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Episode 6: Snow & Vampire!

"Newspaper! Come and get the latest newspaper from the Academy Times, everybody!" Moka called out as she gave her best smile possible with students crowding the Newspaper Club's table out in the front gate.

"Here you go, guys," Kurumu smiled, "Fresh off the presses!"

"Tips on taking tests, advice on relationships, and even fashion tips!"

"Man, these guys are pretty thorough!"

"Lemme get a copy?!"

"I'll take one too!"

"Didn't know the Newspaper Club had hot babes for members!"

Newspapers were selling like hotcakes, thanks to Moka, Yuki and Kurumu's looks which attracted a lot of male attention. Yūji was also the focus of a lot of female attention from the girls that were checking out the newspapers as well, much to Gin's annoyance. It must be the hair; yeah, that must be it. Girls can be attracted to wild-looking hairstyles. And Yūji's hair was definitely wild.

"Wow, they're selling like hotcakes!" Moka marveled.

"Yeah, we're all out now," Yūji nodded as he checked the empty box.

"We handed them out to almost everyone~!" Kurumu beamed as she hugged Yūji from behind.

"That's what makes it all worthwhile!" Yukari agreed.

"In that case...we should celebrate a job-well-done," Yuki suggested.

"Yeah, a party!" Yukari cheered.

"Great idea!" Kurumu agreed.

"And we can get stuff from the school store," Moka added.

"No booze," Yūji interjected. "Bad things happen to Yuki and I when we drink."

Moka blinked, "Bad things...?"

"What kind of bad things?" Kurumu asked.

"Verybad things," Yūji insisted. He spotted Yuki and noticed her perverse smirk as she licked her lips. "Yeah, exactly! You're not getting me again," he swore, "I remember what happened last time!"

"What happened?" Yukari asked.

"You don't wanna know," he insisted. He then looked around, trying to find their president, "By the way, where's the Boss?"

"He's probably chasing skirts like always," Kurumu scoffed, "Who needs'em?"

"He's an enemy of women!" Yukari agreed.

"You guys sure get along..."

All ears were tuned as the club turned to the source of the almost-silent voice. The owner was abeautifully pale girl with ocean-blue eyes and long, messy purple hair. Unlike a jacket, vest, or even a dress shirt, she wore a white sweater with navy-blue sleeves that was so loose it exposed the straps of a black tank top she wore underneath and the standard uniform skirt, plus striped thigh-high stockings. She also had a stick in her mouth, which was actually a lollipop.

"I don't really get it," she muttered.

"Got a problem with that?" Kurumu glared.

"Yeah, that's pretty rude!" Yukari added.

Yūji ignored the girls for a moment and walked over to the girl, asking, "Something you don't understand about having friends?"

"Can't understand friends if I don't have any," the girl retorted.

"Well, that sucks," Yūji frowned.

She stuck her hand out to him and asked, "Got any newspapers left...?"

Yūji looked down and saw a rolled up newspaper in his pocket. Taking it out, he presented it to the girl, "Here, hope you don't mind it being a mess." She took the newspaper and stared at it before shifting her glance to Yūji. "What, something on my face?" He felt an eerie chill from this girl, somewhat akin to Yuki's as she gazed at him with almost no emotion.

"So you're Fudō Yūji, huh," she identified, removing her lollipop and smiling, "You're a lot cuter than I expected."

"I appreciate the sentiment," Yūji smiled.

"Hope I run into you again," she bid as she left Yūji and the others.

"Yūji-kun, who was that girl?" Moka asked, "Do you know her?"

"Not really," Yūji admitted, "First time I ever seen her."

"Yeah, well I got a bad feeling from her," Kurumu frowned.

"Same here," Yukari agreed.

"Come on, no need to be rude," Yūji admonished, "Let's pack up and go get ready for classes."

"YEAH!" the girls cheered.

However, Yuki had her gaze trained on the girl's retreating visage. There was something about her...something similar that she couldn't quite place...

In class, Ms. Nekonome sighed sadly as she checked the class roster. "Oh dear, it seems Shirayuki-san isn't in today as well..." Her ears went up to the sound of doors sliding open, with all gazes at the back entrance as the girl from earlier came in, with Yūji, Yuki, Kurumu and Moka looking in disbelief as she took the empty seat in front of Yūji. "Oh, good, you decided to join us!" Ms. Nekonome beamed. The girl nodded, giving the teacher a faint smile. "Well, I believe introductions are in order," Ms. Nekonome spoke up, "Shirayuki Mizore-san hasn't been able to attend most of this semester due to some difficulties, but I hope you can all welcome her and treat her as you would the rest of the class family! Now then, there's the matter of choosing a class representative. Any takers?"

Mizore raised her hand, standing as she suggested, "I think Fudō Yūji would make a good Class Rep..."

Yūji looked up from his books, a puzzled look on his face, "Huh? What?"

"Hey that's a good idea!"

"Yeah, Fudō-kun seems pretty together with himself!"

"Sounds good to me!"

"Same here!"

Yūji was looking around, puzzled by the clapping. "What?"

"Isn't this great, Yūji-kun?" Moka beamed, "You're a Class Representative now!"

"I guess," Yūji shrugged.

"Onii-sama tends to lose sight of his surroundings when concentrating," Yuki informed, "It's a bad habit of his..."

"Yeah, I gotta work on that," Yūji admitted. His senses kicked up and he spoke up, "You two go meet with the others and set up."

Moka blinked, "You're not coming?"

"Gotta tend to something," he informed, "I'll be with you all later."

Yuki watched her brother's movements. She noticed him glance to the side and nodded, taking Moka's hand, "Then do not be too long, Onii-sama..."

Yūji nodded and watched the girls leave. Now on his own, he turned around and directed his line of sight to a column in the distance. "You know, you don't have to hide from me," he called gently.

From behind the column, Mizore poked her head out from her cover and blushed, "How did you know...?"

"I have this little trick where I can feel the heat of others at a certain range," he said. "But since yours is a little lower than most, you're a little easier for me to track."

"I didn't mean to spy on you," she apologized, "Well...maybe a little..."

Yūji approached the girl and asked, "Is there something you want to talk about with me?"

"Well, I wanted to congratulate you on making Class Rep.," she stated.

"I think I have you to thank for that," he retorted. Mizore's blush had deepened and Yūji grinned, "Feeling the heat, are we?"

Mizore decided to change the subject and pulled out a blue book, "Well, I... I read your newspaper. As always, your articles are the best."

"You a fan?" It was nice to know that he had someone interested in his work, especially if that admirer was cute like Mizore. He opened the book and blinked with confusion. There were markings and scribbles he couldn't make out, but a lot of things were circled and highlighted, with some things he noted saying; "What a caring guy..." or "Can he sense my love from afar~?" or "We share the same soul~!" and even "Mr. and Mrs. Fudō~...""Uh...huh," he blinked.

"You tend to write from the perspective of the observer, almost like an outsider," Mizore commented, "That's something I can really get behind."

"Well, I try to keep my personal feelings out of some things and try to be real with the facts," Yūji explained, "Personal opinion could draw unneeded attention."

Mizore blushed and asked, "Say...is it alright if we...hang out for a while?"

"I think I can do that," Yūji smiled. This made Mizore smile as well, her blush deepening in color.

"This is my most favorite place here, where I like to be alone," said Mizore as she stood with Yūji, overlooking a lake close to the school.

"Not bad," Yūji smiled, "Nice and quiet. We all got our own little piece of the world that we wanna call our own." He watched as Mizore picked up a pebble and tossed it, watching as it skipped nine times before disappearing under the surface. "Hey, not bad," Yūji clapped. She gave him a pebble and he blinked.

"Your turn," she beckoned.

Yūji shrugged and lobbed the pebble, chucking the pebble from the side as they watched it skip five times before sinking. "To be fair, I've never done this before," he sighed.

"But you made it skip five times," she encouraged, "That's pretty good for your first try."

"That's because I got these guns right here," Yūji boasted as he flexed and showed off some muscle.

Watching Yūji's display made Mizore giggle, "You're funny...!"

"I aim to please," he bowed, "You can catch my shows every night on Friday and Saturday." He checked his watch and frowned. It was getting late and the party had probably started by now. "Hey, Mizore, I gotta get going..."

"You can't," she protested as she grabbed from behind, smiling childishly as she had her arms around him, "You haven't beaten me yet~."

"As much as I'd love to practice some more, I can't keep my friends and sister waiting," Yūji denied. A thought then occurred to him and he got an idea. "Hey, why don't you come with me?"

"I don't...I couldn't," Mizore tried to protest.

"Come on, my friends are really good," Yūji tried to convince her as he took her hand, "And I think you and my sister would get along great! Just...watch out for Gin," he warned.

"Who's Gin?" she asked.

"The only other guy in the club," Yūji informed, "He's kind of pervy."

Mizore couldn't believe Yūji was inviting her. She'd never been invited to any kind of party before, and seeing his smile seemed to reassure her as she grew warmer, despite being so cold. "Do you...do you really want me to go?"

"Yeah, no joke," he smiled, "Whaddya say?"

While Mizore was indeed nervous, she couldn't help but feel the warmth from Yūji's smile and it was rather comforting. What did she have to lose? "OK...I'll go with you," she nodded.

"Bangin'," Yūji grinned.

The food and drinks that were bought from the school store were gathered and sitting on the collected desks. Gin, Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Yuki were present, waiting for the others to join them.

"Yūji-kun's late," Moka sighed.

"He'll be here," Yuki assured, "Onii-sama never breaks a promise."

"I'm sure he'll show up," Gin enforced as he sat at his front desk as usual. "And even if he doesn't, he wouldn't want us to wait. He'd want us to have fun," he added with a grin.

"We can't start the party without him!" Kurumu snapped.

The door opened and Yūji came in, "Hey guys! You got room for one more?" Mizore was behind him, trying to hide from the others as she clung to his back. He spun over, bringing Mizore before the others as he held her shoulders from behind. "We have a guest," he grinned.

"Hey, it's that girl from before," Kurumu identified, "Shirayuki."

"She was feeling kinda lonely so I invited here," Yūji explained, "Hope you don't mind."

"Of course not!" smiled Gin. He greeted Mizore. "Hi, I'm Morioka Ginei! You can call me Gin-sempai, cutie-pie!"

Mizore recalled that this was the guy Yūji had warned her about. She looked to him for confirmation. "Yeah, he's the pervy guy I told you about," Yūji reminded.

"Pervy?! Oh, come on! Do you need to badmouth about me in front of the new girl?" Gin whined.

"Am I wrong? Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong," Yūji goaded, "Or should I show her the pics you've taken that you hide in your socks?" Gin was stuck in silence, gawking at Yūji as he nodded victoriously, "Yeah, exactly. Just don't try and get cute with Mizore. She's mega shy so I don't need your furry butt scaring her with your pervy antics." Gin grumbled and backed away. "Now then, let's have some fun," Yūji smiled, making Mizore blush.

Yūji and Yuki had walked Mizore to her dorm after the party. Yūji didn't want Mizore to go home on her own and volunteered to escort her home. His sister tagged along to make sure nothing happened. She trusted her brother, but Yuki was wary of Mizore.

"Thank you...for walking me home," Mizore blushed.

"Not a problem," Yūji smiled. Yuki nodded as well. "If you want, we could walk you home more often whenever you want."

"Onii-sama, we should go," Yuki called before looking to Mizore, "And we hope to see you again, Shirayuki..."

"Yeah..." Mizore nodded, "Thank you..."

"See ya then," Yūji nodded as he and Yuki left her door, Mizore closing as they left.

Mizore was leaning against her door and sighed, blushing deeply as she looked up to the ceiling and smiled, tearing a bit as she was feeling elated. "He...likes me," she smiled, "He really likes me...!" She was going to have to write a letter to her mother and tell her about the boy she liked. She had made first contact and he liked her back!

"Onii-sama, you should be careful around that girl," Yuki warned.

"Huh? Why? She seems nice," Yūji countered. The two were walking back to their dorm room from dropping off Mizore.

"There's something about her that feels wrong," she frowned.

"Sounds like somebody's jealous~" Yūji teased,

"I am not jealous," Yuki pouted, her cheeks puffing up childishly.

He pulled her close and kissed her on the cheek, "Don't worry, Yuki."

It was a couple days later as Yūji, Yuki and Kurumu were walking together to school. Students from their class had been greeting Yūji as they passed the trio.

"Hey, Class Rep!"

"Good morning, Fudō-san!"

"Lookin' good, Inchō!"

"Not really used to this much attention," Yūji sweat-dropped.

"Well, you better get used to it quick," Kurumu smirked, "Cuz people are gonna look up to you."

"Clearly," he remarked. He felt a small chill run up his spine, recognizing it, and turned and smirked as he spotted Mizore's hair poking out as she was clearly hiding behind a tree. "Hey, Mizore! Come on out!"

The girl blushed as she slowly came into view, her gaze shifting between Yūji and the ground. "...It's not like I'm following you or anything," she tried to deny, "We just happen to go the same way..."

'She's totally following us,'the three all thought at once.

"Well, you could walk with us to class if you want, since we're gonna be going the same direction. We're all friends here," Yūji said, grinning.

"...Friends..." she mumbled. That word still sounded odd to her. Actual friends?

"I swear, you're as timid as a bunny," Yūji teased. That gave him an idea. "I think I'll call you 'Snow Bunny' from now on."

Mizore blushed even more, given such a cute pet name and dwelled on it. "Bunny...Yūji's Snow Bunny..." She was turning redder, her body heat rising as she was feeling dizzy.

"...You OK?" Yūji tried to call to her, "Need to see the doc? He's a good guy!"

Mizore slowly approached the trio, as timid as a little animal (definitely like a little bunny) as she got closer to Yūji. She couldn't resist her smile as she took Yūji's left hand, earning Kurumu's ire as Yūji's sides were full (since Yuki was always on his right).

"Aren't you a little too close?" Kurumu demanded.

"You're the same," Mizore countered.

"That's because Yūji's my Destined One!" she countered as she tried to pry Mizore off of Yūji's arm.

"And Onii-sama is myOnii-sama," Yuki declared as she glared at the two, pulling Yūji from her side.

"Ladies, please," he tried to pacify in the middle of the tug-of-war game he was made into, "No need for the hostilities...!"

"Yūji-kun!" Moka chimed as she flew into him from behind, tackling him to the ground.

"Hey there, Bubblegum..." Yūji grunted.

"Sorry," she apologized, "But I'm kind of hungry today!"

"I would guess so," he agreed as Moka flipped him over and exposed his neck.

"Thanks for the meal," she beamed as she bent down and took her fill of blood.

"Mind helping me up now? I'd like to get to school on time, please," he quipped.
Moka blushed as she helped him up, earning glares from the three girls.

"Kids are pretty energetic these days."

All eyes were guided to the front gate as they saw Kotsubo Okuto, resident Gym teacher of Yōkai Academy. He was dark-skinned and had short red hair, wearing tracksuit pants and a sleeveless shirt. His eyes were beady as he gazed at the group.

"You should all get to class before the bell rings," he advised.

"Right, right," Yūji nodded. He knew Kotsubo was right. However, there was something in the teacher's eyes he didn't like but Yūji was gonna keep that to himself for now. He felt a weight pressed against his back and he looked back to see Mizore hiding behind him. "Mizore?" His eyes narrowed as he noted she was trembling. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing..." she trembled as she peeked out to look at the man before retreating back behind Yūji.

"So, you're back, Shirayuki," Kotsubo identified. "Do everyone a favor and try to stay out of trouble, OK?"

Yūji narrowed his eyes at Kotsubo, figuring he knew something about Mizore that he didn't. Well, whatever. "Come on," he called to the others as they followed him inside. Mizore spared Kotsubo a quick glance before looking away and staying as close to Yūji as possible, even clutching the back of his jacket as tight as she could.

Kurumu glared at Mizore in annoyance. The purple-haired girl seemed to want to monopolize Yūji all to herself. It was bad enough with Moka and Yukari as competition, but this new girl didn't seem to understand the concept of personal space. Between classes, she would stick close to Yūji like white on rice. Kurumu didn't even get a chance to talk to Yūji or show her affection because of her.

The day went on as usual, with classes and learning. During breaks, Mizore would cling onto Yūji, preventing Kurumu from getting any skinship time with her Destined One. The continuous interference of the Snow Maiden was frustrating the Succubus. It wouldn't take long before tempers erupted.

And it happened at lunchtime.

"Hey, stop crowding Yūji already," Kurumu demanded. Mizore was trying to feed Yūji.

"Why?" Mizore asked.

"Because he's my Destined One!" Kurumu answered furiously.

"You're a Succubus, aren't you? My mother has told me about your kind. You just flaunt yourself like a tramp," said Mizore.

"Ain't that a bit much?" Yūji asked carefully.

Now, Kurumu wasn't really a tramp. She just liked to express herself. However, she did not want to hear something like that from the ice girl.

"Well, you're just a creepy stalker girl who doesn't have any friends!" Kurumu snapped.

Mizore froze and she hung her head, her bangs shadowing her eyes. She then got up, turned and ran away without another word.

"Mizore!" Yūji called as he followed after her.

Mizore was by the cliff, tearing up from her spat with Kurumu. She failed to notice a shadow behind her and jumped when she felt a pair of hands on her and looking back to see Kotsubo looking down on her.

"K-Kotsubo-sensei...!" she gasped.

"You should be careful, Shirayuki," Kotsubo amended. "You know this place is dangerous due to the strong winds. A carefree airhead like you, falling off this cliff by accident...that would be bad, wouldn't it?"

"What are you doing...?!" she demanded nervously, "Let me go...!" She made a sharp turn and pushed him back, gasping as she watched Kotsubo fall over the cliff.. "Sensei...!" she cried, not seeing anything before something shot up from the side, grabbing her and yanking her over as she caught hold of a thorny root. "What...?!" She looked behind her, gasping as she saw Kotsubo in his true form; a man covered in tentacles and a red octopus body attached to him from the back.

"This is only what you deserve, Shirayuki," Kotsubo sneered. "You tried to freeze me once. A girl like you...will do us all more good as just fish food."

"It's... It's your fault," Mizore rebutted, "I had to protect myself when you tried to...!"

"Heh, don't try and pin this on me, Shirayuki," Kotsuba remarked, "Youwere the one who said you loved me. I was just gonna mess around, but you had to go all prudish on me. You should have just stayed away, Shirayuki!"

Mizore was losing her grip, tears being shed as she was regretting not being able to see Yūji again. She had hoped he would be the one that could love her, but hope was all it was as she'd never get her chance to even say goodbye...


Her eyes snapped open as she felt someone grabbing her hand. Looking up, she couldn't make out who it was, with the light blinding her.

"I gotcha, Bunny...!"

She gasped, recognizing the voice of her savior. "Yū...ji?"

Yūji grinned as he was trying to pull her up, "The one and only... Hope you didn't put on weight, cuz I'm gonna end up getting a hernia here...!"

"You lil' punk," Kotsubo growled, "You shoulda mind your own business!" He lashed out with a tentacle as it tried to enwrap Yūji's neck.

'Shit, my neck...my most vital area...!'Yūji panicked.

"Yūji...!" Mizore panicked.

"I'm gonna snap your neck now, ya lil' punk," Kotsubo grinned, "Better say your goodbyes to Mizore!"

'Have to act fast,' Yūji contemplated, 'Quick, Yūji, use your instincts!'It dawned on him and Yūji grabbed the tentacle around his neck with a free hand and bit down on it hard.

Kotsubo's life flashed before his eyes before screamed in agony, his grip loosening. Yūji took the chance and pulled Mizore up with all his might, with Kotsubo flying up as well since he was still hanging on to Mizore. The two went flying and Yūji ran as fast as he could before sliding and catching the Yuki-Onna in his arms.

"Safe," Yūji breathed as he smiled at Mizore.

"Yūji...you...saved me," Mizore stuttered.

"You're damn right I did," he nodded, "No way I'm letting my friend sleep with the fishes. As for another fish..." He glared at Kotsubo who was slowly standing, trying to recover from his fall.

"That's it...no more bullshit," Kotsubo growled, his anger rising. "NOW YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!"

Yūji and Mizore got onto their feet, with Yūji nudging her back. "You better back away a bit, Mizore," he cautioned, "Things are gonna get hot."

Mizore didn't know what her savior meant, but she wasn't looking to argue as she backed away several feet as she looked on with worry.

"OK, let's dance!"Yūji cried as he slammed his fists together, his body igniting in flames, much to Mizore's shock as his jacket and shirt were burned away, leaving him topless as his fists were now blazing.

Kotsubo watched and sneered, "And just what're you supposed to be?"

"The guy who's gonna kick your ass, fucker," Yūji glared hatefully at the teacher.

Kotsubo roared madly as he charged forward, lashing out with his tentacles as Yūji ran ahead to challenge the Kraken, bobbing and weaving through the assault of tentacles as he closed the gap between the two.

"Karyū no Enchū (Fire Dragon's Elbow)!"Yūji roared as a jet of flame ignited against his elbow, rocketing his readied punch from below before he fed Kotsubo a a rocket-powered uppercut that collided with the gym teacher's jaw, breaking it and his teeth in one shot, as he was sent flying into the sky.

Mizore was seeing everything happening before her and she still couldn't believe what she was seeing. A battle between student and teacher, Yūji giving off flames, and the boy she was affectionate towards was fighting for her. The flames he wielded explains how she could feel such a warmth from him when she hugged him earlier. Normally, fire would deter her kind as she would melt. But she felt comfortable around Yūji despite his flame-wielding abilities. She couldn't understand why, but perhaps it was best she didn't waste time in trying to understand.
"I'm not done with you, fucker!" Yūji grinned as he aimed his flames downward and igniting them with more power, the flames acting as rockets as they shot Yūji upward toward Kotsubo as he wound up with his next attack.

"Damn...you...! YOU BASTARD...!" Kotsubo roared.

"CRY ME A RIVER!" Yūji roared as his body ignited in flames, his head aimed straight up as he rammed right into Kotsubo's gut, the gym teacher coughing up blood as he felt his ribs break on contact and then burst into flames like Yūji. The big difference was that Kotsubo was in serious pain while Yūji was totally fine. "KARYŪ NO...KENKAKU (Fire Dragon's Sword Horn)!"Yūji roared as he started spinning in midair, with Kotsubo still stuck to him before he finally fell off, still engulfed in flames as he was sent plummeting to the depths below.

Mizore could only stare with her mouth agape, her lollipop threatening to slip out. Yūji was simply magnificent, even more so than she originally thought. Despite the fact that they were elemental opposites, she couldn't help but fall more in love with him now for coming to her rescue.

Yuji was now in freefall as he came down like a lead weight, crashing down and forming a crater with his landing. It didn't take long before Yūji shakily collapsed due to a loss of balance and sat in the crater, laughing to himself and rejoicing in his victory. "Hell...yeah," he grinned.


He looked up, spotting Mizore looking down at him from the edge of the crater. "Hey..." he waved weakly. "Just numb...from the fall. Remind me not to do that again, anytime soon," he joked weakly. "You OK, Bunny...?"

"You're asking me? Look at yourself..." she sobbed. "You...why...?"

He blinked, "Why what?"

"I'm too troublesome. Why do you bother?"

Yūji was silent for a moment before smiling up at her, "Because I like you, Mizore." He added, "And no matter what anyone says, you do have at least one friend, and that's me." He offered his hand to her, "Now, come on. Let's get back to the others."

Returning to campus, Mizore had both her arms wrapped around Yūji's left arm as she leaned against him. She let out a contented sigh. Kurumu, Yuki, Yukari and Moka spotted them and ran towards them.

"Onii-sama, you found her!" said Yuki.

"Yeah," Yūji nodded, "I did and I'm glad I did too."

"What happened?" Moka asked.

"I'll explain later, but right now I think someone owes someone an apology..." He looked at Kurumu. "Don't you?"

Kurumu was uncomfortable with the way Yūji looked at her and looked at Mizore. She knew she was wrong for the outburst, but she didn't want to admit it and her frustration got the better of her. Well, now or never, "Look, I'm sorry for what I said earlier about you not having any friends. I was just a bit irritated with you being clingy to Yūji."

"Sorry," Mizore returned, "I guess I got carried away earlier too... I don't wanna give him up, but I guess I could share Yūji with you guys. Just don't hog him too much, OK?"

'That's our line,'the girls thought in synch.

"Good," Yūji smiled, "Now with that all settled, let's get something to eat! I'm starving!"

"I'll make you something really good, Yūji!" Kurumu volunteered.

To Be Continued...

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