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Bold is Sam's Thoughts

Italics is Rachel's thoughts

Underlined is when they think the same thing at the same time.

"What the hell is going on here?" The voice said. Shit just my fucking luck. As the voice got closer they learned it was Sam [A/N: YOU BOTH GOT IT RIGHT!].

"Puckerman what the hell? My sister?" Sam said pushing Puck. Rachel stood back against the walls just watching.

"Yes your sister! She's hot and I was making out with her." Puck said pushing Sam back.

"You're fucking dead meat!" Sam yelled as he raised his fist to punch Puck. But Rachel stopped him.

"Wait!" Rachel said. She got her flask out her bag and her phone and took a sip and pushed record on her phone. "Ok go." She said as her phone was recording. Sam went back to punching Puck and soon enough they were fighting. The glee club and saw 2 things. Puck and Sam fighting like animals and Rachel laughing while recording everything on her phone. Finn and Mike pulled them apart. Mercedes ran to Sam.

"Are you ok? I can't believe Rachel just stood their watching!" Mercedes said. Wow. I don't even know her and I think she is the biggest bitch ever right next to Malibu Barbie.

"Babe. It's ok." Sam said. Babe?! Uh oh!

"Babe?! Oh god! See Sam this is why I'm the smart twin. So not only are you like the village idiot but you are dating the biggest bitch ever. Well at least you weren't stupid enough to date Malibu Barbie." Rachel said. Sam looked down ashamed. "Oh my god you did! You dated 2 bitches in a row. Let me guess she cheated on you!" She said. Sam continued to look down. "Oh score 1 for Smart twin 0 for idiot one twin!" Rachel said pumping her fist in the air.

"Could you ever be serious? Life always has to be all fun and games for you!" Sam said angry.

"Why yes brother life does have to be all fun and games for me. You know what? If it wasn't I would be a girl who had both of her parents dead, a idiot twin brother and another idiot douche of a brother who for some reason got a tattoo of their names on her body. So not being serious makes my life a little less depressing. So Noah come with me I will get my brother and I shared blood off you." Rachel said grabbing Puck's arm and leading him to the bathroom. When she was finished cleaning him she stopped him from walking out.

"Look. It looks like you, my brother, and I aren't ready for us to be in a relationship. So how about we have a no strings attached kind of thing." Rachel said.

"So meaningless sex. Whenever we want?" Puck asked

"Whenever we want and no feelings. No falling in love. None of that."

"I'm deal." Puck said and they shook hands.

OHHHHHHHHH! What will happen? By the way I don't like Mercedes. I don't like her because of season 3. She was fucking around with Sam's emotions and that shit aint kosher. So how will Sam react to this? Stay tuned!