Chapter Five. The story about the clock.

"It was my birthday. The day Johnny gave my that clock." Faith said starting the story about the clock in her bedroom. "I remember the day well..." Faith said, starting to remembering the day Johnny gave her the clock. Faith is telling Lizbeth about that day.

Back on Earth. At Faith's house.

Knock, Knock. Came a knock at the door. Faith moved to open the door, and see we it was. Faith opened the door to see the man that has her heart, Johnny Silly. "Johnny!" Faith said surprised to see Johnny here. At this time. And on her birthday, of all days. Yes she was happy to see him. She was just very, very, surprised to see him, right then and there. "Faith! Is something wrong?" Johnny asked looking very worried. "No! No. I'm just surprised to to see you here!" Faith replied to her lover. "Okay. You just had a funny look on your cute face." Johnny said. "So umm... What is that?" Faith asked pointing to the box behind Johnny's back. Whatever it was, Johnny was trying to hide it. 'It must be for me.' Faith thought before Johnny handed the box to Faith and said. "Happy Birthday Faith!" And Faith yelled a kind of happy yell, as she took the box from her boyfriend. Faith opened the box, to find... A Clock! "A Clock!?" Faith yelled the question to Johnny. "Yeah. You like Clocks. Right?" Johnny asked. "Yes I do. But it's my birthday. I thought you would take me to someplace nice. That's all." Faith replied. "Well. I thought about it. But I got you this. And this." Johnny said as he took a box with a ring, out of his jacket. "Faith. Will you marry me?" Johnny asked as he took her hand. And put the ring on her ring finger. "Yes. Yes I will!" Faith replied, as she kissed Johnny.