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Chapter One

"You wouldn't dare!" I screeched so shrilly even I flinched, but he just laughed and continued to drive.

"I'm telling Mom and George!" I yelled in desperation.

"You're such a princess!" I received in reply as he sped up and left me standing there looking around at the empty parking lot at the small service station.

It was a few seconds before I started holding back tears of fear. How was I going to get home? What if something happened to me out here? How could Derek do this? I always knew he had a cruel sense of humour, but this?

I dug in my pocket for my cell phone before realising that I had left it in the car. "Damn it!" I cursed, before losing control of the tears that sprung from my situation. I was alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone to call for help. And a slightly creepy gas station attendant had started staring at me from the pay station by the pumps.

I shuddered and wondered what I had done or said that Derek thought warranted this?

I turned towards the diner part of the station and hoped to God that they had a phone I could use and that change in my purse was enough for a coffee. Derek had already cleaned me out for gas money.

Once inside I called out for service as no one was in sight, and sat down at the counter. Sniffing back tears, I counted all the money I had on me, including the quarter I found in my coat pocket. It must have fallen in somehow; I would never put random change in my coat pocket. I had very little over a dollar and I daren't look at the menu or specials board to see what that would get me.

It hadn't been much more than a minute, but I was getting anxious about whether anyone was actually here. A small gasp of despair pushed past my lips and I threw my head down onto my folded arms. I still couldn't believe he had done this to me.

The door opened and I drew in breath to scream as a hand clamped around my arm, before forgetting to breathe out again as a familiar voice spoke.

"Casey! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Derek shouted angrily. "You weren't outside when I came back, I didn't know where you were!"

My breath suddenly found an outlet as I stared indignantly at him and yelled back. "What am I doing? I came in here to find a phone seeing as my step-brother ditched me at the road side half way between college and home!" The word step-brother came out as an acid hiss.

"In case you forgot, it was you who wanted out of the car!"

"Not in the middle of nowhere, miles from any means of getting home!" I retorted.

"Are you really stupid enough to think I actually left?! I just drove out of sight for a couple of minutes to teach you a lesson for messing with my stuff!"

"All I did was try and call mom and George on your phone as someone had used up my minutes!" I nearly prodded him in the chest in accusation before thinking better of touching him and pushing past to leave the diner. "And how was I to know you weren't actually gone?"

We still hadn't done arguing as we arrived home, pushing through the door, each trying to get through at that same time. I managed to get through first, but only as the strap on my back-pack caught on Derek's and broke, sending it crashing to the floor and my stuff hurtling around the room.

"Way to go, Klutzilla." Derek laughed at he barged past me, crushing two of my pens underfoot.

"Der-ek!" I could've stomped my foot in frustration, but instead I bent down to pick up my stuff, muttering things about insensitive jerks and good for nothing idiots under my breath.

No one was in to hear the thump and the shouts; we'd come a day early to surprise everyone. Something I now regretted as I could really do with seeing my mom and sister after the long and argument filled drive back.

I had barely finished collecting my things up off the floor (with absolutely no help of course) by the time Derek had grabbed a sandwich and plonked himself down to watch TV.

With growl of frustration I made my way into the kitchen for a drink, earning myself a smug smirk from Derek as I stomped across the floorboards. Leaning against the counter I sipped a cool glass of water, breathing out a sigh and trying to calm myself. Lizzie and Edwin would be home from school soon and it would totally ruin the surprise if they walked into a battle zone.

By the time they actually got in, I had managed to suppress my fury enough to start reading my book upstairs, even if it was only by repeating to myself that it wasn't over.

As soon as the door closed I heard Lizzie and Edwin downstairs, saying Derek's name with surprised delight. I cursed Derek for making me escape to my room and miss their happy reactions then made my way downstairs.

"Hey, guys," I smiled at them.

"Casey!" Lizzie ran up to me, throwing her arms around me, and I stumbled back a little, surprised by her force. "I missed you so much!"

"It's only been two weeks since we were last here, you know." Derek said infuriatingly.

"But that was just for a weekend! Barely any time at all!" Lizzie still hadn't let me go.

"Plus, she's been dying to talk to Casey about Darren." Edwin added with a grin. "Hey, Casey."

"Who's Darren?" I ask, acknowledging Edwin with a smile.

"Doesn't matter, we can talk about him later," Lizzie glared at Edwin, who shrugged and sat down to watch TV with Derek. "You weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow, what are you doing here?" She said, releasing me.

"We came early to surprise you guys," I smile with self satisfaction. Derek hadn't wanted to come early, he wanted to spend all of today 'relaxing', which in Derek language means sleeping, eating and watching hockey re-runs, not driving your step-sister and yourself home for five and a half hours. Too bad for him. My smile turns into a smirk as I add annoying Derek to my satisfaction.