As the years passed over us, I found myself wondering "what if Edward hadn't left me" or "what if he had returned" or "how would my life have turned if I hadn't decided to try this" but then I looked around at my wonderful family and didn't regret my decision. I didn't regret anything from my past.

I had two beautiful daughters and one handsome son. They all looked a lot like Edward, but of course they got his great genes.

I lived through so many "amazing" discoveries that it was ridiculous how happy people were to see such things. I'd been so ungrateful for the smallest things when I lived in my time.

I was nearing fifty when the mini jupe appeared. How I detested that skirt in my days…and how I wanted to wear one now…

Edward told me to go and buy one because I still looked super hot as he put it. He had loosened up a lot over the years.

At some point, when I was carrying our second child, I finally told him everything. He kept an open mind and accepted everything easily. At first, I thought he was just saying he believed me because well, he was my husband and because he loved his crazy wife, but then he admitted to have read my private mail – Carlisle's letters.

Yes, Carlisle had written to me every year. He told me about Esme, about Rosalie, about Emmett…about the picture I gave him, then he recently told me about Alice and Jasper. What shocked me the most was a letter from Alice…asking how I was doing. I wondered if she remembered our meeting.

Taking everything that happened into count, everyone was happy. I had Edward and our family. There were Nigel and Betty with their little ones as well. A few other friends we had made over the years. And Carlisle's clan – they found each other. When I got the letter about Jasper and Alice, I sighed in relief. The history followed its course, beside a small glitch – I helped Edward cheat his death.


I hope you enjoyed this - my first attempt at period fic and time turning. :)

Many thanks to my wonderful beta (again, because she deserves it) and to my readers (all of them - the one who just read and the ones who left me a few words).