So I just started watching Once Upon a Time and I am totally addicted. I'll give you proof. I started watching the first season on Monday and I am already caught up in season two, its Thursday. The idea is totally amazing and there are only a few things that upset me, so I decided to add my own little…twist to the story.


Notice: In this story Jefferson did not release Belle. She is still trapped in the basement of the hospital. And this is taking place instead of how its going in season 2.

Emma and Henry looked at all the others in the hospital. They looked so confused and Emma couldn't help but fell the same. After all, Hendy had been dead just a few moments before and now he was smiling and very much alive. She couldn't deny the curse anymore or that she, of all people, was the savior.

Emma scrunched her face realizing something. "Henry…if the curse is broken why is everyone still here?"

Henry got a look of confusion as well. "I…I don't know."

Just then the nurse walking near by dropped her tray in a large clatter.

"Are you alright?" Emma walked over to her but the nurse didn't respond. Instead she just looked out the window. Emma followed her gaze and what she saw was not good.

"Henry, what is that?"

A giant purple colored smoke was coming their way, covering the town.

"I don't know but it doesn't look good."

The cloud came closer and closer until they were engulfed. It soon cleared and everyone looked around and it seemed it didn't do anything to them.

"That was weird. I think we should go find out what that was. Get dress, there are some people I want to talk to."

Henry couldn't help but smile. "Finally people believe me."

"You've got that kid."

Later on Emma and Henry were walking through the main street when they saw a group hugging and laughing. Emma instantly recognized the short black pixie cut of her friend, Mary Margaret, or as Henry thought she was…

"SNOW WHITE!" Henry shouted as he ran towards the group.

Snow turned and smiled. She squatted down and hugged Henry. When she stood up and saw Emma walking towards them she grabbed onto Charming's arm. She could feel the tears forming.

"Hey guys." Emma said, a little uncomfortable.

"Emma…do you know who we are?" Charming asked.

"Snow White and Prince Charming?"
Snow nodded. "As well as your mom and dad." She then grabbed Emma in a death hug and Charming and Henry joined as well.

When the hug broke Emma still looked unhappy.

"What is it Emma?" Snow asked, already sounding like a concerned mother.

"Its just that…for 28 years I was without a family and now in an instant you're baack. Not only that but you are from another dimension full of magic and fairy tales. Its a lot to take in and I just need time to figure it out."

The group then heard shouting and saw a mob running down the street.

"That's towards Regina's house." Emma said.

"You have to protect her. She's still my mom." Henry pleaded.

Emma nodded and the group headed for the mob and the queen.

When they got to Regina's house, sure enough, there was a mob shouting for her to come out. At the head of the group was the doctor, Dr. Whale.

"Henry, do you know which character he is?" Snow asked.

"No, I never figured him out. You mean you don't recognize him?"

Snow shook her head. "I've never seen him before."

"We can figure that out later. Right now we have other things to worry about." Emma pushed through the crowd and pounded on the door. "Get out here Regina! There is no place to hide!"

A moment later the door opened to reveal a pissed off and yet scared Regina. "What is it?"

"You are going to pay for what you did to us." Dr. Whale jumped in. He was about to grabbed Regina but was stopped when Charming slammed him into a post.

"You better calm down. Who are you anyways?"

Dr. Whale smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know."

"Take us back Regina!" Someone shouted from the crowd.

"I can't." Regina snapped.

"What do you mean you can't?" Snow asked.

"I mean, even if I wanted to send all you pathetic beings back to the Enchanted Forest I cant, I don't know how. I, like you, thought that if the curse was broken we would all be sent back."

"What about that purple smoke?"

"That wasn't me but that doesn't mean it doesn't help me." Regina smirked. "That was magic being brought back to us."

"So you are saying that you have magic again?" Charming asked.

Everyone took a step back. Regina got an evil grin and then got into position to cast a spell. Everyone ducked and braced themselves but nothing happened.

Regina tried again and still nothing. She looked at her hands. "What's going on?"
"Magic in this world is unpredictable. Remember?" Emma said. "Just because the magic is back doesn't mean that you will be able to use it."

Regina gave Emma a glare.

"What should we do with her?" Grumpy asked.

"What we do with any normal person that has done something wrong." Emma smirked. "She goes to jail."

Later that night, after calming the crowd and putting Regina away, Emma, Henry, Charming, and Snow were all sitting at a table at Granny's drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Henry let out a deep sigh. "What happens now?"

"I don't know kid. I thought you had all the answers."

"I thought that once the curse was broken everyone would be sent back to where they belong. But now that it is broken and still nothing has happened, I don't know."

Snow reached other and took hold of Henry's hand. "Don't you worry. We will figure this out and then we can all be together as a family."

The group finished their drinks and got up to leave. Emma put on her leather jacket but something was bothering her. They were heading back to the apartment when Emma suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter Emma?" Charming asked.

"You guys go on without me. There's some stuff I want to do before I head back."

"You sure?" Snow looked concerned.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Go on without me."

Reluctantly the others left, leaving Emma alone.

This curse wasn't truly over just yet and if Henry found the answers in that book of his then maybe Emma could find more answers in another book so she headed for the best place for books….the library.

So what do you guys think? Its my first time writing a Once Upon a Time fic. Now since the series is just starting really and there are still a lot of untold parts to it, this story will be slow in updating. Just giving warning.