Elementary Fanfic

"Joan! Joan look what I found" Sherlock's excited voice yelled from the living room.

Joan rolled her eyes and marched in. "Sherlock what-!" She began but was interrupted by Sherlock leaping up from the floor, something held in his hans. "Joan! Look" He repeated.

Joan looked down at Sherlock's hands to see a small kitten, curled up in the palm of Sherlock's callused hands. "Sherlock! Where did you find it?" Joan exclaimed.

"She, Joan! She's a girl kitten" Sherlock explained.

"And what is she wearing?" She continued in astonishment. Sherlock moved his fingers slightly and Joan saw that the kitten was wearing a tiny, adorable, bee outfit.

"She's a bee, Joan!" Sherlock yelled.

Joan rolled her eyes at his excitement. "What's her name?" She asked, laughing.

"I called her Joanie!" He replied excitedly. "Can I keep her?"

Joan smiled "Yes, Sherlock, you can keep her" She laughed.