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Supernatural powers.

What would you do if had them? Would you tell everyone about it? Or hide in the shadows because you're scared of what people will think of you? Would they accept you? Or isolate you because you're special?

In Japan having supernatural powers is normal. Normal people can control any of these elements, water, earth, air, wind, darkness and light. Each person is embedded with a birthmark on their chest, it would determine their power, their birthmarks pretty much look like crystals. These crystals are not only used to determine a person's power but it is also their ultimate weakness. There are people who can control two to four elements, they were called YOUNIQUE. But there is only one person who has the ability to control all the elements; this person is called the ELIQUE. The Elique comes by the name Yamada Ryouko.

Yamada Ryouko was not only special because of her powers; she was also one of the prettiest girl in their town. She has porcelain white skin, long silver-black shiny hair, long and thick eyelashes, cherry tinted lips, big-doll eyes that would occasionally change color. Sounds perfect eh? But her flaws are her straight-forwardness, slowness, shyness, low self-esteem, and extreme bluntness, giving her the nickname "Poker-faced beauty". She has control over all elements.

She was lying around the garden, the wind was blowing so hard making her panties show, but she didn't mind. She kept her eyes close and breathed in the fresh air, then she started singing a song, the birds joined her in singing.

THUD! She heard the door slam.

"Oh! Who could it be? Is mom home?", she asked herself.

"Mom? Are you home?", she asked.

There was absolute silence.

She took light steps till she reached the door. Her heart pounded through her chest, with the thought that there was a horrible monster in their house, or worse an evil witch.

Ryouko stopped and suspected the place, "Who is it?" , she asked again anxiously.

Once again there was absolute silence. There was no response to her question.

"Moe Agaru!", she mumbled. Moments later, she held in her hands what seems to be a fireball. Her heart was beating so fast, she felt it was going to jump out of her chest. Then someone hugged her from behind. As she turned around, they accidentally fell and now the guy was on top of Ryouko.

"Whoa. Calm down its just me.", a manly voice said as he blushed. The voice came from her best friend, Yuki Izumi.

Yuki Izumi has blue-black hair that grazes just above his shoulders, sparkling emerald eyes, long slim legs, a left-ear piercing, broad shoulders and an amazing smile. He's one of those handsome down-to-earth guys, girls would confess their love for him, he in return turns them down in a way that won't hurt their feelings, he was athletic and smart, the most popular guy in their school. He has control over the elements light, water, earth and air, making him a Level 3 Younique. He is Ryouko's best friend, and has a one-sided love for her, but Ryouko doesn't know.

Ryouko gave a deep sigh, "Ugh! You scared me! I thought it was a monster or witch or something.", giving a little push to get him off of her.

"Ah. Sorry for that. I didn't mean too—well I meant to scare you.", he chuckled, Sorry Yamada Ryouko-san."

"Hai. Hai. It's okay. Good thing I didn't throw the fire ball at you.", Ryouko said as she looked around. "Ah, the birds left."

"Eh?", Izumi wondered what she was talking about. "Ah! You were singing?"


"Heh. That's so cute.", Izumi mumbled in a soft voice.

"Eh? What? Did you say anything?"

"No. I didn't say anthing.", he said. "Ah! Could you be hearing ghosts?"

"Che! You're just scaring me. Meanie.", she protested.

Ryouko offered him some snacks and they under a shady tree.

Ryouko still munching her sandwich, "Anou, Mi-chan an are you excited about graduation?"

"Of course I am."

"Aish, we're getting older. We're going to be high school students soon."

"I'm excited about Kyukyoku Gakuen. The greatest Youniques graduate from that school."

"Un. Ah, wait, Himiko-san is going to attend Kyukyoku too ne?", asked Ryouko, as she blinked her eyes and grinned at Yuki.

"Ah. Yeah.", answered Izumi. "Yah! Are you teasing?"

"No. I was just asking. You guys are going out after all."

"Eh? No! That was just a rumor that her friends made up.", Izumi argued. "But, she is kind of pretty –

"Ah! So you like her? Huh? Huh? Huh?", Ryouko pestered Izumi with questions.

"I only said she was pretty, it doesn't mean I like her. Baka!"

"Che. So mean, I was just asking."

"Bleh. Just eat you sandwich."

There were only a few days left before graduation, the school went to school together as always.

"Good Morning!", some lower underclassmen greeted them.

"Morning!", some birds said.

"Good Morning.", Ryouko and Izumi replied in unison.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaa!", the girls squealed.

For a while the underclassmen were smiling radiantly, but there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. The rumored "girlfriend" of Izumi arrived, Ikeda Himiko.

Ikeda Himiko was a really pretty girl, she was the girl-of-every-man's-dream kind of girl, and she has burgundy-black hair, porcelain white skin, a model-like figure, captivating blue eyes. She's been crushing on Yuki since 1st year of junior high, she confessed to him once, but Yuki said he wasn't ready to be in a relationship with anyone. Since then she hasn't given up on Yuki and has hated Ryouko for being with Yuki all the time, and competing with her at being the most popular girl at school. She has control over the elements dark, fire, water and air making her a Level 3 Younique.

"Good Morning I-chan!", she said then turned to the underclassmen. "Aren't you going to greet me?"

"Good Morning Himiko-senpai.", they mumbled.

Himiko ignored them. "Anou, I-chan, can I ask you a favor?", she asked cutely.

"Uh. Yeah, sure."

"Omo. I'm shy. Anou, I'll just stop by your classroom later ne?"

"Ah, morning Himiko-san.", Ryouko said.

"Eh? Uh, morning…", she hesitantly answered. "Anyways, wait for me ne, I-chan?"

"You should greet her properly.", Izumi said giving Himiko a serious stare.

"Eh? Tsk. GOOD MORNING RYOUKO-SAN!", Himiko said then immediately rolled her eyes.

"Anou, I'll go ahead. Sorry for being in the way while you lovebirds talk.", Ryouko teased as she started walking away.

Ryouko was about to get her school shoes when something fell out from her locker.

"Oh, a rose.", she said ,as she picked it up the rose made a little explosion and turned into a letter. "Wah! Ah, that gave me a fright. I'm going to be late, i'll read it later.", she slipped the letter on her pocket.

It was lunch break and a lot of girls were lining up outside the seniors room.

"Anou, senpai can I have your first button?", asked a cute first year student, her hands were sweating and she was looking at the floor.

It was a traditional at the school, unlike other schools that ask for the second button girls would ask for the first button of a guy, since it has been with him for all the years he spent in school and it is nearest to the person's "crystal".

"Ah, yes.", the guy replied then he started to blush.

The girl lifted her face, her face flushed, "Really? Will you really give it to me, senpai?", a smile lit up her face.


"Thank you so much senpai! One more thing, I really really like you."

"And another one.", Izumi said, seeming uninterested.

"Oi! You should go over there. They're waiting for Prince Izumi. Come meet them already.", Ryouko protested.

"Same goes for you! Those guys have been there since yesterday.", Izumi argued back.

"But, we girls don't give out buttons. It's not traditional."

"At least give them a handshake, or accept their flowers."

"I did. But they were too many. I didn't know where to put them.", she said, then pouted. "Anou, what did Himiko-san tell you?"

Izumi turned his head away from Ryouko. "She asked for my first button."

"Oh! Oh! Oh! What did you say?", Ryouko asked excitedly.

Izumi ran his hand through his hair. "Well, at first I asked her why she wanted it, then she said because she likes me and it's because I turned her down before, it was kind of my payback."

"So what did you give it to her? Huh?"

"Geez, why are you so interested? Are you jealous? Do you want my second button?", Izumi teased. "Please ask for my second button.", he wished silently.

"Eh? No! I just want my friend to be happy.", Ryouko pouted.

"See only sees me as a friend huh? Well, this sucks.", he said to himself. "Anou, what about you? I heard you received a letter of some sort.", he said out loud

"Ah! I totally forgot about that.", she said as she went on to look for it. "Where did I put it again?" she kept on looking.

"Let me help you ne? Hand me your bag, I'll look for it.", Izumi took out everything off her bag. "What color was the paper?"

Ryouko scratched her head. "Anou, I don't quite remember.", she chuckled.

"Seriously? Ah, you're always like this. I really can't take my eyes off you or else you'd be lost."

"I'm sorry.", Ryouko said with an apologetic tone. She slipped her hands in her pocket.

Izumi frowned, "It's not here, all I saw is a test paper."

Ryouko said as she slouched, after some time she noticed something in her pocket. "Oh! It's here in my pocket."

Izumi's eyebrow were now knitted with each other, "After I searched your bag, it was at your pocket all along?", he said with an angry tone.

"Sorry? Please forgive me You know how forgetful I am.", she said using puppy-dog-eyes to lessen Izumi's anger.

Izumi turned away as he started to blush, "Fi-fine. Just be more careful ne?"

"Yes, sir.", she said as she reads the letter. "Eh? Hajime? Who's he again?"

Izumi watched Ryouko anxiously as she read the letter, he watched her frown, the way her eyes were scrolling through the letter, and then a little smile appeared on his face. It was as if there was no one else in the room, just him and Ryouko.

"Mi-chan answer me.", Ryouko pretested as she pinched his cheeks.

"Ouch! What is it?"

"I was asking you a question and you weren't reacting. I thought you were dead that's why I pinched you."

"Ah, sorry. What were you saying?"

"I was asking you if you knew this person, Ishii Hajime."

Izumi paused for a while, "Oh, he's from the basketball club, the one with the green hair."

"Ah, he said he wants to meet at the gym later."

"Oh, maybe he's going to confess to you.", he said in a weak tone, he averted his eyes to Ryouko, who was busy reading the letter.

"Oi. Ryou-chan don't forget about your date.", Izumi teased.

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Thanks.", she started walking away. "It's not a date.", she added.

As she was walking Izumi remained in his place watching Ryouko disappear with a pained expression in his face.

"Yah. Yah. Izumi you're her best friend. It's so stupid of you to think of her that way.", Izumi mumbled to himself as he ruffled his hair. "Geez. But, would it be better if I confess to her?"

Ryouko just arrived at the gym, there she saw a guy wearing his basketball uniform, at the center of the gym all by himself surrounded by rose petals.

"Ah, it's Ishii-kun, he was my seatmate last year."

Ishii Hajime, one of the popular guys in school, the ace player of the basketball team, he has green-black hair covering his ears, has long slim legs, a very muscular body, electric blue eyes, has piercings on both ears and is popularly known as being overly confident. He has control over the elements air, darkness, earth and fire.

"Ah,you came. I thought you didn't see my letter.", Hajime said, a smile appeared on his face. "Well, you probably know what's up."

"Anou, was there a wedding here?", Ryouko asked as she picked up a rose petal. "Smells nice."

Hajime had his eyes wide-open. "Uh, I made this all for you."

"For me?", Ryouko asked. "Wow, it's amazing, I didn't know you could produce petals."

"Eh? No, I didn't make them."

"But, you just said you made them."

"I bought them and I – whatever. The thing is I want to ask you something.", Hajime said and let out a deep sigh.

"What is it, Ishii-kun?"

"Yamada Ryouko-san, will you please go out with me?"

"Oh, sure."

"Really? Oh, man that was so easy."

"Where do you wanna go? In the garden? The library? Or outside the school?", Ryouko asked.

Hajime blinked his eyes and then face-palmed himself, "What I meant was date me, be my girlfriend."

Ryouko looked at him, "Ah, sorry Ishii-kun, but I can't date you."

"Eh? Why? Am I not handsome? I made all of this for you. Is this not enough for you to be impressed and realize that I really like you? What a picky girl.", he said sounding a little bit pissed.

Ryouko tilted her head a bit. "Anou, honestly I don't like guys like you. Do you think it's that's easy to win a girls heart?, she said with a straight face.

"Uh, yeah. With my looks I can get any girl I want. So come on, don't play hard to get ne?", Hajime got closer and tried to kiss Ryouko.

"Tsuyoi Nowaki.", as Ryouko said these words, a strong wind threw Hajime on the floor face first.

"Ouch!", Hajime shouted. "Why you little!"

Ryouko took a few steps forward, "It hurts ne? This is what a girl feels like when someone treats her the way you just treated me.", Ryouko patted his head a bit. "Always remember to treat girls right next time, or else you'll end up growing old alone.", she started to walk off, "By the way, before you boast about being handsome, try to wipe away the dry soy sauce from your face ne? Ja~", then she left.

"Wow. She's so cool.", his mouth hung open for quite some time. "That's a first, she was really powerful. I think i'm really starting to like her."

As Ryouko was on her way home, she saw a faint image of a person running towards her, "Eh? Mi-chan? I thought he went on ahead of me."

Izumi was panting, "Are you okay? –pant- I –pant- heard some noise over the gym.", he said while trying to catch his breath.

"Ah. Yeah, i'm perfectly fine."

"What happened?"

"Well, that Hajime-kun was being a meanie."

"What did he do?"

"Well, he complained about me not wanting to date him and that he was handsome, and then he tried to kiss me."

Izumi's soft expression suddenly turned into an angry expression, "WHAT?! THAT IDIOT TRIED TO KISS YOU?!", he was about to storm off to the gym.

Ryouko pulled him, "Please stop! Let's just go home because I'm tired ne?", she pleaded.

"But that jerk has to pay for what's he's done."

"Don't worry, I scared him off."

"Are-are you sure?", he asked hesitantly.

"Yeah. Let's just go home."

Days passed by quickly and it was already their graduation day. As the ceremony ended everyone was crying and saying their goodbyes.

"Waaa. We're going to be in high school now ne?"

"Yeah. It's .. I can't believe it.", Izumi said, being a little teary-eyed.

Ryouko's eyes grew wide in misbelieve, "Yah! The great Yuki Izumi is crying?"

Izumi sniffed, "I'm not crying, I'm just.. umm.. sweating through my eyes.", he protested.

"Don't try to deny it ne?"

"Yamada Ryouko-senpai! Congratulations on your graduation!", a group of students from the club she participated in said in unison as they bowed down.

"Ah, thank you. Take care and do well on you studies. Goodluck!", she replied and bowed as well. Her underclassmen gave her a bouquet of flowers and a hug.

Ryouko bid her farewell to her friends, Izumi stood behind her just watching.

"Anou, Izumi-senpai?", a tiny voice said while pulling onto Izumi's shirt.

"Eh? Anou, who are you?", Izumi asked.

"Ah, I'm a first.", she said then handed a letter to Izumi. "Please accept my love and go out with me Izumi-senpai!"


Ryouko heard the girl and knew what was happening. She passes through Izumi and gave him a light bump in the shoulder.

"She's cute.", she whispered and then gave a thumbs-up.

Izumi gave back a weak smile, "Anou, I'm really sorry, but I can't go out with you and besides I'm going to high school now.", he said.

The girl's smile turned into a frown, "Ah, then Izumi-senpai can I at least have your first button?", she asked.

"Excuse me for a moment ne?, Ryouko said, pulling Izumi to a corner, "Oi, Mi-chan, why won't you go out with her? She's the cutest girl I've ever seen confess to you.", she said raising an eyebrow to Izumi, "Ah, could it be you like Himiko-san?", she added.

"Who knows, I just don't want to date someone, when I know we'll be leaving for high school.", he sighed.

Ryouko sighed as well, "At least give her a button ne?"

Izumi stared into Ryouko's eyes, "Do you really want me to give it to her?, he asked as if waiting for her to stop him.


He turned to the girl, "Anou, I can't give you my first button, demo is it okay if I give you my second button instead?"

"Eh? Why?"

"Well, because I already promised someone."

"Ah, I see. It's okay with me Izumi-senpai.", the girl said looking so happy as if she won a contest.

"Okay, then were good then?" Izumi asked, giving her his second button. "Button-san said, Please take care of me.", Izumi said in a cute voice.

"Yes!", the girl giggled.

"I'll be going then. See you around. Ja~"

Vacation flew by so fast; it was their first day of school as high school student.

"Ah, i'm off now mom.", Ryouko said as she gave her mother a tight hug, "I will always love you. Take care ne?", she whispered and then a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Yah, don't get all emotional with me, it's your first day after all.", her mother said.

Yamada Keiko, a former student of Kyukyoku Gakuen, the proud mother of Yamada Ryouko. Just as pretty as her daughter, she has brown-red hair, deep black eyes, porcelain white skin. Has control over air, light, darkness and earth making her a Level 3 Younique.

Keiko hugged Ryouko again, "Otou-san in heaven will be so proud of you. Take care ne?", she said as she started crying.

"Hai. Ah, mom you said you wouldn't cry."

"Oh, i'm sorry.", Keiko composed herself, "Now, I'll tell you how to get there.", she said as she handed a paper to Ryouko. "Read that chant out loud and place your hand over your "crystal", and then you will be transported there.

"Hai. Okay, I'm ready.", she placed her hand over her "crystal" like her mother said, "Kore wa Yamada Ryouko ga Kyukyoku Gakuen e michibiite kureru sa reru shinpi-tekina doa o hirakimasu.", she chanted out loud and closed her eyes. She then felt like she was being lifted up, she opened her eyes and everything around her started disappearing, she could only see a faint image of her mother.

"Goodbye. Goodluck my daughter.", Keiko said.

"Goodbye for now, Ka-chan.", as she said those words she disappeared. The next thing she knows she was in a place she's never seen before.

"WHOA. This place sure looks different."