November Drabble War

1.) FB: Cherry Bellazza Callen

FF name/profile: addicted-to-romione-bedward

Title: Whatever It Takes

Summary: One wish can change your life forever. Time traveling is just another true myth of the Quileute's tribe. Can Bella change history by trying to save Edward? To keep him human?

2.)FB name: Maria Depp Burton

FF name/profile: www . fanfiction ~littleangrykitten

Title: TBA


3.)FB name: Jessica Mashewske aka JA Mash

FF name/profile: www . fanfiction u/2888001/JA_Mash



4.) FB name: Ana Fluttersby www . fanfiction ~anafluttersby

Title: Stolen Lives

Summary: Bella´s life should feel perfect, but now those weird dreams of him make her want to sleep all day because when she´s awake, she misses him, but he only exists in her head… right?

5.)FB name: Le Crepuscule

FF name/profile: Le Crepuscule www . fanfiction u/1935041/Le_Crepuscule

Title: Nerds Heart

Summary: Bookworm Edward feels lost without a purpose. Athletic Bella feels suffocated by her obligations. Can two people, seemingly so different, be just what the other one needs

Many thanks to my beta, TeamAllTwilight!

I don't anything but a big imagination.

This story is told entirly in BPOV.

I felt the sun shining on my face as I became alert.

No, I thought sorrowfully. Why does it have to be sunny today? We had planned on going to the movies with our friends.

A hand moved on my back, stilling on my shoulders as I felt his breath tickling my cheek. Something wasn't right. Scratch that. Something was definitely wrong.

Edward's breath was warm. His hand was burning.

It wasn't Edward behind me, though my body buzzed in awareness as it always did when we were together.

"Good morning, my love," he whispered in a rough voice.

I shot up, whirling around to gape at him. My heart was in my throat, trying to beat its way out.

Edward was wearing pajamas.

Edward looked rumpled like he had just woken up.

Edward had green eyes and pink cheeks.

I squeezed my eyes shut, counted to ten before opening them again.

He was the same.

What the hell?

"Are you alright?" he asked, arching an eyebrow at me.

"Uhhh…" I uttered, glancing around. I didn't recognize anything. What was going on? "Where… am I?"

Edward laughed, the bed shaking under us. "Uhhh…" he mimicked my sound. "Home?"

I frowned, waiting for something to happen and show me I was dreaming.

"No… I mean…." I stopped abruptly when my eyes dropped on my lap. I was wearing some sort of nightgown – the kind my great-great-grandmother would have worn. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed, my hand going to my throat as I caught a glimpse of something golden and shiny on my left hand's ring finger.

"Bella, you're scaring me. What's going on?" Edward asked concerned, sitting up.

My wide eyes met his worried green ones. I looked back at my left hand then glanced around the room at the old fashioned furniture and finally stopped my eyes on his.

"I had a nightmare," I played it off as coolly as I could while I was breaking a sweat.

A fleeting memory from the previous night came back. Right before I had fallen asleep, I had wished I could have met Edward in his time.

Had my silly wish come true?

How do I get back to the past…or future?

"Oh, Bella." Edward shook his head, wrapping his arms around me. "I told you it wasn't a good idea to stay awake for so long."

"Yeah…silly me," I giggled, allowing him to hug me. As always, his hug gave me comfort.

I had to find out how to go back. Maybe when night came, I'd simply return to the future. That sounded weird.

"So…uhhh…are you hungry?" I asked, finding it weird to ask him that.

"I'm sure Mother's taking care of breakfast, as always. Are you sure you are alright?"


He shrugged, kissed my cheek before getting out of the bed. I followed his actions, looking at the bed that looked much like one from Edward's time – an antique. But that was because I was in his time. I had to find out what the date was.