Hey guys! So this idea came to me and I love it. Its about a badass Rachel who comes to live with her twin brother Sam. She will be a blonde in this story. Anyway on with it.

The doorbell rang at 6:15 pm. Mike, Puck, and Finn were at Sam's house.

"Evans! You gonna get that?" Puck yelled to Sam who was in the kitchen eating a slice of pizza.

"Nope!" Sam said smirking.

"Fine I'll get it." Puck said annoyed as he got up to the door. When he opened the door he saw a small Blondie with green eyes [A/N: I said she was Sam's twin sister].

"Who are you?" Puck asked.

"I'm Rachel. I'm looking for my brother Sam." Rachel said. Puck's eyes got big like beach balls.

"Sam?!" Puck said shocked and confused.

"Yeah Sam. Evans? He's tall and looks exactly like me. Can I come in. its like 30 degrees out bro." Rachel said. Puck nodded opening the door for her. Rachel walked in carrying her suitcase. She scanned the room. She saw an Asian boy watching television, a freakishly tall boy on his phone, and a mohawked boy checking her out. She was about to say to Puck "Take a picture. It last longer." But someone called her name.

"Rachel?" Sam said. Rachel turned around and dropped her bags to run to him. He hugged her.

"Sammy." She whispered. Puck, Mike, and Finn and confused faces.

"Oh guys! This is my twin sister Rachel. Rachel this is Finn." Sam said pointing to Finn who waved at Rachel smiling goofy. "Mike." Mike shook her hand. "And Puckerman" Rachel and Puck fist bumped. "So what are you doing here?" Sam asked confused. When Sam and Rachel were little there parents were in a car accident. They got separated. Rachel lived in LA with her aunt and uncle. And Sam lived with his older brother Travis. They were only eleven.

"Well didn't you hear? I got shipped off. They kicked me out!" Rachel said laughing while they all looked at her shocked.

"WHAT?" Sam shouted.

"We could leave the room if you want." Mike said. Rachel shook her head.

"Its ok you will all find out soon anyway. So after our parents died I got sent off to LA to live with my Uncle Chris and Aunt Mary. I was so confused and sad. I got caught up with the wrong crowds. I would drink until I passed out. I did drugs. Hooked up with any guy and plain sight. And I've been to Juvie 30 times. They couldn't take it. So I was shipped off." Rachel said. When she was finished everyone had a face. Puck looked impressed. Mike and Finn looked shocked. And Sam looked mad.

"What the hell? What did you do to go to Juvie 30 times?" Sam said really mad.

"Mostly fighting, drug possession, public intoxication." Rachel said. Sam gave her 'the look' "But-but the last time it was for fighting and it was totally not my fault. This guy tried to grab my ass so I- um I kind of broke his wrist and cut off his manhood. Let that be a warning for you all." Rachel said. All guys put they're hands up in surrender.

"So Rachel tell us about yourself. Could you sing?" Finn said knowing they needed one more member for glee club to compete.

"Well I don't sing anymore but I could dance. Probably better than any girl in your school."

"Well would you join glee club then? You don't have to sing but you can dance. But you will be up against Santana and Brittany for dancing so good luck." Finn said. Rachel thought about it.

"Sure wouldn't kill me. Look I've been on a four hour plane I'm catch some Z's. Goodnight." Rachel said as she walked up stairs.

Next day…..

Rachel got up to her alarm. She had stayed in her older brother Travis' room since he was in college now. She took a shower and got dressed she put her hair in messy side braid and put on a black tank top with a black and white striped cardigan that was long. She was wearing black skinny jeans with matching combats boots. She brushed her teeth had breakfast and her and her brother drove to school. As they walked in she got something that she was use to. Wolf whistles and the common 'Hey baby'. While she was walking to her first class she saw a boy who was dressed pretty nice for a boy so she figured he was gay. He was pinned against the lockers by a jackass who had a slushie in his hand. She figured she had to be super woman in this situation so she approached them.

"Hey dick. Let him go." Rachel said to Karofsky. Karofsky dropped Kurt and looked her. He scoffed and was about to throw the slushie at her. But Rachel tipped the cup so it hit him instead. She then pinned him against the locker.

"I will kill you but that means my Juvie record would be at 31. So scram." Rachel said. Karofsky quickly ran. Everyone in the hall cheered for her.

"Thank you. Thank you. I'll be here all week." Rachel said to the kids in the hall way. She then turned to Kurt.

"Thank you." Kurt said.

"No problem" Rachel said smiling before walking away. Lets just skip to glee.


"Guys! We found someone else for glee club. She doesn't sing but she can dance." Finn said waling into glee club.

"Well she has to compete with me and Brit for that dancing position." Santana said in her bitchy attitude. Finn was about to fight back with her but someone else did.

"Oh I will honey. Name's Rachel. Now since we are like 5 year olds and we can't share I challenge you to a dance off. You and 'Brit' dance together for one dance then you dance solo. Deal?" Rachel explained.

"Deal. Auditorium now." Santana said to the glee club. When they got to the auditorium Brittany and Santana went first. Brittany and Santana danced to Survivor together. Then Brittany danced to run the World (Girls!) by herself. Santana danced to Bad by herself. It was Rachel's turn. She came out in a sparkly red, purple, and orange dress. A guy came out which was he dance partner.

"Don't hurt yourself darling." Santana said smirking. Rachel flashed her dirty look. They were prepared for her to be terrible but she was amazing. Then when it was time to dance by herself she was even more incredible. [A/N: if you want to see how she looked look up so you think you can dance Lauren and watch the videos where the blonde girl is dancing to my first kiss and my chick bad]

"You win." Santana said still shocked. Rachel bowed and walked off.

"We're going to Nationals with her." Mike said.

"You know who she looks like? Sam." Quinn said. Sam smirked.

"She's my twin sister. You guys haven't met her because she use to live in LA but my aunt and uncle shipped her off."

"Why did she get shipped off?" Mercedes said curious.

"Because she's been getting in trouble. Been to Juvie 30 times." Sam said.

"She is awesome. This morning she defended me in front of Karofsky." Kurt said.

"That was her? I and she need to talk about his." Sam said mad before looking for his sister.

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