Hinata gripped at the blankets wrapped around her body and pulled them closer. The faint buzzing noise in the back of her head informed her that she was still pretty drunk -and the tilting of the world as she attempted to stand up only confirmed this. She wobbled slightly, then gave in to gravity and flopped on to her side on the comfy bed. She still kept a tight hold on the blankets, even though she felt as if she would die from the heat. Feeling groggy, she hauled herself upright on the bed and stared at the wall, trying to make sense of her thoughts. The recollection of the night's events were blurry inside her head, as if her mind's eye was a camera lens that was trying to come into focus. Hinata closed her eyes tightly, trying to remember what had happened. She remembered the Sushi Bar with all the bright neon signs that stood out starkly against the dimness of the room. One of the signs had glared "KARAOKE NITE" in bright pink fluorescent lights. She suddenly flinched instinctively as she remembered Sakura and Ino's horrible drunken duet. Their attempt to drag Sasuke on to the stage, only to have him push them off roughly, scolding their idiotic behavior. Hinata giggled a sort of slurred laughter and scrunched up her face, her cheeks still pink from the sake.

"Wheere am I?" she mumbled to herself, and promptly fell over again.

Naruto stumbled around his kitchen, rifling through drawers full of forks and knives that he honestly should be avoiding in his current state. Realizing this with a dimwitted expression, he trudged over to the fridge, wondering why he was even in his kitchen in the first place.

"Ohh, nn.. Ramen." he slurred and tried, with a couple of attempts, to grab the handle on the fridge. Once he had secured the cold metal handle in his hand, he yanked the fridge door open, sending jars of canned goods crashing to the floor.
"Awwwwwwww FUG" he breathed, exasperated." He swerved his head around to the kitchen counter and stared bleakly at the kettle that sat on the counter top. The room was spinning as Naruto reached up to clutch his head. He suddenly got the feeling like he was forgetting something. With his free hand, he gripped the edge of the counter to steady himself -though this did nothing to stop the room from spinning. Shaking his head, Naruto made his way out of the kitchen towards his bedroom.

He was too drunk to hear Hinata's muffled sounds of movement as he fumbled with the doorknob to his room. Once he had finally managed to open the door, he took one step inside and froze.

"Hinata?" He exlaimed, momentarily snapping out of his drunken stupor.

A lump beneath a pile of blankets stirred atop his bed. Naruto stared, unblinking, at the ruffled head of dark blue hair.
"Hinata?" he called again, this time in a more hushed tone. Her response was a groan, followed by mumbles of something incoherent. Naruto could just barely make out the words 'pink haired baka'.
Naruto's hand still gripped the doorknob tightly, knuckles white. He desperately began racking his brain for any reason that she would be here -for any MEMORY of why she would be here, and tried to stop himself from thinking about the worst possible reason for this.
'Did.. we didn't.. do it, did we?' Naruto thought numbly.
"No." he said aloud, shaking his head furiously. "Naw, no.. nah, Hinata wouldn't.. we wouldn't do that." He was talking to himself now, but Naruto was only acutely aware of that fact as he released the doorknob from his death-grip. He took a few steps towards the bed, slowly at first, as if he didn't trust his own balance. He continued on this way until he stopped about a foot away from the bed, and looked down at the passed out ninja.

"Hinata!" He cried loudly. "Um I think, thas my bed.. and you're alseep.. init. So, why?" He slurred, pulling at the blankets half-heartedly.
With no response from Hinata, and the soft sound of her breathing being the only noise in the room, Naruto watched her quietly. He wasnt sure why, or for how long he stood there .. but there was something about the young Hyuuga that was just so captivating. Well, he had always found her captivating. How could he not? With long dark blue hair and large pale innocent eyes, Hinata's cuteness was hard for any guy -or any one, for the matter- to resist.

Naruto shook away the thoughts that were creeping in to his head and pulled back the blankets covering the young Hyuuga. He decided he'd try one more time to wake her, and if that was to no avail, well.. then he guessed she'd just have to sleep there for the night.

Naruto held his breath as he leaned over the sleeping Hinata, careful not to crush her as he kneeled on the bed. He touched her shoulder gently. "Hinata?" He whispered, barely audible. He supposed he should make his voice a little louder, but he almost didn't want to disturb her. She looked so peaceful sleeping in his bed -minus the drunkenly tousled hair, of course.

"Hinata" he breathed, leaning down closer to her ear. He thought he saw her shiver slightly. Hinata stirred, and slowly opened her eyes.

"Oh!" Naruto exlaimed. "You're awake!"

Hinata blinked a couple of times, willing her eyesight to focus. When it did, the sight of the blond-haired, blue-eyed ninja crouched over her startled her, causing her to sit upright with a jolt.

"Naruto!" She gasped. "H-how...why? Is this your room?" She glanced around frantically, a dark shade of red beginning to flush her cheeks.

"Yes! Yes it is! Hinata, hush!" Naruto urged her gently, attempting to calm her down. Hinata stopped and looked at him with concerning eyes, embarrassment and dawning realization spreading across her face.

"Don't tell me.. Oh, Naruto.." she threw a small hand over her mouth. "We didn't.. we didn't have se-..s-..s-"

"Sex?" Naruto finished, and Hinata made a little squeaking noise as her face turned crimson red.

"Yeah, that." she whispered meekly.

"No, I don't think so." Naruto mumbled, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. Hinata had the majority of her face hidden by her hands.

"Then how did I get here?" She finally managed to say, fumbling with the words slightly. Naruto shook his head.
"Can't quite remember.. I'm still.." he hiccuped and Hinata let out a laugh, to his surprise. "I'm still a bit drunk. Um.. but" He closed his eyes for a moment. Hinata watched him curiously as he concentrated.

"I think," he said. "We were at the bar.. yeah, that's right. The Sushi bar. And -oh." Naruto shook his head and Hinata leaned forward eagerly.
"What?" She said nervously, anticipating the worst.
"It's..nothing. You just ended up here I guess" Naruto offered lamely. Hinata tried to give him a stern look, but ended up failing miserably and gave him something that resembled an angry puppy. Naruto laughed and gave her a shy smile, which quickly changed the young Hyuuga's skin color from pale to bright red.
"Just tell me" she mumbled, embarrassed.
"Well.. I guess you were.. well, still are, pretty drunk.. so I told you to come home with me." Naruto finished with a sheepish grin.

Hinata could feel her face burning with embarrassment at what Naruto's earlier invitation suggested. The part that made her the most embarrassed, and a little confused, was that in her drunken stupor, she had said yes.

She was startled from her thoughts by Naruto's gaze. He seemed to be watching her for a reaction of some kind, his sky blue eyes etched with concern.. but also with something else. Lust, maybe. Or the hunger of wanting something, but not sure of how to get it. Hinata's hands had begun to shake at some point, she realized as she looked down at her palms in surprise.

She heard Naruto speak to her softly, and something in his tone was significantly different now.
"Are you okay?" his hand reached into her view and gently placed itself over one of her own.
Hinata didn't speak. She just shook her head slightly and continued to stare at Naruto's hand. 'Did I really agree to come home with him?' she thought to herself with disgust.

"Naruto," she said quietly, lifting her head to face him. His eyes were trained on her face intently and she felt her pulse quicken.

"This is so unlike me," she continued in a low whisper. "I-I-I mean." She struggled with the words. She couldn't quite make sense of what she was trying to say, but Naruto didn't seem to be bothered by it.

"Hinata, it's okay. I understand." He said, and softly touched the side of her cheek with his free hand. Hinata almost thought that she could hear disappointment in his voice. 'Surely, Naruto wouldn't be the type of guy who'd want to have a one night stand.. would he? Especially with someone like me, who he must know to SOME degree has feelings for him..' Hinata couldn't help the thoughts that were pushing to her mind's surface. "W-what" she took a deep breath before she continued. "What where you really expecting from this night.. Naruto-Kun?"

Naruto sucked in a sharp breath, and Hinata held hers, anxiously waiting for his reply. He just sat there for a moment, seemingly lost in his thoughts; she could tell he was searching for the right words to say. Hinata felt her heart beat catch in her throat, and tried to swallow her nerves. A few minutes went by before Naruto finally spoke.

"Hinata," he said flatly, but scowled at himself under his breath. "I really like you.. and I have liked you, for a very long time. I just.. don't know how to go about, um.. telling you that." Naruto stared at the floor as he spoke, his eyes squinting as if he were waiting for an inevitable blow to the ego.

Hinata watched him with wide eyes. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"What?" she said, in a demanding tone that startled Naruto enough to make him look up at her in surprise -but he mistook her demanding tone for anger instead of surprise.

"I know, Hinata, I know. I'm so sorry. It was bad idea, trying to get you back here.. I just thought I could confess to you somehow and we could.." he trailed off, and flinched when Hinata raised her hand. Instead of landing it across his face with a smack like he was expecting her to, Hinata gently placed the palm of her hand against his cheek.

"Naruto.." she whispered softly, and she saw his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

"W-wha?" he stuttered. His wide innocent eyes showed his surprise. "You're.. not mad?"

"No," she said with a giggle. "I like you too, Naruto. But you didn't have to use.. um.. alcohol to lure me here." Even Hinata was surprised by the boldness of her own words, realizing that the alcohol may have helped with that a bit. Naruto's mouth suddenly spread into a wide, mischievous grin and they both laughed. "Okay," he finally said. "I'll remember that for next time." Next time?

Before Hinata could say another word, Naruto whisked his arm around the small of her back and guided her so that she was laying back on his bed.

"Naruto!" she exlaimed, but her voice was buried under the sudden and soft press of Naruto's lips against her own.