Title: Pholus

Author: Fenikkusu Ai

Rating: T

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: The Swede, Reverend Cole

Words: 100

Genre: General

Summary: Reverend Cole was blind, and only Thor could make him see. Set in Season 2.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hell on Wheels.

A/N: In centaur mythology, Pholus was a keeper of sacred wine.

The good Reverend Cole was pathetic. Once a man of faith, he now chiefly relied on his whiskey bottle and his own self-righteousness.

Neither truly helped him.

The alcohol clouded his mind. His judgment. His true desires. And, like a blind man, he couldn't see it.

Thor saw it. In fact, he could see that the reverend was a rather complex project that could be executed in several neat little stages.

Oh, how he would show him the consequences of what happened when a mind wasn't clear.

When you couldn't see the devil that was right in front of you...