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Three times. Haruka counted. The blonde detective did observe her genius partner since morning. Because they didn't have cases going, the aqua haired genius has been reading an encyclopedia about manatee (Haruka wondered why Michiru read it, but she is Michiru. Perhaps she was into manatee club or something). But that's not it.

Michiru read the book upside down.

At first Haruka wanted to tell her, but looking at her partner's expression she couldn't help it but to quietly watch. There obviously something was bothering her. Since she never read a book upside down like that. Usually her partner's bizarre behavior was caused by anxiety or she was lost in deep thought about serious matter. But no, Michiru never act like this even if it was a world peace matter. So, Haruka made analysis because she is the detective.

It was something personal.

And three times already the great genius Kaioh Michiru had been sighing.

That's it.

"Michi…" Haruka called her. Since they were sharing the desk, she didn't need to shout to get her her partner's attention. Michiru looked up.


"What are you doing?"

"…Uhm… reading? Do you know when manatee's breeding season?" Michiru shifted to the genius mode.

"No, and I don't want to know about that fish."

"Manatee is not a fish Haruka… it's a large herbivorous aquatic mammals often called sea cows…"

"Okay, stop." Haruka lifted both her hands, gave up. "Stop, google… I just want to know what are you doing. I don't care how cows in the sea breeding."

"I told you, I'm reading." Michiru frowned, a little irritated with the blonde detective.

"… No matter how smart or genius a person is, it still difficult to read a book upside down like yours." Haruka grinned. Michiru finally realized her mistake then rotate the book's position to save her pride. But it's too late.

"I am learning how to make an anagram with upside down alphabet…" Michiru reasoned lamely.

Haruka chuckled. "Sure you are… your left eyebrow twitch when you're lying…" Michiru touched her own eyebrow in reflex.

"Told you…" Haruka smiled in victory. Then the detective changed to her serious face, "What's the matter, Michi? You know if you are bothered by something, you can always tell me. I will help."

Michiru glanced sideways. There were some detectives looking at her and Haruka's direction. It seemed her behavior was noticed by others. The genius sighed deeply.

"But it's okay if you don't want to…" Haruka shrugged. The blonde detective played with her pencil instead finishing their paperwork. Usually she had Michiru to do them, because paper work is suck and Michiru always offering help.

"Haruka…" The blonde smirked, she won. To handle the genius she used an opposite tactic. The aquanette wouldn't tell if she was asked, but if she was given options to not to, then she would talk. Weird but works for Michiru. Haruka is a detective with skills afterall.


"I am engaged." Michiru said from behind the manatee book.

Haruka snapped her pencil into two.

After the announcement, Haruka somehow felt annoyed. The precinct went quiet, some who had crush on the genius woman were trying to get over a broken heart. Michiru, the source of problem was still hiding behind the manatee book.

"You are engaged." Haruka repeated the aqua haired statement.


"How, when, why, and whom?" Haruka asked, trying to control her own voice.

"It's just happened. I don't know. My parents arranged both of us, as for when… the day after tomorrow I will take an early flight to France… my parents are there with my fiancée." Michiru answered. Haruka couldn't see Michiru who covered her face with the thick book. She was facing with a swimming sea cow picture on the cover.

"What the fucking hell?! You said you are engaged and then you say you are leaving?!"

"I… I'm not leaving, Haruka."

"Oh yea, sure… you are engaged and you are going to France to meet your fiancée next you will resign from this job." The blonde replied sarcastically. She didn't care since she was furious right now.

"… how do you know?" asked michiru weakly.

"It's a fucking common sense. Well then what a surprise you have yet you tell me what - 2 days before you gone and I will be partnerless… I don't give fucking care anymore to you. Hey! Michi! Look at me! Stop hiding!" The blonde detective snatched away the manatee book from Michiru's hand.

There she witnessed it. Michiru was crying.

"Ha – Haruka… I'm sorry…"

The blonde watched her crying partner dumbly. She noticed some detectives had left the room to give them privacy. After the room was emptied, and Michiru still sobbing, Haruka realized she was the problem here.

So what if her partner engaged? She should've congratulated her.

So what if her partner resigns? She is a civilian and this job is dangerous for her.

She became partnerless wasn't so much a big deal, she was used to it… before Michiru's arrival she always works alone.

Here she was, angry to her only partner when Michiru didn't do anything wrong.

"Michi… there… there…" Haruka patted Michiru's shoulder. "I'm sorry I shouted on you… I'm a jerk… I'm sorry…" The blonde wasn't a type who shows affection and apologizing yet she soothed her partner gently.

"Haruka I knew it…" Replied Michiru in calmer voice. "…You knew what?"

"I knew you are a jerk in day one." The aqua haired woman flashed her usual smile.

"Oh, don't start it, Michi…"

The next day Haruka met Michiru at the elevator. Michiru saw the blonde was holding her usual morning black coffee and there were dark circles around her eyes.

"Couldn't sleep last night?" Michiru greeted Haruka. "Excuse me?" The blonde replied lazily.

"You have periorbital dark circles under your eyes… it can be from fatigue or lack of sleep…"

"You mean, bag under my eyes? Use that, it's simpler term… and yes, I didn't sleep last night."

"… you know how long a person can go on without sleep?" Michiru started her usual question. The problem is the aqua haired genius always expected the detective wouldn't have capability to answer it.

And the blonde really couldn't answer it.

"…" Haruka chose to ignore her partner's rambling. Sometimes she enjoyed Michiru's facial expression while explaining things. Well, Haruka would've missed that after she left. "… Hallucination begins in day four.. and then.. Haruka, are you with me? You must know how important sleep for human being."

Haruka huffed then averted the topic. "… So, you will leave tomorrow."

"Yes… I've done packing my things last night. My flight is 11 a.m…" Michiru glanced at the blonde, expecting Haruka to say something.

"Well, have a safe trip then. Don't scare your fiancée too much." Haruka said without necessarily looking at her partner. Their conversation was over when the elevator opened. The blonde never aware of disappointment on Michiru's face.

"Tenoh! I just want to call you… ah, it's good you are with Michiru." Chiba Mamoru, the head of drug team approached Haruka and Michiru once the elevator opened.

"If you about asking for help, the answer is NO… I don't do drugs." The blonde didn't bother to listen to Mamoru, she walked to her desk.

"Is she always grumpy like that?" Mamoru exchanged glances with Michiru.

"No, it's because lack of sleep. But, the possibility of disliking you also high…" Michiru gave her polite smiles.

"Gee, must you point out things like that? I want tell her about a case." The black haired guy decided to ask help from easier to persuade person. Kaioh Michiru.

"Unfortunately, Chiba-san… I will depart to Paris tomorrow. Today I will take care some permission with captain…"

"Ah… I see. I forget that while the entire department is talking about your leaving." Mamoru smiled, it was more like a sympathetic smile for Michiru. And the genius woman never liked those kinds of expression.

"This is a cold case. You know, few years back Haruka and I were partner in this division. This… was my last case before I was transferred to drug team. It stayed unsolved until yesterday. It's true when people say truth, when not sought after, rarely comes to light." Mamoru winked. "Oliver Wendell Holmes, an American poet quotes…" Michiru nodded.

"I was transferred because of this case, but unlike me who can get over it, this case is eating her alive… so, take this as my atonement for her. I left Haruka alone to solve it and she couldn't… so these years, I've found it. The truth…" Mamoru ended his explanation. Michiru listened to every word Mamoru said. It was true that Michiru didn't know a thing about Haruka's before their meeting. Then this guy, Mamoru Chiba came with a little piece of Haruka's past.

"What do you want me to do?" Michiru asked. However, Haruka interrupted them before Mamoru made his plea.

"No real gentleman will tell the naked truth in the presence of ladies." Haruka said. The blonde walked and took a position between Mamoru and Michiru. Haruka was protectively standing in front of her partner, She glared at her ex-partner.

"I'm sorry Haruka… but I bring you Cindy's case. It is closed now…" He handed a box full of bundles documents. "See you around, ah… miss Kaioh if I have a say about it… it'll be great to always have you here…" Mamoru excused himself, leaving Michiru alone with Haruka. The aqua haired genius didn't need to be a genius to guess Haruka's feeling right now. The blonde looked somehow exhausted and sad.


"Do you want to know what's inside this box, Michi?" Haruka asked.

"I won't force you if you aren't ready. Mamoru is worried about you."

Holding the box with her left hand, Haruka's right hand grabbed Michiru's and pulled her toward the elevator.


"I will tell you on that place…"

In the car, Haruka didn't say anything. She let Michiru open the box and read every pages inside those documents. The blonde knew, Michiru always remembers at everything she reads. At first page Michiru gasped. The case was heart breaking and the aqua haired genius couldn't imagine how Haruka had managed to pull though despite the deals and sufferings she had to face.

"Michi, once you know that I've failed someone in the past… will you hate me?" Haruka asked behind the steering wheel. Michiru looked at her partner in disbelief. How can she…?

That day, Haruka revealed everything to Michiru about the case 3 years ago.

(I leave about this piece of Haruka's past as I want to write story about this. So let it be a hole or you can guess and imagine what type of case Haruka was experiencing before Michiru's arrival)

Haruka came early to the office. Today, Michiru set out to France. Looking at the empty seat beside her, Haruka again played with her new pencil. From now on, there would be no one to help her finishing the paper works.

Haruka's mind flew to yersterday's event.

"Michi, once you know that I've failed someone in the past… will you hate me?"

There were 2 minutes long gap before the aqua haired answered.

"I'm afraid Haruka…" Michiru spoke weakly. Since, her face was covered with her bangs, Haruka couldn't define her partner's expression.

"Afraid of what, Michi?" The blonde was panic. Perhaps Michiru would've hated her.

"I am afraid that even if you did kill someone, I will never hate you…"

Haruka was speechless.

"What the hell are you doing here, Tenoh?" Mamoru's voice made the blonde jumped on her chair. She cursed in reflex. "What are you doing here? This isn't your division!"

"Oh, I just want to check if you need some cheering up or something." Mamoru occupied Michiru's seat near Haruka.

"You should see her off at the airport."

"That's wasting my time, Mamoru. She still going anyway…" Haruka leaned back, hold back anger inside her. Perhaps Mamoru came on the right time. She needed a punching bag for her mix emotional frustration.

"That's right… you never asked her to stay anyway…" Mamoru replied back. This gained Haruka's attention. "What do you mean?"

"Haruka, don't be stupid. Have you ever ask Michiru to… you know not going? To stay here? With you as your partner? I guess no…" Mamoru smiled upon Haruka's face. The blonde detective's mouth hung open like someone just shot her on the head.

"… Well, I can't. I want her to stay but I want her to be happy first." It was sad to admit her feelings in front of Mamoru.

Mamoru's hands tickled, he wanted to punch the blonde so badly… "You are an idiot 4th stadium stage."


"Haruka, you never know! Did she smile when she talks about her departure?"

"No, she was crying."

"Then she's not happy. How simple yet you never grasp it."

"Oh… shit!" Haruka jerked up from her seat. "Mamoru, I must see her!" She checked the time. It was 9 o'clock in the morning. If she remembered right Michiru's flight was at 11.

Mamoru threw his keys to the blonde, "Take my bike. It's more useful in a traffic jam." Mamoru grinned as the blonde jumping through several desks and chairs then headed to the emergency stairs rather taking the elevator.

"Dumb blonde…" Mamoru retorted quietly.

Michiru gathered her travel bags from the taxi. She didn't bring much, only one medium sized travel bag and her purse. Everything else had been taken care of by her parents. Deep down, Michiru didn't know if she can come back here to Japan after she met her parents. They never really liked her choice of job and complained a lot about how dangerous it was.

Michiru pulled out her mobile phone, her fingers move to search Haruka's number.

Is it alright to call her? Haruka said she wouldn't see me off today… she maybe busy right now…

Michiru was in deep thought whether to call Haruka or not. She decided it can wait. Since the blonde was the one who wanted her to leave and supporting her engagement.

Somehow Michiru felt her heart broken inside.

Meanwhile Haruka was struggling with the busy street in Tokyo. Mamoru was right about his ducati. It was useful to fight the traffic jam. However, as much as useful it was, Haruka still trapped in the traffic light.

Then, when she was waiting for red light turning green, a scream echoed from the side of street.

"Thief! My purse! Someone HELP!" A middle aged woman who looked as helpless as her pale face shouted desperately for help. The thief, a young man with black cap had taken off running to the alleys.

Haruka rolled her eyes, Great… where are those patrol officers when we need them much?

"Ah, to hell with it!" Haruka turned the bike, changed its direction toward the runaway thief.

It was 9.30 a.m.

10.00 a.m. Haruka had successfully cuffed the thief after 30 minutes long pursuit. She forgot where she'd parked Mamoru's bike and she didn't have time to search for it. Haruka called the 911 and reported her status. The blonde grimaced in pain since she had beaten up her body when she fell from 3 stories building right to a trash dump. Thanks to that, her cell phone was ruined.

She was stink, dirty, sweaty, tired, and pissed right now. And nobody messed with a pissed off detective. Haruka blocked a cyclist way and flashed her detective badge.

"Police, I need to borrow your bicycle." The guy was confused but Haruka had no time to explain. She paddled at full speed to the airport.

After checked in her baggage, she waited in waiting room. She bought a magazine to ease her mind. Michiru surrender, she needed to call Haruka. At least to say goodbye, it will be proper… Michiru didn't care if the blonde mad or angry. It was better than a silent goodbye. The truth is, Michiru wanted to hear the blonde's husky voice before leaving.

Michiru pressed the call button she took a deep breath.

The number you are calling is unavailable or out of service area –

The aqua haired woman didn't believe it. How can she turn off the phone? It was obviously because Haruka didn't want anything to do anymore with her.

Michiru's hand clenched into a tight fist, her body trembled. For the whatever-th time since her parents had called her to come to France, she cried.

10.40 a.m

Haruka never knew that the airport was fucking this far. It was supposed to be an hour by car without traffic jam. And then after several shortcuts and jumping some people with a bicycle finally she arrived. She ignored the officer who asked her to park the bike. She just threw it away on the entrance and ran like a crazy man. Once she reached security check, she just realized she forgot she still had her gun with her.

"Sir, please step back…" A man, with security uniform took the precaution once Haruka pulled out her firearm.

"I'm a Tokyo Police detective." Quickly she showed her authentic badge, "This is official business, I need to go in as quick as possible."

"But sir- ma'am, we need to check your identity…"

"Do you want responsible for it? Do you want the suspect go away, take the plane and out of our jurisdiction? I think not…" Haruka's head was running some possible scenarios.

"I – please come in. We will help you arresting the suspect." The guard cleared her path. Haruka didn't care, she looked for international departure gate.

10.50 a.m

Michiru with the other passengers were called as the plane ready to take off. Michiru looked back for the last time. Guessed, she would never have the chance to see Haruka anymore. She prayed, for the first time in her life she prayed that the blonde's face would appear at that door and calling her name.


The aqua haired genius twisted back her head quickly. There, the blonde detective was running to her direction.

Kami-sama, it works. Please, let it be a reality! Michiru squeaked in surprise.

"MICHIRU, WAIT! DON'T YOU DARE TO MOVE!" Haruka shouted again. Behind her, some security guards followed. They thought the person Haruka was calling is a suspect she pursued.

"All of you step back, I'm taking charge from here." The blonde ordered to the men behind her.

"Ha-ru-ka? You said you don't want to see me off?" There were many questions inside Michiru's mind but that one was the first to speak.

"I need to tell you something." Haruka took a moment to regain her breath. She must've been looked silly right now. However, Michiru didn't see Haruka battered appearance, she only looked at Haruka.

"What- ?"

Haruka pulled Michiru in an embrace, for the first time the blonde hugged her partner passionately. The hug was tight yet warm and Michiru wanted the time to stop. Although it was impossible and then she decided to enjoy every second in it.

"Stay… will you?" Haruka finally said.

"I want you to stay. I love your Wikipedia brain and google mouth. I think I will lose without them… So, stay." The last sentence Haruka was begging.

"Haruka… I – I'm waiting you to say that, but – now… oh, Haruka I can't think… my brain is oddly stop working." Michiru whispered.

"Then don't…" Haruka stared deeply into Michiru's eyes.

Then a kiss. A light brush on Michiru's lips. Haruka was right, they were incredibly sweet. "Don't think anything Michiru… just do whatever you want right now. You don't have to obey everything your parents say. You are an adult now, you rule your own life."

Michiru heard Haruka but didn't really hear her. Currently her heart was beating fast… so fast that her genius brain calculated it would explode out. Right now she was completely in idiot state. She hated being an idiot…

"What I want…" Michiru repeated Haruka's words.

"Yes, what you really want right now."

"I want you to keep kissing me." Michiru threw herself at the blonde detective. They continued and deepened their kiss.

"…uhm… ma'am. Is that woman the suspect?" Asked one of the security guard. Haruka glared in annoyance.

"Suspect?" Michiru eyed Haruka in question.

"STAY BACK YOU MORON! This is official business…" Haruka barked, irritated that her moment with Michiru being interrupted. Fear with the blonde's rage the rest of the guards retreated back to their posts.

Michiru giggled, "Official business?"

"Oh, this is official Michiru. I want to make you officially my partner – girlfriend."

"Interesting offer, detective. I think I like it."

They kissed again. This time no one interrupted them.

Michiru hates being an idiot, but if being an idiot would make Haruka stay with her forever then she gladly be a happy idiot.

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