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Haruka is again… a detective. Yeah, but here… Michiru is her partner. A damn good genius profiler, as addition in here they are not yet couple.

"Good morning." The blonde swayed in and pushed the up button first. She glanced to the woman near her carefully.

"Good morning, Haruka. I see you didn't get your coffee this morning." The aquanette woman before her folded her arm. Her eyes studied the blonde expression.

"Stop staring at me like I'm a criminal, Michiru. Yes, the vending machine unwilling to cooperate this morning." Haruka replied. The lift opened and Haruka entered first followed by Michiru.

"3rd floor." Haruka said.

"What will you do in third floor Haruka?" Michiru frowned. The homicide division was in the second floor.

"I want to kick another vending machine." The blonde shrugged. She would never pass this day without caffeine.

"Your action would be categorized as abusing government properties, Haruka." Michiru's disagree tone made Haruka's eyes rolled.

"Oh, you are defending those properties than me." The blonde's pride was hurt deeply.

The aquanette preferred not to reply the blonde. Arguing with her was tiring and this perfect morning would be ruined if they didn't stop.

The lift opened in second floor.

What greeted them first was a chaos. The phones rang mercilessly, people in the division was running around and shouting at each other. Both of them had gotten used to with the scene like this.

"Seem we got a case. You still want your coffee, Haruka?" even Michiru couldn't hide the exciting tone in her voice.

"Pick up the damn phone!" A voice shouted.

"This is mayor wants to talk!" Another voice heard, the source of the voice then ran to the captain's room and entering without knocks first.

"A big case." Haruka corrected Michiru. She gave up, she would take care her coffee later.

Tokyo Police Department nowadays has formed a special group. The group was a bunch of geniuses in certain fields and functioning as support for the police department. One of them was special investigators force in homicide. The special investigators were some people with high intelligence that capable to analyze and assess the criminals. In other words, as a profiler and strategist. Each detective got one special investigator as a partner.

In this case, Michiru is Haruka's partner. At least 3 months partner.

"Ah, Tenoh! You're here about the damn time." One of their colleague greeted Haruka.

"What do we have today? This is a total chaos."

The guy smiled first on Michiru. "Miss Kaioh, you are pretty as always." He winked and then got back to Haruka.

"Someone got killed last night." He began. Haruka caught the explicit whisper when he said about "someone". It means literally someone that got public interest and name.


"Prime minister's son. It seemed that a night party gone bad."

"Yeah, bad. Very bad… means difficult case. What do you think, Michiru?" Haruka turned to her partner. She found Michiru sat peacefully on her desk.

"Are you interested in my opinion, Haruka?" Michiru responded amusedly. The blonde who lack caffeine is still pretty amusing for her.

"You are my profiler, Michi." Haruka rolled her eyes.

"I am not yours, but it's okay if you are thinking that way." Michiru flashed a victory smile then grabbed the files and Haruka's key car.

"Opinions sometimes help, but I can give you better facts if we go to the crime scene." Michiru winked.

"No… no, you are not driving my baby! Gimme my key!" The blonde tried to snatch the key away but Michiru was quicker.

"You can drive after those dark circles under your eyes disappear. Now your baby is mine." Michiru giggled and hop on the elevator first.

The crime scene was a grand hotel in central city of Tokyo. The dead guy, Hiromoto Kenji a.k.a prime minister's son had booked the entire building for one night occasion. The party initially located around the swimming pool but his body found inside one of the suite room. The night activity was obvious.

"Imagine you have a father with powerful background…" Haruka mumbled, walking around the suite room which now treated as crime scene.

"Do you like parties?" Michiru's perky voice got the blonde's attention.

"What? If party is an activity where you book a very expensive hotel and drunk the entire night with some addictive music together with some other rich brats? I really like it." Haruka answered, not really looking to Michiru's direction.

"You sound hate them?" Michiru replied confusedly.

"It was sarcasm, Michi. This guy's dead because someone strangled him on the bed. The weapon is thin laces with medium long. That can be anything." Haruka read the post mortem report and handed them to Michiru.

"The perp must be a guy who has the strength to overpower him. Hiromoto had a well built body." Haruka concluded.

"You know that you can't overrule the women, right?"

Haruka turned to Michiru. "why?"

"He was on the bed inside a suite room hotel. Can you imagine who his companion was before his death? Unless the murder happened outside this room, the possibility of woman as his last guest that night is very big." Michiru flashed a victory smile to the blonde.

Haruka groaned, she hate it when Michiru smiled.

"Okay, so the suspect could be a woman or a man. That's pretty much helpful."

"This is a private suite, there's no sign of forced entry on the door. The suspect is someone he knew." Michiru remarked another point, sometimes the woman took over forensics works. Haruka forgot that her partner is a genius.

"Let's meet the witness then," The crime scene investigation was put on a hold for a while. Michiru grabbed her purse – only God knows what inside that fancy purse - then exited the room following her partner. They were walking side by side through the corridor casually yet their existence earning glances from every corner.

They stopped on the staff room. Haruka caught frown on Michiru's face which unusual expression for the aquanette genius.

"Are you okay?" The blonde asked.

"… Yes, just thinking. Who is this witness?"

"The janitor, he found the body this morning." Haruka answered, turned the doorknob and opened the door for Michiru. They perhaps have been only work together for three months, however they both already got to the point of understanding each other deeply. Michiru herself had had familiar with Haruka's attitude and personality around, even she wondered if the blonde noticed how chivalrous her actions sometimes.

Michiru saw a man about in the end of his twenties sat nervously behind a small desk. The aquanette profiler knew they weren't the first person who throwing him question about the case. The man's stature was somehow weak and he was trembling. The tremor in his arms and lips indicated the high anxiety which very bad for questioning session. In this case, she needs to step in first.

Michiru pulled a plastic chair, get situated herself in front of the nervous janitor. Somehow her action got the man's attention, Michiru immediately threw her 100 megawatts smile to him.

Haruka watched Michiru's doing and knew where this will end. Any man… scratch that, any people who see those smiles would at least dumbstruck then go blank minded even forget their initial feeling of fear.

"Good morning, Mr. Eugene." Greeted the aquanette with too friendly tone. Haruka stood, leaning to the staff's locker on the corner of the room. Her arms folded and seemed relax with her current position.

"Ah… yes, morning." The man replied after about 3 seconds gap. This earned Michiru's smile, she knew her charm had worked and the anxiety had slowly gone.

"We want to ask you some questions regarded Hiromoto's case." She opened the questioning. This man called Eugene then shifted on his seat, his body went stiff.

"I have told them everything… polices with uniform before you." Eugene replied, more like a defense for himself. The body language didn't go unnoticed by Michiru.

"I am well aware with that. Relax, I know it's very surprising for you to suddenly encounter with a body in the middle of cleaning… yes?" Michiru read the report of the scene although she had already memorized it inside her head.

"It freaked me out. I thought he was sleeping…"

"Yes… what make you finally realized he is dead?" In here, Haruka butted in. The blonde somehow agitated with the slow pace Michiru took in questioning.

"… He didn't move and there's nasty bruise around his neck." Eugene pointed area around his neck with his finger.

"After that you call for help. You dialed your superior and then the hotel called the authorities. After you made a call you got out from the room." Michiru gave Haruka a glare for interfering which the blonde ignored.

"Yes." Eugene nodded.

"You are surprisingly a calm person, Eugene. Despite how nervous you are with us now, but sure you were very calm in discovering the body." Michiru smiled again, closing the report.

"What do you mean?"

"In scene, we found everything in place neatly. Too neat even because everything has been placed rightly. You were cleaning long enough then realized the victim, Hiromoto-san was… unresponsive then you decided to check on him. After that you made a call, you tucked your tools back together to the staff room. The last action, Eugene-san that I will consider as amazing act. If I were you, I would be too freak out to grab my cleaning equipment back in place and ran the hell out of the room." The aquanette explained. Michiru saw that Haruka was standing beside her – moved from her relax position.

"Eugene-san, that makes you as a suspect – or not if you have a very good reason behind it." Haruka knew the chance for her role is now.

The nervous symptom back, Eugene's body went rigid with great shiver followed. Haruka's hand was ready on her firearm in respond of sudden burst.

"Someone told me to do that, he gave me a great amount of money." He said while glancing to the right.


"He is positively lying." Michiru answered with one breath, "He doesn't even stutter."

Haruka smirked, her hand flew, grabbing Eugene's collar shirt. Her eyes flashing threats and seriousness.

"You are in deep shit Eugene, you are our prime suspect now."

"No! You don't have proof on that! That guy deserved to die anyway!" Eugene shouted back.

"You just admitting your crime, moron. Michiru?"

"Yes, we have. I believe we will find it, the weapon you mentioned before – thin laces with medium long." Michiru got up from her seat. With elegance movement, she opened the staff locker one by one but came to a halt after awhile.

"What is it Michiru?" Haruka asked.

"The murder weapon is on his feet. His sneaker, the shoelaces."

"What?!" Haruka looked down to Eugene's shoes, they are not sneakers.

"Where are your cleaning shoes then?" Haruka tightened the hold on Eugene's collar almost choked the janitor.

"Threw it away." He smirked.

"No, he didn't" Michiru replied again. Eugene looked at the aquanette woman, "What are you? Lie detector?"

Haruka rolled her eyes, she didn't have time forever, "Where's the shoe?!"

"Really? You think I will answer that? You have to get better threat than this." Eugene spat to Haruka's face. The liquid landed on the blonde's cheek which then she cursed in disgust.

"You want better? I will give you that until you tell me the damn shoes!" Haruka was ready to throw a punch to knock some piece of her mind yet Michiru's voice stopped her.



"He is a janitor."


"His choice of words keeps me interest. He said he'd throw it away which I deny because a person with cleaning habit didn't throw away some useful things. This sneaker is considered useful, I believe he keeps the shoe and throw away the shoelace."

"Your point, princess?" Haruka still in furious mode was irritated with the aquanette too long explanation.

"Cut it out with the lame nickname, Haruka." Michiru retorted.

"Janitor has a very high sense of clean definition. A person like this would be considered as almost perfectionist in matter of cleaning. He will throw away things to trash can or burn it. However let's assumed that he is too clueless about anything and didn't have time to burn it because once again, the shoelace isn't damage good but he had to get rid of it…"

"Okay, trash can indeed." The janitor face went paler with each sentence Michiru said, this made Haruka believe that the murder weapon was somewhere in one of the trash can in the area.

"Today ain't garbage day, I will send the search team to look." Haruka pushed Eugene down back to the sitting position, pulled the man's arm to his back and handcuffed him.

Michiru approached Haruka unnoticed by the blonde.

"Haruka, turn at me." Michiru asked with demanding tone. The blonde turned her face to look at her partner. Michiru then wipe away the stain on Haruka's face with sleeve of her own shirt. Michiru regretted hadn't brought her handkerchief along this morning.

"Uhm… thank you," Haruka muttered.

"You should've cleaned that right away, who knows what kind of bacteria exists in one human's saliva. You can get infected yet you are very careless about it."

Haruka chuckled, sometimes her partner was beyond amusing.

"I won't die just because of saliva,"

"Actually you can." Michiru's reply got Haruka sweat dropped. The woman in serious mode was very hard to persuade.

"Okay whatever, thanks for saving me from death caused by saliva then."

"You are welcome."

They both exchanged glances for about seconds before Haruka's phone buzzed, interrupting the moment.

"It's from the search team. They found the laces. Guess you will get a trip to precinct, Mr. Janitor." Haruka patted Eugene's back fetched the man outside.

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