So I just want to thank njhousefan for a couple of ideas that I ended up using for this chapter.

"You didn't fucking tell us!" Quinn shouted after Brittany walked away and thankfully Mr. Shue was walking Blaine and Mike over to the performing area so he couldn't interfere with their inquisition of Santana.

"What did you want to say? Hey Quinn I know something about Brittany that you didn't know, but I can't tell you why cause she doesn't want everyone to know. You just would have been pissed and then if I would have told you Britt would have been even more pissed. Of all people you should know Quinn that I don't ever want to piss her off, I love her so much." Santana explained glaring at Quinn daring her to say something.

"It's just Santana we're shocked at this. Of all the things that anyone has thought that Brittany would be doing riding motocross professionally is not one of them." Kurt explains still in shock about this news.

"So is this why you guys miss at least one Friday a month most of the year?" Puck asks remembering that they always skip.

"Yeah, since seventh grade I've been coming with Britt to her races. Though she didn't go pro until two years ago and has eleven sponsors. Let's just say that I could not work for the rest of my life cause Brittany makes a lot of money riding." Santana giggles at the looks on all of their faces knowing that they didn't expect to hear that.

"Wait are we talking about the same Brittany who thinks that unicorns are real and that her cat smokes?" Rachel questions titling her head.

"Fuck you Rachel," Santana snarled stomping towards Brittany's tent.

"Really? What the fuck Rachel? You know never to insult Brittany when Santana is near." Mercedes shouted infuriated that Rachel messed up them getting to talk more to Santana and finding out more about Brittany and her riding.

"God damn it I really wanted to know how Brittany kept this away from us." Quinn grumbled glaring at Rachel.

"We could always go ask Brittany herself." Sam said wondering why everyone was freaking out.

"Yeah right, she's getting ready for another race. I doubt that we'll be able to talk to her or ask her anything. Plus we should go in the stands cause I see some fucking hot girls that are in bikinis and need some Puck." Puck said smiling.

"You're fucking gross Puck." Quinn grumbled, but lead everyone up into the stands to watch the race that was about to start.

"I'll just stay down here." Artie said wheeling himself to the fence so he could see. He couldn't believe that the entire time that he dated Brittany she had never told him about this and he was pissed that he never noticed. How could the same girl that couldn't hide that fact that she was madly in love with her best friend, keep this huge secret.

"So Rory has Santana gotten you back yet?" Finn asked wondering if he should be afraid yet or not. He knew that she would go after Rory first, but him.

"No," Rory said while still watching the currently race which was the 5K jumps for the up and coming riders.

"She already got all of us." Rachel pointed out thinking about how awful her day had been.

"No, she got the rest of us." Quinn said butting in. "You, Finn, Rory and Artie have yet to get your punishment from Santana. And I honestly can't wait to see what she has planned for you all. It will be the funniest thing ever cause no one does revenge better than Santana." she smirked honestly looking forward to this.

They sat in silence watching the race until they were interrupted by Mr. Shue, Blaine and Mike coming back with jersey's in their hands.

"Aren't we missing someone?" Mr. Shue asks counting heads and coming up one short.

"Yeah, Santana went to say hi to Brittany." Tina quietly says snuggling into Mike's side.

"I wouldn't worry Mr. Shue I get the feeling that she knows her way around here better than any of us could." Blaine adds trying to calm down the normally calm teacher who was nervous about having one of his students missing.

"We'll defiantly have to find her before the three o'clock hour break were they want us to perform on the track while everyone eats and relaxes before the late races and trophy ceremony." Mike says to everyone's surprise.

"Mike's right plus Mercedes and Santana are going to be performing before the next race so someone needs to text her or go find her or something." Mr. Shue said sitting down next to Rachel and Finn.

"I'll do it," Quinn offers knowing that she'll be able to find the two horny teenagers quicker than anyone else.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000

"Babe," Santana whispered wrapping her arms around Brittany's waist as her mechanic talked to her about something she should do to win the five mile race. Brittany squeezed her hands to let her know that she knew she was there.

"So if I break before going around the turn you think I'll be able to get going faster?" Brittany asked frowning. "You want know what it doesn't matter just make sure that my bike's ready for the race which is in two races if I remember correctly."

Brittany turned around to face her girlfriend giving her a kissing on the lips before backing her up against the motor home.

"Hey babe," Brittany whispered kissing her again.


"So any special reason you're here or did you just miss me that much." Brittany chuckled helping her up into the motor home before slamming the door shut locking it.

"I love you much and you know how much your gear turns me on." Santana whispers licking the shell of Brittany's ear sending a shiver down the blonde's back.

"We only have twenty minutes before I have to head back out, I think I can make you scream my name maybe twice in that time." Brittany seductively says wiggling her eyebrows.

"Well then you'd better get to it." Santana says taking her shirt off smashing her lips into Brittany's only to be interrupted by a banging on the door.

"Santana Lopez, you better get your ass out here right now and you'd better not be having sex in there!" Quinn shouted.

"God Q way to ruin my sexy times." Santana huffed grabbing one of Brittany's jerseys and throwing it on.

"Whoa no need to rip my head off S." Quinn said as the door was practically ripped off its hinges as Santana opened the door and came out followed by a smirking Brittany.

"What the fuck do you want?" Santana spat only being calmed down by Brittany wrapping her arms around her.

"I'll ignore that tone cause I know you're frustrated, but you're performing with Mercedes in like five minutes." Quinn says gesturing for her to follow.

"FUCK!" Santana grumbles.

"Come on babe, I'll come watch you." Brittany whispers in her ear causing her to smile dopily and Quinn faked barfed.

"If you don't get a move on it love birds Mercedes will have to perform on her own. Not that she'd mind though, but it would be hard with the duet." Quinn told them pushing both of them back towards the track.

Everyone was surprised when Brittany came back with Santana, but instead of sitting with the rest of the New Directions she walked over to her parents and sat with them to watch Santana perform. She smiled watching Santana in her element, but really wanted to bring her on the track like she normally does.

"Honey why didn't you two tell us that your glee club was going to be performing here?" Ann asked giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek and hugging her.

"Cause we sort of forgot you know with getting ready for the races and stuff. Which reminds me mom, Chris wants me to do some commercials and endorse a clothing line. He gave me my first payment of twenty-five thousand dollars. What do you think?" Brittany asked just as her dad sat next to her.

"I think we need to give that man a hug for all that's he's done for you." Dave said smiling at how daughter already could take care of herself.

"I don't know honey, I think you need to think about this. What if you want to go to college with Santana cause we all know that girl is going to get into a lot of schools. I know right now that it sounds good, but about a year from now from you when Santana is in college and you're on the circuit traveling all around the world. And you two decide to break up cause you can't stand to be so far apart for so long. What will you think of this decision then?" Ann points out not wanting to tell her daughter to go to college, but hoping by using the fact that Santana will be going to college to force her daughter to make the decision.

"Maybe I should talk to San about this." Brittany ponders not wanting to every break up with her soul mate. "Yeah that's what I'll do, thanks mom. Love you dad, but I gotta go get ready for the five mile." she said kissing both her parents before hopping down and running back towards her tent.

"Ann no matter how much you dislike the idea, Brittany's not going to college. She's smart don't get me wrong, but she's just not school smart and trying to use Santana will never work. Have you not seen them together? I'd bet my life that if Brittany joins the circuit Santana will be right there with her, cheering her on and being the arm candy to our lovely daughter that we all know she loves to be." Dave chuckled kissing wife to let her know he's not upset, but she needs to start thinking rationally about what's going to happen. "Plus I think that everyone that knows them knows they will get married right out of high school and work on getting Santana pregnant so there's no way in hell she won't be going wherever Brittany goes." he finishes laughing at the look of shock on his wife's face. He wonders if the Lopez's would be just as surprised. Cause honestly he can't have been the only one to notice right?

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000

"You killed that," Mercedes said as the two girls started walking back to the rest of the group after Mr. Shue.

"We killed it," Santana corrected smiling at Mercedes. Apart from Quinn she was the one other person she liked.

"So how many more races does Brittany have today?" Mercedes asked really curious about the whole motocross thing.

"Two more today, one right after this race and then the trophy ceremony and tomorrow is the sponsor races and she's in two of them, but they don't count in the standings or are taken very seriously. It's more just for show, for racers to try and show off for new or to renew sponsors." Santana explained.

"So when we leave you and Brittany will be staying another night?" Mercedes asked wanting to clarify.

"Yep, we're staying up in one of the nice suits at the Marrot. Just like we always do." Santana shrugged as this wasn't any different than any other time she's at one of Brittany's races aside from the fact that she has to deal with all the idiots in glee.

"So do you always go with Brittany when she goes to races?" Mercedes asked wondering how that would work. Cause she honestly doesn't remembering them missing that much school so she doesn't understand how that would work if the blonde had a race in California. Which if the lady that she had been standing next to before that sprint race that Brittany had been in was right she had been in California three weeks ago.

"I've never missed a race of Brittany's even during the time she was dating Artie. We both understood that even though we were fighting neither one of us would be okay if I didn't come with her. She wouldn't be focused on the race and I'd be a nervous wreck attacking random people until I was sure that she was okay. When we have to a race we can't drive to in a day than we fly and one of the mechanics take her bikes for her. One time two of her mechanics and her dad cause he had time off left a week early so they could drive to Arizona and they still almost didn't make it cause Britt's dad had them stopping all over the place." Santana laughed at the shocked look on Mercedes face. "What did you think I was going to say?" she asks tilting her head.

"I don't know, but it's just I can't believe I never noticed before how in love you are with that girl. I mean to deal with all this dirt and people and boys who probably want in her pants, you must really love her." Mercedes says smiling, happy that they're together cause they really did seem happy together.

At this point they had stopped walking halfway in between Brittany's tent and the stands. Mr. Shue no longer in sight as he was back with the rest of the glee club. Santana was debating wither to tell Mercedes to head back she'd be there in a second or just let her come with her.

"Yeah well I can't let any of these boys get away with trying to get in my girl's pants and the rest of it is well worth it to be here with my girl." Santana shrugs walking now towards Brittany's tent which of course was in the middle of all the rider tents. She motioned for Mercedes to follow her.

Mercedes wasn't sure if she should follow Santana or not, but ultimately decided that it would be fun to see what a rider tent looked like.

"Are you sure we can be back here?" Mercedes asked looking at the security that just nodded at Santana and ignored her and let them through.

"You sure ask a lot of questions." Santana laughed side stepping a rider rolling his bike out.

"Well it's not like I've ever been to one of these things and you and Brittany don't ever talk about it so now you have to answer all my questions so I'm not utterly confused." Mercedes said wondering if they were going to see Brittany before her next race.

"I guess I can understand that and yes I am allowed back here as I'm with Britt. And before you ask we are going to see her as I always wish her good luck before a race. Though she'll usher us out quickly telling us to go back with everyone else cause they don't know where we've gotten ourselves to. Though you'd think they wouldn't worry about us seeing as I've been going to these races since seventh grade." Santana giggled in an un-Santana way.

Mercedes smiles at seeing this caring side of Santana that she tries to hid so much even though she loves Brittany and will do anything for the blonde. She can't wait to see what will happen when they finally reach Brittany. She thinks that maybe she'll see the lovey dovy side of the Latina that no one beside Brittany ever saw, but she couldn't help but think that maybe her being here will change that. When they finally came to a stop Mercedes looked up and saw Brittany fiddling with something on her bike. She watched as Santana snuck up on Brittany.

"Hey beautiful," Santana whispers in her ear kissing her.

"San, what are you doing here? Oh hi Mercedes." Brittany said turning around and seeing Mercedes standing right outside her tent.

"Hey Brittany," Mercedes said feeling out of place.

"San I thought we talked about this that I need to focus and even though I love you more than anything I have to get out on the track. You can come back anytime, but ten minutes before a race, okay babe." Brittany said rubbing her hands up and down Santana's arms.

"I love you babe and good luck." Santana said kissing Brittany once more before leaving knowing that even though Brittany had just kicked her out she still loved her. She would do anything Brittany asked her to if it helped to insure that the love of her life didn't get injured or worse killed.

To say Mercedes was shocked by what went down would be an understatement.

"Seriously?" Mercedes said staring at Santana.


"Well, you just ditched Mr. Shue to come see your girl who basically told you to get the fuck out and you did. Santana Lopez never takes shit like that from anyone." Mercedes said still staring at Santana wondering who the fuck this girl is that is in front of her.

"Listen I would do anything to make sure that Brittany is okay and that includes indulging in her superstitions then that's what I'll do." Santana tells her dragging her back to the stands where she knows the rest of the glee club will be.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000

"Mr. Shue how do you lose Santana. Her mouth alone which is always insulting people should be enough for someone to notice when she's gone." Rachel said and Quinn nodded agreeing with her.

"Yeah, I don't get how anyone can lose her or Mercedes as they talk almost as much as Rachel." Finn said as Rachel punched his arm. "Sorry honey, but it's true." he gave her an apologetic look.

"As much as I hate to agree with Lumps the Clown he's right how do you lose Mercedes and myself." Santana said walking up to the group still dragging a shocked Mercedes with her. "Now if you all don't mind I'm going to go take my normal seat with the Pierces. Don't disturb me until after the races." she threatened glaring at everyone. "I'll come down and hang out with all of you after and I'm sure that Britt would love to have you all stay and come to the after party." she smiled at them before walking over to the Pierces, giving Mrs. Pierce a hug and Mr. Piece slapping her on the back.

"Wow, just wow." Artie said being the first to come out of the haze that always followed when Santana insulted people. He also had the most experience aside from Quinn and Puck in dealing with Santana. Or at least that's what he thought cause when he had been dating Brittany she would often talk about her best friend even though it pissed him off.

"That's so Satan, go to see that's she's back cause for a while there I was scared." Kurt said hugging Blaine close to him as if that would protect both of them from anything that Santana had planned.

"She's gotta be up to something." Puck said glancing over towards her.

"I don't know if you had seen how pathetic she was when Brittany told her to come back out here, you wouldn't think so." Mercedes said.

"Wait so that's where you went? You saw Brittany?" Kurt asked wondering why Satan would bring Mercedes with her.

"Yep and let's just say it was something that I'll never forget." Mercedes said smiling glad that she was the one that got to see the two girls interact.

"Is it really surprising how Santana's acting here." Tina quietly said. Not that she was close friends with either of them, but Mike was and because of that they had gone on many double dates with them. In fact they were going on one on Friday. She personally was happy that Santana liked them enough to want to hang out with her and Mike plus she got to see the soft caring side of Santana that no one else aside from Brittany ever saw or knew existed.

"Of course it's not. This is Santana we are talking about. She's so scared that something bad might happen to Brittany that she's probably willing to do anything if she thinks it will help keep B safe. And of course she would bring Mercedes if she knew that B didn't want her there she knew that she need someone else there to avoid getting in deep shit with B." Quinn said finally speaking.

Everyone turned giving her a questioning look. None of them understood how the two girls worked. What they didn't understand was that Quinn had been close to them freshman and most of sophomore year that she knew exactly how they worked and what they'd do for each other.

"And our next race will start in ten minutes and it's the five mile race. This race will include our top ten riders on the circuit including our leader in points and race wins Pierce." the PA announcer announced as the crowd cheered loudly when he said Pierce.

Mr. Shue collected Rachel and Tina who were singing before this race and ran over to the stage area right by the racers. The rest of the glee kids looked around as people were holding up signs for different racers when they saw a large group of girls wearing Pierce jersey's, holding up signs and had their faces painted. There was also a group of guy's cheering for her as well, but they weren't nearly as crazy as the girls.

"Damn," Artie, Mike, Sam, and Finn all said watching the girls bounce up and down, up and down.

"Hot damn, I wish was Brittany. Not only does she get the hotness that is Santana, but she gets fans like that. That's it I'm joining this motocross thing I'll do whatever Brittany wants me to so long as she introduces me to them." Puck said drooling along with the rest of the guys.

"Oh I highly doubt she's ever met them look at Santana." Quinn says snickering pointing at a fuming Santana who is glaring at the girls, fire literally coming out of her eyes.

"Just cause Santana is jealous that one day Brittany will find someone better for her than Santana is doesn't mean that she hasn't meet any of them before." Sam pointed out as one of the girls screamed out Brittany's name as she entered her gate.

"Do you really believe that after everything that has happened over the last week?" Mercedes asked not sure if Sam was right or not. After all last time someone had tried to break up the two of them they had all ended up miserable and wet and she wasn't sure if she wanted to relive that again.

"I stand by what I've said from the beginning that one messing with Santana is a very bad idea and that if they didn't want to be together they wouldn't be. It's not our place to interfere." Quinn said shaking her head and dragging Puck with her as she walked over to Santana wanting to put as much distance between herself and the idiots as she was now going to refer to them as.

"You Sam I think you're right, Santana is scared of losing Brittany to one of her fans." Blaine agreed.

"Who could blame her after all most of them are extremely hot." Artie pointed out.

"So hot," Finn said still watching them.

"The race is about to begin, races ready." the PA announcer shouted.

Everyone stopped debating to watch the race as Tina and Rachel joined them again. Artie looked over at Santana who had gotten up and sprinted down the stands and climbed on the fence much like she had for the first race.


Brittany took off and fell in behind two guys. The three of them had separated themselves from the rest of the group. When they went through the first check point that meant they had been around the track twice and had gone a half mile.

"And in the lead is James followed by Brent and closely behind is Brittany. Now for all of you who don't know James is right behind Brittany or Pierce as we normally call her in points for the title. He is two hundred points behind and while this race only counts as twenty as it does have a few racers that are still looking to become professionals it would do big things for his confidence if he could beat Pierce as he has yet to beat her this year." the announcer said as the three racers made it through their fourth lap.

Santana was gripping the fence tightly as she watched Brent try and swerve into Brittany. She was a nervous wreck as normal, but on top of all of that she had to worry about trying to act tough in front of all the glee kids. Not only that, but the annoying girls that were huge fans of Brittany's were here as well just like every race, but for some reason they were bugging her more today. She hated that they all were always trying to hit on her and then there was also all the guys. God she really did have to fight off literally everyone from her girlfriend, but in her mind it was all worth it. Brittany was more than worth it. She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't notice the jackass move James pulled as she slowed down in front of Brittany and Brent swerved into her, knocking her off the track and her bike lands on top of her.

"Oh God and Pierce is down." the announcer yells.

The race is stopped as Santana leaps the fence and runs across the track to Brittany.

"And there goes Santana." Quinn says shaking her head as she watches her best friend run to her other best friend.

"My baby," Ann shrieks running down the stands followed closely by Dave.

"Wat sould wee do?" Rory asked as everyone moved down to where Artie and Mr. Shue were standing looking out onto the track.

"It looks like Pierce might be out for the rest of race day today, but luckily she didn't actually have to place in any races today to qualify for the National title races in two weeks." the announcer says as if that's the best news ever.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000

"Britt, baby," Santana sobbed as she ran over to Brittany after two mechanics had removed her bike from on top of her.

Santana fell on her knees right next to Brittany cradling her head in her arms. She was sobbing scared to death that something horrible was wrong. The entire place was silent watching the single best rider lay still on the ground. Medics came and tried to tell Santana to back off, but she wouldn't move from Brittany's side so they worked around her.

"Aside from a few bruises and a possible concussion I don't think anything else is wrong. No broken bones that I can tell." the head medic told Santana after she threatened to cut his balls off if he didn't tell her what's wrong with her girl.

"Britt Britt, please wake up baby, we need to see if you're all good in the head." Santana whispers brushing her hair out of her face. "I love you baby, please just wake up and tell me your all good baby." she pleaded.

"San," Brittany croaked curling up into the Latina.

"Britt baby I'm here," Santana cried for joy wrapping Brittany up in her arms.

"Why does it feel like a truck landed on my chest?" Brittany asked clinging onto Santana's shirt.

"Your bike landed on you babe when James and Brent pushed you off the track." Santana told her clinging herself onto Brittany's jersey as if it was the only thing keeping Brittany here.

"Help me up San," Brittany said struggling to get up.

"Babe just lay here..." Santana tried to argue, but soon realized she was fighting a losing battle and helped Brittany get to her feet. The stands erupted as soon as Brittany was standing up leaning heavily into Santana.

"PIERCE, PIERCE, PIERCE!" was chanted by everyone.

Santana helped a limping Brittany off the track and back towards her tent which is where she wanted to go not the medic tent. Several track officials tried to stop them, but one scowl from Santana got them to give up on whatever they were trying to do. Once they got back to the tent both of Brittany's parents where there and hugged their daughter.

"Thank god you're okay." Ann gushed not wanted to let go of her little girl.

"Mom, I'm fine please let go, I'm still sore though." Brittany winced as her mom gave her an extra squeeze.

"Aside from being sore is everything else okay honey?" Dave asked also hugging his daughter.

"Yes dad I'm okay." Brittany said smiling.

Neither of her parents really wanted to leave, but Santana promised to watch after her so they went out to watch the rest of the races and inform her who won. They knew that many riders were still trying to qualify for the National races.

"San, I'm fine." Brittany said watching as her girlfriend fused over her with a smile on her face. She thought that she was really cute when she was flustered. "I love you so much." she said wrapping her arms around the Latina and pulling in for a kiss.

"I love you too B, but you're hurt." Santana fused lifting up her jersey to inspect the blonde's abdomen.

"Honey relax aside from some nasty bruises and sore spots I'm all good." Brittany tells her lifting her up and sitting her on her lap.

"I don't wanna hurt you babe." Santana confessed leaning in and kissing her.

"You won't babe, I promise I'm tough." Brittany tells her smiling as she motioning for her to scoot more onto her lap.

"Do you wanna go out and watch the other races as you won't be racing anymore today?" Santana asked getting off of Brittany's lap.

"I guess though I would much rather stay here and do other things than go hang out with the glee club." Brittany said wiggling her eyebrows and Santana blushed.

"Come on horn dog let's go see how your competition is doing."

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000

"Are you sure that we can come with you?" Rachel asked looking at Brittany who was still sore and a little weak on her left side.

"Yes, we can bring whoever the fuck we want." Santana said putting her arm around Brittany to help keep her stable.

"San," Brittany sternly says. "She's right though Rachel we can bring whoever we want to any of the parties here."

"Is that cause you're like this amazing rider that everyone wants a piece of?" Sam asks pushing his way through a group of girls and quickly walked toward them.

"Yep, now you get to see what I have to deal with every weekend we come to a race. And it's like this everywhere I go at races from right outside the tents to the bathroom." Brittany shrugs.

"Yeah it's fucking annoying." Santana grumbled, but smiled when Brittany tightened her grip around the Latina's waist.

"Well what the fuck are we waiting for let's get this party started." Puck shouted and the DJ cracked up the music.

Two hours into the party most everyone was drunk and Brittany was sitting at a table far away from the dance floor so she wouldn't be tempted to get up and try to dance. Santana had been sitting with her until she had to go to the bathroom so now Brittany was alone. She smiled watching Quinn dance with one of her secondary racers Abe. Most of the glee kids were hanging out with the racers asking questions about the races and Brittany. She was happy that her friends were having fun.

"Hey Britt," Mike said sliding next to her.

"Hey, Mike what's up?" Brittany asked smiling at him.

"Not much just wanted to come over and see what you're up to and how you're feeling." Mike said shrugging happy that his friend seems to be not injured too bad.

"Well I'm just sitting here not able to do much as I have sever bruises all over and possibly a few broken ribs. Other than that I'm just dandy. A little pissed that I can't dance, but if I want to be able to ride in the National races than I have to take it easy for the next two weeks." Brittany says looking at the dance floor longingly.

"That must suck. So what did Santana ditch you?" Mike asked.

"No had to make a bathroom run." Brittany smiled.

"I think all of the girls are making their way to the bathroom now." Mike said nodding to the glee girls who all just so happened to be heading in.

"Typical," Brittany giggled, "If you don't mind Mike I think I'll head in too you know us girls."

"Yeah talk to you later," Mike said as Brittany got up slowly and limped over to the bathroom.

Brittany was about to go in the bathroom when she heard talking from down the hall that turned into yelling. She limped down to a small conference room where she saw Santana and a group of about ten of her groupies.

"Listen you little whores I don't care what the fuck you think she's my GIRLFRIEND!" Santana shouted as the girls started to surround her.

"So what, I'm sure that she'd enjoy our company more than yours so why don't you just get the fuck out of here." the leader said.

"Yeah she totally like us way more than you." another girl agrees.

"Plus we totally got it on after her first race today." a small red head said smiling smugly.

"Santana!" Brittany said limping in.

All the girls turned and stared at Brittany most drooling over her as she passed. A few tried to stop her, but she just brushed right passed them.

"Santana are you okay?" Brittany asked.

"I'm fine B let's just get out of here." Santana says glancing around at all the girls around them.

"Okay, you wanna go back to OUR room." Brittany asked emphasizing the their room part.

"Sure B, I'm sure you could use some rest you've been up for several hours." Santana said wrapping an arm around the blonde to help stabilize her. She leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Hold on babe I want to talk to these girls that seem to think that they can mess with us. I'm sick of people thinking that they can ruin our relationship or that they think they know best for our relationship." Brittany said looking at Santana before turning to face the girls who were now all standing in front of them.

"I know babe," Santana quietly said kissing her on the cheek.

"Listen up you little fuckers. I don't fucking care if you all think that you're the bombs or whatever, but if you fucking try anything to break us up or anything of that sort I'll ends you. I'll take my bike and run over you if you ever hassle my girl at the races. She is the love of my life and the only person I want to be with so get the fuck over yourselves." Brittany growls much to Santana's delight that Brittany just put them all in their places and it was totally turning her on.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000

"San," Brittany moaned as Santana gently pushed her onto the bed.

"Tell if anything hurts babe," Santana whispers groping her breasts.

They had shed their clothes as soon as they had made their shut the door to their room. Santana had helped Brittany a bit with her shirt. At first she wasn't going to do anything, but sleep, but apparently Brittany had had other ideas.

"Babe you have to promise me that you'll tell me if anything I do hurts you." Santana said hovering over her girl waiting for her to agree.

"Okay San I promise, just fuck me already." Brittany moaned bucking her hips up.

Santana smirked leaning in and kissing her neck, sucking to leave a very nice mark to prove to the fucking girls that Brittany was hers. She kissed her way down the blonde's neck to her chest stopping at her breasts to suck on each nipple cause the blonde to moan.

"San, stop teasing, I need you."

"God you're so wet," Santana moans as she cups Brittany's sex.

"All for you now fuck me before I take it into my own hands god damn it." Brittany moans.

Santana moans herself just thinking of Brittany touching herself. "Fuck Britt,"

Not wasting any more time Santana plunges two fingers into Brittany both moaning. Santana loved how tight Brittany was and Brittany moaned throwing her head back at feeling so full. Once Santana feels that Brittany ready she starts thrusting in and out. Though apparently it wasn't enough for Brittany who decided to help her out by riding on her fingers.

"Fuck!" Quinn shouted as she opened the door to see both girls go at it.

Just as Quinn opened the door Brittany climaxed screaming Santana's name as she continued to pump riding out Brittany's orgasm.

"Quinn, what the fuck!" Santana shouted covering both of them up.

"Well sorry I didn't think that you would be having sex with Brittany injured." Quinn said finally turning her head back around.

"She's not injured that bad plus it's us what did you think we'd do. Wait the better question is what are you all doing here? I thought you all were going to leave after the party." Santana said looking confused, but happy that she had finally paid Brittany back for last night.

"We decided to get a room and stay the night. You know head out tomorrow." Quinn said. "But I really didn't want to stay with Rachel so I was wondering if I could stay with you?" she asked hopeful.






0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000

The next morning Santana was pissed when she was woken up by Quinn letting Rachel into their room for some god awful reason. Luckily they weren't staying for the trophy ceremony they left right after breakfast. That left Brittany and Santana three hours before the ceremony and press conference. Of course Ann and David would have loved to stay, but they had to get home as Brittany's younger sister had a soccer game at four.

"San," Brittany quietly said as they sat down in the hotel lobby.

"What is it babe? Does it hurt too much cause we can go back up to the room." Santana worriedly said.

"No it's not that. I actually feel a hundred times better. Yesterday between my races I had a talk with my mom and she got me thinking more seriously about our future." Brittany started.

"Britt, whatever happens know that I will always love you. But you know that I'll go wherever you go no matter what, you've been so good to me for the last two years Britt and I know that you'll take care of me for the rest of our lives. And one day we'll be married and I'll come to all the races as your wife and sit in the stands cause I'll be pregnant with our first child. Then when your fan girls flip out when you jump the fence to come over to me to kiss both me and my baby bump." Santana tells her smiling knowing that her girlfriend will be racing until she can no longer race or doesn't have any sponsor anymore.

Brittany leans over the table and crashes her lips against Santana's. "I love you so much," she whispers staring into those charcoal eyes that she loves so much. "And I want all of that with you honey. But if I take this contract with Chris for the commercials and to endorse that clothing line then I'll have to go on the circuit for at least two years."

"And that means if I go to college I won't see you for two years." Santana finished for her girlfriend both girls getting teary eyed thinking about possibly being separated.

"I won't do it if you decide to go to college I'll just do what I currently do fly in the night before and leave on Sunday. Anything to stay near to you." Brittany said wiping her tears aways.

"No," Santana strongly said.

"What?" Brittany looked really confused.

"You're going on the circuit after we graduate." Santana told her.

"But-" Brittany was cut off before she started by Santana kissing her.

"I'm coming with you. We'll see the world together on the circuit, but I'm not letting you give this up. I get why you haven't done it up till now, but after we graduate no more putting it off. You'll make double if not triple the money and we'll need it if we're going to start the family we both want. And we'll also need money to buy a house cause you're marrying right after graduating and I want a nice ass house for the three months that we're not on the circuit." Santana informed her.

"I really love you," Brittany gushed pulling Santana up out of her seat and into the blonde's lap.

"Yeah well I figure you could get me a job working on the races you know cause you're like the best racer here." Santana whispered kissing her on the cheek. "Now you go get ready to receive your trophy for the sprints. I have some business to attend to." she said getting up, helping Brittany up and pushing towards the elevator.

"Don't do anything rash," Brittany yelled back.

"I won't," Santana says knowing that it was a lie.

Santana tries to think of places that James and Brent would go to hid from the hoards of girls and guys that would be hunting them down for hurting Brittany. She was now a part of that group, hunting them down. The only difference was that she would find them and make them feel the pain for hurting her girl. No one messed with Santana Lopez's girl and lived to tell about it. Well maybe that was a lie as Puck was still alive after he made Brittany cry, but that was only cause she had told her not to do anything rash and she never could deny the blonde anything. Other than that though everyone else that had truly hurt the blonde she had ended up running out of town in fear of being hurt.

She had only been walking around looking for the boys for only ten minutes when she went down to the track to see the damn funniest thing she'd ever seen. It shocked her that someone had done this, but it was just so funny that she honestly didn't care, pulling out her camera to record it. Turning it on, she recorded James and Brent hogged tied and hoisted up on the flag pole in the center of the track. It caused her to laugh that someone was so devious as to think to tie up James and Brent and then hoisted them up the flag pole, she just wished she had come up with the idea first.

"I don't think they'll be bumping anyone else off the track any time soon." Brittany whispered wrapping her arms around Santana waist.

"Babe? You did this?" Santana gasped turning around to look Brittany in the eyes.

"Well I may have had help from Puck and Sam, but it was my idea." Brittany sheepishly said, she normally let Santana take care of bullies, but that was a school. Here on the track, this is where she took care of Santana.

"Britt, do you have any idea how hot that is." Santana husked pulling Brittany into her.

"I have a good idea, but I really couldn't stand to have you get in anymore trouble. You remember what your mom said would happen if you got arrested or suspended again." Brittany said nuzzling into Santana's neck.

"She said that I would be grounded for a month and wouldn't be able to see you at all. She'd even home school me for that month to insure that we didn't see each other." Santana quietly said shuttering at the thought of not being able to see the blonde.

They stood there in each other's arms occasionally laughing at the two boys who had finally regained conciseness.

"When we get back to school you let me take care of our problems okay." Santana said into Brittany's shoulder.

"Whatever you say honey. Now help me get our things into the car." Brittany says kissing Santana on the cheek.

"Fine, but you so owe me." Santana chuckled.

"I'm injured still babe," Brittany whined pouting.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000

"So I can't ride for a week." Brittany complains as her and Santana walk up to the field for their early morning Cheerio practice.

"You can't cheer either than babe, why are you coming?" Santana asked frowning wondering why anyone would come to school this early when they didn't have to.

"Unless you wanted to have to tell Sue that I'm out of commission for a week then I have to be here." Brittany smiles at her girlfriend who shuttered at the thought.

"Well then it's a good thing you came." Santana smiled.

They were early for some god awful reason and Santana decides that while Brittany is watching two ducks fly up, she is plotting her revenge on the glee club for the whole singing stunt they pulled and for the Artie, Stephanie thing along with ruining her weekend with Brittany. She was so focused on coming up with a better plan than the one that she had already carried out that she didn't notice the rest of the Cheerios arriving or Sue.

"Sandbags, Q and Blondie get your butts over here." Sue shouted as the rest of the Cheerios started running laps.

"Coach it's Monday morning, couldn't you just give us a break after all we spent all weekend at the Rockshield raceway." Quinn grumbled not wanting to be there as she hadn't had the peaceful weekend she had been hoping for.

"Shut it Q, I don't here Lopez or Pierce complaining and they're the ones who are always gone all weekend and come back ready to work on Monday so no you won't be. Though I will let Blondie as she is injured and I need her for Nationals." Sue sternly told them.

"Yes Coach," all three said in unison before Santana and Quinn took off running laps.

"Coach, you know that I could totally still workout." Brittany said standing next to Sue as they watched the team run laps.

"You know Brittany, you're the only one who's not terrified of me. I've always like you more for that, not only that, but your taste in women since you decided to go that direction is excellent. I didn't want Lopez perving on the rest of my team and causing friction, but she's my best and meanest pit bull so I had to find some way to keep that from happening." Sue said absentmindedly.

"Then I moved here three months into freshman year and you saw how she looked at me." Brittany continued.

"And I got you to join the team and Lopez's eye has never once wandered anywhere, but on you." Sue finished smiling. "You two are the only lesbians I'll deal with on my team. But I'm not risking you."

"Aunt Sue, what do you think of me joining the circuit?" Brittany asked.

"I take it Santana is joining you? Cause if she is then I approve, but only after you graduate cause I need my national championship that only you, Lopez and Q can give me." Sue said before yelling at the team to stop and hit the showers.

Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make this a long chapter so it took longer. I think I'll write one more chapter after this one. Hope you all enjoy this. Yet again I don't like writting sex scenes so I hope it's not horrible.