Chapter 3

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Alex lay in her bed at midnight, rain constantly hitting her window. The cold, silky feel of her sheets on her bare feet and legs relaxed her as her arms clung to one pillow and her head sunk into another. With her eyes closed thoughts roamed throughout her brain and she felt as if she was trying to collect them all to sort out for a logical solution; a trait her older brother has and would still be doing had he not gone insane. She didn't even know if he was or not; she was too conflicted.

"Justin?! What the fuck do you want?! How did you get a phone?!" Max said angrily into the cell phone. He snatched the phone from Alex as soon as he had faintly heard his brother's voice and name. Alex's eyes shot open immediately and her fingers clung to her hair from surprise and incredible unease. Her teeth locked up and she worriedly stared at Max, grabbing her blankets. Max could hear his brother breathing on the other end of the phone, as if he had to think of something right to say.

"Max… calm down, I'm sorry. Listen, something was wrong with me back there. I wasn't the same person I've been and I've changed. Pl-"

"Bullshit!" Max cut him off. Alex almost started shaking, biting her lip hard. She missed the old Justin, but after the events that had transpired those two months ago she had hoped she wouldn't have to hear from him for a very long time if not for the rest of her life. "What you did back then was horrible, you asshole! I don't believe a damn thing you're saying," Max harshly replied to him. His breathing was quicker and his heart beating from anxiety and anger.

"I know I don't deserve your forgiveness and I didn't expect you to believe me, but at least let me say what I called to say in the first place. The asy-"

"I don't give a fuck what you have to say," Max once again cut him off before closing the cell phone shut, ending the conversation. Alex immediately wrapped her arms around her hands around Max's waist, sinking her head against the back of his hair as he planted his hands on the lamp table beside the bed in attempt to relax.

"What did he want?" Alex slowly asked. Max grits his teeth and narrowed his eyes. He almost felt jealous. A little spark went off in his brain that Justin could somehow be competition for Alex. He almost laughed at the thought before putting it away, sighing. It wasn't like Alex had a major incest fetish and of all people, Justin had to be on the bottom of the list of family members she would want. Besides, she's already got a loving boyfriend. Himself.

"You heard me cut the conversation before he could finish. I don't know what he wanted and I don't want anything to do with that son of a bitch anymore," he said in frustration. Alex propped herself up with her hands on Max's toned shoulders. She wanted to speak up about how Max contradicted himself by calling his own mother a bitch, but knew it wasn't the right situation. Max soon turned to kiss his sibling/girlfriend before smiling and standing up, moving to get his clothes on. Alex's heart almost sunk.

"Where are you going?" she anxiously and worriedly asks, not even bothering to look back at her phone or think about Justin at the moment.

"I need to take a walk. Collect my thoughts or whatever."

"Max, it's dark out and almost 10:00 PM…" Alex said, desperately trying to keep her brother out of harm's way. Max sadly shook his head as he finished pulling his clothes back on.

"I've got your number. I'll call if anything happens," he says before walking out the bedroom door, unintentionally leaving her lonely and worried. Alex tries to hold back any tears as the thought of Justin starts to slither into her head, but none the less forces herself to look out of her window even naked to watch Max and make sure he left the apartment safely. After a few minutes he walked out in his jeans and hoodie. He must've thought she would be checking on him as he glanced up at her, a great deal of feet below her before giving her a reassuring smile before walking off. Alex sighed and fell back onto her bed, gripping at her sheets in anger and completely kicking Justin out of her thoughts for the time being.

Alex opened her eyes, not being able to sleep with the flashback roaming her head. Justin hadn't called back and she was, as well as Max, curious as to how Justin had access to a phone. Had he been let out? Wouldn't their family have received a notification of some sort? She felt pissed off because she didn't know. The only assuring thing for her right now was that knowing Max had gotten home safe. He didn't stay the night with her like she wanted, but she knew he probably needed a night to think to himself. He had peeked his head through the door around an hour after he left. Alex had stayed awake to make sure he had come home safely. They exchanged their good nights after Max informed her that he didn't plan on sleeping anytime soon and was going to hang out downstairs to watch television.

"Why do my brothers have to be such idiots?" Alex said to herself in pure frustration as she sat up. She didn't mean it at all towards Max, but right now she was upset with how he reacted. She understood though. He was a male though and had a bit of a unique bond that had been damaged, and now this seemed like it was salt in the wound. Looking around the room, Alex decided that sleeping wasn't going to happen. She got out of her nice warm bed and headed towards her closet, wrapping her body up in a purple night down to walk downstairs.

"Hey," she calmly said to Max from the stairs. He was in his boxers and shirt with his soaked jeans and hoodie laid out beside the couch. He looked up at her and blushed; she looked beautiful in that gown.

"Hey. I'm… sorry about the whole thing," he said. It didn't fit the entire situation very well, but neither paid much attention. Alex came down the stairs and sat next to Max, wrapping her arm around his shoulders before kissing his cheek tenderly.

"It's okay Max. To be honest, I don't really blame you for the way you acted after what he's done. I just don't want things to get so chaotic and for everything to be calm…," she said as she buried her face into his arm and chest. Max ran his fingers through his older sister's hair before gently lifting her face up by the chin and giving her a kiss, tugging at the bottom lip with his own once he retracted. He licked his lips in satisfaction as he grinned at her, making Alex smile amorously

"Should we tell mom and dad?" he asked her anxiously. Alex sighed and moved her forehead into the palm of her hand, frustratingly thinking. With a groan, she says; "It'd be for the best, but let's wait on it until sometime tomorrow when we're both ready." Max nodded in agreement, before looking down at Alex's gown, his sexual appetite growing at the sight. Alex noticed that his cock become so erect that it was sticking out of the hole in his boxers. Max blushed but Alex smiled sweetly as she took his member into her hand.

"I'm sorry Maxie, did I do this?" she says innocently as her hand strokes the lengths of his cock, making it grow fully erect within seconds. Max leaned his head back against the couch as he ran his hand against his sister's slick gown. He moaned softly before she leaned over to press her lips against his, still stroking his dick. Soon Max broke the kiss however.

"Should we be doing this here? Mom or dad could wake up and decide to come downstairs or something," he worriedly asks. Alex smirks and smashes her mouth back onto her brother's, but with more force as she pushes him on his back before propping herself on top of him, knee's bent and toes curled.

"Then they can watch or go back upstairs. I want to fuck," she said with her old rebel personality starting to slip up. She moved her hands down to the bottom of her night gown before pulling it over her head, now completely nude which caused Max's cock to throb from the sight and anticipation of fucking the beautiful older girl.

"Sounds kinky to me…," Max replies as he lowers his boxers down off of his feet once Alex rose up slightly for him to do so, before lowering herself down onto his cock. Her fingernails dug into his tank top, gritting her teeth as she rocked her pussy around his stiff member.

"Get that shirt off," she told him, which he quickly obliged and lifted it over his head so that his toned upper body was in her view. She licked her lips as she leaned down to kiss her brother once more, her hands roaming his curly hair. Max in his sexual impulse forced his tongue past his sister's lips, flicking it against her own tongue. Alex closed her eyes along with Max as she moaned inside of his mouth before he started sucking her entire tongue into his mouth, his moan's growing louder. It was minutes before Alex was able to break the kiss to raise up, planting her hands firmly on her brother's chest to help her bounce herself on his cock

"Fuck…," he softly said with his teeth grinding. Moving his hands behind her, he grabbed her firm ass cheeks and dug his nails into her skin, making her lean her head back with her breasts bouncing in front of him. "Keep going, make me cum with your tight pussy…," he tells her with sexual lust. Alex whimpered at his words as she was getting more turned on by the second with her pussy throbbing and clenched onto his cock. Soon Max had taken complete control, turning her around on her back, pounding into her with fierce thrusts as her legs immediately wrapped around his waist.

"I-I'm going to cum, fuck baby brother!" she squealed, using the term to egg him on. Soon Max could feel her nails dig deeply into his back, making him and her both grunt as he could feel her cum, Alex repeatedly moaning, whimpering and squealing. He grinned wildly at his accomplishment, but it took some strength for him to break free from his sister's legs so that he could pull out, stroking his member with sexual animalistic passion flowing through his body as he came onto her stomach and breasts. Alex whimpered innocently for the sole attempt at turning her brother on. Her head and hair were sprawled out against the arm rest of the couch as Max collapsed on top of her. It was a few minutes before either of them spoke, with Max just breathing against his sister's neck.

"You're so damn good at this stuff," Alex cutely says with an ardent giggle. Max smiled tenderly before forcing himself off of his sister, going for his clothes.

"Think we can go out tomorrow? I'd like it if we could go to the movies or something," he says as he pulls his boxers back on as well as his tank top. Alex tries to wipe some of the semen off of her chest and stomach onto her hand as she grabs her gown with the other, preparing to head straight to the bathroom.

"I'd like that," she says as she glanced back at Max with a smile, her back turned and her nicely shaped ass in his view. Max smiled at the sight as he watched her make a squinted face at the "goo" on her hand, heading upstairs to wash it off. He soon followed, planning to make his way to his own room in hopes of sleeping without the thought of his older brother wrecking his brain.