Amanda – Latin – Worthy of love

David – Hebrew – Beloved

June 2, 2012

Amanda yelped, slamming her head on the open cabinet door, when Olivia used her leg as an anchor and swung around, skidding to a standstill between Amanda and the counter.

"He's gonna get me!" the four year old shrieked.

"Well, I might just let him!" Amanda exclaimed, rubbing the spot on her head that she had rammed into the corner of the door.

David appeared in the kitchen doorway, smiling. His smile fell when he noticed that she had hit her head.

"Hey, are you okay? What happened?"

Amanda shook her head. "I'm fine. The door here decided to attack me, that's all."

David held up the fake gun that he had most likely previously been threatening Olivia with, trying not to grin. "Should I shoot it?"

Amanda laughed, rolling her eyes. "Be my guest. It won't help though."

"Poor Amanda, let me see."

He walked across the room towards her, stopping only when he stood directly in front of her. He brushed her bangs back off of her forehead, running his thumb over the bruise that Amanda knew was forming. He kissed the spot gently.


She nodded, because he had officially stolen her breath away. He smiled timidly at her, realizing what he had just done.

"I – I'm sorry." He stammered. "I – I shouldn't have – I shouldn't have done that."

Amanda laughed lightly, awkwardly, extraordinarily grateful that Olivia seemed to have disappeared, and turned to the counter, turning her back to David. "It's fine." She managed to choke out.

They stood in awkward silence for a minute before David broke it, asking, "What's for lunch?"

She cleared her throat and gratefully grabbed at the chance to resurface and begin breathing again. "Chef's salad, if that's okay."

"Oh, yeah, sure. Do you want some help?"

She laughed because that was the second time today that he had offered to assist her with something around the house. And he didn't even live here.

"Knock yourself out." She answered, getting dishes out of the cabinet.

When she turned back towards him, he was cutting up the head of lettuce. She smiled again and dug the salad dressing out of the refrigerator. Placing it on the table beside the cutting board, she asked, "You're planning on cutting that smaller aren't you? It's going in Olivia's mouth too, not just yours."

David smiled and picked up a tiny piece. "Like this?"

Amanda nodded.

She gasped when David flicked the piece at her and it hit her right on the tip of her nose. He laughed.

She smiled. "Oh, you think that's funny, do you?"

He nodded.

"Oh, well, let's see how you like this!"

Amanda picked up a pile of the lettuce and threw it at his face. He gaped at her and she burst out laughing. Her laughter turned to screams as he pointed the spray hose from the sink at her and pressed the button, drenching her shirt in lukewarm water.

Hearing all of the commotion, Olivia darted into the kitchen from the hallway. She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, laughing, although her parents failed to notice her.

Daddy was spraying Mommy with the hose and laughing. "How do you like that?" he asked.

Her answer was to turn the faucet off. "I cannot believe that you did that!" Mommy huffed.

Daddy just arched his eyebrows.

Mommy smiled. "Okay, fine, I can."

Olivia started laughing again and Mommy and Daddy both whirled towards her, noticing her at last. "You look silly!" she informed them.

"I know." Mommy said, looking down at her shirt. "By the way, don't you ever use the hose like that, are we clear?"

Olivia nodded. "I know not to."

Mommy gave Daddy a pointed look. "She knows not to."

Olivia looked at the lettuce littering the floor. "I know not to throw my food either."

Mommy blushed and Daddy's shoulders went up and down as he tried and failed to disguise a laugh behind a cough. He gave Mommy a look like the one that she had just given him and the corner of her mouth went up in a timid smile.

Daddy's swept a pretend hat off of his head and bowed at the waist to Mommy. "You win this round, Milady."

"Milady?" Amanda repeated timidly.

No one in her circles – church, work, and Olivia's daycare – had called her a lady in five years. As soon as she said the word, she realized that she sounded just like Olivia had earlier that day when David had called her a princess.

David smiled softly, most likely guessing her thoughts, and straightened up, nodding. "But of course. Every princess has a mother, and – correct me if I'm wrong – the princess's mother is a queen, right? Hence, 'milady'."

Amanda smiled as the two of them got down on the floor and started cleaning up the lettuce and water. "I guess so, not that it's much of a palace."

David shrugged. "It's a home. A lot of kids don't have that. That has to say something."

Amanda was startled to feel herself blushing. "Thank you."

"No. Thank you. I couldn't do what you've done here with Olivia. You're a much bigger person then I am. You always have been. I'd say you're better too."

Amanda shook her head. "I've just done what I believe is the right thing to do."

"And for that, you're a very brave person."

Again Amanda shook her head. "Brave is standing there and shooting at some guy who's shooting back at you."

Amanda was startled when David laughed. "If that's true, then why have I never been so scared as I was sitting down and writing that letter to you?"

Amanda considered that. "You know what? You're right. That has got to be the scariest thing that I've ever done."

David arched his eyebrows. "Writing my letter?"

Amanda hit him on the forehead with a piece of lettuce and he laughed. "Me writing the reply letter. Now, quit being a pain and get the chicken out of the refrigerator."

They stood up.

"Chicken?" David asked in confusion. "But I thought that you were a vegetarian?"

Amanda laughed. "Oh, no. A friend of mine dared me to put that bumper sticker on my car. Personally, I like my bacon, thanks."

David grinned. "I knew that there was a reason I liked you!"

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