The Miracle's Curse

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Warning(s): Future YAOI. AU. Character deaths.

The stench of death swallowed the town and not a soul roamed the streets from the gripping sense of dread. It had been a week at least, after the outbreak of an unknown illness which made infected individuals fear water and then break out in a fever. The uncontainable temperature was merely the tip of the iceberg. After the phase of delirium and convulsion, the bodies would start to decay and a rancid odor would emanate from the corpses. They no longer had the pulse, and the breathing had long ceased yet they stirred as if they were still one with the living.

It all started with an isolated case in the community hospital where a patient was admitted and diagnosed with epilepsy, which was normally associated with tremors. He spent a few days under careful observation until the doctors and medical aides noticed strange skin discolorations that resembled fresh bruises. Then, his condition worsened as he sank into deeper and longer lapses of unconsciousness. Finally, with a blanket of pure white draped over, he was pronounced dead at exactly twelve midnight.

The family inevitably mourned their loved one's passing and stayed hours into the wee morning. There had been no threat prior but when the covers started rustling, they knew that something was amiss. Kensuke should have stiffened from the onset of rigor mortis yet he moved! It was a miracle as his mother proclaimed. She had been singing praises to the gods when the onlookers ushered in quipped with wary eyes, dumbfounded.

Amidst the merriment however, two question arose: how and why?

It was when the howling of the dogs reached their ears that a scream, dragging out into a moan of pain, reverberated throughout the halls. Mana had been bitten by her son by the pliant flesh of her neck, rendering the woman limp and unresponsive to stimuli, be it the the sudden light failure or the mention of her name in rapid succession. The teeth might have punctured an artery as blood spewed and stained the walls several feet across.

It was the first case, first casualty in Namimori. Witnesses fled the scene of carnage in droves and the police were unable to repress the growing panic. They barricaded the vicinity of the hospital and prepared for an encounter with the beast that went on a rampage inside the building. A barrage of flying objects smashed through the window panes and landed on the sidewalk which was perilously close to the pedestrians, who were all drawn in by curiosity. Bellowing through a megaphone, the supervising officer ordered the immediate evacuation of civilians and that the establishment be cordoned off.

More shrieks were heard from the inside, presumably from the rest who were left to die inside. Unbeknownst to most, a similar incident occurred in city not far off and upon briefing, physical contact with the H Specimen had been barred because it had been the only confirmed method of contamination. It was a phenomena of unknown causes, hence the authorities were left in the dark and entirely helpless in the face of the emerging undead race.

Before long, the region was cloaked in a sea of fire, untamed and steadily spreading.

In loving memory of

Kensuke Mochida, Mana Mochida

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