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Blaine Anderson, hair slicked back, football jersey wrapped tightly around himself, walked down the street toward West McKinley High. The cool autumn air viciously blew dry dead leaves around him. They crunched beneath his sneakers as he walked. Today was Monday, unfortunately. A whole nother five days at this dreadful place awaited him. He really really hated his school. Football practice at the end of the day made him happier, but sometimes he was so annoyed at his classmates that he would honestly rather shoot himself than practice. It could really get to him.

Snow was expected. Blaine hoped it would arrive soon. He was getting impatient with having to go back to WMHS every day. For a football player who won championships for his school and had the reputation of Shane Dawson on Twitter, he was shockingly alone. As attractive and athletic as he was, people normally didn't bother to mess with him. It was very strange. Usually you see football players as these social pirias, but not Blaine.

He blamed his temper for his antisocialism. He figured he was too short-tempered and impatient to deal with people. Or maybe it was because he liked Lady Gaga. No one at his school appreciated that fact. Literally - - no one. He had gotten Rachel Berry, the only person he could call a friend, to take a survey for their socialism class. The students had actually enjoyed the presentation, but they had ended up drowning both Blaine and Rachel in slushy. And urine.

Blaine heard voices coming from behind him. He didn't even bother to look around. He recognized Brittany whats-her-face walking with her girlfriend Santana whoever as they passed by him. Brittany gave a little wave. Blaine smiled at her and waved back. Santana gave Brittany a scolding look; someone was jealous.


Nearly ten minutes later, Blaine was arriving at school. Students were beginning to pour off of buses and out of cars. He always liked to arrive fairly early, again, unlike the other jocks. He was a teacher favorite.

Blaine walked in the front door of the school. He was met by an extremely excited and jittery Rachel. She ran to him with a gigantic smile on her face.

Blaine smiled. "What's up, Rach?"

Rachel squealed, causing some heads to turn. Blaine's eyebrow arched. "People are staring."

Rachel shook her head. "I don't care! Guess what just happened to me!"

Blaine shrugged. "I don't know. Finn hugged you?"

Rachel made a face. "What makes you say that? Jeez, I don't obsess over Finn, Blaine." She giggled.

Blaine rolled his eyes. "That's it, isn't it?"

Rachel sighed. "Okay, yes. But he's just so cute! I can't help but melt every time he - -"

"Looks at you, speaks to you, hugs you, says something to you, hugs you, says something in class, says hello to someone else, I could go on and on," said Blaine. "You're a little caught up, don't you think?"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "He's just so... yum."

The two started walking down the hallway. "You'd know what I mean if you'd be a little more sociable," Rachel said. "All you do is sit at home and listen to that Lady Gaga crap. You really need a life... and some better taste in music."
"My music taste is fine," said Blaine. "It's mine, not yours." He sighed. "And I don't know how to be sociable. You know how sucky I am with people."

"That could change," Rachel tol dhim. "You just need some practice."

Blaine made a face. "How do you practice being social?"

Rachel went silent for once. "Uh... that's actually a good question."

Blaine chuckled. "I'm fine, Rachel. Really. I've done this for over ten years."

"But this is high school!" said Rachel. "You could miss out on so much."

"I think I'll survive," said Blaine.

Rachel sighed. "Yes, it looks like you'll be fine," she said sarcastically.


Blaine and Rachel had first period chemistry together. They always sat together towards the back of the room. They were twenty minutes into class. The teacher had given them their assignments and the two were getting into it... well, Blaine was at least. Rachel sat with her textbook open, but she was really sitting there doing her make-up with her iPod camera for a mirror. Occasionally she'd respond to something Blaine was saying with a "mhm," but she was wishing to look especially good for her boyfriend-to-be, Finn, in second period.

There was a kncok at the door. Ms. Terry went to go answer it. Blaine's curiosity got the best of him and he turned around to see who was knocking. When she pulled the door open, Blaine saw...

A 12-year-old?

The boy had rosy red cheeks, a smooth (scary smooth) face, was dressed in bright red, and had a '60s haircut. He was looking slick. But why was he here?
Rachel popped her lips. "Who is it?" she asked.

Blaine shrugged. "Some kid."

Rachel turned around and smiled. "Oh my gosh, look at him! Isn't he so adorable? Blaine, look!"

Blaine sighed. "Rachel, I've been looking."

"No, at this eyeshadow!" Rachel slapped him to make him look at her. "The kid is cute, but this eyeshadow, holy jeez!"

Blaine chuckled and rolled his eyes, returning his attention to Mr. Slick.

Ms. Terry gleefully led the boy up to the front of the room. "Boys and girls, attention please! Okay, meet our new student, Kurt Humell!"

The class happily said, "Hello, Kurt!"

"He's actually in our class?" said Blaine.

"Looks like it," Rachel responded.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself, Kurt?" Ms. Terry spoke like she was teaching a 1st grade class.

Kurt smiled. "Okay. My name is Kurt. I'm 16 - -"
The class erupted in laughter. Kurt's voice was extremely high-pitched. He sounded like a girl...

A kid in the front yelled, "Yeah, okay. We all believe that!"

Kurt looked hurt. "But I am 16!" he cried.

Some girl said, "Yeah, and I'm 40!"

Blaine looked at Rachel, who was about to fall out of her chair laughing. He made a face. "Rachel, don't you think that's mean?"

Rachel stopped. "Oh. Oh, yeah. Poor guy."

Blaine rolled his eyes.

Ms. Terry clapped her hands and yelled, "Hey! There will be no fun-making in my classroom! Do I make myself clear?"

The laughter died down a bit. Ms. Terry's smile returned. "There. Go find a partner, Kurt. Since everyone already partnered up, you'll be in a group of three. Who wants to let Kurt work in their group?"
Not a single hand went up. A few kids even started laughing again. Blaine couldn't help but be heartbroken after seeing Kurt's obviously hurt face. Seeing as he had no friends other than Rachel so he couldn't get laughed at, he raised his hand. "He can be in our group, Ms. Terry."

Kurt's face lit up. Ms. Terry also smiled. "Okay. Kurt, go sit next to Blaine and Rachel."

His smile didn't even consider going away as Kurt pulled up a seat next to Blaine. He held out his hand. "Hello. I'm Kurt Humell."

Rachel bit her lip to keep from laughing. Blaine noticed and elbowed her in the ribs. Blaine grinned and shook Kurt's hand. "Hi, I'm Blaine Anderson. This is my best friend, Rachel Berry. It's very nice to meet you."

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