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Mhmm. It looks like this is the last chapter.



I stared at the door for what felt like eons, digging my fingers into the back of the couch with rising agitation.

What have I done?

Naminé had just run from me, tears streaming down her face out my door denying any kind of affection towards me. The argument had moved through in phases of striking high pitch, red flashes of anger and tears. I slowly walked around the couch and collapsed into the cushions, replaying in my head what had happened.

What is Naminé going to do now?

I crossed my legs, placed my arms on my knees and my head in my hands.

I picked up my phone, wondering who was the first person she'd want to talk to. It would probably be Olette, so I called Pence.


"Hey Pence, I know it's a stupid hour and this is kind of personal, but I need to know why Naminé hates liars." I heard him suck in a breath from the other side of the phone.

"Why do you need to know?"

"Because I need to apologise to her, but I can't finish the rest of this song without understanding why she can't tolerate lies."

"You've only known Naminé a few weeks! Why should I give you this information?"

"I might only have known her for a few weeks, but blackcat has known her for years," I said, hoping my tone revealed exactly what I meant. I heard another sharp gasp from Pence's end, and then some kind of clatter followed by an 'oh' noise.

"I seriously can't believe the two of you." I bet he was shaking his head. "Naminé hates liars because when she was little, her dad was always telling her lies. He would say stuff about how she shouldn't be like Cloud, because he was bi. He told her her mother was a whore. And he always promised her that he would stop drinking. But he never did.

"And then in middle school, Kairi took Naminé under her wing, and kept on lying to her, saying that if she did certain things, she would become popular. Naminé got in trouble for stealing a test paper that Kairi asked of her. If Olette wasn't there to pull her away from Kairi's group, then Naminé would have been a social outcast."

"Wow, that's pretty rough."

"It's why she can't stand liars now. She can tolerate little, joking lies, but not the big ones, like… like the one you told her, I assume."

I shook my head, lowering my eyelids, "She really does expect too much of me."


I spent the next week refining the rest of 'Beautiful Lies' and trying to write the rest of the song down. I hoped this would catch her attention because Naminé had been avoiding me for the entirety of the week; sometimes she was even pulling out of music class, which is the only one we had together.

I spent most week days after the necessary homework writing the rest of the song, trying to convey all the emotions I'd been bottling up the last few weeks.

I slipped the rest of the song into her locker. I know what you were expecting; you wanted some large, massive complicated reveal in which I rented a band and played the song for Naminé in front of a huge crowd of people. And then she'd realise how wrong she was and jump into my arms.

Well things just didn't work that way.

I was eating my lunch in the music room while working on my composition homework, and was halfway through a mouthful of Caesar salad when Naminé barged in, her finished copy of the song in her hands.

She walked up to me, and I had to remind myself that I was trying to ignore how hot she looked right now. Especially angry.

"What is this?"

"The almost completed version of Beautiful Lies," I answered nonchalantly, spearing some more salad. "I thought you might want it."

"Well I don't."

"Good to know," I said coldly. "Well then give me the disk and leave."

Naminé's breath hitched, and I knew she was contemplating what to do.

"Do you want the disk?" I asked her, making sure my tone sounded neutral. She chewed on her bottom lip, looking from the disk to me. She wanted it, but she didn't want to admit she wanted it. "If you want it, you can have it."

"But keeping it just acknowledges that you were right," she said softly, sitting on one of the music tables, still staring at me while I ate my lunch.

"About what?" I said coolly.

"Stop acting like that!" she snapped at me, her eyebrows knitting together. "Stop being emotionless. I can't tell whether you're lying or not."

"I can't help it, Naminé. It's a defence mechanism to make sure I don't get hurt. Just like the anonymous wall you use as pinkribbons."

She was quiet for a long stretch of time, eyes boring into mine as she thought of what to say next. I couldn't stand the contact, and looked down once again.

"I'm sorry…"

"For what?" she asked, this time acting cool and crossing her arms over her chest.

"For lying to you," I replied in a mumble I was sure she heard, pushing my food away and closing the composition I'd been working on. "I really am. And I'm sorry I was such a disappointment to-"

"Gods, Roxas you idiot."


She hopped off her desk and hopped onto mine, sitting on the table top so I had to look up to see her face, "You're not a disappointment! Where did you ever get that thought?"

"It's just… My stepmother's always told me that I was nothing. Not a good son. Not a good musician. Not a good lover. Naminé, it's drilled into my head that I'll never be perfect." I shook my head, turning away from her warm blue eyes, "I'm never going to be worthy of you."

She rolled her eyes and slapped me across the face. I was so surprised; I didn't even clutch the stinging skin. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Get that stupid assumption out of your head!" she said, her hand curling the side of my neck as she leant down, and pressed her lips against mine. She set off fireworks in my senses, and I couldn't help but wrap my hands against her waist as I deepened the kiss, pressing my lips more firmly against hers.

When we pulled away from each other, she didn't allow me to see her face, which was probably blushing beet red. She rested her forehead on my shoulder, and laughed softly, breathily.

"You're everything I said blackcat was more," she told me, pulling back and brushing the bangs from my eyes. "It doesn't matter what your mother says. I always thought that if I loved blackcat as much as I did, then I've got to love who's behind his façade even more. Don't you understand, Roxas? It's always been you."

I reached forward and gently cupped her cheek, "I think I understand now."


"Are you ready for this, Roxas, Naminé?" Ms Gainsborough asked us, and we nodded. I grasped her hand, squeezing it before we stepped out onto the stage of the auditorium before all of the music students to perform our song. Half of them already had their camera phones out. This was going to be our unveiling.

I sat down and tuned my guitar while Naminé readied her voice, setting the lyrics before her. I was ready, so I started to strum, and we began to sing.

"Oh these mirrors, Darling,
Reflect a beauty I see,
In the midst of my dreams. Woah.
Glittered masks, and pretty words, Sugar,
Hide something precious inside,
Or a spirit that's died.

"You use façade as a means of protection, oh oh.
All you need's a simple kind of affection.

"Hey, do you think that song is familiar?"

"Never mind the song, can you hear their voices? They're so familiar."

"And I can see,
And I will free,
A heart whose trapped behind these beautiful lies,
And hiding delicate eyes. Oh oh oh.
Reclaim the lost,
Whatever the cost,
Because the truth –at first- might be painful to see,
But the heart is what matters to me."

"I remember those lyrics. I read them on pinkribbons&blacklace's blog."

"That song was originally composed by blackcat."

"The reasons that I hid, Lovely,
Was because I was afraid,
That you wouldn't have stayed. Oh no.
I wasn't enough, Darling.
I lived with lingering doubt,
While I wanted to shout, out to you."

"All my life, I have avoided benevolence,
What I wanted was a little acceptance."

"But, how do these two know the rest of the lyrics? Could they have written some more and finished it for them?"

"Please help me see,
And help me free,
A heart who's trapped behind these beautiful lies,
Wearing a strangling disguise. Oh oh oh.
Reclaim the lost,
Whatever the cost,
Because the truth –at first- might be painful to see,
But the heart is what matters to me."

"No. No. That's not right, can you hear his voice? Oh my God…"

"Roxas is blackcat!"

"Spinning 'round unable to hide anymore,
Flapping wings and rising but unable to soar.
Can you hear the way they judge you?
Or how they put you down?
Say a silent prayer, and I'll be there,
To help you when you when you start to drown."

"And her.. those words. The only one who was close enough to blackcat to know."

"Could it really be her?"

"She's a lot different than how I imagined her."

"It's not. It can't be."

"And I can see,
And I will free,
A heart who's trapped behind these beautiful lies,
And hiding delicate eyes. Oh oh oh.
Reclaim the lost,
Whatever the cost,
Because the truth –at first- might be painful to see,
But the heart is what matters to me."

We finished the song, and bowed. I was ecstatic. Naminé removed her microphone and I placed the guitar against the chair I'd been using. She looked at me for reassurance, and I nodded my head.

"That was 'Beautiful Lies'," Naminé announced, and I'd never felt more free. "Music by blackcat, and lyrics by pinkribbons&blacklace!"

There was a large moment of silence before the crowd of students in the auditorium broke the sound barrier with clapping and yelling, and general surprised outbursts. Some started running up to the stage and asking us questions, telling us what an amazing performance we just pulled off, how they were our biggest fans. And it was rewarding. It felt like a huge weight had just been lifted from my chest.

"What are your names?" one of the older students asked us. Her friend was recording us with a video camera, but we were anything but annoyed for the intrusion.

"She's Naminé D'Ambroise," I told them.

"And he's Roxas Evans."

"Are you two dating?" that was Rikku. She was part of the school newspaper.

"Huh," Naminé turned to me and smiled.

"I guess we are."


"Roxas!" Naminé whined as she made another lunge for my laptop. I rolled my eyes, pressing a kiss to her forehead before I snatched the laptop from my couch and went to look for somewhere to hide it. "I want to check my blog."

It had been two weeks since we'd revealed our identities, and now it was summer vacation. We still went back to school every other day because we were part of the choir, and I was now dating the lead soprano after all.

I don't know how my friends had convinced me, but I was now housing eight people in my apartment. It was ridiculous, was it not? I mean, there was barely enough space for me, let alone Naminé, Olette, Pence, Hayner, Axel, Larxene, Demyx and Zexion. Larxene, Hayner, Pence and Olette were playing Black Ops II on my PS3 system. Naminé had 'donated' one of the TV's in her house, but I could tell that she'd bought it because the box it came in still had a receipt in it. She said that I couldn't entertain without a decent-sized TV.

Naminé and I had made a pact, and it was that we'd wait until 3:00pm, two weeks after we revealed our identity to start using the internet. I was doing fine, but Naminé was itching to go on a computer. We only had half an hour left. I don't know what she was so eager about.

"Okay, okay," I said, handing it over to her. She sat in my lap as I watched her log in. She was wearing a plain crème top underneath a brown bomber jacket, tight blue jeans and knee-high boots. There were over twenty-thousand messages she had to answer to. She just laughed at them.

"Oh, Roxas. You probably have just as many messages as I do. How are you going to deal with them?"

"I'll manage," I assured her, pressing a kiss to her neck.

"Cross your heart?"

"Hope to die."

'no subject' –by pinkribbons&blacklace

So, I guess the cat's out of the bag. No pun intended. It feels good to finally be able to speak to you guys without hiding behind an anime avatar. It's been a rocky few months, but in that time, it's been a wicked adventure. There are a few people I'd like to thank now that I'm at the end of this story:

Firstly: my brother and his boyfriend, Leon.

Because he offered to sell me off for a few goats. I love him, and without their support I would have just stopped going to school.

Secondly: Olette, Pence & Hayner.

You are the best friends anyone could have asked for. Thanks so much for dealing with the utter bullshit I have been dumping on you in the past few weeks.

PS. Pence, isn't it about time you quit with the secret admirer messages and just asked her out already?

Thirdly: Axel

For dumping Rox at precisely the right time. Or did he dump you? The story changes every time.

Lastly: Kairi

Because you're a spoilt little bitch, and because of what you did, I found out he was blackcat, and the fact that you were sand-bagged during singing practice is divine punishment that gave me a good laugh. I hope you enjoy sitting in hospital while Xion steals your part in the play.

This is Naminé D'Ambroise, coming to you from Twilight Town, home of the best ice cream flavour there is and a grand old clock that's way too loud, saying that both blackcat & I are sticking around ready to begin a new adventure.

Stay excellent, Darlings!

PS. Do you like my new avatar? It's me and my boyfriend, Roxas.

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Well, it's been an amusing week with guys. I know this story as short, but it was meant as a one shot. I hope you'll stick around for more stories from me. But adios until then.

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