author's note

I tried to write something for my original fiction account on Wattpad, but it just wasn't working for me. I'm really bad and one shots, or shot shots in general. So this is the equivalent of word vomit. My stories are a jumble of can-dos, can't dos, and I realised I haven't been enjoying anything that I plan out with minute detail. So I'll just see where the words take me today.

disclaimer:- Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and all music and references made are hereby owned by all their respective owners.

warnings:- yaoi in this story, specifically: Leon/Cloud. Het couples include Roxas/Naminé, possibly some Olette/Pence. I don't support the normal couple groups, alright? I'm strange.



You know what's cliché and really hard to avoid? Accidental romantic meetings. I mean honestly, when was the last time you read a modern teenage sap-story that began with the girl not paying attention to where she was going, and running into the latest bad-boy hottie that came around? He picks up her things, says a cute line or two that she can't really comprehend because all she's thinking is 'I want to get into your pants'. Yeah. You can name the last three at the top of your head, can't you? I mean, even the last piece of precious fiction I skimmed over, (Messy by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan) no matter how brilliantly written starts off with a violent broken-nose beginning.

So this is me, Naminé D'Ambroise, complaining about a love life I don't really have. I'm just saying, if I can't really have any romance of my own, can't the writers providing fake sustenance for my wounded girly soul be a little more creative? It isn't that much to ask, right? So I gasp and flop like a fish without some kind of outlet to ignore my life, like video games, movies, the internet- you know, teenager-y stuff that at one point acknowledged the fact that today's 2012 generation are a sociopathic yet overly emotional hyperbole-loving, hyphen-addicted bunch of mainstream-yet-not-mainstream couture savvy princesses.

I know what you're thinking! I'm psychic, bow at my feet, bitches. Okay, not really, but I assume that it's this point where you point out the fact that I'm one of those intelligent outcasts who's dyed their hair bright purple and reads Edgar Allan Poe in a corner. Well, I guess you're partially right: I have read Poe, and he's brilliant, but I've only managed that story about his cat, you know? The one that apparently died but didn't? I have a normal hair colour, if you could consider platinum blond a normal colour. You don't? Well it's a good thing I never really cared about what other people think about me either. I sound like a bitch don't I?

At the moment, I'm writing for my blog. I use Tumblr. My page is called 'ever-changing' while my username is pinkribbons&blacklace. I'm sitting here chewing on my muesli bar and trying to understand the difference between my classmates as bloggers and my classmates as people. Some of them are frighteningly different but I guess that's just the beauty (ugliness?) of the internet.

A few weeks ago, my entire grade decided to write their Tumblr urls on scraps of paper and toss it into a sparkly green bowler hat. The most popular girl in school, Aqua Faye, had posted up everyone's links, and the game was to identify everyone's blog with their owner. So far, there were still around thirty-something people that hadn't been identified. The thing is; I'm Tumblr famous. I've been spilling out my guts and opinions on that site for years. I have sections of my soon-to-be novels and a lot of badmouthing against the conceited jerks in my class splayed out across my archive.

If anyone finds out who I am, I am going to be socially beheaded.

I still know what you're thinking: I'm an idiot. Why did I put my real blog's url there? Why didn't I just create a fake one, or better yet, say I didn't own a blog in the first place? The answer is I didn't. My best friend, Olette DiCicco, threw it in for me, and because of that, my blog isn't just becoming the talk of the odd, socially stigmatised nerd, but all of the popular people -who are so dense that they don't realise I am speaking about them- who believe my blog is incredibly fascinating.

They all can't wait to unearth who the mystery writer is so that they can inflict revenge on their poor tortured soul.

This is me.


My school day is comprised mostly of subject matter, homework and avoiding any indication that I might be the mysterious 'pinkribbons&blacklace'. Of course they'd narrowed it down to a girl, of which there were around fifteen left. Why would a guy name their blog 'pinkribbons&blacklace'? Not that I am against teenaged male fashion designers- no matter the straightness. Hell that sounds rad. My brother's gay, so I wasn't allowed to be homophobic.

"So who do you think the writer is?"

"I think it could be Selphie, she sounds a little out there, doesn't she?"

"But Selphie is popular, and 'pinkribbons' hates popular people."

"Plus she's a little dim. I guess it's not her. Maybe it's Shiki?"

I'd been hearing it like this for the last few weeks. So far, I don't think anyone suspects me, but they are slowly narrowing down the culprits. Not one of the other girls want to reveal if they're 'pinkribbons' because their own blogs are getting a lot of attention. I wanted to blog, but I was afraid that whatever I said would reveal who I really am.

This royally sucks.

At the moment the only upside to this blog had been the attention I'd been getting from a particularly music-savvy 'blackcat'. He'd been replying to my original posts for about a year now, said that my 'artistic eye' would have gone pretty well with some of his music tracks. I followed blackcat back of course, he sounded like an absolute babe, and he liked my drawing style. The only original thing about my blog had to be my theme and the drawings, plus opinions posted throughout it. I said everything I should have been saying in real life on my blog.

The super cool thing I realised was that blackcat, whose blog was called 'lucky13' as one would have it (why didn't I choose a super-cool motif to decorate my blog with?), was actually a member of my grade!How simply awesome would it be to meet him? Forever I have been liking his work and commenting on his opinions and envisioning some nerdy hipster like myself. Well, not exactly like me, I don't really consider myself cool enough to be hipster, but that doesn't mean blackcat wasn't. But back to my topic, I seriously thought that he would have lived somewhere more… dazzling than Twilight Town, some music/fashion/art capital of the world like Destiny Islands or Hollow Bastion.

At the moment, I really couldn't pin blackcat on any particular person. There were about twenty guys that had yet to be identified. Some of them liked the excitement, and some of them just couldn't be bothered putting up with the busy-bodies all up in their grill about their account passwords.

Out of them, I only recognised five people; Pence, the amazing photographer who'd I'd worked with on multiple occasions, but I had to admit, I'd gone through his iPhone before and he didn't have any of the songs that blackcat listened to. There was Neku, and while I'd admit, he did have a brilliant taste in music –I didn't know him that well, but I heard a mash up he'd made once for a mini-project in music class and his taste was magnificent- but Neku was a lone wolf type of guy. He wasn't very social. Then there was Roxas and Ventus; these two twins were sex on legs, but were totally different. Ventus was this happy-cheery guy who ate up attention like Lucky Charms while Roxas was a black cloud of temperament and bad attitude- you know, typical bad boy. Ventus definitely didn't fit the person behind blackcat's persona, and not a lot of people had ever heard Roxas speak, so I doubt he fit the wordy linguistics (and not to mention beautiful voice) of blackcat illustrated through his amazing music. And finally there was Vanitas, who I really couldn't picture the blog of. I'm not sure why, he was just so enigmatic. I couldn't really imagine him owning a blog.

And so, I've taken it upon myself to discover these wonderful people by myself, and figure out whether they were my mysterious blackcat or not.


After my blog entry.


My blogging environment today was my kitchen. We recently moved houses, and my stepfather is ridiculously rich, providing for a ridiculously rich-looking house. Sure, he doesn't have all that close relationships with me or my brother- since he jumped into our lives during the teenage years, but he loves my mother very much and because of that we love him in turn. Plus it helps that he doesn't mind paying for any kind of expense we ask for. Additionally, he's cool around anyone we bring home, save the corny dad jokes, but it's alright we're pretty used to those, and if he didn't have some kind of flaw we'd think he was some kind of perfect robot.

Mom and Ansem don't really live here, even if the house is under their name. At the moment they're living through an extended business trip in Dark City that's going to be over two years. I have absolutely no idea what they do. They could do anything from insurance to drug dealing, but whatever it is, it rakes in a shitload of munny.

Today I was sitting on the isle of the kitchen while my brother's boyfriend, Leon cooked dinner. Leon lives here, he has since Cloud started college two years ago and he's a pretty mellow guy, very quiet, just like Cloud. They're perfect for each other, they understand each other on a level I will never understand and they do things that are so unintentionally cute I really have to stop myself from squealing at their adorableness. It's really kind of odd, considering Cloud is my brother, but then you have to factor in the fact that I never really saw him growing up. He would split as soon as our alcoholic dad brought out the bottle, leaving me to deal with that asshole (who, admittedly left us nothing but gloriously beautiful genes). I'm so glad that mom left him. I never really knew who Cloud was until Mom started dating Ansem.

The bad thing about being unbearably quiet is that sometimes even your brother, and your brother's boyfriend forget that you're there. I looked up from my Tumblr account and found Cloud was wrapping his hand around Leon's waist and presumably whisper dirty, dirty things in his ear.

"God dammit, guys. Can you save that for when I'm not around? The house is enormous."

"Well then go somewhere that's not the kitchen," Cloud purred, nipping Leon's ear. Unfortunately for him the brunet wasn't having any of it, and pushed him away.

"Do you remember the last time you commenced foreplay in the kitchen?" the brunet said, with a completely nonplussed tone. How in the name of jelly doughnuts did he do that?

"Oh for the love of Heartless," I swore.

"You got chocolate syrup into my favourite jeans," Leon hissed at Cloud. "And I'll save Nami the trauma of knowing where all of the cinnamon sugar disappeared."

"Too late," I moaned.

"Hey! The cinnamon was your idea. Now all of the merengue and strawberry paste-!"

"LALALALA!" I yelled as I scooped up my laptop and ran out of the room and down the hallway. "If you're going to have kitchen sex don't you dare touch my cheesecake!"

An unmentionable amount of hours later, I found myself eating quesadillas with my two brotherly figures. Well, they were having one of their silent conversations while I blogged and ate at the same time.

"Exactly what are you doing that all of your time has suddenly been ruled by that witchery in a silver box?" Cloud asked me, using a finger to run along the screen. Cloud wasn't all that good with technology. He was brilliant with mechanics, he was studying it at uni. Leon was working on some kind of business/technology degree.

"I'm trying to figure out the identity of someone who's been commenting on my blog. It's safe to assume they go to my school."

"Oh, Sora mentioned something about that." Sora was Leon's little brother. Ergo, I knew him well, and his boyfriend Riku, unfortunately, this meant that sometimes I ran into their friend Kairi, who was an annoying bitch if ever I saw one. She ruled a little gang made up of Selphie and Xion as the most popular girls in our grade. I'd been particularly mean about them in my blog, so I can immediately assume I'll be their next target if my identity is revealed. "He also said that he's laughing at the situation you've gotten yourself into."

"Sora only knows what my blog is because he stole my laptop to download illegal music and watch a certain movie while he was here."

"What was the movie?" Cloud asked.

"The Lorax," I replied, groaning at the memory of it. Sora and I had differing tastes. I liked watching classical French films, while he still watched Disney movies. I'll admit, I liked the old ones, like 101 Dalmatians and The Little Mermaid occasionally but Sora had what was out immediately after it had been released. I still had no idea how to download these things. I normally rented my movies from The Usual Spot which was an electronic/book store which sold old music, movies, really classy vintage stuff, as well as normal mainstream, up-to-date music, books, movies and games.

"I worry for that child."

"Me too," Leon admitted.

"Riku grounds him pretty well," Naminé admitted before turning back to her blog.

"Well then why don't you leave him a trail of clues that will lead this mystery blogger to you?" Leon told her.

"Excuse me? How is that supposed to work?"

"Challenge him to a kind of battle of the wits, one that he can't help but participate in, something that will reveal his identity to you. If you know enough about him, then it shouldn't be as hard as it seems."

"Okay, Mr Smartypants," I growled, placing my cheeks in my hands and making a fishy-face at him. "How do you suppose I start this so-called 'Battle of the Wits'?"

"Easy enough; you say he's a brilliant musician? Start with music."


Do you like it? Hate it? Want to rip it up into tiny little pieces, cremate it and desecrate its grave? Well then tell me. I'm looking forward to your response.

stay excellent.