Chapter Two. The Nightmare That Killed Johnny.

"It was a dark and stormy night the day Johnny died." A voice said, trying to be creepy. And then someone laughed. "It was not a 'dark and stormy night the day 'He' died'." Said a very, bloody, living, dead, body. As soon as Faith could see the face of the body, she did a muffled scream. The body, was Johnny's. "But I will tell you just how 'He' died." Johnny said with a smile. And Johnny laughed at Faith's reaction to the course of the nightmare. Faith wiggled and squirmed in bed at the thought of reliving the night her husband died. Little did Faith know. That in this nightmare, the nightmare killed Johnny. *NIGHTMARE.*
Faith rolled over to look her husband in the eyes. But she rolled over to see Johnny's very, very bloody body. Looking just like he did the night he said "I love you, Faith." And then he died. "Oh My Squirrel! What happened to my husband!? Is he dead?" Faith half screamed and half yelled the question. And then Johnny's eyes flung open, and Faith screamed. And then Johnny sat up and said. "You! You killed him! You killed him with your nightmare!" Johnny pointed at Faith. And Johnny laughed his evil laugh. And Faith screamed in the nightmare. And in her sleep. "But how can this nightmare kill him?" Faith asked Johnny. Or whoever or whatever it was in Johnny's body. "It can kill Johnny, because the writer wants it to be 'The Nightmare That Killed Johnny'." Johnny replied with an evil laugh. "No! I want Johnny to live!" Faith waved her arms as she screamed. "But 'He's' dead!" Johnny said with an evil laugh again. "No!" Faith screamed just as the nightmare ended. "No!" Faith screamed as she jumped out of the bed. "Oh My Squirrel! That was a creepy nightmare!" Faith said to herself.