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"Claire? Is that you?" Myrnin's voice rang out through the lab as Claire shuffled down the stairs.
"Yes, Myrnin. Who else would visit you?" she asked, clearly agitated. She dumped her backpack next to the stairs and walked over to where Myrnin stood, next to a huge bookshelf.
Myrnin turned around to look at her. She looked up to his face, she was nothing compared to Myrnin's height.
"What's wrong, little Claire?" he asked her, concern in his big brown eyes.
She looked down, away from his face. "N-nothing." she stuttered, her voice cracking.
"Claire?" Myrnin asked softly, using his index finger to tip her chin back gently.
Claire looked up at him, her eyes teary.
"What happened?" he whispered, looking down at her.
"He-he ch-cheated on m-me!" she cried, before flying into Myrnin and wrapping her arms around his firm body. She didn't need to elaborate as to who 'he' was, it was rather obvious that she meant Shane - her ex-boyfriend.
Myrnin stood shocked for a few seconds, before hesitantly wrapping his strong arms around Claire's small figure. "Hush, Claire." he whispered into her ear.
They hugged in near silence for a moment or two, the only sounds were of Claire's sobs and Myrnin's constant soothing.
"You can have the day off, if you want." Myrnin said, once Claire pulled out of his arms.
She shook her head, "I don't want to go back there. I'll see him." she said quietly.
"You're in no condition to work, now." Myrnin persisted.
"You can't send me back home. Please." Claire begged, her eyes full of fear.
"Then don't go home. Go out and have fun, before it gets dark."
"I... I don't want to leave you..." she whispered.
He analyzed her for a couple of seconds, before bending down and kissing her softly on her lips.
He pulled back and smiled a small smile, not one of his usual manic grins, "Nor I, you."

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