Challenge: Konoha no kaimasutā (chi master of konoha)

A naruto/Dbz crossover

Naruto neglected by his parents and clan

Minato sealed the kyuubi into his daughter natsumi and lives but during that night another creature shinron was watching the events and sees greatings coming from naruto and comes down to the boy and turns him into a sayian before minato and kushina's eyes and as a result he loses his chakra but gains the ability to use chi and when the sandaime sees this and has an idea of what it could mean and he informs his clan and the monkey king enma about it both keep an eye on naruto. 8 years later naruto is neglected by his parents, ignored/hated by his clan, and hated by villagers for thinking he is freak because of his tail. The sarutobi clan is the only clan nice to him and once they here about naruto being disowned and exiled from his clan they take him in and sarutobi and enma decides it was time for naruto to know the truth of what he might be an test it by teaching him how to draw his chi if he can which happens and from then on enma takes naruto to his summoning realm to learn from the first clan head of the sarutobi clan and last living sayian alive besides naruto. After 8 years of training naruto returns and takes the genin exams and passes and begins his career as a ninja and becoming known as the sarutobi naruto the Konoha no kaimasutā.


when naruto gets turned into a sayian his hair and eyes become pitch black like any other sayian

his style of dress will be like gogetas when he returns from training in the monkey clan summoning realm

bojutsu master

regular form- anbu level, ss1- anbu captain level, ss2- anbu commander level, ss3- kage level, ss4- madara/godly level

whoever naruto is with will also become a sayian and how is up to you

not a yaoi

whether he can fly or use nimbus is up to you

prefer it not to be a harem but if so it will be no more than 2 max 3

one of the women he will be with is fem. konohamoru the other two are up to you

try to stick to canon somewhat and just have fun with it

uzumaki namikaze clan tries to get naruto back to get his techniques by getting natsumi to seduce him as well as kushina (kushina optional)