Inspired by this post: garyprestons tumblr com/ post/ 48120186630 (and mostly Valerie's tags on it).

It was hard to find words for what he felt. His love for her was days inside watching the rain, and evenings watching movies, the expressions on her face when she ate something he had baked and the way she shattered all his barriers. How could there be words for that? There was too much to say and too few words to say it.

How could "I love you" cover fifteen years of thinking about her? How could "I want to kiss you" encompass so much aching and wishing? How could he explain that he was scared to commit because he had spent so long convincing himself that her feelings for him were platonic that he was afraid to wake up and discover their relationship was concocted from his hopes?

But he tried. Sometimes, a little of the wordless adoration would find its way past his lips. "They do... they do find you attractive." She seemed to run away then, and the spark of recklessness he had discovered on the eve of his escape was extinguished.

So he held her you're beautiful, and rubbed her shoulder with his thumb please stay close. He baked her muffins I want you to be happy and made her dinner I'd spend the rest of my life taking care of you. He smiled I adore you, laughed you lighten my heart and acted like a child with her I trust you. He tried to teach her to cook I want to share the happiness this gives me because she asked I'd do anything you asked.

And one day, one lucky day he had almost stopped hoping for, he kissed her.

"I forgot to say -" I love you I love you I love you.