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You may also see efforts of trying to weave in new info from the manga and Tumblr so yeah uh if its weird, trust me, I've done all that I could -pushes glasses up- -gets kicked in the head-

"Takao, will you stop that?" Midorima growled as Takao kept pulling on his ears. It was twitching in annoyance, and Takao found that extremely amusing. "But Shin-chan," Takao giggled, "This is so fun!"

"Just—Just stop that!" Midorima started swatting away Takao's hands but the raven just giggled and continued to bother him. Takao squirmed in Midorima's hold and just annoyed the shooting guard by rubbing their bodies together.

"Takao, really, stop," Pupils narrowed to slits and looked down on the raven as Midorima growled. Takao looked up curiously before smiling mischievously. Midorima gulped. 'What is he thinking of now?' He nervously thought.

"Shin-chan, wait in my room," Takao tore away from Midorima, sped off to the storeroom and started digging around. The half-bunny half-man stared at where Takao ran off to before going upstairs to the raven's room and turned on the lights. Sitting on his bed, he waited for Takao to come back.

He waited for 15 minutes and Takao still wasn't back so Midorima started to look around, careful not to leave so much of a mess. Leaving his lucky item on the bed (it was a carrot keychain, ironically enough) and looked through bookshelves empty of books but full of games, his desk strewn with old tests (in which Midorima notes in his mind that Takao needs tutoring) and his floor which was actually really clean and shiny.

Turning around when he heard footsteps (because when you have bunny ears you'd expect your hearing to improve a notch), Midorima waited for Takao to come in, which Takao did, in a black bunny corset, equipped with fake boobs, black stockings, and black heels. A pair of white rabbit ears on a hairband sits innocently on Takao's head, and a pair of black silk undies hung loosely on slightly tanned hips.

"Ta—What are you wearing, Takao?" Midorima yells as he looks away. The raven laughed. "It's a bunny outfit, what else do you think?," Takao giggled, "Do you like it Shin-chan?"

"Don't you feel uncomfortable? And where did those," Midorima shakily pointed to the pair of silk panties, "Come from?"

"These?" Takao looked down before looking back up and winking, "That's a secret."

"Takao, you shouldn't wear your siblings' clothes without asking," Midorima pushed up his glasses but still refused to look at Takao.

"Who said they were my sister's? She's so young, I would never let her wear these kind of things," Takao walked up to Midorima, heels making a nice sound on the wood floor, "But me on the other hand…"

"You must feel really constricted in that. Wouldn't taking it off be a much better choice?" Midorima backed off but Takao continued walking forward until the green-haired teen was backed against the wall with Takao pressed against him.

"Oh yes, of course. Would you like to assist me in that?" Takao grins and Midorima gulps. "Takao," Midorima looks down at the point guard who was staring at him lustily, "I—is that… Are those… Condoms?"

Takao looks down again and sniggers, "Yeah. I blew them up so I could have fake boobs."


"Condoms. You didn't know you could blow them up like balloons? What are you learning in sex-ed?"

"Everything that you're learning. We're in the same class."

"Hmm," Takao hummed and leans forward to lick Midorima's neck, "So we are. And do you know what that means, Usagi-chan?"

"Usa…?" Midorima frowned in confusion.

Takao snickered before laughing and backed off, "Oh god, Shin-chan that was hilarious! You looked so confused and…"

Midorima started zoning off and his ears twitched with annoyance. He growled and grabbed Takao's shoulders, roughly flinging him against the wall, reversing their positions. Pushing a knee in between Takao's legs, Midorima looked down with hooded eyes at Takao, making his green eyes sort of glow. The point guard's eyes widened in shock before Midorima started attacking the raven's mouth, tongue pushing in and nibbling his bottom lip.

Hands brought themselves to green hair, pulling at strands before accidentally brushing against soft white ears. Midorima shuddered, Takao's fingers couldn't decide if they should be holding hair or ears. Pulling back, Midorima growled a "stop touching my ears" before ducking his head and sucking on the point guard's neck. This time, he was able to hear the whimper and moans of a certain raven.

Slender taped fingers ran along Takao's sides and the man in the corset almost started laughing at the ticklish sensation but Midorima gave him another smooch.

"Takao," Midorima breathed beside Takao's ear and he gasped.

The point guard continued, "How do you take this off?"

"Why don't you just tear it off?" Takao whispered and he felt Midorima lips curve upwards against his skin.

Takao expertly flung Midorima's spectacle case at the ringing alarm clock. He groaned as he rolled over to his back and grimaced at how his back and thigh muscles hurt. Sleepy silver eyes looked around the room but it was his waist that realized something. Pulling back the blanket, Takao stared at Midorima and vice versa.

Picking the rabbit up and holding it closer to his face, Takao's morning scowl turned into a snicker and into a grin. "Shin-chan!" Takao squealed, "You're so cuuuuute!"

Little rabbit Midorima squirmed in the hooman hands, trying to make Takao let go. "Okay okay, stop," Takao giggled, "I wanna take a good look."

The white rabbit sulkily stilled and Takao scanned him. Craning his neck, making his face closer to Midorima's Takao burst out in laughter. "Sh-Shin-chan! Your—Your eyes!" Takao said in between spurts of laughter, "You still have long eyelashes! Someone's going to mistake you for a girl bunny you know!"

Midorima rabbitly frowned and started kicking Takao in the face. It hurt, but it didn't hurt as much as when he was still human… Not that Midorima could do a roundhouse kick and kick Takao in the face anyways. Or maybe actually he could. Midorima could do lots of things that Takao didn't know he could, after all. Like managing to set fire to the rain.

"Shin-chan, what do you even eat?" Takao puts white bunny Midorima on the floor and walks out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, but not before taking a shirt (Midorima's shirt, since he didn't wear a shirt last night), and only a shirt, and putting it on.

Midorima squeaked in protest, motioning to Takao's state of non-pantsness. The raven cuddled him until the rabbit decided to drop the matter. Takao went over and opened the fridge, staring at its contents. "I know you're not going to reply me, but what do you eat?" Takao says as he eyes the cream cheese.

The rabbit hops over and paws the vegetable compartment (is it called a vegetable compartment?) and the hooman uses his feet to pull the box out, showing the random vegetables of Midorima's fridge, which included broccoli, celery, parsley, potatoes, carrots, and a few other unidentifiable vegetables.

Midorima hopped inside the box of cold salad and scanned the contents. He stuck a celery stalk in his mouth and hopped out before Takao closed the fridge door for him. Pawing the counter wall, hands swooped down to pick him up and placed him on the counter. Hopping in a way that kind of looked painful (it was like a heavy lunge) he headed towards the sink and with some help of a few human fingers he got the tap running. Sticking the stalk under the water, Takao got the idea and took it from his floppy-eared friend and gave the celery a nice bath, since its going to be its last anyways.

Takao messaged Miyaji saying that he wouldn't be in school but he would be there for practice since they were going to Kaijou for a practice match while eating his cracker with cream cheese. Putting down his phone, he observed his furry friend chewing on a celery stick.

When celery stick was celery stick no more, Midorima lopped over and took Takao's phone, finding it troublesome to open it so he demanded silently that Takao open it for him. Creating a new message, Midorima carefully typed, "You need to get me some hay."

"Hay?" Takao asks, "What do you need hay for? To find a needle?"

"It is an important ingredient for my diet. You can get them at pet stores. Also, can you turn on the radio? Oha'asa is starting soon."

The point guard chuckled as he reached over to turn the radio on. The channel didn't need to be changed since the radio was only used to listen to Midorima's favourite program.

They listened on to the part about Cancers and Scorpios and Takao was trying his hardest not to laugh. "Sh-Shin-chan, your lucky item for today is a purple ribbon," Takao was trying his best to hold in his squeal. The rabbit somehow managed to flush as Takao was now in a frenzy to make Midorima pretty with a purple ribbon. He almost turned his sister's room upside down before he found a nice royal purple ribbon. It was soft and had gold lines along the edge.

Forcing Midorima to sit still by squishing him in between his knees, he tied the ribbon around Midorima's neck, looping it into a neat bow at the side of the rabbit's neck. Midorima was trying to paw it off but Takao took hold of his paws to prevent him from ruining the perfect bow.

It managed to make the rabbit's green eyes somehow stand out a bit more. He was fidgeting and hanging from a pair of knees. Takao picked him up by the armpit and let the rabbit dangle, letting him get stretched straight to see the actual length of the rabbit.

"Hmm? Shin-chan you're still quite 'tall' hahaha," Takao joked, admiring the long, sleek body. Midorima rabbitly scowled at Takao; trying his best to kick Takao (since his hands can't do much, and his legs had a longer reach) now and then as silver eyes raked the white bunny. There were moments of time when Takao would lick his lips and Midorima would seize up in terror, shaking in the point guard's arms and making the raven chuckle an evil chuckle.

"Shin-chan, you look really delicious right about now," Takao licked his lips again.

Midorima cursed his luck for having Takao turn into a hawk earlier on.

Takao managed to get the hay for Midorima to eat and brought some along as he walked to the bus stop. He could have rode a bicycle, like Midorima had always wanted to, and put the rabbit in the basket at the front, but it had snowed and Takao (not to mention me since its summer all year round here) wasn't sure if snow chains for bicycles existed yet.

He had packed Midorima into his empty bag, putting in a blanket in case his furry friend got cold, which was unlikely, judging from the thick fur coat Midorima had going on.

The bus trip was long and boring, with no Midorima to talk to.

Takao dove for the floorboards when a speeding pineapple was hurled at his face. "What the hell was that?!" Takao yelled while still cowering on the floor.

"Takao! How dare you skip school? Are you looking down on education you punk?!" Miyaji snarled as he armed himself with another pineapple, "And where's that Midorima?!"

"Geh! Miyaji-senpai just w—" Takao rolled to his side (that didn't have a rabbit in his bag) as another pineapple shot its way past. "Just wait!" Takao screeched as he unequipped his bag (A/N: I've been playing too much games), unzipping it and checking if Midorima was okay.

The rabbit was a little topsy-turvy, but he'll live. "Shin-chan, are you okay?" Takao held up the rabbit and frowned. A long leg twitched and a sigh was breathed out. "That's Takao?" Miyaji says, peering at the fluffball.

Ootsubo and Kimura also went to observe (and touch) Midorima, who squirmed under the unwanted touches.

"Why is he wearing that ribbon?" Kimura asks after a scratch to Midorima's tummy.

"It's his lucky item. It makes him cute doesn't it?" Takao grins and Midorima tries to jam a furry foot into a mouth.

"What's yours?" Miyaji asks.

Takao sniggers, "It was supposed to be a rabbit's foot."

They all boarded the bus once Coach Nakatani arrives and they were on their way to Kaijou. Midorima was terrified with the ride; it was bumpy and a little noisy due to the engine. Takao tried to calm him down by stroking him and giving him some hay.

"You know Shin-chan, with all the vegetables you have to eat, wouldn't that be cannibalism?" Takao asks.

Midorima shoves his head down, lightly head-butting Takao's leg and covering the front of his face with his paws.

For the last time, I'm not a vegetable, and I simply cannot photosynthesize, Midorima screamed in his mind.

When they had arrived at Kaijou, Takao told the team to go first, since he wasn't playing. He let Midorima breathe some fresh air first before putting him back in a room full of evaporating sweat and not enough windows so he started making a small snowman.

Or snow bunny, since he stuck Midorima in its head.

When the rabbit was done 3-pointing snowballs at the raven that he mysteriously made with perfect accuracy, Takao carried him into the gym. They snuck in and stood at the sides, wondering why they haven't started the match yet.

He saw the two captains talking and when he sees Ootsubo gesture towards him, Takao grins widely and waves his left hand as if it had a crab on it, his right hand holding onto Midorima. Silver eyes scanned the gym and when they spotted dark blue hair, Takao walked towards it.

Sitting down and letting Midorima curl up in his lap, Takao hears Aomine say 'so he did become a bunny huh' and he laughs. Kise perks up when he hears the word bunny and he smells the scent of a bunny. Putting his front paws on Takao's thigh, Kise was about to sniff a certain rabbit when Takao pushed his snout away. "Woah there, Kise! You're not eating my Shin-chan!" Takao yells as he clamps deadly jaws shut.

Kise had a few attempts at Midorima's life, trying to smell or take a bite out of him, kind of like tasting a dish. The fox was successful with one lick though, and Takao had to soothe the bunny because his heart was beating a little too fast.

With all the flailing of both Takao and Aomine, the players in the match were getting a little distracted. Miyaji snapped soon and hurled a few pineapples at the direction of Takao, cursing and swearing at the four of them as he reloads his fruity ammunition, Kimura handing him a couple of durians and a pebble he had found outside that he thought looked kind of cute.

Aomine expertly dodged one durian (A/N: Hey I'm Singaporean. Durian is like, our national fruit) and Takao had to hold Midorima up as the other durian smashed into the wall where the rabbit was cowering before. Takao sighed in relief and sat down again, noticing that Miyaji was out of ammo but got knocked out when the pebble, which was apparently nicknamed "The Boulder", was flung at Takao's head, knocking him unconscious. Midorima stared at the K.O'd Takao and proceeded to snuggle up in his jacket.

He regains consciousness when he hears whistles and realizes the 1st half just ended due to the harsh shrill of a whistle. When he sat up, he laughed at how Midorima tumbled all the way down onto Takao's legs because the rabbit was so snuggled up in his jacket (he was curled up on Takao's chest). Takao didn't know that and only realized it when he sat up.

He strokes Midorima's fur twice and looks up to see Aomine tossing him a warm can of coffee. Fumbling it in the air, hitting it on fingers and the back of hands and tossing it accidentally to the two hands. When he almost caught it, the whistle blew for the 2nd half to begin surprised him and it made him hit the can up high into the air. Flailing entire arms now, Takao looked like he was trying to do some magic trick with the can but no. Gravity was just doing its thing. He finally snatched it out of the air and breathes a sigh of relief.

Needless to say, he was glad it wasn't a can of soda.

With all the tumbling in the air, the coffee was pretty well shaken. Takao lets out a sigh of happiness as warmth goes down his throat and into his belly. Midorima started playing with The Boulder, rolling it around and sitting on it.

When the match was over, tired Shutoku players got on the bus. Midorima was huddled in Takao's bag, along with The Boulder and a pineapple. Once they reached their school, the coach briefed them and let them go. A rabbit head popped out of the bag and Takao took him out, putting him on the floor. Ootsubo bent down to play with Midorima's front paws. The rabbit shifted and kept tugging them back but Ootsubo had a grip like a tennis racket (Echizen would have been proud).

Miyaji sat down and decided to stroke his fur, in which Midorima was not getting any happier. Kimura also decided that this was the time to play with floppy ears. The players of Shutoku seem to have a soft spot for a certain long-lashed bunny.

Midorima looked at Takao with a sympathetic look, begging him to come and help him. The point guard walked over and picked him up. "Guys! Do I have to remind you that Shin-chan is mine?" Takao pouted.

Midorima sighed in relief, but Takao wasn't done. "Ask for permission first, which you now have," he said and he stuck his hands out, along with Midorima, and the three continued to pet and touch Midorima. The rabbit was screeching and struggling.

At the end of the touching session, Takao propped Midorima on his shoulder and he said with a serious expression, "My name is Ash Ketchum and I will catch them all but ironically I don't. This is my partner, Shinkachu-chan."

Midorima chewed on Takao's ear for that.

When Midorima was safely curled up on Takao's sofa, Takao went to get some food. "Shin-chan, you hungry?" He calls and looks back at the rabbit peering over the sofa back and nodding his little head. Takao started making hot chocolate for himself and started to cut up the pineapple Miyaji threw at him with vengeance.

Bringing the cup of hot choco and the plate of pineapple, he set it down on the coffee table and Midorima stared at it like it was a mutant squirrel.

"Is that…?" Midorima thought as his little rabbit face scrunched up into a grimace.

"It would be a waste of a perfectly good pineapple Shin-chan. Now eat it," Takao read the rabbit's mind and responded, and then said in a low voice, "Or I eat you."

Jumping onto the table with supersonic speed, Midorima started to eat the pineapple. It was an eat-or-be-eaten scenario. He was doing it to survive. Survival instincts took over the rabbit as he munched pineapple piece after pineapple piece.

Takao relaxed on the sofa and chuckled at the frantic bunny. He sipped his hot chocolate in his porcelain white mug smugly.

After repeated episodes of Slam Dunk and Dear Boys ("It is a perfectly good source of basketball techniques!" Takao defends when Midorima made an exasperated look), Takao noticed it was harder to keep his eyes open and also saw out of his (insanely large) peripheral vision that Midorima was nodding off too.

Carefully picking up the bunny, Takao announced, "Come Shin-chan, let's go sleep." The raven padded into the bedroom with Midorima cuddled in his hands. Squirming out of his hands, Midorima hopped onto the bed once Takao was close enough to it and made one of the pillows there his nest (since no burrows can be made with pillows unless Midorima wants to sleep in a pillow case). Takao shimmies into the other side of the bed, resting his head on the pillow beside Midorima's.

"We're going to school tomorrow right?" Takao sleepily asks and the bunny nods. Silver eyes could no longer stay open so they closed shop. Little green luminous beads stayed open to creepily watch his hawk sleep until it felt too tired and fell asleep too.

Takao woke up when he heard the shrill cries of the alarm clock trying to wake him up but also screaming in pain because it had little bunny teeth chewing into it.

"Shin-chan! What are you doing?!" Takao yells at the pissed rabbit, which apparently hates the morning war cry of the alarm clock. The raven bonks both the alarm clock and Midorima, effectively shutting off the alarm. He bonked Midorima because he was being such a stupid hat and was still chewing the poor clock.

"Shin-chan, you know all you had to do was hit the button at the top right?" Takao sniggered, "You didn't have to maim my alarm clock."

Takao left some hay and vegetables in a bowl for Midorima on the floor and went to make his own breakfast. The bunny took a few hops and leaps to reach the bowl and glared at Takao who didn't carry him. Takao giggled and turned on the gas for the stove. Takao hummed as he made sure everything was okay (you never know what tragedies will happen whilst boiling water) and sat down at the table.

Looking down, he asked, "Shin-chan, do you want to eat on the table instead? I feel like I can step on you at any time." Midorima shot him an irritable glance but nodded anyways. He didn't appreciate becoming a smashed bunny on the floor. The point guard picked him up and placed him on the table and bent down again to get the bowl. When dry salad and bunny were reunited again, Midorima curled up in the bowl and munched on the greens. Takao squealed silently because Midorima was in a bowl.

Midorima was CURLED UP in a BOWL. If that isn't the cutest thing you can ever imagine, you need to see an actual rabbit in a bowl. They are adorable.

Takao snapped out of his little fangirling session when he heard the water start to bubble. He put in an egg, placed the lid on the pot, and turned off the gas. He sat at the table and stared happily at Midorima eating when the bunny felt too self-conscious and turned away.

Takao suddenly jerked up and reached for the radio on the counter. He switched it on and the Oha'asa just started broadcasting. Midorima looked impressed and Takao puffed out his chest. "My body's biological clock has been tuned to know when Oha'asa is on," he proudly said even though it's not really something to be proud of (but to impress Midorima this is the least he had to do).

Takao smiled when he heard the lucky item for Cancers today was a boomerang. His smile widened when he heard that the lucky item for Scorpios was a bunny plushie. He got up and walked towards the storeroom in his house. After digging and throwing some things out of the way and out of the room (Midorima watched as many random things came out and thought "Is his storeroom a 4-Dimensional pocket or something"), before finally coming out slightly dusting but grinning ear to ear. He held a small wooden boomerang in his hand.

"I used to play with it when I was smaller. It even has war scars to prove it," Takao chuckled and placed it on the floor so Midorima can look at it. He gasped and quickly ran back to the kitchen. He used a spoon to take out his egg and sighed in relief. Egg cooking, is an art. (A/N: Heston Blumenthal's eggs are like food Mona Lisas.)

Midorima struggled to hop into the kitchen with the boomerang is his mouth. Takao went over to retrieve him, saying a quick apology for making Midorima hop halfway there with a boomerang.

Taking the mayonnaise out from the fridge and seizing 2 bowls, he started peeling off the eggshell to reveal a hard-boiled egg. Using a fork, he smooshed the egg together with the mayonnaise, and when it was smooshed, he spread some margarine on bread and then spread the egg-mayo on it.

"I'm glad I woke up early," Takao mumbled into his sandwich. Midorima gave him a questioning look and the human replied, "If I didn't, I wouldn't have had time to eat."

Midorima shook his head slightly and gave him another version of a questioning face. "Wow, Shin-chan, just how many of those expressions can you have?" Takao's eyebrows shot sky-high. Midorima rolled his eyes and shot Takao with a "Just answer my question" face.

"Mmh, well, I wouldn't need a plushie. I mean if I have an actual rabbit, it would be better right?" Takao said with his mouth full and almost spat a piece of egg in Midorima's cute, furry face. The rabbit looked disgusted and Takao just laughed.

Takao held Midorima (who was in his bag) close to his torso because even in the bus, it was freezing. He had Midorima's boomerang tucked into his jacket pocket so the rabbit didn't have to lug it around (since Takao had to bring Midorima around anyways so his lucky item would always be on Takao who Midorima would always be with) (did that make sense) (its okay if it doesn't just ignore it).

He sat in his seat once he reached class and placed his bag in Midorima's seat. His teacher came in soon and took attendance. When he called out Midorima's name, Takao took the rabbit out of his bag and yelled, "He's here!"

Everyone stared at the shocked rabbit in silence. There he was, cuddled in Takao's bag minding his own business, and suddenly he was up in the air and staring at everyone and vice versa.

"TAKAAAAOO," Midorima bunny screeched in his mind as he seized up in terror. "That's Midorima-kun?" His teacher asked, jaw dropping.

"Yeah it is!" Takao grinned, "Would I lie to you?"

"But that's a female right? I mean it looks so feminine…" Takao heard his classmate beside him hear and Takao had to bite his cheek to stop himself from laughing. Calming down, he turned to his classmate and said, "No really, look closer." Takao held Midorima at his armpits and let the rabbit dangle down as his classmate looked at the rabbit before coming to a realization that the rabbit was male because of a certain… Well, you know.

Midorima fumed on the inside and Takao put Midorima down, but as soon as Midorima was let go, the bunny hopped away. "Ah! Shin-chan!" Takao cried as he tried to catch his bunny. Midorima hopped in and out chair, table, and human legs and finally disappeared.

"Shin-chan?" Takao worriedly cried as he searched, along with his entire class, frantically for his bunny. Takao squeaked when something hit his head and realized that it was a Jump! Manga. If you didn't know they are really thick but light books. A whole arsenal of objects started flying through the air and raining on Takao. "Shin-chan! Stop please!" Takao squeaked as he tried to dodge them.

The rabbit finally stopped flinging things and hopped onto a table (by hopping onto a chair first) and crossed his front paws, huffing.

Midorima goes through lesson after lesson of school and Takao's shenanigans until he got so fed up that he kept throwing his little boomerang at Takao. It was a hit after hit as Midorima kept throwing the boomerang and it kept returning back to him. So it turns out that Midorima could control the boomerang really well (compared to the brother of a certain water-bending lady) and Takao was yelping every time the piece of bent wood clipped him.

"Shin-chan! I apologize! I'm sorry! Stop!" Takao yells as he ducks around the classroom and Midorima stops his attack. The rabbit stuck out his chin (A/N: rabbit's have chins right? O.o Wait of course they do… They do?) and puffed out his chest while Takao whimpers and rubs his sore head. He looks at the class clock and squeaks, "Shin-chan! We're late!"

The bunny sits himself in Takao's bag and the raven zooms off to Maji Burger. When he reaches there Akashi, Nebuya, Aomine, Kise, Kagami, and Kuroko were already there.

"So what's up?" He says casually to make it look like he was totally not late and totally wasn't rushing to get there in time. He sits down and unzips his bag to let Midorima poke his head out. He brought the bunny out and placed him on the table to let him hop around the (greasy) table.

"Kise and Kuroko can understand each other," Aomine says when he saw that Kagami's mouth was busy with something else. "Does that mean all the animals can talk to each other?" Takao wonders out loud.

"No, only Kuroko and Kise," Aomine drawls.

"Why?" Takao scratched Midorima behind the ears.

"Because Kise's a fox and Kuroko's an arctic fox."

"Ah," Takao plays with Midorima's paws, "Similar species then."

Midorima pulls his paws away from Takao when Kise smirked at Takao, showing cute little shiny white triangles that could puncture his neck and crush his bones. He huddled closer to Takao, hoping that there would be more comfort in having some human in between him and the predator.

"I think it may be too noisy in here," Takao says as he notices Midorima shifting nearer to him. Loud noises and rabbits don't go together, especially with good hearing. He didn't notice the fox eyeing the rabbit as if he were dessert though.

He puts Midorima on his lap to try and shield him from the sound but it just made Kise smile more when he realized getting to Midorima was earlier now. Midorima tries to look intimidating by fluffing out his fur but Kise just smirks in amusement. "Curse my luck for being the only prey in this bloody group of predators," Midorima thought to himself.

"Shin-chan seems to really dislike this place," Takao mumbles and Midorima screams a "NO SHIT SHERLOCK, YOU SAT DOWN BESIDE A MAN WHO WOULDN'T CARE IF I GOT EATEN BY HIS BLOODY BOYFRIEND" silently in his mind.

Midorima was just grateful that Kuroko was looking more hungrily at his vanilla shake than him.

"Hey, where are Murasakibara and Himuro?" Takao asks. Just then, Himuro pushes the doors open and lugs a black bear into view.

"What took you?" Kagami asks and Himuro apologizes, "Sorry, Atsushi walks really slowly when he's a bear."

"It's hibernation I think," Takao looks up at Himuro, "He probably feels really sleepy."

"That makes sense," Himuro sighs and pushes Murasakibara to sit beside Akashi.

Kagami and Himuro had a chat about what they did today, and it turns out that they too had a practice match with each other.

"Kagami, you guys had a practice match today? We had a practice match too, with Shutoku," Aomine mentions.

Their main topic revolved around basketball, sucking all of them in, like tennis balls in the Tezuka Zone.

And because of the existence of Aomine and Kagami and Nebuya, a fight was pretty much expected to break out, in which it did, and the anger radiated like tennis balls being hit to the Tezuka Phantom.

Right about now Takao wished he really were Tezuka because he really wants them to calm down.

"Hey Aomine," Takao points out when Aomine started that rant on the miragen, "You left out Kise."

"Oh yeah," Aomine says, "Hello-ssu! My name is Kise-su and I can scream at a level of 90 decibels if I ever see an earthworm-ssu!"

Kise started howling and pouting and Takao had to cover Midorima's ears because of the screeching done by Kise.

From there on, the evolution of the topics chosen were strange, going from basketball tactics, to 'what if women could absorb their babies back into their uterus' to taking dumps, the topic of good skin care, being electrocuted, Pokemon (Aomine's favourite Pokemon is Crawdaunt, so it appears. Takao's was Staraptor, Kuroko's was Gengar (he had told Kagami before), Kagami himself favoured Entei, Himuro was fond of Lugia, Kise was never into Pokemon, Murasakibara didn't like Pokemon, but he acted like a Snorlax, Nebuya liked Zekrom and apparently Akashi's favourite Pokemon was Arceus) and finally it ended with a heated argument about how to eat Yakiniku.

During the warzone of the humans, Kise was momentarily distracted by Kuroko's milkshake and Midorima let out the breath he was holding only to suck it back when Kise got bored and turned to look at Midorima with hungry eyes.

Midorima squeaks and Takao holds Midorima out of Kise's reach (which means he held him above his head) and yells, "Kise! Stop doing that!"

Midorima freezes in the high height because he could feel imaginary eagles outside the restaurant starting to eye him like Kise and pluck him out of Takao's hands to bring back to their nest and feast on him.

"TAKAO! I'M GOING TO GRILL YOU WHEN I TURN BACK," Midorima vengefully sworn.

"Oi oi," Aomine drawls, holding Kise's jaws shut, "You're going to answer to Shutoku when they ask why Midorima is gone."

The manager finally got his ass over to their table and evicted (more like exiled, really) the entire group out of his restaurant. Takao watched as Aomine and Kagami went to have their one-on-one ("Basketball freaks," Takao giggles under his breath) and Akashi and Nebuya walk off towards the car waiting outside for them.

The point guard looks at Himuro and blinks. "So uh, what now?"

"Want to go shopping?" Himuro hopelessly offered. Not like they had a lot of cash on them anyways.

"Good idea. I need to get Shin-chan's lucky item for tomorrow," Takao nods; lucky that he subscribed to Oha'Asa and that they send text messages of the next day's lucky items.

After separating from Murasakibara and Himuro, Takao does ahead and scans the toy stores if they sold Lego bricks.

In which most of the toy store sells Lego bricks however, they don't sell Lego bricks alone. In order to get Midorima's lucky item for the next day, he had to either search for a single Lego in his closet or buy an entire Lego family.

Why must Legos come in families? Why do they all have to go ahead and get married and give birth to little Legos? Why can't they be bought single?

Who the hell put a ring on it anyways?

"I'm not getting a box of Lego so you can carry one as a lucky item, Shin-chan," Takao walks right out of the toy store, a scrambling Midorima on his shoulder trying to make the human go back in and get him his Lego brick.

Takao looks down to make sure he's holding Midorima properly (wouldn't want the rabbit to fall flat on his face, would you) and almost runs over a little girl. Good thing he was looking down, then. He quickly swivels to the side and apologizes to the girl and her father, who was right behind her. She looks up and sees the rabbit. Tugging on Takao's jacket, she asks, "Hey, mister! Can I pet your rabbit?"

Takao blinks before bending down so he doesn't seem much of a giant (since human Midorima isn't standing next to him, he's allowed to call himself a giant), and smiles. "I don't think that's a good idea kid," Takao laughs nervously, "Shin-chan doesn't like children"

It was sooooo a lie, since Midorima had a younger sister, but hey, Takao was feeling possessive.

"Pleeeaaaaase?" The girl pleaded, digging out brown puppy eyes. Takao nervously looked up at her father who had an uneasy face, meaning that he probably couldn't control the girl that well. He looks back at the face of the pouting girl. "But…" Takao begins and damn it, the little lady starts tearing up.

Takao had no experience with little girls, because his sister was exactly like him and rarely cries, and even if she did, his mom would handle it. Now that he thought of it, he was glad that his sister went with his parents, because he was sure that she would be playing with his Shin-chan a tad too much. He briefly wondered how they're doing in Singapore when he snapped back to the situation in front of him. What was the problem again?

Right. Crying little girl.

Her father was trying to soothe her by flailing (but failing).

He looks down at Midorima and murmurs an apology as he hands the girl the rabbit. She squeals in delight as she touches the fluffy warm body; A fluffy warm body that was ironically frozen in terror, since Midorima wasn't feeling the effects of winter at all. Takao stands up and chuckles at the squirming Midorima and turns to have a chat with the dad.

"Your daughter really loves animals, doesn't she?" Takao grins at the kind of sort of cute situation. The father smiles, "She had always wanted a pet, you see, so she likes petting animals."

She was now squatting on the ground, playing with Midorima's paws. "Ah, I see," Takao chuckles.

"But you really don't," The father murmurs.

Takao's expression from happy turned into shock and confusion. "Huh?" He managed to say before a wet cloth was put over his nose and mouth. He breathed in the sickly sweet smell and was pulled backwards by his arm before he passed out.

Midorima squirmed to look over the girl's shoulder and watches as the rest of Takao's body was hauled in a car. From the back window, he managed to catch a glimpse of short black hair that looked unconscious (the body, not the hair).

The girl holds him tight as he watches the car drive away, unable to do anything, Well, he could screech the rabbit screech, but how many are going to hear him and how many are going to understand him? There are no Rabbit Whisperers, because I have never heard of any other whisperers except for the Ghost Whisperer and the Dog Whisperer. He was dropped on the floor and looks up at the girl who was holding him just now, her face neutral with no emotion.

His bloody lucky item bloody drove away, god damn it. But Takao still had his, so maybe he'd be safe.

"Big bro," She tugs the 'father's' jacket, "Did I do well?"

Her brother, who was her father just before if you recall, patted her head and chuckled, looking down at Midorima, "Yeah. Let's get some of your favourite soup as a reward for a job well done."

Midorima watches as the siblings walked away as if nothing happened and looked around for Murasakibara. The bear was indeed lumbering towards him, with no sight of Himuro. His guess was right Himuro was in that car. What the hell was going on? Murasakibara picked the rabbit up and walked to Akashi's house with Midorima in his front paws, because if anything, Akashi always has the answers.

Midorima sat in Murasakibara's paw like how he himself held his lucky item. He didn't know where the bear was going but he soon saw the basketball court. Shifting in the hard paw, Midorima was trying to get comfortable when a dash of gold was seen. Straining his eyes (he wasn't wearing his glasses after all) he spots Kise and assumes that that strange-looking snow pile next to him is Kuroko.

Together, through the means of snow and a stick, the decided on a plan, in which the plan was to go to Akashi, hoping he had answers. The traveled at the speed of bear, because the slowest person is usually how fast you can probably go. Murasakibara was pretty sleepy, and he kept falling flat on his face so he can snuggle up with the snow. Midorima had hopped off his paw and hitched a ride on Kuroko, not making Kuroko any noticeable.

Once they have reached their destination, they had a bit of trouble trying to communicate with the servants when finally they were brought into Akashi's room.

Sitting down in front of Akashi, they stared at the lion for a second before thinking that they had to do something before they were stared to death by sharp, heterochromatic, predator eyes.

Midorima spotted Akashi's red laptop and he hopped over and pointed at it, looking over at Akashi to see if he had permission to use it. After receiving permission, he tried opening it by himself, but he didn't have opposable thumbs (do rabbits even have thumbs?) so he struggled with it for a bit before Murasakibara slinked over and opened it for him.

Typing with difficulty (his paws were small and compact so he kept pressing the wrong buttons), he typed out in a Microsoft Word document: 'Himuro and Takao got abducted.'

Using a pen, Kuroko wrote with his mouth (he almost slobbered over the paper though): So did Kagami-kun and Aomine-kun.

A low rumble was heard and the lion walked over to get the pen from Kuroko and wrote: My servants have informed me that Eikichi is missing as well. Atsushi, use your nose to follow Eikichi's scent since I have his belongings right now.

After Murasakibara grudgingly walked out with Kuroko on his heels... uh paws… um… paw heels? Either way you get my point even though it's a blunt one. Midorima was left with Kise and Akashi. Since he had nothing better to do, he decided to play a game of shogi with Akashi, because playing a game with Kise would be too unintelligent. Also Kise doesn't know how to play shogi.

Takao would twiddle his thumbs if he could but he couldn't. He couldn't really twiddle anything. He could probably try and twiddle his big toes but he was wearing boots. Twiddling big toes when they were in boots is just… stupid. He had woken up a few minutes ago. Looking around, he briefly got the idea and decided to just sit there, in the middle of the group in which Aomine and Kagami were on his left and Himuro and Nebuya were on his right. Himuro had woken up around the same time as him, so they had a small chat, but soon they just became too cold and tired to continue the conversation anymore.

An hour later, Aomine and Kagami groaned awake (not together, Kagami woke up first. Aomine took his own sweet time), and ever since then, they had been complaining and groaning and Takao really wanted to cuff them over the head with this tree he was tied to.

Hearing a small groan to his right, Takao saw Nebuya start to wake. "Hey, you okay?" Takao asks, and Nebuya grumbles back an affirmative. Knowing that he was fine and not hurting like Bakagami and Ahomine, Takao then complains to Nebuya about the two teens' complaining. Himuro asked the two concussionists a question and then suddenly a whole barrel of complaints happened and Nebuya started to get annoyed. "You can't blame them, they got hit in the head whereas Himuro and I got chloroformed. How about you?" Takao chuckles and asks Nebuya.

Midorima really wanted to punch Akashi in the face because damn that redheaded shorty is winning again. The door slid open and Murasakibara and Kuroko shuffled back in. Kise started yipping like crazy and Midorima rolled his eyes.

Their little plan was crafted shortly and Midorima wonders why he's even here, stuck in this cursed body. He also wonders why Kise has blood on his paws when he realized that the fake blood has been born. Watching the top 3 predators spread blood on themselves, Midorima and Kuroko were careful not to get any on their fur because they had to stay whiter than pale to blend in with the snow.

They walked to the forest together, trying to avoid the panicking people and the barking dogs. Midorima had to hitch a ride on Murasakibara and he had a pretty good view of death because he was afraid that predator birds would just pluck him out of Murasakibara's paws. Or that Murasakibara would eat him. Either way he curses the fact that he was the one and only one who got turned into a prey animal instead of a predator.

He thought about his possibilities of being a crocodile but scrapped the idea. A cold-blooded thing in winter is not a good idea.

Also it would deprive him of this nice, smooth, silky snow-white rabbit fur that he has come to love. Maybe he should get himself a fur coat.

They reached the edge of the forest and Midorima was put on the ground. Together with Kuroko, they snuck towards the trees that had humans bounded to them and began work as soon as the other predators started theirs.

Once a shout had rung through the forest, Midorima started chewing Takao's rope. The rabbit kept his ears peeled like potatoes to listen for anyone sneaking up behind him, since he had ghastly huge ears, he might as well use them. It was just one of the perks of being a prey animal. He wonders if his teeth were even able to chew through the thick rope but it was okay. Rabbit bit through rope. Rabbit's human is free. Rabbit did good.

Midorima moved to the extreme right and left Nebuya to Takao because he was able to get further away without being noticed. Stopping behind Himuro's tree, he started chewing on the other raven's ropes until he finally chewed through one. Himuro wriggled free and the rabbit managed to catch a glimpse of the 3 predators showing their prowess.

Takao scoops up Midorima after a regroup with the others and after evaluating their injuries briefly, they headed to the hospital they knew would only accept them at a time like this.

On the way to the hospital, Midorima felt Takao shiver and shudder. He really wished that he were normal-sized so he could do more than warm Takao's hands. Of course he didn't voice it out though (no one would understand him if he did anyways) because he was too prideful.

And too much of a tsun tsun.

"Panther-kun! Tiger-kun! Hawk-kun! Wolf-kun!" They all heard Sahara greet when they entered the hospital. "Sahara-san!" Takao greeted and hopefully asked, "Do you have warm drinks and blankets?"

Takao was finally one with a huge fluffy blanket. The humans had all gotten one, and Takao was a ball of blanket on the floor. Midorima was lost somewhere in the midst of the blanket so he had to struggle a bit until he finally found Takao's body. The only time the raven poked his head out was when Sahara brought the hot chocolate.

"Oh dear, it feels like the group has gotten bigger," Sahara chuckles.

"Ah," Himuro says softly, "That's right, you don't know."

Takao grabs Midorima and raises him up, "This is Shin-chan."

"Shin-chan?" Sahara blinks, "You mean Midorima-kun?"

Takao nods and Midorima scowls.

"That is Atsushi," Himuro says and points to the bear curled up on the floor.

"Atsushi, as in, Murasakibara-kun?" Sahara confirmed and Himuro nodded.

"Then I'm assuming this is Kuroko-kun?" Sahara gave the arctic fox a little rub on his head and Kuroko leaned into her hand. Both Takao and Himuro nodded.

"And that is Kise-kun?" She went to pat down the fur that was sticking up in Kise's fluffy golden tail. They nodded again.

"Looks like I got new nicknames for you guys," Sahara stands up straight and smirks.

Takao and Himuro laughed and a groan by Aomine and Kagami was produced.

"Then who are you?" She says as she walks towards Nebuya and Akashi.

Nebuya introduces himself, "Ah, my name is Nebuya Eikichi."

"I see, Nebuya-kun then. How about you?" She turns her attention towards the lion.

"That's Akashi Seijurou." Nebuya helps Akashi say.

"Oh, okay. Lion-kun then."

Takao watched in amusement as Akashi's eye twitched and his head lowered.

"If you guys want to sleep here, go ahead, but it's not going to be comfortable since I already supplied you what I can supply," Sahara says as she opens the door. "If you need me, call me. I'm working graveyard shift. I'm going to be here the whoooooooole night." She leaves and closes the door gently.

Settling beside the medicine cabinet, Takao wraps himself with the blanket but not before holding Midorima close to him. The rabbit squeaked and tried to get out but then decided to calm down and snuggle up with the raven.

Takao groaned and shifted under the weight and warmth. Midorima didn't get lighter after all. The greenhead was up but his eyes were still closed, hoping that he could go back to sleep but the noise was a bit too hard to bear. Sneaking a hand into the medicine cabinet, he carelessly flung it to the direction of Kise.

The syringe stuck fast into the wall and Kise froze in terror. "Not only did you threaten to eat me alive," Midorima growled as soon as he realized that he could speak, "You also have the ability to be so god damned noisy in the morning." Kise shrinks and tries to merge with the wall as Aomine stares at the transparent liquid swirling violently in the syringe.

"Midorimacchi!" Kise yells, "What would happen if that actually stabbed me?!

"Good riddance!" Midorima snarls back, "And even if it had embedded into flesh instead of plaster, the trigger wouldn't have been pushed."

"Jesus Christ do you guys have to be so goddamn loud in the morning?!" Kagami growled.

Takao peaked his head out of his blanket and grinned like a cat as he grabbed a nearby pillow and flung it at Kise. The pillow ate Kise's face and a pillow fight was born until it ended with a pillow to Nebuya's face.

After mumbling something and gathering his things, Nebuya left the hospital to avoid any more pillow damage. His HP was running rather low without breakfast.

Takao and Midorima left as soon as they could because it was pretty weird in the hospital room. Murasakibara was eating all the flowers, Kagami was trying to get pillow stuffing out of his hair, and Himuro was trying to get Murasakibara to stop eating flowers. And they returned to Takao's house. "So Shin-chan how was your rabbit experience?" Takao curiously asks.

Midorima swats Takao on the back of the head and scoffs; "It would have been better if you didn't throw me around in that infernal bag and gotten into so much trouble. And if you would stop holding me in vulnerable positions and letting people touch me."

"… What vulnerable positions," Takao deadpans. "I mean holding me up high, and sitting so close to Kise. And then leaving me with a group of carnivores alone while you go and bloody freeze without your jacket."

"Oh? Was Shin-chan worried?" Takao teased and Midorima blushed. Pushing up his glasses, he stammers, "O-of course not. You just… Carried my lucky item away."

"Yeah right. Admit it, you were worried about me and you love me."

"I do not."

"You so do."

"This is ridiculous. Cook me lunch. I want meat, I've had enough of vegetables and… pineapples," Midorima shuddered as he said the last item.

Takao chuckled, "I'll cook you food if you agree that you love me."

Midorima pouted slightly at the grinning Takao but he refused to say out the confession so instead he kissed Takao on the lips. The raven was shocked and stayed stuck in place, but it was too late by the time he wanted to kiss back because Midorima had pulled away. Slightly blushing and pushing up his glasses again, Midorima cleared his throat and said, "Will you cook me food now."

Haisaki sighed as he looked at his own reflection in the mirror. His black dreadlocks were slowly becoming silver as the dye runs out. He wonders if he would be able to remove his dreadlocks or maybe he should just shave his head.

"Admiring yourself in the mirror?" Haisaki hears a man say behind him and he turns to see Nijimura. "Senpai," Haisaki greets the man with dripping sarcasm and smirks, "Long time no see."

"Well, I suppose that's accurate on your side, since I've always kept my eye on you," Nijimura raises an eyebrow. Haisaki makes a disgusted look, "That's… kind of gross and creepy, senpai."

"But I did recognize something that was outside of your usual pattern though. You've become… Less of a asshole and a jerk blended together. Did something happen? You're also taking my advice of getting rid of the 'whole-head-of-black-worms' thing, aren't you? Did you get dreadlocks to make Kise cry or what?" Niijimura leans on the bathroom doorframe.

Haisaki chuckles but he slowly stops. "Senpai, you're pretty observant aren't you?"

"Hmm? It's just to make sure you don't get into any unnecessary trouble you lil' shit."

Haisaki turns around and looks at Nijimura in his neat white button-down and black slacks and stares at his weird black zippie hoodie thing and awkward dark purple baggy pants and decides to look back up again and ignore his strange wardrobe choice. "What would you do if I've gotten into a fuckload of trouble?"

Nijimura narrowed his eyes but his expression didn't change, save for eyebrows digging in slightly to form a small frown, "I would have punched your face until it's a bloody mess."

"Oh? What if I had messed with our little Generation of Miracles?" Haisaki asked as he smirked as well.

Nijimura widened his eyes as his frown becomes more prominent and his face turns dark as he stares at Haisaki, "What did you do?"

"Me? Oh I didn't do anything," Haisaki raised his hands in a surrender and his smirk was washed away with an amused face, "But here's a thing. I might need your help in finding out who messed with our kiddos." Haisaki's smirk returned to his face. He had found the right person to sniff out the brat who bothered to mess with the GoM that only Haisaki was allowed to mess with.


Midorima was with Akashi when he came. The door slammed open, the servants shouting and gasping in surprise, and in one big whoop, Midorima was held in a pair of really cold hands. Akashi watched frozen in place as the teen tore skin and fur and ripped out flesh. Blood dripped down hands and arms as a tongue licked the blood that remained on his lips. A tongue trailed up a forearm and the raven relished in the taste of blood.

Akashi was frozen in place as he saw his shogi opponent get brutally devoured by his partner. Takao turned to Akashi and was amused at his shocked face. "What?" He said, "I was hungry."

The only thought that passed the lions head was "There's no way that that could have tasted nice raw."

The end.

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