Another two-shot I did ages ago. Watching Dalaric videos is helping me start writing them again but Delijah has stolen my heart, run away with it, and hidden it in fucking Egypt or something. Damn those smexy vampires and their sexual tension

Anyway, part two is coming up soon and will be longer, I promise. Enjoy. AU at the end of part 2

He hadn't seen Damon for a couple of days. That wasn't unusual. Ever since Stefan had left Damon had been more withdrawn, even when they had been alone. What was unusual was the bitter taste in his mouth and the flare of jealousy when his traitorous mind whispered Damon wasn't with him because he was with Elena. Why would Damon need an alcoholic history teacher/mostly-retired vampire hunter when Elena was there, ready for the taking?

Ric sighed, staring down at the stack of essays he was supposed to be grading. He shouldn't be jealous. He'd known when they'd gotten into this mess, back when they were just as likely to fight as to fuck that Damon had some serious feelings for Elena. And after everything she'd gone through she deserved someone good in her life. So why did the thought of them together, despite what everything his mind said, make him boil with anger?

After another minute of staring at the essays he gave up, moving to his bed. He stripped off his shirt and jeans as he went, slipping under the sheets in his boxers and trying to ignore the steadily-growing part of him that craved having a cool body next to his. Who was he trying to kid? Damon had just been hedging his bets all along. Being a hunter made him a novelty and that's the only reason Damon had picked him.

Ric's eyes closed with a pained sigh before he fell into a fitful sleep. He didn't know how wrong he was about the cerulean-eyed vampire. He really didn't.

Any guesses on the next chapter? Yes, this idea probably has been done before but I don't mind. I wrote this bit really early on the morning on my phone for my FB friends and transferred to the computer so yeah, kinda short