Chapter 1

Somewhere in Dublin city,

Co. Dublin, Ireland.

I usually have normal days in my old boring life however today being Friday the thirteenth nothing went my way. My name is Phoebe Skyler Ross but everyone I know apart from my school headmistress (Mrs. Hans) calls me Skye or Skyler, I'm a girl, I have blonde choppy hair with natural brown highlights and deep dark blue eyes which often look grey. I'm 13 years old my birthday is on March 17th but it being a national Irish holiday most people just forget it but I don't mind. My favorite books are basically all the rick riordan book, my favorite colour is turquoise and my most favorite food is jacket potatoes, roast lamb and gravy (Mmmmmm…). I don't really like the Harry Potter books, the colour brown or pork chops. My mum's name is Hailey Ross, my dad's name is William Ross, I have an older 16 year old sister "Storm" (she doesn't let me call her anything else she's a bit eh self centred) and finally I have a newly born baby brother Simon he is a week old. My best friends are Charlotte Norse (Charlie), Dizzy Minor (Diz) and Lucy Smith and its really funny, Charlie and I were born on the same day and dizzy and Lucy were born on the same day which is the 19th of May. So that's nearly everything you need to know about me.

Today Friday the thirteenth was…eventful there was a freak snowstorm which led to no school, penguins running around from the animal sanctuary and Charlie, Dizzy , Lucy and I had a run in with miss Hans.

Charlie, Diz, Lucy and I ran into the coffee shop."God, I do not like the snow" said Lucy "oh come on" I said "well we can't do much in here now can we" said Charlie, I looked around the coffee shop it was populated by about two people and a dirty old cook "why did we come here again?"

Asked Dizzy "to show our parents we can do stuff by ourselves" I said cheerfully, and then out of the blue a man dressed in a brown duffel coat and really black boots walked up to us and handed me a letter and just vanished. I opened the letter it read;

Dear Miss Phoebe Ross,

I am sorry to say but your father has disappeared off the face of the earth and we need to recruit you and you and your three friends to the PPA Parent Protection Agency, we have also heard that you may receive a ransom call any moment now but that is unlikely, you shall also be picked up by an adult agent in about an hour so if you don't mind stay where you are it would help. Yours faithfully


P.S. this letter will blow up in about one minute's time.

I literally collapsed onto the closest seat "what's wrong?" asked my three friends "dad-kidnapped-PPA-adult agent-self destruct-1 minute" I blabbered throwing the letter away out of reach BOOM "Ok you need to explain what was on that " said Charlie "ok" I explained as best I could and my friends seemed to understand mostly "anyone fancy a coke" grinned Dizzy, soon after we were all sitting and sipping coke and talking nervously" so... what's this PPA thing" "eh...I don't honestly know" "oh yes you do.. well will know" I turned around to see my headmistress standing in front of me "Miss Hans" Lucy exclaimed "well aren't you smart Lucy Smith" she said "what are you doing here were not in school so you can't accuse us of anything" I said "what are you talking about" asked Miss Hans "I'm here on official PPA business" "your the adult agent" I gasped "and here's the master brains daughter!" She mumbled. She walked us out of the café when out she walked straight into an "invisible car" "I have to watch where I put this" sighed miss Hans.