A/N – These stories take place following "Revenge," and feature a semi-established Densi. You don't really need to have read that to follow on, since these a pure PWP smut. Enjoy. Each chapter is self contained.
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Rating – Rated M for smut. Don't like reading what two consenting adults get up to together? Don't read it.

Kensi Blye drummed her fingers impatiently on the living room table. She glanced at her watch; it had been just under forty minutes since she'd finished all of her mindless paperwork, since she's left work for home. And the truth was, the paperwork was mindless; they hadn't had a hard case since the OSP had been attacked. So the paperwork was easy, for cases they had no leads on. And when the paperwork was that boring, there was only so many times you could break up the monotony with a visit to the gym, or the firing range. Which meant long hours sat behind her desk, not thinking about the paperwork in front of her.

It meant her mind wandered. Wandered to her partner, NCIS's LAPD liaison, Detective Marty Deeks. Wandered to their relationship, to their interactions. To the banter, the flirting, the touches, the long looks they'd always had even before the flood gate had burst and they'd surrendered to their mutual desires.

And of course, thinking about him had got her all hot and bothered. So as soon as quitting time had rolled around, she'd made her excuses to leave, telling them she'd see them all later. She emphasised the "Later" strongly, of course, keeping an eye on Deeks' reaction out of the corner of her eye. Naturally, he'd gotten the message. How could he not?

In the three weeks since they'd been making lo…

…since they'd been making lo…

…since they'd been having sex, "Later" had been their code word. It had started out as a stupid little joke, just more subtext to the thing that had been growing between them. Now, it was so much more; it was an admission that they needed the other person, sometimes quite urgently. It was also an integral part of keeping the monumental change in their relationship a secret from the rest of the group. It wasn't that they didn't want the others to know. They'd just get the wrong idea; think the pair were dating, when all they were doing was sleeping together. Giving a release to the tension that had been building – and actually still continued to build – between the partners. 'Partners with privileges', Deeks had called it so many years ago, long before it had even become the truth.

But he better hurry up and get here if he wanted any of his privileges. She knew exactly what she wanted to do tonight. Sure, a lot of girls didn't like it, or thought it was gross, but Kensi wasn't one of those. Besides, given how their code word had originated, she thought it was only fair.

Just as she was seriously considering pulling her hair out in frustration, there was a knock at the door. She bounded to her feet, almost tripping over a hastily discarded rucksack on the living room floor as she raced to the door, throwing open.

The greeting died on her lips. It wasn't Deeks.

"Hey," said Callen, hand raised to knock again, the speed of her response clearly shocking him.

"C-Callen," she replied, her heart trying to simultaneously drop in disappointment, and race at the surprise and horror of seeing the senior Agent on her doorstep.

"I just wanted to make sure everything was okay," he said. "You rushed out so quickly after work. Got us a little concerned. Even Hetty."

"Yeah, yeah," she said, mind racing. What could she possibly say? I had to rush off because I'm going to jump my partner's bones? Yeah, that lacked a certain eloquence. "I, uh… I have a date. Tonight. And I had to rush off to get ready," she said instead.

Callen looked a little embarrassed. "Right, sorry. I didn't think."

"Thanks for wanting to check up on me," she said. "Although I am capable of taking care of myself."

He smiled, nodding. "I know you are, Kens. I just… look, if there's every anything you need to talk about, you know you can speak to me or Sam too. We're a team. Doesn't matter what it's about; we're all a team. Anyway, enjoy your date. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night, Callen," she said, beginning to close the door. And then she saw him, making his way down her pathway towards the front door, beer and takeaway in his hand. Oh crap, Kensi thought, even as Callen spotted her partner.

"Deeks?" he called. The detective blinked, surprised to see the other man there. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh," began Deeks. "I, uh, I was bringing dinner over. Little partner bonding, you know? You must do it with Sam all the time?"

"Bad timing though, Deeks," said Callen. "She's got a date tonight."

Deeks opened his mouth, almost stuttering. "That's tonight?" he said. "Yeah, yeah, of course it is. I got all confused, was sure it was tomorrow night. Been thinking it was Tuesday all week. Well, apart from Tuesday, when I was convinced it was Thursday. Guess that explains why she rushed off so quickly, huh?"

Callen nodded. Kensi, still watching the interaction from her open doorway, saw him sniff the air twice. "What smells so good?" he asked, gesturing towards the takeaway.

Deeks glanced down, almost like he'd forgotten he was carrying anything. "Thai?" he replied, eventually.

"Shame to see it go to waste," said the senior Agent. "Why don't I follow you to your place, and help you finish it off?"

Trapped, Deeks had no choice but to smile. "Sure," he said.

As the pair made their way back down the path, Kensi closed the door with a sigh. She couldn't remember off the top of her head what the female version was called, but she was now one hundred percent sure what being cockblocked felt like.

An hour and a half later, having finally managed to ditch Callen, Deeks made his way back towards Kensi's front door. He rapped against the window, rocking on his heels as he waited. A few moments passed, and the curtain twitched, revealing his partner's questioning face. She saw it was him, shot daggers at him through the glass, before reluctantly opening the door.

"Hey," he said, grinning, but Kensi had already turned and was padding her way barefoot deeper into her apartment.

"How was your date with Callen?" she asked. Even with her back to him, Deeks could tell she was pouting.

"You in a bad mood with me, Princess?" he said, tone still light.

"No," she admitted eventually. "Just prefer other people ordered my take out for me, is all." She turned then, smiling a little. "Look," she continued. "I'm sorry about that, he just showed up to see if I was okay."

"Yeah, I know," admitted Deeks. "He told me. Apparently even Hetty was concerned when you rushed off with barely a word."

"Almost gave me a heart attack when I opened the door," she said. "I thought it was you."

"Good job you paused long enough before leaping out and tackling him then."

She smiled, that special Kensi smile when she was trying to hide it and failing miserably. Inwardly, Deeks breathed a sigh of relief. Callen's sudden appearance hadn't ruined their night, just delayed kick off.

"You want a beer?" asked Kensi, already turning towards the fridge. Deeks ghosted up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulling her to him so that her rump was pressed against his groin. She grinned, playfully swaying her hips, rubbing herself against him, and his cock twitched in appreciation.

"Admit it," he said. "You kinda enjoyed almost getting caught."

"Not a bit of it, Deeks," she replied, trying to pull away. He caught her again, hands on the curve of her sides, and pulled her back in closer. "I'm the very model of professionalism. "

"Hmm-hmm," he said, lifting a hand and brushing her beautiful locks away from her shoulder, lowering his head and planting a kiss right on the crock of her neck. She shuddered in response. "The way I see it, we're not at work, what we do isn't any of their business."

"You only think that because you want to have sex right now," she accused, her voice quivering as he laid more kisses across her neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin.

"Hey, you know, you're the one who invited me over for that very reason, remember," he retorted. "Unless you'd have preferred Callen to stay?"

There was no reply.

"I said, 'Unless you'd have preferred Callen to stay?'" he repeated, a hint of concern tracing into his voice.

"Don't rush me, I'm thinking," she replied.

Slowly, he raised his head, stopping the kisses and releasing her grip on her hips. Quick as a flash, though, her own hands found his, pressing them back into place.

"God, Deeks, I'm joking," she sighed. "Now you better finish what you were doing, or I swear I'm going to taze you."

He shook his head, grinning. "I like it when you talk dirty." He lowered his mouth again, lips trailing up and down her clavicle, unleashing fresh waves of shudders from his partner.

Slowly, he lifted his arms from her hips, working on the buttons of her shirt. Within seconds, he had them undone, the material hanging loose and open, before he glanced down and – Good God, she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Surprise," she said, delightedly.

"Really? Did you come to work like this?" he asked.

"Yup," she replied, wiggling her butt again. He was straining against his jeans now.

"How am I expected to get any work done knowing that?" he said.

"Oh, we're all used to picking up the slack. Besides, it's not like you're not staring at me half the time anyway," she joked.

"There is that, yeah. I do, uh, get easily distracted whenever the most beautiful woman in the world is in the same room as me."

"You know, flattery will get you nowhere, Detective Deeks," she said.

"I dunno," he replied, "It seems to do pretty well for me so far."

"Your mouth does have some positive qualities, yeah," she admitted.

He took that as his cue, returning his lips to the base of her neck, concentrating on the pulse point. He then worried gently at the skin, eliciting a moan from Kensi's mouth.

"Marty," she sighed, the simple word sending a fresh shiver along his spine. That was one of the first things that had changed between them – aside from the, you know, the kissing and the sex; he was still 'Deeks' at work, but 'Marty' in the bedroom. He guessed it helped her keep it straight in her head, not reveal anything to their co-workers. She slipped sometimes, crying out "Deeks" when they were together in the throes of passion, but he could hardly blame her. He'd been just Deeks to all of them for years now; it was sometimes tricky to switch between the two in the moment. It's not like exactly minded either.

For his part, Deeks hadn't really changed his interactions with his partner all that much. He still called her 'Princess', or 'Sunshine', "Hun Bun' and a myriad of other affectionate names, though it was possible that the small touches he gave her lasted longer than they had before. And if anything, it seemed the banter, the flirting, and the sexual tension between the pair had not only not abated since they had first become intimate, it had increased. It was as if they were both bound and determined to stoke the fires until they were ready to explode, then summon the other for a release.

Still wrapped in his arms, Kensi lifted an arm lazily above her head, draping her forearm behind her and across his shoulder. Deeks' hand raised too, rubbing softly against the base of her breast, feeling the skin pulled taut. She moaned again, deep and throaty, almost a purr of contentment. His other hand splayed out across her toned stomach, feeling the muscles their spasm with her enjoyment at his gentle touch. His other hand crept up again, cupping her breast fully, fingers kneading against the flesh. Her boobs were incredible. But then, there was no part of her body that he didn't worship. She groaned again, twisting her long neck around so she could press her lips against his.

Kissing Kensi. It was amazing. After all the things they'd been through, all the things they'd done together the past few weeks, just the simple fact that the most amazing woman in the world, the woman he lo… liked an awful lot, was willing to put her lips against his - - just that simple fact was enough to increase his heartbeat, drumming against his ribcage. He continued stroking her breast, feeling his own excitement rising, before he rolled his fingers against her nipple. She bucked against it, and moaned once more. Having Kensi pressed up against him, her body dancing and writhing at his merest touch, was the hottest thing he'd ever experienced. His cock strained against his jeans, more than a little uncomfortable, but it was worth it when he had his partner panting and murmuring his name.

As if her thoughts ran in the same direction, Kensi let her free hand slip in between them, rubbing against the fabric at his crotch. It twitched again, but he fought the urge, wanting only to make Kensi moan. She twisted around in his grip, so their chests were pressed together, their lips locked, tongues pushing into the other's mouth with an aching desire. He let his hands drop, grabbing her by the buttocks, feeling the firm muscles there bunch under his touch, under his caress. She ground her hips against his groin, thin layers of material the only thing keeping their sexes apart.

"Kensi," he groaned around the kiss, his breath coming in sharp bursts, his need making his voice quiver. She whined back, wordlessly, lost in the kiss.

He placed his hands firmly under her then, pulling up with his arms. She took the hint, hopping off the floor, wrapping those long, sensuous, legs around his waist so he was supporting her. Still lip locked together, her groin grinding against him, he carried her to her bedroom, dropping her in a heap across the mattress.

Kensi pulled herself back across the bed, until she was rested on her elbows, back against the plush pillows by the headboard. She smiled at him, a wicked twinkle in her eyes.

"Hi," she breathed demurely, voice sending a shiver through his body, and another twitch to his manhood. He kicked off his sneakers, pulling his socks off and climbed onto the foot of the bed.

"Hey yourself," he practically growled, crawling across the duvet until he was over the top of her, supporting himself on his arms, before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers. Long moments passed, punctuated only the moans and pants of the pair as they wrestled their tongues, lost in the moment. Finally, Kensi's hands moved, grabbing at the bottom of his T-shirt, tugging it up. He raised his arms up, allowing the material to be pushed off him, and tossed aside. Kensi leant forward, licking him down the middle of his chest, before flicking her tongue across his nipple. He shuddered, but not as much as when her hands slipped down the back of his jeans, passed his boxers, and dug her nails into the flesh of his ass.

"Yummy," she purred, before gingerly trailing her fingers around the edge of the material, around his hips, to the front and tugged at his belt. When it was loose, she unpopped the button, starting to push his pants down. He shifted, rolling onto his back as she did so, lifting his hips off the mattress as she pulled his jeans all the way down and off. She tossed them aside, to land in a heap somewhere in the uncontrolled chaos that was her bedroom.

She knelt above him, straddling his thighs, eyes locked with his. Her mismatched eyes bewitched him, had for years. They were just another thing that made Kensi the most unique, most wonderful, person he had met in his entire life. Gradually, he became aware that she was grinning, her hands working at her own jeans, pushing them down until she was left only in a flimsy pair of black lace panties. Then she leant forward, pressing her lips against his once more.

Deeks trailed his hands up, twirling his fingers through her luscious dark hair. It felt like silk in his grasp, and smelled slightly of strawberry. She sank into her kiss, breath heavy and desperate, melting against him. Slowly, her lips began to lower, peppering and nipping at his jaw, before starting work on his throat. He could feel his pulse point rapping out an excited rhythm, eliciting sighs from his lips. Down she went, across his collar bone, then planting her lips across her chest, licking at his nipples once more. It was only when she flicked her tongue into his belly button, causing a tickled spasm to shake his body, did he realise what she was doing.

He knew he wanted to stop her, knew he wanted to please her first, but when she slipped her fingers into his boxers and pulled free his dick, all rational thought slipped from his brain. In the back of her mind, he became aware she was giggling delightedly, no doubt seeing the look of complete and total abandon on his face. He felt her breath on the head of his cock as she blew gently against it. It quivered again at the warmth, seeming to strain even more at the soft touch of her fingers. He looked down at her, face hovering inches from his manhood, long locks pushed over one shoulder. She must have sensed him looking then, because she glanced up, locking eyes with him. A wide grin split her features, before her tongue flicked out across his head.

His whole body shook, singing from the sensation, and she grinned again. This time, her lips pressed against the tip in a tender kiss. He let his hand trail down, twining into her hair again as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head. She hummed, the vibrations of her voice shivering through the length of him, and he muttered wordlessly. Still holding just the tip in her mouth, she flexed her tongue again, stroking it across the slit.

"Kensi," he managed. "Come here."

She shook her head, before lowering her lips down the length, bringing her fingers up to meet them. Deeks almost gave in again at that, her mouth was so warm, so inviting. It was a deadly weapon, one he wanted nothing more than to fill. But he wanted her too, wanted her to enjoy herself just as much as he did. So he leant upright, arms grabbing at her waist. She squealed a protest, not realising what he intended, but with little effort he dragged her hips up his body until her knees were either side of his head, his cock still firmly in her mouth.

Deeks kissed and licked at her creamy thighs, the tight muscles of her legs spasming to his touch, as he pulled the thin material of her panties away from his prize. She hmmmm'd at that, sending more flashes through his body, before lowering her sopping wet pussy down onto his face. He wrapped his arms around her bottom, pressing her in closer, as his tongue flashed out across her folds. She moaned in appreciation down below him, before returning to her task of sucking his hardness, writhing her hips against his probing mouth.

Gently, he kissed the flesh there, tongue brushing against it at random intervals, each one eliciting a fresh moan from his partner. For her part, she took him further into her mouth, tongue running up and down the sensitive skin, then stroking across the tip. Deeks nipped at her clit, teeth digging into it, before he soothed it with kisses. She bucked against his face, her moisture covering his lips, and he grinned. Softly, remembering her trick from before, he blew a steady stream of his air onto her sex. She moaned, taking her mouth from off his cock to do so, but keeping her hand pumping along his length. He blew again, answered with a shuddered "Marty."

In response to him, she sheathed her teeth with her lips, taking him as deeply into her mouth as she could, bobbing her head up and down furiously. He could feel a tightness forming in his body as she did. Steadily, he dipped one hand from her cheeks, the tip coming to rest against her folds. As slowly as he could, determined to make her beg for more, he pushed the tip inside. She moaned again, writhing harder, trying to push back onto his finger, but he pulled it free before flicking his tongue out again.

Her moan this time was one of need, sending more vibrations across his cock. Once more, he slipped his finger inside her sex, just as far as the nail. She released his cock with a wet pop. "Please," she groaned. "Please."

He slipped his finger free, returning to plastering kisses across her folds instead. "Marty," she whined, complaining, and pushed her hips back further. "Please."

He grinned again. There were probably a few things in the world sexier than Bad Ass Blye begging for his touch. He just couldn't think of any right now. He licked at her clit, teasing the tip of his finger over her pussy again. She tensed, expectantly, before he pushed it further in. She gyrated against his hand, a cry ripping from her lips. He swallowed down a laugh of joy, instead curling his finger inside her tight walls. She cried out again, bucking her hips.

A few more curls of his finger, and he knew she was like putty in his hand. Her soft grunts and moans were intoxicating, causing his cock to strain again. She must have seen it twitching then, because she wrapped her lips around the head once more, swallowing him whole. She bobbed her head, the sensation of her lips along the length of his manhood almost causing him to lose control right there and then, and he reciprocated the pleasure by slipping a second, then a third, finger inside her. The muscles contracted hard against him, spasming again, squeezing.

Soon, they were both lost in the moment; she on working her mouth up and down, pumping furiously with her hand, the most incredible blow job he'd ever experienced; he, concentrating on curling his fingers buried deep within her heat, kissing and licking at the flesh. Neither one would have been able to say who crashed over the edge first. Did her shuddering orgasm, her juices drenching his face, push him to release and fill her mouth with his seed, or was it the other way around? Neither knew, and neither much cared.

Kensi continued to suck on his quivering cock, now much more sensitive post-release, swallowing everything he had given to her. More licks and kisses followed as he softened around her touch. For his part, he continued to trail his tongue luxuriously across her sex, sending fresh shivers across her body, and drawing more moans from her lungs. Finally, they disengaged, and she rolled her way back to the top of the bed, lying across his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her as close as he could without squeezing her. Both of their breathing was heavy, their hearts racing as one. He leant down, placing a kiss on the lips that had given him so much pleasure.

"Thank you," he breathed, running a hand though her soft hair.

She smiled, returning the kiss that told him she appreciated his efforts just as much. "Yeah," she said, voice sounding tired.

"So are you glad I stayed now, and not Callen?" he asked, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

She took a moment, as if considering. "It would have been a lot less of an interesting evening."

He smiled, pleased by her words, before kissing her again. He pushed everything he could into the kiss; warmth, affection. Everything he felt for the astonishing woman he now held in his arms. Everything he might feel, but was still afraid to put into words.

She stretched out against him, cat like, sighing with content. Soon, they were both asleep.