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Episode 1: Flame + Vampire!

A small school bus was driving down the road, with only the driver and two passengers in the back. He was a young man with spiky black hair styled like horns with red streaks, deep blue eyes and light-tanned skin. He was in a green blazer, white shirt, red necktie and khaki pants. He was resting his head in the lap of a girl. Her skin was almost as white as freshly-fallen snow and her eyes shared the same blue color as the boy's. She also wore a green blazer but with a pleated skirt and white thigh-highs instead.

"Whoever thought up the color scheme for this uniform should've hung himself," the youth groaned.

"I know you don't like the uniform, Onii-sama…" the white-haired girl placated, "But we must bear with it."

"You two should know," the bus driver called, "Yōkai Academy isn't a safe place. You can actually die if you're not careful."

"We'll take our chances," the boy shrugged, "Thanks for caring though."

"Any reason for attending?" the driver asked.

"We were bored back home," he replied. "We graduated from our old school early, and need a challenge."

The bus driver smirked, "Better be careful of what you wish for, boy…"

Getting off the bus, the boy and girl started walking down the forest trail. The trees were dead, the sky was strangely yellow and there was no sign of life.

"Geez, this place is so...void," the boy frowned.

"It's different from what we know…" the girl agreed.

"Whatever, let's get to this place already before we're late for the opening ceremony," he dismissed. They began walking, hand in hand, as they travelled the dreary path…


They had no time to react as they were knocked down by an incoming bike, knocking them and the rider over.

"I'm sorry," the rider apologized, "My anemia acted up again." It was a girl, with long, bubblegum-pink hair, bright green eyes and seemingly-perfect skin. She was dressed in the girls' uniform and she wore a black choker with a silver cross with an eye-like ruby in it, attached to a chain.

"Um…no problem," the boy blushed, captured by the girl's cuteness. The white-haired girl noticed and poked his face, swirling a finger on his cheek while blushing. "It's not every day I get run over by a cute girl." He looked down and realized his hand resting on the girl's thigh, causing her to involuntarily moan.

"Sorry," He apologized. He was bleeding from the side of his head.

"Oh, no," she gasped, "You're bleeding!" She pulled out a napkin, getting close to Leon as she trembled. "Your blood...I can...smell it..."She fell into his arms,

"It's happening again..."

"Hey, what are you..." the boy sweat-dropped.

"I'm sorry..." the girl interrupted as she inched closer to his face, "I can't help myself because...I'm a Vampire!" She then bit down on his neck.


"YIKES!" the boy flinched before he was pulled back by the white-haired girl, glaring daggers at the pinkette.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" the girl apologized, "I lost control of myself! I won't do it again, I promise! My name's Moka! I'd never dream of doing anything like that...if I weren't..."

"Onii-sama…is mine," the girl proclaimed in a low voice, her eyes glowing threateningly.

"Yuki, it's OK," the boy called, "It…doesn't hurt all that bad, actually. Just got caught off-guard." The girl, known as Yuki, relaxed somewhat but kept on guard towards the Vampire. "Sorry about my sister," he apologized, "Yuki here is pretty protective of me. I'm Yūji; Fudō Yūji. It's nice to meet another friendly face."

"So, um... Do you not like Vampires?" Moka asked.

The brother and sister looked at each other before Yūji looked to Moka, "You're the first Vampire we've met, actually, so we can't really say we don't like you. Besides, you seem like a nice girl."

Moka beamed, "Oh, I'm glad! Then we can all be friends! I was worried because I'm new here!" She ran to fetch her bike and started pedaling, "Nice to meet you, Yūji-kun, Yuki-chan! Let's all talk again after the commencement ceremony!"

"Welcome, everyone, to Yōkai Academy!" the teacher greeted. She was a very pretty woman with short strawberry-blond hair, a spaghetti strap top and a short skirt. She sported a pair of cute glasses on her face and parts of her hair looked like cat ears. What really got his attention was the tail that was swinging behind her. The woman seemed bright and cheerful. "I'll be your homeroom teacher, Nekonome Shizuka! As I'm sure you all know...this is a school for monsters!" She then drew a pointer and explained her diagrams on the board, "Now, like it or not, Humans run the world. For us monsters to survive, we must learn to coexist peacefully with them! And that's the mission of this school: living peacefully with the human world!"

'I hope the rest of the staff is as cheerful as her,' Yūji mused. Next to him was his sister Yuki, sitting silently. She was ignoring the looks of endearment and want from some other students.

"But sensei," another kid growled. He had long brown hair that reached his neck and some piercings on his face. "Can't we just eat the humans? I could start with the cute girls." Yūji and Yuki looked at the guy, both of them glaring.

"Sorry, but that's no good!" Nekonome-sensei smiled, acting like nothing was said. "All the faculty members and fellow students are monsters just like you. This school exists behind a special barrier so no humans have ever seen it. Well, seen it and lived anyway."

'Just like what Mom said,' Yūji thought.

"I'm sorry!" a voice said as the door slid opened. "I got lost in the halls after the welcoming ceremony…and…sorry I'm late!"

"Ara, that's alright," Nekonome-sensei smiled at the student. "Just take whatever empty seat you find."

The siblings looked to see who had come in and their eyes widened. It was the Vampire that they'd met this morning! Suddenly all the boys stood up from their seats, save for the two freshmen, gaping as they saw the beautiful Moka trying to find her seat.

"So cute..."

"That hair..."

"I want to embrace her!"

"No way that's a disguise," one of the boys drooled. "She's just too…"

"BEAUTIFUL!" the collected boys roared.

'Well, look who it is,' Yūji mused. "Sup, Bubblegum?"

"Hm?" Moka blinked as she turned to see who addressed her. "Yūji-kun? It's you!" she cheered as she jumped forward and trapped him in a tight embrace. Yūji couldn't help but laugh at the way she greeted her first friend here, although the other boys in class weren't amused.

"Huh? Who is that guy?"

"How does he get a hug from her?"

"That little bastard!"

After homeroom, Moka wanted to explore the school and its contents. With nothing to do, Yūji and Yuki escorted her as the trio continued on their merry way.

"This place is amazing!" Moka marveled.

"Yeah, the inside is much more pleasing than the outside," Yūji nodded.

As the three freshmen were walking through the school, Yūji noticed that the students around them were staring at them. Well, staring at Moka that is. He also noticed that Moka's beauty didn't just attract male attention, but women were also entranced by Moka's beauty. Wherever they went, jaws dropped at the sight of the pretty Vampire, not that she seemed to notice. Moka herself simply thought that she was plain and uninteresting.

"Wow, what a cutie!"

"What a babe!"

"She must be mine!"

"Oi! Who does that guy think he is, getting so close to her?"

"Who cares? If he gets in my way, he's dinner!"

Yūji shook his head, chuckling to himself at the thought of these fools thinking they could take him.

"It's a bit smaller than our old school…" Yuki commented.

"Where did you two go before coming here?" Moka asked.

"Duel Academy, back home in Neo Domino City," Yūji answered.

This got Moka to turn pale and trembled, "You two…lived in the Human World?"

"Yeah…that's where we were born," Yūji answered, puzzled by Moka's apparent fear, "Something wrong with that?"

"Personally, I hate humans," she huffed. "I... I went to school with humans...and I was so lonely! They all said, 'Monsters don't exist, except in stories!' I felt like such a freak! I started to think it might be better...if I really didn't exist."

"Hey, we know some cool people that are human," Yūji frowned, "You can't just hate an entire race just because of a few assholes. And our godmothers happen to be Human."

"That's right," Yuki agreed, "They know what we are…and love us, regardless."

"I'm…I'm sorry," the pinkette apologized, "It's just that I'm still so angry because of what I went through."

"Hey, it's OK," Yūji placated as he patted Moka's shoulder. "You've been treated like shit; it's only natural that you're still pissed. But you gotta understand that not everyone is the same."

"Right," she acknowledged. "I'll try to keep an open mind."

"They're right, you know…" The trio looked ahead of them, seeing the guy from before step out from behind a pillar. "You are cute. Moka, right? My name's Komiya Saizō. Remember it."

"That depends on if we even care," Yūji retorted.

"You are no threat to us," Yuki glared.

Saizou only smirked as he grabbed Yūji by his collar, worrying Moka. "What I wanna know is... Why is a pretty girl, like you, hanging out with a couple of losers like these?"

Yūji responded by gripping Saizō's wrist, the taller student wincing from a burning sensation that was coming from Yūji's hand. "Don't touch me, Assface," he demanded, a fire blazing in his glowing-blue eyes, "Otherwise, I'll burn your stupid ass beyond recognition. And I promise it will hurt."

Saizō winced and was forced to release Yūji, looking down and gaping at the scorch ring that was around his wrist. His eyes went back to Yūji, glaring at the student as he saw the serious look in his eyes. Just what the hell was this kid? He decided to leave things as is and retreated, swearing to himself that he would show the runt who's boss around here.

"Pussy," Yūji spat.

"Are you alright, Yūji-kun?" Moka worried as she started checking him for marks.

"Hey, I'm fine," he placated, "Not a scratch on me, see?"

"Thank goodness," the Vampire sighed. "I'm sorry about how I acted, Yūji-kun, Yuki-chan. I hope we can still be friends."

"Hey, it's cool," he dismissed. "It isn't healthy to keep your emotions bottled up anyway."

"That gave me a shock though," Moka sighed, "I thought you were going to get hurt."

"Oh, please," Yūji scoffed, "My mother's scarier than that asshole!"

Yuki nodded, "Okaa-sama is capable of making you burn…just by looking at you."

"She sounds…scary," Moka sweat-dropped.

"Oh, she's real nice. Just don't piss her off," the brother warned. "So…are we cool?"

"Oh, yes! Of course we are! After all, you two are the first friends I've made here," Moka insisted before blushing, "Besides, you… Already let me suck your blood~! Your blood is just awesome! Way more delicious than any I've drunk from transfusion bags! The flavor, the balance, the body… Amazing~!"

"Onii-sama is not food," Yuki glared.

"Well, I'm just glad you're happy with me," Yūji smiled.

"Well…to tell you the truth," the Vampire blushed, "Yūji-kun…y-you were my first… The first person I've really sucked blood from! And a girl never forgets her first time!"

"Oh, stop…you're embarrassing me," Yūji blushed, catching the underlining connotation behind Moka's confession, whether it was intentional or not. "So, what else do you wanna do, Moka?"

"Let's all explore the rest of the school then!" the Vampire beamed as she started dragging the siblings along.

The trio explored the school grounds, the gym and sports courts. Aside from the exterior, the facilities that were presented were fairly efficient for a safe and fun school life for students. And then came…their living quarters…

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," Yūji muttered.

The six-story dorm building towered before them, looking just as gloomy as the school building as the air of darkness loomed.

"They can't expect us to crash here for three years," he denied.

"It's heaven…" Moka beamed, "Have you ever seen a building with such personality~?"

"It doesn't look very….sanitary," Yuki frowned.

"But this place is a monster's dream~," Moka giggled, "By the way, what kind of monsters are you two?"

"It's against the rules to reveal your nature, isn't it?" Yuki countered.

"Besides, such a label doesn't work for us," Yūji added. "We're just as Human as everyone else. We share similar appearances; we speak the same languages, think like Humans and we dress like Humans. Yuki and I were born among Humans, lived as Humans and so I consider myself to be very Human."

"I…didn't think you felt so strongly about Humans," Moka awed.

"It's how we were raised," Yūji supported. "We were brought up not to be so intolerable of others unless we're given a reason. For example, if I'm pissed off at someone to a certain point, I'll throttle the fool before he even knows what hit him. And then there's you, Moka. Despite being a Vampire, you look and act pretty Human yourself."

"That's right, I am," she confirmed. "But… If this Rosary is removed, I'll become reeeeally scary! It acts as a seal for demonic powers. I don't like causing trouble anyway… So I'm happy to wear this and keep my powers in check!"

Well, Vampires are believed to be very powerful as depicted in stories and films, so there could be some truth to Moka's words. But her current personally seemed to disprove all current evidence and documentation.

Yūji was caught in his thoughts as he didn't notice Moka so close to him. "Of course, even with her powers sealed," she blushed, "A girl still needs blood~!"

"Huh," Yūji snapped.

"Gotcha~!" She beamed as she bit into him again.


"You three look awfully chummy."

Moka and the siblings looked to see Saizou approaching, sneering at the trio.

"You just love being a pain in my ass, don't you? Get lost, Assface," Yūji ordered coldly.

"And there's that attitude I hate," Saizō grinned, his veins churning with blood as his anger rose. He threw his jacket away, revealing tears in his shit as his muscles expanded. It wasn't long before Saizou had revealed himself as an Orc: a humanoid beast that focuses on raw power and devours humans. "And since school's over, I doubt there's much of a problem," Saizō sneered in his transformed state.

"Great, so now you're just fucking ugly," Yūji frowned. He turned to his sister and inquired, "Same as usual?" Yuki nodded as they both performed a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors as Yuki chose 'Paper' and Yūji chose 'Scissors.' "Perfect," he grinned. He took off in a burst of speed, charging at Saizou as he ducked a punch from the Orc and slid between his legs. The Orc couldn't turn fast enough as he took a kick to the back from Yūji, but didn't feel a thing due to his tough skin. Saizou responded by swinging around for a backhand strike that could take Yūji's head right off his shoulders, which was caught by Yūji and shocked the Orc. Yūji then stood silent, concentrating as his hands ignited with flames, making the Ogre recoil in pain as he stumbled back.

"Yūji-kun!" Moka gasped in shock. "His hands are on fire!" she alerted his sister.

Yuki nodded, "That is Onii-sama's power… He fights using flames and can ignite any part of his body in order to increase damage from his attacks in combat."

"What the hell are you…?" Saizou growled, rubbing his burned arm for comfort.

"That's not something you need to know, Assface," Yūji retorted.

"Screw this…" Saizō growled as he made dash for Moka. "I WILL MAKE YOU MY WOMAN, AKASHIYA MOKA!"

"Oh no, you don't!" Yūji denied as he chased after Saizō. He managed to catch up to the bulky Orc and got in front of him, catching a punch into his chest that made a definite impact, though the spiked brunette stood his ground as he was pushed back a couple of inches, knocking some wind out of him as he lowered his head.

"Yūji-kun!" Moka gasped.

Yuki stood there, impassive and emotionless as ever before a small smirk pulled at her lips.

"Looks like your weakness lies in protecting people," Saizō sneered before blinking. He looked to see Yūji grasping his wrist.

"Wrong again, dumbass," Yūji breathed as he looked up, showing his cheeks covered in scales that matched the color of his eyes.

"Say what...?!" Saizō gaped.

"Just who the Hell do you think I am?!" Yūji grinned as he kept his grip firm.

"What the..? What the fuck are you?-!" Saizō demanded, trying to pry himself free of Yūji's grasp to no avail as his wrist started heating up. "LET GO…!"

"You asked for it," Yūji grinned as he lifted the Ogre off his feet before slamming him down on the ground.

"I…won't be denied!" Saizō growled as he tried to reach for Moka.

"Moka, get back!" Yūji warned. Reaching for his friend and sister, he had tugged on the rosary hanging from her collar, pulling off the piece of jewelry off its chain. "Oops..."

"The rosary…" Moka gasped. A flash of light erupted from the blood-red gem on the piece of silver as the Vampire was swallowed by the glow, shooting upward to the air. Day turned to night as black bats flew out of the sky and merged with Moka's form. She had become cocooned by the creatures before they started peeling off her body and falling away. Her bubblegum-pink hair was silver now and her fangs became more prominent. Her skin had grown paler and her bust size went up a notch, maybe two even. As Moka seemed to become more aware, the siblings could see that her eyes had turned red and the pupils became slits.

"Whoa," Yūji gulped. He and his sister could feel the power radiating from the transformed Vampire. Moka wasn't kidding when she said she would be scary if her necklace had been severed. The cute, bubbly girl they had associated themselves with had seemed to be switched for this hauntingly beautiful woman that stood before them.

"Red eyes…and a crippling demonic aura," Saizō muttered as he started trembling, "So the legends are true…! The most fearsome of all the Yōkai: VAMPIRE!"

Moka-sama ignored Saizō and turned her attention towards Yūji with a slight glare, making him gulp. "Hm, I've never seen something like you around these parts. I wonder what you are, Fudō…" Her voice was very different now. Instead of that soft and cutesy voice from before, she now sounded dominant and mature, giving off an air of confidence that rivaled or even dwarfed Yūji's own.

"Well, we can talk later," he promised, "Gotta take out the trash first."

"Agreed, so I'll handle this," the Vampire volunteered as she approached Saizou. She let out a yawn before beckoning the Ogre with a finger, "Come on, I thought you wanted to play. So let's play~."

Saizō growled out of frustration, being goaded by the Vampire's taunting, ignoring his instincts to flee, the Orc charged ahead to seize Moka-sama. The Vampire side-stepped the charge, getting behind Saizou before delivering a bone-crushing kick to Saizō's back, sending him crashing through the forest and disappearing into the crashing woods.

"Know your place," she smirked.

"She's strong…" Yuki muttered.

"No kidding," her brother agreed. Footsteps were heard as Yūji had focused his attention to Moka-sama, eyeing the rosary that was still in his hand. "Oh, here you go."

The Vampire took back her item, wiping some dust off it with a finger before returning her attention to Yūji and Yuki, "So, what exactly are you two?"

"Long story short, we're a special race of Dragon; born human before our DNA and bodies changes when we come of age," Yūji explained.

"So you were human," Moka-sama realized. It would explain why Yūji was so quick to defend his views on Humanity earlier.

"We chose our path of evolution and have reached a new plain of existence," Yuki continued, "We are…Manakytes."

"Hm…Ma-na-kyte," Moka-sama mouthed. "Well, you showed you can hold your own against trash like Saizō, so I guess I can keep you two around. Just remember to take care of the other me or you'll regret it." Snapping the rosary back onto its chain, her features had reverted back to how Moka previously appeared, the Vampire falling from exhaustion as Yūji caught her unconscious form.

"Well, things may be more interesting than we thought, Yuki," Yūji mused as he couldn't help but smile at Moka's cute, sleeping visage.

It was later that Moka had started rising from her sleep, looking up at Yuki who was staring back at the Vampire.

"Yuki…chan," Moka groaned, sitting up from the girl's lap.

"You OK?" Yūji asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright," she nodded. "I'm guessing you saw the other me?"

"Good guess. And since we saw your true form, it's only fair that we tell you what we are," he reasoned.

"Are you Lizardmen or something?"

"Hardly; we're Manakytes," he corrected.

"I've never heard of that kind of Yōkai before…"

"We're a special breed of both Human and Dragon DNA that have existed since the beginning of time and space before given physical form by the Crimson Dragon, or God if you wanna get technical," Yūji explained.

"And you've existed since creation?" Moka gaped.

"Oh no, not us," Yūji denied. "Trust me, Yuki and I are still very well within our teens. We were born just like anyone else. There are just some of us out there and that have existed throughout history that are very powerful; basically as strong as gods."

"So…you and your sister are basically dragon people," Moka summarized.

"That's about as simple as it gets," he nodded. He pulled his right sleeves back to reveal a crimson-red tattoo of a serpentine creature with a single wing and a head, running along his forearm. "This is a mark that tells people (who know what we are) we're Manakytes."

Yuki revealed her own mark, "All naturally-born Manakytes bear this same mark…"

"It looks so refined, like a tattoo," Moka observed. "Hard to believe it's a birthmark… And can all of you use fire like before?"

"Just me and my mother," Yūji answered. "We're each born with an elemental affinity but we don't change until we come of age, basically around 13. Before then we're still human. I...hope this doesn't change anything between us, Moka."

No! Of course not," she denied, "You two are my friends and nothing will ever change that!"

"Good, cuz I'd hate to lose a friend over something like this," Yūji smiled.

Yuki nodded, "And you looked cute while you were sleeping…"

"I think it'd be safer if we walked you to your dorm, Moka," Yūji offered. "Wouldn't want anything bad happen to you."

"Thank you, Yūji-kun, Yuki-chan," the Vampire smiled.

To Be Continued…

KAMEN RIDER BUSHIDO: OK, so this is the first chapter, obviously. I'm really doing this because I was bored. Anyway, Yuki and Yūji are OCs done by me. Rosario+ Vampire belongs to Ikeda Akihisa and mentioning of the Crimson Dragon is from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, which is owned by Takahashi Kazuki. Rest in peace, 5Ds, rest in peace. Anyway, the Manakyte race is something I've developed. Sorry if this seemed short, since I thought I should follow the Rosario story for a while.

Oh, and as for the voices of Yūji and Yuki...

Fudō Yūji: Johnny Yong Bosch/Fukuyama Jun

Fudō Yuki: Kate Higgins/Kugimiya Rie