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Chapter 1

"Go," Percy commanded as we all ran up the hill. "I'll hold them off. Make sure they get there safely."

I looked at my cousin in concern. "Percy no. I'll do it, I have a better chance." He was like my little brother and I didn't want him to die but there were monsters chasing all of us and one, if not all of us would die before we reached camp.

"I've made my choice." He said staring straight into my eyes. "Don't let them blame themselves, don't let them get hurt."

I nodded and started backing up. "Luke! Get Annabeth, we're almost there!" Luke nodded, probably thinking I would take care of Percy.

"Come on Grover," I said as the Satyr stared at my cousin charging into an army of monsters. "There's nothing we can do."

Luke, Annabeth and Grover were all running back to camp when I turned around. They were going to make it, I could go help Percy. I got there too late though, there was nothing but monster dust around him and Percy was laying at the peak of the hill crushed, mangled and barely breathing.

"Percy!" I cried as I cradled his head. "Don't give up, this isn't over yet, you're going to be alright." I knew as I said it that there was no way anyone could save him. No one but the gods at least and we knew from experience that they wouldn't help us. True Poseidon fought the rules my father had forced on him but there was only so much he could do to help his son.

"Thals." he whispered. "I made my choice." I could tell he was about to sprout his 'words of wisdom.' Annabeth said that he just spouted out mumbo jumbo that he thought sounded nice to try and make him look smart but I thought he could be pretty insightful. "Time heals all wounds, not revenge. Beware the fatal flaw. Live a hero's life and we'll party it up in Elysium." His words started fading.

"Perce, you can't leave us." I commanded through my tears. "You hear me? PERSEUS JACKSON YOU CANNOT LEAVE US! You're our glue, we rely on you."

He started glowing and I backed up. Could the gods be helping? Would be be saved? Where he laid before was a willow tree, the branches hung and surrounded me. "NOOO! You were supposed to save him!" I shouted at whatever god did this. "He's my cousin! He's like my brother! WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT HIM?"

After what was probably hours I felt a hand on my shoulder and spun to find Luke looking down at me with a centaur and a handful of kids wearing a mixture of pajamas and armor.

"Luke." I croaked. "Where's Annabeth?"

"She's fine." He assured. "She's sleeping in the infirmary right now, all healed up just resting."

I stared at him. "Percy's gone. They turned him into a… a tree." I stared at the trunk hardly believing it. "They were supposed to save him not turn him into a stupid tree."

Some people started going back to the cabins when they realized there was nothing they could do, others looked confused and I was pretty sure some were asleep standing up. "There was nothing you could do." He tried to comfort me. He had never seen me cry and he didn't' seem to know what to do with me.

"Yes there was. He told me what he was going to do and I let him. I followed you guys to camp and let him face the monsters alone."

Suddenly Luke swooped down and wrapped me in a hug, "It was his choice Thalia, you know what he's like when he decides something. You did the only thing you could have and made sure the rest of us were alright."