyro Super Marathon' and was ready to go to bed. She checked the time on her phone. 9:00pm. Her parents were currently staying with her and her sisters grandma and would be home in 2 days. The 15 year old pondered whether she should check on her sister or the Internet. She went with the former and headed down the hall.

Azume sat on the lounge, staring blankly at the screen. The lights were off and the only light came from the TV and the Wii remote, the normally calming light sending creepy looking shadows against the wall. Lola glanced at the TV screen where a cut-scene was playing. The scene had sound however. Lola knew a few things about the game, not much though, but she knew that the game didn't use voice acting.

A silver-grey wolf appeared on the screen, walking towards the white wolf Lola knew as Amaterasu. The green bug Azume called Issun bounced onto her nose as subtitles appeared.


"Yeah? What is it?" For a second she thought Azume had noticed her presence in the room but she saw the writing on the screen. Funny, it had sounded exactly like her.

"What is it?! You almost freaking DIED! If it weren't for that wolf that showed up and saved you you would have kicked the bucket, gone, na-da! We didn't even have a full astral pouch!" He began ranting as 'Scruffy' looked towards the heavenly wolf for help, only to be rejected as she shook her head.

A few seconds later the silver wolf spoke up "Done now?" she said irritably. Lola thought she'd heard her voice from behind her as well but she ignored it.

"I guess *sigh* But never almost die again." She could tell the scene was almost finished so Lola glanced over to the motionless Azume.

"Who are you? My mother?" This time she knew Azume had been saying 'Scruffy's' lines as she saw her lips move at the exact same time as the game.

"Azume? Are you alright?" She asked, going over to wave a hand in front over her face.

"No." Lola's heart skipped as the girl looked straight at her, as if staring into her soul. Lola glanced a look at the TV screen but quickly wished she hadn't. The silver wolf stared at the screen, her eyes flashed gold and Lola swore her coat shone white while her marking glowed a creepy green.

She looked back to the girl on the couch, who was still staring. Her eyes seemed blank and lifeless.

"A-Azume?" Lola whispered as she took a step back. She dared another look at the TV. The wolf remained.

"Wha-what's going on?" She questioned whether she was dreaming for a second before she could not stand the staring. Lola darted back to her room and closed the door leaning against it. She lowered herself down to the floor, gasping. Sleep would fix everything. She probably needed sleep.

She stumbled to her bed, still shaken, when she noticed a note on her bed. It looked like it was written on old parchment. It read:

'Plus cher Lola,

Comme vous avez pu avoir noté il y a quelque chose avec Azume. Ne vous inquiétez pas de elle. Elle ira parfaitement bien. Je, cependant, n'encourage pas la socialiser ou l'essai de déranger dans son état actuel, car il lui nuira seulement. N'arrêtez pas le dispositif qu'elle utilise ou ne l'exposez pas aux changements soudains de la température.

Je te souhaite le meilleur.

Mai le parfum frais des fleurs vous protègent toujours.


She had heard from her sister of a French character in Okami called Waka. Maybe it was written in French? She recognised a few words from the language so she translated it using Babylon on her phone. It came up with this:

'Dear Lola,

As you could have noted there is something with Azume. You do not worry about it. It will be perfectly well. I, however, do not encourage to socialize it or the test to disturb in his actual position, because it will only harm to him. Do not stop the device which it uses or do not expose it to the sudden changes of the temperature.

I wish you the best.

May the fresh perfume of the flowers always protect you.


It was a little difficult to understand but she worked it out eventually. This 'Waka' guy didn't want her to disturb her sister or turn the Wii or TV off. He didn't seem very educated either, which probably explained him using device and all the gramma issues. But that would probably be the translator she used. Oh well. She understood the message at least.

She placed the note on her desk and wrote a thank-you note on her phone, translated it and copied it onto a piece of parchment. She also explained about why she probably had bad gramma.

After that she slid into bed. She had a slight headache from playing games all day but it was nothing compared to the ones she'd had and shared with Azume. She fell asleep in half an hour, her sisters face stuck in her mind.

Sorry, that's it until next update. I actually translated the message back as you can tell. Here's the original if you wanna read it:

Dearest Lola,

As you may have noticed there is something up with Azume. Do not worry about her. She will be perfectly fine. I do not, however, encourage socialising or trying to disturb her in her current state, as it will only harm her. Do not shut down the device she is using or expose her to sudden changes in temperature.

I wish you the best.

May the fresh scent of flowers protect you always.


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