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Embracing Evil: Series 1

Chapter 1

Harry stood in shock as the Dark Lord was reborn. Wormtail passed over a bone white wand and power flowed through the air, Harry watched in awe; this was power. Harry knew he was a powerful wizard who could out duel every student in school easily but his magic hadn't matured yet and he liked to keep himself close to someone with large amounts of power behind them like Dumbledore. Harry hated the man himself especially everything the man had done to Harry but the old warlock was powerful, this, though, was something else entirely. Thick and enticing; it was everywhere, reaching out and caressing him so much so Harry could nearly taste it. Bright crimson eyes looked upon him staring almost curiously.

"Harry Potter." The man breathed pacing in front on the gravestone Harry was secured on.

"I sense great power within you and a hidden darkness; you could have anything you know!" Harry tilted his head to the side in reminiscent of one of his animagus forms gazing up at the crimson eyes of the Dark Lord.

"Power, yes and the darkness is getting harder to hide especially from Snape." Harry spat out the name with as much venom, hatred and contempt he could muster which was a lot. Voldemort raised non-existent eyebrows surprised at the tone of voice.

"Embracing the darkness and power you could be great." The Dark Lord told the teen.

"And how would I accomplish such a feat? After all I am a figure head of all things light and good?" Harry sneered in distaste Voldemort walked up to the teen.

"Join me of course." He said, "You could do extraordinary things." Voldemort unconsciously repeated the same phrase as he did to Harry in first year. Harry thought of all of his secrets and his position in the light, Dumbledore had left him with an abusive 'family', and the rest of the people he was surrounded by he held no feelings for, they were a mere convenience and some of them he couldn't stand. The dark arts had always interested him but he had to keep everything hidden because he had an image to uphold; the-boy-who-lived. He had never had a problem with the Dark Lord and many of the man's beliefs Harry agreed with, he hated muggles with a burning passion and he had no love for mudbloods especially ones like Hermione Granger. They came in to the magical world and took away valued traditions having them replaced with disgusting muggle ones; it made Harry sick. Thinking of the man's proposition the pros outshone the cons sure the man murdered his parents but it was war, if Dumbledore was so great he could of made Harrys life better but instead the man lied, risked his life and stunted his growth and performance. On the plus side of joining the dark was actually living as it was usually Voldemort trying to off him at the end of every year, with a truce Harry would have a lot more protection than he would have and then all he would have to do it hide his true self in school which he had been doing all long anyway. There really wasn't anything to think about and by the growing smirk on Voldemort's face he knew exactly what the teen was going to choose.

"I'll join you there's no reason for me not too. Now can you let me down as I'm wasting my magic holding this glamour and the statue is uncomfortable?" Voldemort smiled and waved his hand releasing the bonds holding Harry causing the teen to fall straight in to his arms shocked by the tiny frame. Using the older man's arms as a balance Harry blushed as he felt the man's muscles and steadied himself, flicking his wrist he summoned his wand looking up to the Dark Lords questioning eyes.

"Hidden talents." Harry shrugged.

"And then glamours?" Harry blushed again lightly and scratched the back of his head self-consciously.

"Well when I grew up people, even my 'family' who solidly hate my existence, have always said I'm well... Pretty." Harry muttered looking down.

"I'm still highly recognisable but I used to get ridiculed for it so I hid it under glamours but now I kinda like it so I take them off every night to get too used to looking how I do." Harry was shifting uncomfortably now as Voldemort was silent; the Dark Lord stilled the teen's movement by placing a finger under his chin and raising Harrys head.

"You no longer have to hide Harry." He said softly, the teen grinned and stepped back waving a hand over his face. The sharp Potter features softened, hair fell in light waves to the shoulders skin went to a clear creamy complexion, eyelashes filled out and cured framing the shining emerald eyes, thin pale lips plumped and coloured in to pouty pink/red and his figure grew and curved out making it lithe and dainty almost. For the finishing touches Harry took of his glasses. The Dark Lord squashed down the possessiveness that reared up when he looked the teen over and he beckoned Harry forward instead he concentrated on how then teens walk was more graceful and light. Voldemort conjured up a black mask that covered the top half of the face, placing it on Harrys face he ran his hands through the wavy hair adding steaks of shocking green, fuchsia, violet, neon orange and electric blue Harry leaned in to the touch making a slight purring sound.

"That's unexpected." The Dark Lord mused and Harry looked up confused so Voldemort conjured a mirror.

"The spell I used adds colour based on personality, most people only have 2 colours and there usually dark not neon." Harry grinned.

"What can I say it's what I'm here for to be unusually annoying and standout-ish."


"Yup and ask questions like: How on earth do you know that spell anyway?" Voldemort looked away but Harry caught a blush and snickered.

"Also I'm here to get away with things nobody else can." Harry told him

"Is that so and what would that be?"

"Uhuh like making distracting comments, skip around causing chaos and just be generally a pain... Tom." Harry was grinning like a Cheshire cat by now pearly white teeth that had slightly elongated canines shining in the darkness as he leapt around the Dark Lord.

"Must you call me by that disgusting name?" Voldemort sighed he had a horrible feeling the teen would cause him more hassle than not.

"Of course it's what I'm here for." Harry said matter of fact the Dark Lord went to grab the bouncy teen but Harry burst in to thick black smoke and appeared in the same style the other side of the man giggling.

"I don't want to know what that was yet as I need to call my death eaters." Voldemort waved his wand over Harry transfiguring his clothes in to black slacks and t-shirt with a thick black hooded cloak.

"Unrecognisable which is perfect Dumbledore will be none the wiser and it will be safe for you to go back to Hogwarts." Harry nodded, a choked sob made both turn to the shaking form of Wormtail who was cradling the blood stump where he had just removed. Rolling his eyes Voldemort flicked his wand sealing the wound replacing it with a solid silver hand.

"Th-thanks you M-master." Wormtail stuttered kissing the hem of his master's robes and falling back, with an infuriated sigh the Dark Lord grabbed the rat and pushed his wand against the dark mark causing two moans of pain. Looking back at Harry Voldemort was alarmed to see the teens hands clamped over his head with blood running down his face, cursing he removed the hands and ran his wand over the scar murmuring in parcel. When he had finished Harry slumped forward being deftly caught again burying his race in the older man's robes.

"Better." He asked softly, Harry nodded but made no attempt to move.

"You can't stay there I have a meeting."

"But you're comfortable." Came the whined muffled reply. Voldemort chuckled as Harry stood up straight pouting wiping the blood and putting his mask back on just as sounds of apperation sounded throughout. Where it was open space now was filled with heavily cloaked figures in a large circle all falling to their knees just as the Dark Lord flicked his wand hiding Cedrics body and the cup.

"It's been 13 years and here we stand but I confess myself disappointed." Voldemort's voice rang out and the Death Eaters stilled you could almost taste their fear. "There is a lot to be made up for in my absence and you will have to prove yourself worthy again before you shall have my forgiveness. We have many missing tonight some refused to renounce our ways and are currently in Azkaban they shall be rewarded, others turned traitor and shall be killed." Hisses rang out at the mention of traitors but they were silenced with a wave of the Dark Lords hand.

"Three names come to mind of the missing what of Crouch, Karkaroff and Ssnape?"

"And that's why he's a bastard!" Harry exclaimed drawing attention to his presents.


"Snape! He's a complete prick and him being a Death Eater explains everything." Harry said with a smirk. Voldemort shook his head with a smirk, Harry would provide some entertainment if anything. His Death Eaters believed Crouch to be dead and Karkaroff had fled as soon as he felt his mark burn.

"I want Karkaroff captured in a week he will be shown what happened to those who betray us." The Dark Lord hissed menacingly fingering his wand and the DE's nodded.

"We need newer people younger with ambition, who can infiltrate the ministry so we can mould it from the inside out. Lucius you have connections in higher places make sure my return is not announced. Recruits need to be watched to make sure they are not reporting elsewhere we do not need spies but we need the ranks to be filled for our success."

The Death Eaters were dismissed with a gesture of theirs masters hand they each bowed and left but Harry and the rat remained.

"It's going to take a while to get those idiots back up to scratch." Voldemort sighed massaging his temples.

"Wormtail go back to the manor and order the elves to begin cleaning, I refuse to live in a hovel and I have work to do." He snapped and the rat like man scurried away, turning to the multi-colour haired teen looked him over again in thought.

"If I'm correct then Snape will be here soon which means you need to be gone before he sees you, I do not know what side that man is on and until I do secrecy is the best option." The Dark Lord explained, he didn't want to send the teen back, Harry Potter was his best prize and he was very possessive for some reason.

"When will I know, I have the unfortunate experience of residing with wonderful muggles." Harry said the last part sarcastically, Voldemort's eyes narrowed.

"I cannot allow that, I will find out where Snape stands and if he doesn't see it my way then Lucius or Barty will collect you after the first week." Harry nodded relieved.

"How do I explain that?" He pointed to Cedric, "I have an image to keep, as tiring as it is."

#Nagini, bite that boy in the neck# Voldemort ordered and a gigantic snake reared up from nowhere and stuck hard making Harry stumble back in shock.

"Where the bloody hell did she come from?" He breathed.

"She was in the grass, I'm sure you can make up a story from this?" Harry smirked.

"Oh yes, acting is a speciality of mine, I've been doing it for 4 years." A non-existent eyebrow rose.

"Long story, but the whole Gryffindor thing is completely fake, I had to talk the hat out of placing me in Slytherin."


"Yeah, he was quite insistent but I was supposed to be this saviour so I needed cover, and I think Dumbledore has been placing compulsions on me. Going after the stone first year; so not my idea."

"You are going to cause me a lot of chaos." Harry grinned.

"It's what I do best and now we have me an alias, as you said secrecy is the best option."

"So you are now my Chaos." Harry recognised the possessive tone and relished in it.

"Seems I am." Harry agreed. "What are you doing to do about Crouch, is he staying as Moody or leaving tonight?" Harry asked and smirked at the surprised look on the snake like face.


"I knew Crouch Jr has been in the castle since the first task, I have a lot of secrets." Harry told him with a shrug.

"Evidently, Crouch will leave tonight, he is too valuable to loose, and he will probably try and kill you so you need to show him this." He pulled out a sterling silver chain with the Dark Mark hanging from it, he clasped it around Harry's neck.

"It's charmed so you have to give permission for someone to see it." He explained and Harry nodded happily.

"And now I have the joys of putting up with blood traitors and mudbloods and Dumbledore." Harry sighed.

"I actually feel some sympathy for you." Harry grimaced.

"If Crouch tries to hurt me I swear I'll crucio his ass." Harry muttered as he reached for the cup, the last thing he heard was the Dark Lord's chuckles.

"Harry!" Harry would recognise the gaiting voice of his 'best friend' anywhere but he didn't look up from his sprawled position over Cedrics body. Screaming began as the crowd began to realise what he was lying over and people rushed forward, making tears stream down his face Harry gave a choked sob when Dumbledore was in his hearing range.

"What happened Harry?" He asked the distraught teen softly as his friends tried to remove him from the body.

"No don't please." He yelled crying out.

"What is it Harry?"

"I couldn't leave him not there; no not there he had to be brought back." Harry screamed finally looking up shaking his head, he was covered in Cedrics blood from the wound Nagini made.

"Someone take him to the Hospital wing." Dumbledore demanded and someone picked him up and rushed him up to the wing. Madam Pomfrey was waiting for them as soon as they crossed the threshold ushering them over to Harry's usual bed. He quickly changed and climbed in to bed the pain of the spider bite finally getting to him making both his arm and leg throb. The matron came and started waving her wand over the crying teen muttering to herself, as she bustled over to her cabinet the hospital doors were thrown open again and the body of Cedric was carried in by his father followed by the Weasley's, Hermione, Dumbledore and a big black grim like dog.

"If I could just have a moment with Mr Potter before everyone crowds?" Dumbledore questioned, he closed the curtains around the bed and threw up a silencer so only the dog were included.

"I'm sorry to have to do this now Harry if it would be easier to put you to sleep and do this at a later time I would but I need to know what happened tonight." Dumbledore said gently in mock concern, Harry started breathing erratically tears streaming down his face.

"I don't know, I don't know." He wailed gripping the sheets.

"Calm Harry I need you to think." Dumbledore soothed only his eyes giving away his annoyance for those who knew where to find it.

"It's all blurry pain, flashes, jeers, shouting. I don't know what's happening more pain screams, a snake Cedric's screaming, please no CEDRIC WAKE UP! CEDRIC!" Harry was screaming and thrashing about balling his eyes out.

"Can you see anyone Harry?"

"No its dark and I lost my glasses, shouts and screams everywhere. I can't move my leg there so much pain and Cedric's not moving please help anybody help." he trailed of consumed by sobs rolling over burying his face in the pillow.

"Ok Harry I'll leave you now, Madam Pomfrey he is quite injured and he needs a calming draught." Dumbledore gripped the hysterical teens shoulder and left with the black dog following, outside the curtain you could hear Dumbledore telling everyone to come back tomorrow. Shuffling footsteps banging of the doors then silence, Madam Pomfrey came in with 4 potions,

"Right Mr Potter you're in for a night of it I'm afraid but if it makes you any better this bed is officially yours!" Madam Pomfrey told him with a smile handing him a pink potion witch tasted like carpet to Harry, the grumbled taking the next one he recognised as a blood replenisher, Harry picked up the dreamless sleep.

"Good night." Harry raised the phial and downed it eyes drooping shut almost instantly.

Harry awoke in the middle of the night and came face to face with a wand, he mentally cursed; he forgot Crouch.

"Evening Crouch," Harry murmured carefully sitting up.

"How do you know who I am." He demanded coming forward in to the little moonlight, he still looked like Moody.

"I've known since the first task."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" He asked curiously, Harry flicked up a silencer.

"I have many secrets and I knew the reason you were here, I needed to get to the dark lord and the only way that would happen was if he was reborn." Harry told him honestly, he had been considering joining the dark lord properly eversince he met Tom Riddle second year. There was something that pulled him toward Voldemort himself not just the dark arts, it was then the usual ringing which plagued him hadn't been present when he was with Voldemort, it was back with a vengence now those. Harry groaned and gripped his head, he took deep breaths and thought of the power the Dark Lord brought which soothed the noise.

"He was reborn them." Moody/Crouch breathed in reverence and Harry nodded.

"Then I shall be rewarded for handing him your dead body Potter."

"Yeah about that, I would recommend you don't kill me." Harry said seriously.

"Oh and why's that?" Moody/Crouch sneered, Harry pulled out his chain and gave Crouch permission to see it, the mans mismatched eyes widened comically.

"You joined him?" Harry nodded with a smirk.

"Yeah I'm his Chaos, you'll be seeing a lot of me this summer." Harry told him tucking the chain away, he kept it against his skin because it stopped the ringing.

"I can't believe Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world had joined the Dark Lord." Harry quirked an eyebrow.

"There is a lot of things people don't know about me. I am not as I seem, and I keep a lot hidden." Harry said and the he looked at Crouch with a tilt of his head.

"Aren't you supposed to be gone? To- I mean the Dark Lord said you would be leaving tonight."

"Oh yeah," Crouch rubbed his head sheepishly which looked completely out of place on Moody.

"I was but the castle is on lockdown because of what happened and I then decided to kill you before I fled tomorrow." He explained to the teen.

"I would leave now if I were you, they will be suspicious of everyone and your the only new staff member, Dumbledore's friend or not." Harry pointed out.

"It's locked down, there's no way out without alerting the headmaster." Harry smirked.

"Barty Barty Barty, I know at least 4 ways out of the castle and grounds which the headmaster doesn't, 2 of which you can use now."

"How is that possible?"

"A master never reveals his secrets, now my map if you will." Harry held out his hand, Crouch passed over the aging parchment which Harry tucked away safely.

"Do you the the statue of the one eyes which on the fourth floor?"

"Yes what of it?"

"Tap it with your wand and say 'dissendium', it'll open and lead you to honeydukes celler, only problem is you won't fit as moody, you'll have to change back." Moody/Crouch looked at him in shock.

"Are you serious?" The man exclaimed and Harry grinned.

"Yeah, I didn't find that one but it's the easiest. If you go and pack now and come back I can make sure the way is clear when the polyjuice has worn off, which I got the blame for." Harry threw him a glare, Moody/Crouch smirked and tucked his wand away.

"Alright Potter, I'll be back soon." He clunked his way out and Harry slumped back, he closed his eyes in exhaustion. He must have fell asleep again because he felt a sharp jab in his side, he leapt up wand in hand spell on his tongue.

"Cruc-," He was cut off.

"Whoa Potter calm down." Barty held up his hands, Harry blinked and lowered his wand.

"Were you going to use and unforgiveable?" the man asked incredulously.

"Yeah I really have to stop doing that." Harry muttered laying back down, he pulled out his map and activated it.

"It's going to be fun having you around." Barty grinned and Harry's lip twitched, he looked at the map and checked the clear routes.

"The left hand side is clear if you run now, Snape usually prowls that side but he hasn't come back yet. If you use the tapestry of the singing toads you cut a whole floor and it brings you directly to the staircase that leads you up to the one eyes witch." Crouch nodded and flung on his invisibility cloak, he waved goodbye and took off, Harry sighed and hid the map; he needed his sleep.