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He was going to do it. He was going to tell her, today; better late, than never. Gamma drew his fingers though his blond locks, sighing under his breath.

It was about time, he realized what was spinning through his mind, whenever he spoke to [Name]. It was such a trifling matter; honestly, he never thought, that he would see that women, more than anything, but a friend- because that's all she really was.

She was someone, he could pass the time with; engage in meaningless conversations-a good friend. However, lately, his mind has been troublesome, endless thoughts about her.

It wasn't natural.

He couldn't concentrate on his missions properly, and he couldn't afford to fail boss. But still, he couldn't help but think about her, the fact that his fists would clench, at the thought of someone else conversing with [Name].

The mere thought that, she could actually be with someone else; she was pleasing.

He couldn't take it, anymore

e. He couldn't talk to her, like everything was alright, because it wasn't.

He had to tell her, after all this time, it was probably too late; but it couldn't be.

"[Name]…"He said nonchalantly greeting her, hands slugged into his pocket, his lips forming a light smirk.

She turned around, smiling, as she waved at him, lightly.

"So…What are you doing here? We haven't spoken in a while…"She said softly, while he clicked his tongue lightly.

"Yeah…I was busy...Nothing I couldn't handle..."He said slowly, while she rolled her eyes, chuckling lightly.

"[Name]…I'm going to go ahead and say it…"

She stared at him, in confusion.

"What is it, Gamma?" She asked slowly, smiling.

"Hmm…You didn't let me finish…It seems…[Name]…I like you…"

Her eye twitched lightly, in annoyance.

"Are you kidding me? The joke's getting old…"

"No…I like you…"He said gravely, his eyes never straying from hers. She sighed under her breath, her lips parted.

She smiled.

"Me too. I like you, too…"

He smiled cockily, running his fingers through his hair.

"But all of that is in vain-"

"[Name]…What are you-"

"I don't like you, the way that you like me…" She said slowly, tears on the brink of pricking her eyes. He inched closer to her, attempting to hold her, but she refused, shrugging away from him.

"I love you. I always had. But you…you never noticed…Not one bit…I was with you for so long, and this is probably the moment I have been dreaming off, but you don't like me the way, that I do…You still don't, and you don't even understand…" She rambled, her voice choking, his eyes surprised.

He held her, trapping her in a warm embrace; like he would always do, upon greeting her.

"That's impossible…I like you a lot...You're a stubborn women but-"

"Let me be, Gamma…My answer is no, and it is final…"She said slowly, trying to break away from his strong grip. His eyes widened in surprise, his heart beating faster, his breath quickened.

He bent down to her level, holding her face gently, in his palms. She averted her gaze, jerking her face away from his warm hold.

"But...I thought-"

"Gamma…"She said slowly, stepping away from him, quickly forcing a smile onto her face.

"You still love her."

He stopped in his tracks, his fingers clenching into a fist; boss. He used to unconsciously ramble on about her to [Name]; how troublesome she was being, and how he always had to take care of her, not that he was entirely complaining about.

[Name]'s heart fell, a little too many times, noticing how his eyes would light up, whenever he would talk about her; even if he was complaining about her, even if he was admiring her.

A light chuckle would form on his lips, whenever [Name] mentioned that Aria was beautiful, and lucky to have him as a loyal subordinate.

He brushed it off nonchalantly, stating that he was the one lucky. He was so proud; so proud of being even close to her, so proud, that he didn't even notice, how much in love he was.

He fell badly, and nothing could get him out, because he didn't even know it himself, in the first place.

The way his fists would clench, upon realizing that she would cry to herself, adamantly refusing to shed her tears in public.

He loved Aria, and [Name] loved him.


"It's alright, Gamma…You'll always be my best friend…"She said smiling, as she headed away from him.

But, she wasn't the only one, he loved.

He loved [Name], as well, he was sure of it.

She was his best friend. She knew everything about him, except for…a lot of things that he chose to keep hidden.

He didn't love her, the way he loved Aria, but he loved her enough.

He loved her. He loves her, and it was all that mattered, but now, he was a little too late. Her eyes stopped seeing him in that light, her eyes dimmed whenever she saw him.

Her eyes weren't filled with that troublesome emotion, anymore, but his were; stuck in an endless chasm, which he refused to get into, in the first place.

He hated it, but he was going to tell her, and somehow get her back.

He lost Aria, and now [Name], as well.