Second chance

Chapter One

''RIVER'' I heart someone shout. It was Andre. ''Finally'' – I thought. We didn't drink water in days or maybe weeks. I don't know and I don't know and don't want to know I'm just happy that I can drink some water after suck a long time.

Just when Andre bent to drink, suddenly out of nowhere (probably bushes) jump a car right in front of us. ''SHIT'' – I thought – '' not sixers again.'' Wait a sec, this car is different. I bet this car is from Terra nova that I heard so much. And I was right.

'' What are you doing here?'' One man step out of the car. He looked middle-age, tall, with short hair, he looked kind of pissed off. He wear grey shirt and under that light grey T-shirt, black jeans and shoes. On his belt he had attached gun. I hope he won't use it on us.

''Can't you see?' 'I asked '' we only want to drink water'' ''you're not sixers?'' '' No, we're not sixers .'' maybe he can lead us to terra nova?'' Can you take us to terra nova?'' '' Well if you're not sixters…'' '' We are not. '' I cut him off. I mean do we look like them? '' Okay then I'm just going to empty my car for you.'' '' Okay…'' whatever.

It was only 4 of us. Me, Andre, Juliann (she was pregnant, can you believe that?) and her husband Raymond (the angriest person in the whole universe). We started to go nearer to the car but Raymond stopped, ''what's wrong?'' Juliann asked. '' I don't want to go there neither will you. You're coming with me. Let's go.'' He grabbed her arm and pulled her in to the jungle. So I drabbed Andre '' Go with them, please.'' '' Sell…'' '' Please'' I insisted and gave him my bag. '' You need this more than me. '' '' Thanks.'' He said and walked in to the jungle were Raymond and Juliann disappeared.

The man came back '' Where're the others?'' He asked '' Chickened out, do you have a name?'' '' Jim Shannon, you?'' We got in to the car. ''My full name is Selena De La Vega but my friends called me Sell or Sally'' '' you're Spanish?'' ''You can say that.'' ''What were you doing in the jungle?'' '' Since we got throw the portal no one lead us to terra nova. So we lived in the jungle for 6 years surviving dinosaurs attacks and trying to stay alive, we did pretty good I'd say.'' ''Well after so long your friends didn't feel like joying terra nova after all. '' ''I've told you that they chickened out. I wasn't their leader, they could do whatever they wanted I don't care.'' I could already see the gates. '' WOW'' I said out loud. Jim heard it and laughed. '' Yeah pretty big'' I laughed too.

When we got closer big gates started to go up and we drove inside. Then Jim said '' I think Taylor will want to see you.'' '' Who's Taylor?'' I asked. '' He's the leader of terra nova. I'm going to take you there, come on.'' Should I be afraid of that Taylor? We were walking through town and everyone was looking at me. Probably the most because I was filthy, my hair was messy and my clothes weren't the best quality either. I looked horrible.

We got closer some stairs who lead up. '' Wait here.'' Jim told me and climbed the stair up. Few minutes later he comes back.'' You're lucky. Taylor isn't here he went to check something. He will meet you tomorrow then.

So he lead me in to one of the houses'' This will be your new home now. Welcome to terra nova Selena.'' He congratulated me, told me he come back tomorrow at 10 am and left.

My house was small but very cozy. There were two small bedrooms, bathroom and little kitchen with all things I would need to live here. Great.

I settle in one of the rooms combed my hair and changes clothes witch I found in the closet. I didn't slept in bed for a looong time, I forgot how soft it is and how comfortably you feel when you sleep. It was always hard and cold ground.

As usually I started to think about my sister. I lost her when sixer attacked us. I'm still wondering where she is because I heard from one sixer that she ran away. And I know that she didn't die because I would've felt it. I remember she always was a prankster tough I was bigger one. We always gotten in to troubles, I always was punished harder because I was three years older than she was. Her name is Esperanza but everyone was calling her Peary. I have no idea why. She's got long wavy light brown hair, dark blue eyes. And smile that could light the whole world. I miss her so much.

I sighted. I wish she was here I didn't she her for almost four years. I sighted again and rolled in bed and fell asleep.

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