(This will be a short chapter since it's closing everything up. Also make sure you read the note at the bottom)

Alex tries to finish his goal by killing himself.

Final Chapter Start

Alex knew as soon as he killed Sanguis, it would be time to take out the last thing that remained of him, his student and the only one that had his magic. Just as the dagger touched Alex's skin and was about to pierce his it and then heart a fireball flew and hit the dagger out of Alex's hand.

He glared at Natsu "What do to think you're doing? Don't stop me from completing my goal!" Natsu walked in front of Alex and punched him, sending him to the ground.

"You are an idiot." He said to Alex.

"I'm trying to get rid of the last of Sanguis, his magic and student, how does that make me an idiot?"

"You also said you want to kill anyone that was suffering because of him, correct?"

"I did...what does that have to do with this?" Alex asked picking his dagger up and standing up.

"If you kill yourself, the whole guild will be suffering due to Sanguis."

Alex looked at him, clueless "What do you mean? None of you ever met him until just today!"

"But we met you. If you kill yourself because you are a student of Sanguis, it make us lose a friend, because of him, in other words you can't complete your goal. You can't kill us because we aren't suffering because of him unless you die, but if you kill yourself, you still can't kill us." Natsu said making reasonable sense.

"..." Alex stayed silent looking at his dagger then he spoke "I should have known..."

"Known what?"

"Known that my goal was impossible to complete." Alex put his dagger away.

"So does that mean-" Wendy started to ask.

"Yes. I'm staying with Fairy Tail."

"Then there is only one thing to do..." Markrov said "It's time to finish this party!" Everyone cheered and Alex actually became sociable at this time.

After the party ended and most of the guild went home, Alex sat at the front of th guild in very deep thought. He didn't even notice when Makarov sat beside him.


He turned slowly "Hey, Makarov."

"You seem to be thinking about something rather deeply."

"Just thinking about my life and how I managed to get here. It started with my parents death...and it almost ended with my own...I kind of feel like I betrayed my parents, friends and my brother by living on instead of joining them where they are. I don't worthy of living..."

"Trust me Alex. Your parents and friends, even your brother would want you to live on and make friends, want you to live your life to the fullest and with no regrets."

"That doesn't change how I feel. I killed Sanguis but his magic still lives on and I'm still his student."

"You use your magic for good, it doesn't matter where you learned the magic from but how you use the magic that counts. If you use the magic you have for good, then that makes you different from Sanguis."

Alex smiled "That makes sense... so I use my magic for good." Alex stood up "I'm going to head home now." Alex walked out of the guild.

For 9 years I thought Fairy Tail was my enemy, while I was in Phantom. Yet it was this guild that helped me prevail over Sanguis...Phantom had tricked me, I had to fight future allies, I had been hunted by the Council, I killed my own brother and lost my magic, I killed innocents to regain my magic and I had finally defeated Sanguis...and I owe it all to Fairy Tail.

Final Chapter End.

I am thinking of continuing this story in a second part and it will go to Edolas and then once they return Alex will have a new enemy to defeat. Tell me if you think I should or shouldn't do this.