A/N: One of the best subtleties of the film in my opinion is the relationship between Donnie's two teachers, Karen and Kenneth, and how Donnie influences them and they in turn influence Donnie. Very powerful stuff and so understated, which makes it pure genius.

I don't profit off this, made for fun and catharsis.

"So, Donnie Darko…"

The world was different when they woke. It was lighter, a weight had gone but was that a good thing? They heard about Donnie, saw his family on the news that morning. Where was Donnie?

Dead, they heard. He didn't survive the freak accident.

Karen could have cried, but she was a fierce character and only swore—once, loudly. Fuck!

The rabbits in Watership Down seek refuge from the destruction the world brings to them, and the primroses are there to greet them in their new world but Karen doubted Donnie would be seeing much like that. If there were primroses after death they would be rotten, foul things.

Kenneth didn't say anything, just stared at the small screen that swam with interference. Should it have happened to anyone else, a tragedy of course it would have been but the world would have continued after a brief time of mourning, and nothing would have changed.

Donnie Darko could have changed the world. He wouldn't have the chance to now.

Donnie, the bright spark who wore darkness like a horse wears a bridle—bit in the mouth, holding him steady, cradling him through the world.

Karen reached for Kenneth's hand across the round kitchen table and they sat together the whole morning. What else was there to do?