Heavy Rain

Author's Note

I do not watch the show at all. If anything is missing majorly that would be in the show, then this story is obviously in an alternate universe. I am just being creative. I'll try to update this quickly if I get a lot of good feedback, seeing as how I'm really disappointed in how short this chapter ended up.

It was currently pouring outside of the Russo household. 'Man, why does it have to rain every night around this place? I ought to talk Mom and Dad into moving…,' Max Russo thought, now fifteen years of age. He was currently lying on his bed, flipping through pages of a random Spiderman comic book that he owned. He was always a fan of the Marvel Super Heroes. He was currently trying to get over his fear of thunderstorms, content and happy with the way his life was. He had two loving parents who were open minded and caring, a somewhat wise older sister who he was actually dating with their parents approval of course, and his mentally deranged older brother Justin who had been locked away at a mental asylum. The Russo household had received a letter about Justin's recovery progress; he was about to be moved out of the asylum, back to the mental hospital where he was first sent and would be given counseling. That somewhat cleared a few negative thoughts that had been roaming Max's mind for the past two months after Justin had attacked him and his older sister Alex. You do not just suddenly feel fine inside after your brother tries to kill you due to his love for your sister. Suddenly, he hears a knock on his door, prompting him to close his comic and place it carelessly beside him.

"Come in," he said loud enough for the person to hear. In came Alex, wearing a pretty-looking nightgown that their mother, unbeknownst to Max and their father Jerry, who the latter would have thrown an absolute fit if he found out, had bought it for Alex for her 18th birthday even though it wasn't for a couple of months. She had talked her into it after seeing the gown while out spending some quality time with her mother. Teresa knew what Alex's intentions were, but she had eventually grown to the relationship that her children had and thought it would not hurt for an early birthday present. Max's heartbeat raised a little as he looked at his older sister/girlfriend, who was smiling cutely at him. She was barefoot with just her matching underwear and gown on.

"Like what you see?" she playfully asked him, giggling. Max casually smiled at her before she closed his door, moving to sit on the side of his bed. Her hand made its way to her little brother's head, roaming her fingers through his hair. "How are you holding up?" she asked, referring to his constant bad thoughts his experience gave him from day-to-day.

"I'm doing better. That letter we got kind of made a difference… you?"

Alex sighed, still playing with Max's hair. "It's whatever to me. I lost a lot of respect and admiration for our "brother" that day, so it doesn't really make a difference to me," Her words were true; after that day, she really did not want anything to do with her crazy older brother.

"Alright Alex," Max says as he wraps his arms around his sister's waist, pulling her against his chest with a hug. With him lying down and her sitting up, it was a perfect cuddling position in his mind. Alex smiled down at Max who innocently returned the smile, and then Alex leaned down to kiss him softly.

"Mom is keeping Dad from checking up on us after I spent nearly half an hour convincing her to let me spend the night with you… That is, if you don't mind," Alex told him as she changed her position, laying on her stomach beside her brother. She knew he would love to have her any night, but she "digged" the trivial talk. Max dawned a happy little boy grin, now running his fingers through Alex's hair, moving his hand down to her back, making her softly moan.

"Mm… would you mind rubbing my back?" she asked, to which Max answered by leaning down and kissing her on the earlobe, causing her to giggle. His hand found its way down to her bottom, rubbing her cheeks softly which caused his groin to throb. "Easy there cowboy, aren't you going a little fast?"

"Please?" was all Max would say, innocently grinning at his girlfriend when she eyed over to him. She helplessly sighed and smiled at him, sliding down off the bed to where Max was staring straight at her.

"Here you go, baby brother," she said, using the sibling talk as a form to turn Max on. She knew the forbidden act of incest was a guilty pleasure for her brother/boyfriend, and frankly it somewhat turned her on as well, just not nearly as much as him. As Max watched on, Alex hooked her hands onto her gown, lifting it over her head, revealing her underwear clad body. Max gulped deep as his body was kicking into his mood, rubbing his crotch as he continued staring at his sister who had a teasingly blank expression. Next, it as her bra to come off; however, she covered her breasts with her left forearm while the clothing fell to the ground. Max whimpered somewhat, causing Alex to grin. Slowly she started moving her arm away to reveal her ample breasts to her brother.

Max licked his lips, "They look bigger than before…," which caused Alex to humorously chuckle before bending over, her ass on the opposite side of where Max wanted it to be as she lowered her panties down to her feet, giving Max a naughty smirk before stepping out of them. As she rose up, she made a playful pose for her boyfriend.

"Do you want this?" she playfully said while grinning. Max quickly pulled his pajama bottoms down to his ankles along with his camouflage boxers, his cock springing up in the air. Alex smirked down at her brother, her eyes glued to his dick. Suddenly a loud "bang" was heard outside, where thunder boomed. Alex changed her expression and looked cautiously as Max who had his teeth gritted, eyes shut tight with his hands squeezing his head through his hair. "Are you… okay?" she asked him.

Max looked up at her, almost quivering. He was trying to remain calm; it "phobia" as some would call it really embarrassed him, and he did not want to look like a coward in front of his…"Partner". "Yeah… I'm fine. Come on into bed with me," he said, his voice almost monotone. Alex sighed before moving to the opposite side of the bed, maneuvering her legs under the blankets, which Max was laying on. Max smiled at her for a moment; the closer she got to him, the less he thought about the heavy downpour. Alex moved her hands underneath the covers and pulled off her pair of panties, dangling them in front of her little brother/boyfriend.

"Come get some, kiddo," she said with a little laugh and moving her other hand to play with his short hair, knowing it would playfully irk him. Max scrunched up his nose before placing his body on top of his sister, making sure she knew he was dominate.

"You should know by now…," he started off slowly, his voice and pace changing seductively and quiet. He kissed her gently before finishing his sentence, with Alex's eyes closing in her ecstasy. "…I'm not your little brother anymore."

"Why don't you make me remember that after tonight…?" she countered back, sounding just as quiet and seductive as he had. Max's hormones went into overdrive, pushing his hand straight down under the blankets as he shoved his index and middle fingers into his sister. She immediately squealed with her neck arched back and her eyes shut tight, gritting her teeth. "Oh yeah, right there!" she encouraged. Being on outer layer of blankets while his partner was on the inner layer made Max's job a little hard, but he kept going. He was somewhat interested in seeing if he can make Alex climax with just his fingers.

"Do you like my fingers, Allie?" he said, using a cute nickname that he had just recently felt comfortable with using. Normally it would have annoyed Alex if anybody else had called her that, but she usually let Max do and say damn near as he pleased.

"Yes! Yes, please, keep going," she said with a continuous moan as her brother unremittingly shoved his fingers back and forth into her private area. His fingers were soaked, and he loved it. A smirk grew wide on his face while Alex grabbed the bed sheets. She wasn't like any ordinary girl or woman ever since she had practiced and preformed a spell for her… vaginal area to have a major increase in sensitivity to make things more interesting with her newfound boyfriend. Eventually, she had her release after Max's devoted onslaught to her core. Kinkily, Max pulled out his fingers and sucked them dry, while Alex bit her fingernail seductively. "Your turn, big boy," she said to him.

Max smiled sincerely as he stood to the side of the bed, pulling down his pajama bottoms along with his boxers to expose his semi-erect cock to his sister/girlfriend. This made Alex contemplate on what Max was planning, but he gently moved his hand to the back of her head; now she got the idea. She moved her face close to her brother's member, taking it in her hand as she licked up the tip, taking the head into her mouth and sucking gently. Max moaned intimately as Alex swirled her tongue around the tiny hole at the tip. Cautiously, he started to bob her head back and forth on his cock after it was erect enough, feeling her wet lips intermingle with the rest of his shaft.

Alex's eyes cutely stared up at her brother, her gagging noises in which turning Max on even more and making his member throb in her mouth. The physical and mental pleasure he was receiving was increasing by the second. Hoping that his sister would not mind, he increased his pace and went quicker and deeper down her throat, making her gag even louder. At this point Max couldn't care less if his parents heard and neither did Alex; she wanted her boyfriend's cum in her mouth and she received it. The white gooey liquid went all into her throat, with some coming down her tongue. She swallowed what she could before smiling wickedly at her brother.

"You better charge up some stamina in about ten minutes, Max..."

The next morning, Alex had woken up by a few knocks at the door. "Max, are you awake honey? You're going to be late for school!" It was their mom. Alex had a good idea that their mother would not mind them sleeping together; it was actually their father. It was a bit uncharacteristic on both of their parts; she thought it would be the other way. Max also expected his mother to be the one to react harshly by their… affair-turned-relationship, but it seemed like she grew to approve of it for some weird reason.

Slowly moving to her feet and pulling a blanket from the bed to cover herself, she nervously opened the door. "H-Hi mom…" Teresa's eyes opened wide for a second before the mother chuckled.

"You and Max must have been having some fun last night… did you wear him out?" she says with a tiny laugh,Alex blushed and looked down at her feet. Awkward moments were never anyone's thing, but it felt even more embarrassing for her as her cheeks turned as red as a brick.

"Mom…," she whimpered, desperately wanting to change the subject.

"Have you remembered to take your pills and use protection?"

"Yes mom… um, do you want me to wake him up and tell him to get ready?"

"Yes baby. Were you wearing your gift I bought for you?" her mother asked with an innocent smile that had a hint of excitement. This really was not making Alex's blush or awkward feelings go away.

"Yes mom…" she said again, this time with a little smile, still nervously looking down at her feet.

"Here hija, here is his lunch money. Make sure to give it to him before he leaves," Teresa told her with a warm loving smile before turning around and walking away. Alex shook the awkwardness out of her system before going over to Max who was still fast asleep in his bed. She did not want to disturb him, but her mom would kill her if she did not wake him up. After shaking him a few times, his dazed eyes popping open.

"Wake up, sleepy head," Alex says with a cute smile, dropping the bed sheets around her now that they were alone. Even in his weary state, Max's brain worked hard to wake up enough to acknowledge her and smile back lovingly. He pats the spot next to him, motioning for her to sit down beside him, which she does. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close to him.

"I love you," he tells her, burying his face against her thighs, near her vaginal area innocently.

"I love you too." For a moment, there was silence. Worried that Max was falling back asleep, the elder sister shook her brother again, making him jolt away from her in surprise.

"Alright… alright, I'm up." Alex smiles at him as he hops out of bed, moving to his closet to find clothes for school. "I'm not going to even bother with a shower. I'm too tired." Alex blinked and looked around for her underwear and gown around the floor, dressing herself along with her brother/boyfriend.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt that much. It doesn't reek of sex in here too bad," she said with a giggle, finding and pulling her panties on her smooth legs.

"It's bullshit how you got to graduate early. I can't wait until I'm done with this shit," Max vulgarly exclaimed as he tugs on some worn jeans up to his waist. Alex sighed and offered him a loving smile as began to hook her bra back on her chest.

"It'll go by quicker than you think, honey." Max smiled at the name she called him. With her usual attitude, it was a real treat to be called "honey" or be talked to with that kind of love. After he gets his hooded sweatshirt and his shoes slipped on, he moves to her to place his lips tenderly against hers, sucking on her bottom lip.

"See you when I get home, Lex," he said with a final smirk before heading out his bedroom door, bracing for the long walk to school in that damned rain.