Ayumi smiled, "Oh, Kyou-senpai good morning!", she turned into a completely different person, "I was welcoming Ryouko-chan to the school.

"Oh, how nice of you, you really are a nice person.", Kyou praised Ayumi.

Ryouko just stood in awe, "Wow. Was it only my imagination, that she was threatening me?", she told herself.

"Anou, Kyou-senpai can you teach me in Math?", she asked with a cute tone, "I'm really having a hard time understanding all the numbers."

"Oh, sure. Just tell me when and where. I'll be more willing to help.", he said, "If you like I could lend you my notes."

"That's would be great!.", she exclaimed.

"I'll go get it then." Kyou left again.

"Don't forget my warning, Yamada Ryouko."

Ryouko stared at her, "Wow. It's amazing how much you change. It's like you're someone else."

"Are you mocking me?!"

"Nope. Just telling the truth.", Ryouko said with a straight face.

"Why you?!", Ayumi lifted her hand and was about to slap Ryouko.

"Kora Seru!", someone said, and in mere seconds Ayumi's hand was frozen, preventing her from slapping Ryouko.

"Eh? Himiko-san?", Ryouko said.

Himiko took a few steps towards Ayumi, "Even though you're older, it's not nice to hit people you know."

"Tokasu!", Ayumi said, melting the ice in her hand. "And who do you think you are, bitch!"

"Whoa! Wait did you just call me bitch?", Himiko was getting agitated, "I think you're more of a bitch than me, why did you say those things to Ryouko-san?!"


Ayumi feeling defeated walked off, "I'll remember you and your little friend. Don't forget what we talked about." Ayumi left.

"Ah, Himiko-san thank you."

Himiko raised an eyebrow, "Seriously, if someone talks to you like that at least fight back!", she was getting pissed, "Geez! You can control all the elements, but you don't use them."

"Well, I simply hate violence.", Ryouko said, "But, why did you defend me?"

Himiko cleared her throat, "Well, I don't like you because you're I-chan's best friend, but as a person, I pretty much like you.", surprising as it was, Himiko did say those words, "I'm your friend in a way you know. I mean we've been classmates since 2nd year in Junior High."

Ryouko smiled, "Thank you so much. I'm not much of a hugger, but can I hug you?"

"Woah. Just because I said we can friends, doesn't mean I like you to be hugging you.", Himiko said.

"Oh, sorry.", Ryouko looked disappointed, before she could pout, Himiko hugged her.

"I'm kidding, of course you can hug me.", she said, "Just.. don't steal I-chan ne?"

Ryouko hugged back tighter, "Of course, Mi-chan is practically my brother."

"Ah, enough now. We have to get ready for school."

"Oh, yeah. We have school today. Crap! I forgot all about it.", Ryouko dashed to her.

"I'm confused, is she smart or just plain dumb.", Himiko said to herself and went inside as well.

Ryouko was rushing to their room, worrying about being late, she barged in without knocking. And as she entered, there was Teru, fresh from taking a bath only wearing a towel down below, his hair still dripping wet so as his body, unexpectedly, he has a really muscular body. Teru flinched upon seeing Ryouko, she on the other was expressionless.

"Woops. I'm sorry, i just have to take a bath.", Ryouko walked past through him.

Teru was blushing, "Ah.. ye..yeah. Go on ahead."

"Yeah, thanks.", Ryouko proceeded to take her bath, as if she saw nothing.

She got ready for school and met Izumi at their classroom.

"Yah! Mi-chan you left me!", Ryouko complained.

Izumi stared at her, "Well, I came to pick you up, but your room mate said you were still taking a bath.", Izumi kept on explaining himself, "I waited for another 5 minutes, but you took too long."

"Che! You went to class with Himiko-san ne?"

"No. I just got bored and left. You can ask your room mate.", Izumi pouted, "By the way, your room mate is really pretty."

Ryouko snickered, "Pft! Hahaha. You thought he was a girl?", she kept on laughing non-stop.

"EH?!", he stood up suddenly, "Your room mate is a guy?!", he shouted. Everyone heard what he said, and now their classmates are staring at them.

Ryouko pulled him down, "Yah! So noisy.", she whispered, "Even I thought he was a girl at first, I even told him he was pretty. But, it turns out it was a guy."

"Bu..but, what about..ugh..", Izumi was panicking, "Do you perhaps, want to change rooms with me?"

"Eh? No, it's fine with me."

"What if he rapes you?"

"No, he won't.", Ryouko argued, "He's the silent-type of guy and besides he's the younger brother of Kyou-senpai."

"Silent-type? Like an introvert or something?"


Izumi let out a sigh of relief, "Then, that's good. But, it's still best if you change rooms with me."

Ryouko gasped, "Oh, my god."

"What? Is something wrong with you?", Izumi was starting to panic.

"Are you turning gay for my roommate?", she exclaimed.

"Yah! Of course not!", he shouted, "I'm only worried about your safety."

"I know, I was just kidding. Hahaha."

Months passed, it was mid- September, the trees that were once green are starting to turn sunset brown, the cherry blossoms lost its leaves and flowers, there was abundant fruits everywhere, people are now starting to wear jackets as the seasons begin to change, it was getting colder and colder as each day passed by. It was the season of autumn.

"Waa~ I'm so jealous, I want a bento too.", Ryouko ranted.

"Then, go get yourself a girlfriend then.", Izumi teased.

Himiko giggled, "Does it taste good, I-chan?"

"Yeah, it's really good."

Ryouko pouted, "Hmp! You're so mean. If it wasn't for me, you two won't end up together anyways."

As it seems, it turns out Himiko and Izumi started dating, as Himiko and Ryouko's friendship deepened, she started helping her get closer to Izumi. She would ask Izumi to go with her to town, but instead of her coming she would as Himiko to take her place and whenever she asks Himiko out, she tells Izumi to go instead.

"Yeah, if it wasn't for you, I-chan would never realize how much he really likes me.", Himiko said.

"Yeap, yeap, yeap.", Ryouko boasted, "People should start calling me "Cupid", instead of Elique."

"Hey, in exchange for helping us get together. Do you want me to help you get a boyfriend?", Himiko asked.

"Eh? What?", Ryouko and Izumi said in unison.

"I'll help you; I know a lot of guys who are really cool and handsome."

Izumi argued, "There's really no need for that.", he continued, "She doesn't really have any problems in getting a guy, she's popular anyway."

"But, I really want to thank her."

Izumi felt uneasy with the thought of Ryouko going out with someone, then he thought of a way to stop Himiko, "Himi-chii, if you start helping her, does that mean you won't be spending time with me anymore?", Izumi said while running his hand through his hair and looking a bit sad.

Himiko smiled, blood started running to her cheeks, "Kyaaaaaa! I won't help her then, so we can go on dates, I-chan."

Ryouko's jaw hanged open, "Did, he seriously just do that?", she said to herself. She was still trying to make herself believe that Izumi acted cute just to get something from Himiko. "It's really amazing what love can do.", she was staring at them with a smile of her face, unknowingly an ice shard hit her left arm. "Ouch!"

The shard prevented her from moving her arm, blood was gushing out of her wound. The pain was so excruciating that she kept on screaming.

"Ryou-chan!", Izumi shouted, "Whose the bastard that did this?"

"Ah, I'm sorry. OH! It's the Elique, I'm very sorry. Truly sorry", a student apologized, before he could explain himself, Izumi hit him.

"What were you thinking? You scum bag!", he said angrily, "Are you trying to kill her? Do you want me to kill you instead!?"

"Calm down, I-chan.", Himiko pleaded.

"How the fuck can I calm down?!"

"Mi-chan!", Ryouko shouted, "Relax, we learnt a healing spell in class right? Use it to heal me."

Izumi was panicking and didn't know what he was doing, "Kazu.. Kis…Ugh.", he was stressing himself out, "Kizu Naoru!", in an instant, the blood stopped from flowing and the wound started to close.

"Ah, thanks, I-chan."

"It's nothing. Are you sure you're okay?', he asked.

"Ryouko-chii are you all better now?", Himiko asked.

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine now."

Izumi then stood up, "As for you, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!"

The student stammered, "I'm sorry.", he went down to his knees and kept on apologizing. "Sorry, I didn't mean too.", just then Ryouko helped him stand up.

"You don't have to do that, I know you didn't mean it and besides I'm all better now.", Ryouko smiled.

"Thank you for your kindness."

"Now, do you want to tell us what happened?! Huh?!", Izumi said in an intimidating tone.

"Uhh.", the student mumbled.

"Mi-chan stop scaring him.", Ryouko said,

"Well, I was practicing my magic for a test later, when suddenly I lost control of my magic, and the shard went to your direction.", the guys explained, "I heard this voice in my head that kept on saying, 'Kill her. Kill her. It was as if, I was hypnotized by someone."

"Kill me?", Ryouko was so shocked she froze for a bit.

"Who, in their mind would want to kill you?", Izumi asked.

Himiko started analyzing the situation, "Oh, I have a culprit in mind."

Ryouko was all confused, "Who do you think did it?"

"Do you remember Nishiuchi Ayumi?", Himiko asked.

"Ah, the school idol.", Izumi replied, "Why do you think she did it?"

"Well, she was black-mailing Ryouko-chan the other day. She was warning her to stay away from her and the title School Idol. Well, let's just say she was really jealous."

As Himiko said this, they rushed to the Sophomore Younique Building.

"What class is she in again?", Izumi asked.

"I think she's in Class-C.", Himiko answered. "Well, wait for you here, Ryouko-chan is really in bad condition, I don't think she can go, I'll stay with her.

"Okay then.", Izumi rushed to the classroom, and as soon as he saw it he barged in like he belongs in that classs.

"Excuse me.", he said, "Can I please talk to Nishiuchi-senpai?", the girls started screeching as soon as they saw Izumi.

"Kyaaaaa! It's the handsome freshmen from Class-A. Oh my god, he's so handsome.", they said.

"I'm right here.", Ayumi said while seductively smiling at Izumi.

"Ah, Nishiuchi-senpai can we talk for a minute? Alone?", Izumi asked.


"I told you girls, he would eventually give in to my charms.", Ayumi said to her friends as she slowly walked towards Izumi. "So what is it that you wanted to ask me?"

"Let's talk outside.", Izumi then dragged her outside the building. Outside Himiko and Ryouko were waiting, as soon as Ayumi saw them, it was as if she was disgusted with them, but she tried to keep her composure, she was still hoping that Izumi would confess his love for her.

"Long time no see.", Himiko said in a serious tone.

"Aw, I thought we were going to talk alone, Yuki-kun?", Ayumi said in an alluring voice.

"This bitch of a woman.", Himiko ranted.

Izumi stood before Ayumi, he was now towering her, "I just wanted to ask you something."

Ayumi smiled, "Yes? What is it then?"

"Where were you a while ago?", Izumi asked.

"Well, I was at the Mizu Building.", she replied, "Why do you ask?", then her eyes averted to Ryouko, "Oh my god. What happened to her? Is he hurt or something?", she asked, genuinely worrying about Ryouko's condition.

"Don't play dumb!", Himiko said, "We know you were the one who did this to her!"

Ayumi was confused, "Me?", she asked, "How dare you accuse me!", she shouted.

"Well, I heard that you were bullying her, about stealing your title.", Izumi said.

"Wait a second. Yes, I do hate her for being pretty. But that's not enough of a reason for me to injure her like this.", she was starting to tear-up, "I might've said mean things to her, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person you know."

Izumi scratched his head, "Then who did it?"

"Did you really not do it, Nishiuchi-senpai?", Himiko tried to re-affirm Ayumi.

"For the second time, I didn't do it.", Ayumi ranted, "And I thought Yuki-kun was going to confess to me. Turns out, I was your culprit for wanting to kill Yamada-san."

Himiko chuckled, "He won't be confessing to you anytime soon, 'cause apparently he's mine."

"Woah. You guys are going out?", Ayumi was in awe, then she and Himiko started talking about boys, while Izumi was busy trying to figure out, who is the person who wants to kill his best friend, the persone he treasures the most. Ryouko was still shaking because of the incident, but tried not to show it to Izumi ang Himiko, because she knows, that they will definitely worry about her.

They were trying to forget what happened, and then an alarm went off.

The whole school was under alert, all the teachers went outside to see what happening, "A student is from Zannin Gakuen has entered the school grounds! I repeat a student from Zannin Gakuen has entered the school grounds! Classes are suspended for now. Youniques, please be alert!", a person from the speaker said.

Ayumi gasped and looked at Ryouko, "We need to get to the dorms! Hurry!"

"Why?", Izumi, Himiko and Ryouko asked.

"I'll explain it there. Just, hurry up.", Ayumi was basically dragging them to the dorms, the three of them can't help but be confused. As soon as they caught sight of their dorm, they ran as fast as they could and the principal and the President was in the front of the dormitory looking as worried as ever.

"Ah! Please hurry inside!", Kazuhiko said. They all went inside, they were sweating and panting.

"Yah! Ryouko-san what happened to you?", Kyou went closer to her to take a look at her wound.

"What's happening?", Ryouko asked in confusion, "I really hate running."

"Stay here and don't leave, until we announce that it's safe to go outside.", Kazuhiko said in a commanding voice, "BLOOD! What happened to Yamada-san?!"

"Ah, a student accidentally hit her with an ice shard, but the student said that it was as if someone was commanding him to kill Ryouko-chan.", Himiko explained.

"Oh no, this is bad.", Kazuhiko exclaimed, "Stay here, all of you are in great danger." After warning them, he went on his way.

"Nishiuchi-senpai what's happening?", Himiko asked.

"I've never heard of Zannin Gakeun.", Ryouko said, and Izumi nodded in agreement.

"Well, I would tell you, but I think Kyou-senpai, can tell it better.", Ayumi said and looked at Kyou.

"You see, Kyukyoku Gakuen and Zannin Gakuen are sister schools, our principal and the principal of Zannin Gakuen are twins, the other twins name is Sora Akira, she a very respectable lady.", he told them about the events that both school shared, the inter-school interactions and how happy they were then. "But, all of that change because of one incident."

The four of them were listening attentively, Himiko and Ayumi were clinging onto Izumi, and Ryouko was beside them still shaken by the incident that happened earlier.

Kyou continued, "Akira-sama got envious of our principal, because his school is getting more Youniques students than her school, and she kept on hearing things like, his brother was more powerful than her. Slowly, the once respectable and caring principal turned evil, and even her students turned evil."

"Waaa~ Scary!", Himiko said.

"Hold me Yuki-kun!"Ayumi exclaimed clinging onto Izumi even more.

"Without knowing that they turned evil, Kyukyoku Gakuen kept ties with them. Kazuhiko-sama thought of combining both school, but Akira-sama on the other hand wanted to wipe out all the Youniques here in our school, but some of them were converted. Three years ago, all the students from Zannin Gakuen came here and started killing students, it was an awful sight, there was blood everywhere.", Kyou kept on narrating.

"Oh, that's so unfortunate.", Ryouko said.

"Kyukyoku Gakuen was not prepared for the sudden attack, hundreds of lives were taken, and some Youniques got abducted, even my elder brother..", Kyou was about to cry.

"Eh? You have an elder brother?"

"Yes, his name is Takashi Haru, he is a Level 3 Younique, he and some of his friends were abducted and we haven't seen them for the past three years.", Kyou was trying to hold back his tears, "But, the principal and all the teachers used their powers to get rid of the Zannin students, but they were too late. Instead of fighting back, Akira-sama and her students left, because they already got what they want. After that incident, the school was reconstructed, the dorms, have unfamiliar symbols written in the walls, these will prevent anything evil that will come close to the students."

"Ah, we're sorry Kyou-senpai.", Ryouko said feeling sorry for Kyou, "Is that the reason why Teru-kun is so quiet and distant?"

"Yes, he was really close with Haru-niichan."

"But, are you sure that no one will get in?", Izumi wanted to affirm once again.

"Yes, but it won't hurt to be more cautious. We must be careful.", Kyou replied.

They all went to their rooms, and when Ryouko entered their room Teru wasn't there, he even left the shower on, his books were scattered all over the floor, Ryouko got worried and started looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found, she returned to their room and looked at the window, there he saw Teru, with a man dressed like a knight with light blue-silver hair.

"Ah, there's Teru-kun, but who is that?", Ryouko said to herself, she watched them talk, Teru was so happy, and then the mysterious man held out his hand to Teru, as if asking him to come with him.

"Could it be a Zannin student?", Ryouko ran downstairs, "Kyoi-senpai! Kyou-senpai!", she kept on shouting, residents told her where Kyou was.

"What is it? I heard you were looking for me."

"Yes! I saw Teru-kun outside, he was talking to a man with blue-silverish ha…", before Ryouko could finish her sentence Kyou dashed outside.

"Haru-niichan!", he shouted.

Takashi Haru, Kyou and Teru's older brother, a former Kyukyoku student. He has light blue-silver, he was taller than Kyou, his left eye was color green and the other one was red, he looks a lot-like Kyou, but he was more muscular and his hair was longer, he has control over the elements dark, earth, fire, and water.

"Ah, long time no see Kyou. How are you?", he smirked.

"Please come back, Haru-nii, this is where you truly belong! Come back to Kyukyoku!", Kyou argued.

"No, that won't do. Kyukyoku students are weak, not like us Zannin's.", he said, " I think Teru's future will be brighter if he went there, so i'll be taking him with me."

"No! You can't do that!", Kyou argued. "He stays here, with us."

"That's not for you to decide is it?", Haru chuckled a bit, "And besides, he promised me that he will help us kill the Elique."

"Come to your senses, Teru!", Kyou shouted at him, "Do you remember how nice Ryouko-chan is to you? She treated you like a brother and now you're going to help them kill her?", they were arguing, the residents from the dorm could hear them but they were to afraid to go out. But, Ryouko was brave enough and followed Kyou outside.

"What' s happening here?", Ryouko said in confusion.

"So Teru, will you help us kill the Elique?", Haru asked, then took Teru's hand.

Teru looked back at Kyou and Ryouko, "Yes. I will help you kill the Elique."

Ryouko gasped, "Teru-kun…"