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Dobby's Warning

Rose had to bite her tongue to stop herself from shouting out her shock and surprise. On her bed was a creature with large, bat-like ears and bulging green eyes the size of tennis balls. And as they just stared at each other, Rose could hear Dudley downstairs offer to take the Mason's coats just as he'd practiced.

'What on earth-?'

Suddenly the little creature jumped off her bed to the floor in front of her and bowed low, so low in fact that its long nose touched the carpet. Rose noticed that it was wearing nothing but what looked like an old pillowcase with rips for arms and leg-holes. She couldn't help but pity its tattered appearance, reminding her of herself when she used to wear nothing but hand-me-downs that were terribly uncomfortable and didn't fit properly.

"Um, hello," Rose greeted the creature nervously, crab walking around the it and setting her plate on top of her desk, and she briefly noticed the way the creature glanced at her tiny meal with a hunger that rivaled her own.

"Rose Potter!" it said in a high-pitched voice that had Rose worried her uncle would hear it from downstairs. "So long has Dobby wanted to meet you, Miss… Such an honor it is…" the creature continued, and it was like walking into the Leaky Cauldron for the first time again, hearing the way it spoke to her.

"Th-thank you. You said your name was, Dobby, did you? And I'm sorry if this may sound rude, but what exactly are you?" she asked as she took a seat in her desk chair, pulling her dress over her knees.

"Yes, Miss. Just Dobby. Dobby the house-elf," said the creature.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Dobby. But I'm afraid right now isn't exactly the greatest time for a house-elf to be in my bedroom. Is there a particular reason you're here?" she asked quickly, her eyes going back and forth between the door and Dobby as she listened carefully for any sign from downstairs that her uncle had heard them.

"Oh, yes, Miss. Dobby has come to tell you, Miss… well, it's rather difficult to say, Miss… Dobby wonders where to begin…" Dobby said earnestly, seeming to have a bit of trouble coming out with the words.

"Would you like to sit down, maybe?" Rose offers the elf a seat politely, motioning to her bed. And thinking she was doing the kind thing, it was to say Rose was very much startled when Dobby, to her horror, burst into tears – very noisy tears that could get her in trouble.

"S-sit down!?" the little elf wailed and Rose thought she might have heard the voices downstairs falter for a moment.

"Oh no, that's not good. Shh, please stop crying, it's all right. I didn't mean to upset or offend you," Rose whispered, trying to soothe the creature, not sure exactly how to comfort a house-elf. She was very tempted to cover its hands with her mouth to get it to shut up.

"Offend Dobby! No, you could never offend Dobby… It's just that Dobby has never been asked to sit down before like an equal," the elf choked and sniffled.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Rose said, offering him a seat on her bed again and watched, pleased, as the creature climbed up. Dobby almost looked like a large, hideous doll, now slightly calmer as his big eyes looked at her with a teary adoration.

"Would you like a tissue?" she asked, plucking one from her desk and holding it out for Dobby who took it with large, trembling hands as if he was sure it was a dream and it would disappear the moment he touched it. "It doesn't seem that you've met many decent witches and wizards," Rose said lightly in a joking manner, trying to cheer the elf up.

"No, I haven't," he answered her with a smile and nervous, seeming to relax before suddenly leaping up and started to bang his head against the wall.

'I have to quiet him or he'll be heard.' Self preservation to not get hit again by her uncle set in, knowing how furious he would be, and she reached out to grab Dobby. Wrapping her hands around the elf she grabbed hold and pulled him away from the wall and into her lap, stopping himself from hurting himself and making any more noise.

"Please, you have to be quiet, Dobby, or my uncle will hurt me. Do you want me to get hurt?" she asked him seriously, and Dobby shook his head, her hand covering his mouth, and her thoughts purely selfish and the burns on her legs started to itch. "Now maybe you can tell me why you tried to hit your head against my wall?" Rose said, releasing the house-elf.

"Dobby had to punish himself, Miss. Dobby almost spoke ill of his family," Dobby said, going cross-eyed as he spoke for some reason.

"Your family?" asked Rose curiously.

"The wizard family Dobby serves, Miss… Dobby is a house-elf, who is bound to serve one family forever…" he told her.

"And does your family know you're here?" she asked.

"Oh, no, Miss… Dobby will have to punish himself most severely for coming to see you, Miss. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this. If they ever knew, Miss-" Rose paled as she listened.

"Won't they notice you shutting your ears in the oven?" she asked, horrified by his self-abuse.

"Dobby doubts it, Miss. Dobby is always having to punish himself for something, Miss. They let Dobby get on with it, Miss, and sometimes they reminds me to do extra punishments…" Rose touched the bruise darkening on her cheek. It was terrible enough the way her uncle treated her, and the constant torment Dudley provided.

"And I thought the way the Dursleys treat me was horrible. It looks like me and you are a lot alike… But why don't you leave? …I would leave the Dursleys in a heartbeat," she told the house-elf, just imagining a better life, with better people, magical people.

"Can't any one help you? Can't I help you? Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." The moment she offered she regretted even speaking when Dobby crumbled into a wailing mess again. "Please, please be quiet. Don't you remember what I told you would happen to me? If the Dursleys hear and find out about you-"

"Rose Potter asks if she can help Dobby… Dobby has heard of your greatness, Miss, bit of your kindness, Dobby never knew…" Rose felt flushed in her face and knew that her cheeks must be burning red.

"Honestly, most of what you've probably heard about my 'greatness' is most likely all rubbish. But I do work very hard to be good, and do my best… I'm really nothing special," she said to him bashfully.

"Rose Potter is so humble and modest," said Dobby, as his orb-like eyes seemed to glow as he stared upon her. "Rose Potter speaks not of her triumph over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." Rose's lips were tight her fists were clenched in her lap as he spoke of her parents murderer. Then Dobby was leaning in towards Rose, and she can see her reflection in green eyes darker then hers. "Dobby heard that Rose Potter escaped yet again," Dobby spoke in a hoarse whisper. Rose nodded and Dobby's big eyes began to shine even brighter with tears.

"Oh, Miss," he said sympathetically, wiping at the corner of his teary eyes with the filthy pillowcase he was wearing. "Rose Potter is valiant and bold! She has braved so many dangers already! But Dobby has come to protect Rose Potter, to warn her, even if Dobby does have to shut his ears in the oven door…Rose Potter must not go back to Hogwarts."

It felt as if her entire world had stopped with those words, and her heart lurched violently into her throat. A silence fell between the house-elf and the young witch, a silence only broken by the clinks and chinks of knives and forks and the rumble of her uncle's voice as they dined on the meal she made but would never get to taste. Confusion, fear, anger, these emotions seemed to choke her and she struggled to breathe before finally she found her voice. "W-what?" Rose stammered, her face a contorted mask of all the emotions she was feeling. "But I have to go back, I can't stay here!" she spoke in a frantic whisper. "Term starts on September the first. Thinking about returning is the only thing that's been keeping me going with these Muggles. You don't know what it's like here with them. I don't belong here. I belong in your world – at Hogwarts!"

"No, no, no," Dobby squeaked, shaking his head so hard that his ears flapped. "Rose Potter must stay where she is safe. She is too great, too good to lose. If Rose Potter goes back to Hogwarts, she will be in mortal danger," he told her with a frightening sincerity that for a moment had Rose thinking she may really be in danger.

"What do you mean?" she asked, still startled by his words.

"There is a plot, Rose Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year," Dobby whispered to her, trembling in his pillowcase. "Dobby has known it for months, Miss. Rose Potter must not put herself in peril. She is too important, Miss!" Dobby continued to speak desperately.

'I'd rather face harm at Hogwarts then harm here,' Rose thought stubbornly.

"What kind of terrible things? If you've known for months, then who's plotting them?" she asked at once and Dobby made a strange choking sound before banging his head frantically against the wall again. "All right! I understand, you can't tell me! Now please stop!" Rose cried, grabbing the house-elf by the arms to stop him. And as she pulled the elf back from the wall and forced him to sit down again a very unpleasant and terrifying thought struck her.

"Dobby, this doesn't have anything to with You-Know-Who, does it? And you can shake or nod… you don't need to speak if you don't want to," Rose asked, adding the last bit hastily as she kept a grip on Dobby to keep him still. Slowly Dobby shook his head. Rose found herself letting out a sigh of relief. She was just starting to get over her last encounter with Voldemort.

"Then who?" she asked, and Dobby's eyes seemed to go even wider as if trying to give Rose some hint. However Rose was completely at a loss at what he was trying to get across. "I just can't seem to think of anyone else who would have a chance of making anything horrible happen at Hogwarts," said Rose.

Rose's professor, and her mum's former best friend before her death, Severus Snape had been cleared of the suspicion she'd once had about him. And Quirrell was dead. She couldn't think of anybody else in the school that would have the chance to do anything remotely evil or terrible. "Besides, Dumbledore is as Hogwarts – You know who Dumbledore is, don't you?" She hoped that the elf would, as apparently Dumbledore was a household name in the Wizarding world.

Dobby bowed his head in acknowledgment of the name, "Albus Dumbledore is the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever had. Dobby knows this, Miss. Dobby has heard Dumbledore's powers rival those of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the very height of his strength. But, Miss-" And here his voice dropped to an urgent whisper, "-there are powers that Dumbledore doesn't… powers no decent wizard…" He struggled with the words, and before she could stop him this time he jumped on her desk, knocking over her cheese and bread onto the floor as he seized her desk lamp and started beating himself on the head with it, letting out earsplitting yelps and Rose's eyes grew wide as she noticed the silence that had fallen downstairs.

Biting her lip, she listened as her uncle's elephant feet creaked the stairs beneath his weight as he made his way up and into the hall, calling loud enough that those down stairs would hear, "Dudley must have left his television on again, the little tyke!"

"Quick! Get in the closet and stay there!" hissed Rose, grabbing the elf by the front of his pillowcase and tossing him a bit harshly into her closet and shutting the door on him, before sitting on her bed and grabbing a book she had dropped on the floor earlier to make it look like she had been reading quietly all this time. The door handle turned and Rose held her breath.

"What the devil is going on up here?" said Uncle Vernon, speaking through gritted teeth as he entered her room, putting his face horribly close to hers as she laid her book down in her lap, trying to look innocent. Before she could lie that she hadn't done anything she was gripped by her shoulder and pulled to her onto her feet.

"You've just ruined the punch line of my Japanese golfer joke… One more sound and you'll wish you were never born, girl!" He shook her hard, spittle flying from his mouth to land on her cheek as her head flung back and forth from the momentum so hard that her neck gave a little crack before he pushed her back to the bed and stomped out of the room.

On her bed, Rose sat shaking and whimpering like a kicked puppy. As she touched her arms where her uncle had grabbed her, she had little doubt bruises would bloom. Keeping her tears at bay, Rose didn't even look up as she heard the squeak of her closet door as Dobby came out. "Do you see now? Do you understand what it's like here for me? I can't even say the word magic without being hit or threatened," she whimpered. "I have to go back to Hogwarts! I'm much safer there than I am here. Hogwarts is my home! It's the only place I have friends – well, I think I have friends," she finished unsurely.

"Friends who don't even write to Rose Potter?" Dobby asked her slyly and Rose frowned.

"How do you know my friends haven't been writing to me?" she asked with well placed suspicion, watching as Dobby shuffled his feet, refusing to meet her eyes.

"Rose Potter mustn't be angry with Dobby. Dobby did it for-"

"Have you been stopping my letters? How dare you!" Rose barely kept herself from raising her voice and yelling.

"Dobby has them right here, Miss," said the elf as he stepped nimbly out of Rose's reach, her green eyes burning furiously behind her glasses, and pulled out a thick wad of envelopes from the inside of the pillowcase he was wearing.

'So they didn't forget about me,' Rose thought as she made out Hermione's neat writing, Ron's scrawl, Tracey's pretty cursive, along Draco's strong script and even the chicken scratch of the Hogwarts game keeper and her friend, Hagrid.

"Rose Potter mustn't be angry… Dobby hoped… if Rose Potter thought her friends had forgotten her… Rose Potter might not want to go back to school, Miss…" Rose was too far gone to even hear what Dobby was saying to her, all of her focus was on the stack of letters that were meant for her.

"Give me my letters, Dobby," Rose spoke in a strained tone of voice, her hand outstretched with her palm up, waiting impatiently for Dobby to hand them over.

"Rose Potter will have them, Miss, if she gives Dobby her word that she will not return to Hogwarts. Ah, Miss, this is a danger you must not face! Say you won't go back, Miss," he said, daring to try and compromise.

"No. Now give me my friends' letters!" Rose said, her patience breaking.

"Then Rose Potter leaves Dobby with no choice," the elf said to her sadly and Rose was confused as to what he meant.

'What is he going to do?' she thought with worry. Before she could move, Dobby darted to the door, opened it, and sprinted down the stairs.

Rose didn't hesitate to chase after him. With a twisting stomach and dry mouth, she continued after him, trying not to make a sound. Jumping the last six steps, Rose landed with cat-like grace and quietness on the carpet at the bottom of the stairs. Holding her breath, Rose looked around for Dobby.

"…Tell Petunia that very funny story about those American plumbers, Mr. Mason. She's been dying to hear…" Rose heard her Uncle Vernon say from the dining room. Creeping to the kitchen, Rose felt her heart stop in her chest, not breathing as she saw her Aunt Petunia's masterpiece of a cake floating high up near the ceiling. On top of one of the cupboards in the corner crouched Dobby.

"Please, Dobby don't… they'll kill me…" And she felt like her uncle really would, as tears shone in her eyes as she begged with genuine fear in her heart.

"Rose Potter must say she will not go back to school-"


"Say it, Miss-" Rose looked from the cake to where she heard Mr. Mason telling her aunt his story in the kitchen. If Dobby dropped the cake, the Dursleys would never let her go back. No matter what happened she wasn't going back to Hogwarts this year. There was no winning in this scenario. Unless-

'I'll lie to him.'What could she possibly lose if she agreed not to go back but didn't mean it? She was a Slytherin, she was more cunning than to let a few words stand in her way. She would give Dobby what he wanted and also save her own skin from being flayed by her uncle within an inch of her life.

"I won't go back… I promise," she croaked.

Dobby gave her a relieved look and smiled, placing the cake back on its pedestal and then Dobby vanished. With the disaster averted, but then suddenly there was a loud scream from Mrs. Mason as a large barn owl swooped through the dining room window and flew through the kitchen to drop the letter it had been holding in front of her before swooping back out. She heard Mr. Mason explain that his wife was deathly afraid of birds.

Grabbing the letter, Rose ran back upstairs to the safety of her room. She saved the cake, but it was up to her uncle and aunt to fix things after the owl had made a visit. She had a feeling she would be receiving the blame and another violent visit from her uncle. When she was again inside her room she saw that her letters had been returned, sitting on her bed.

She didn't know which letters to open first. The one from her friends were the ones that the barn owl had just delivered to her. Seeing as there was no rush to read her friends' letters as she would not be able to reply and let Hedwig out to deliver, she decided on the one that seemed to ooze bad news for her.

She picked up the spilled cheese and bread. It was clean enough except for the cheese which she would have to throw out but the bread could be saved, and she brushed it off before putting it back on the plate and placing it back on her desk. Her stomach growled loudly. And with a sigh and look of disgust Rose took a bite out of the corner of one the slices of bread. As she chewed she started to open up the letter.

Dear Miss. Potter,

We have received intelligence that a Hover Charm was used at your place of residence this evening at twelve minutes past nine. As you know, underage witches and wizards are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spell work on your part may lead to expulsion from said school (Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, 1875, paragraph C).

We would also ask you to remember that any magical activity risks notice by members of the non-magical community (Muggles) and is a serious offence under section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlock's Statute of Secrecy.

Enjoy your holidays!

Yours sincerely,

Mafalda Hopkirk


Ministy of Magic.

Rose put the letter on her desk and swallowed. She seethed at the thought that Dobby could have gotten her expelled if he had done any more magic other than hovering the cake. She would have to be careful about her own magic and hope that Dobby had trusted in her earlier promise not to go back to Hogwarts and wouldn't come back.

Downstairs, it sounded as if her uncle had made good recovery from the owl incident as she heard Mrs. Mason compliment her aunt on the delicious cake she had made, the one that not too long ago, Dobby had threatened to destroy. She wondered whether if her uncle was able to close the deal, he would forget about the owl and not decide to come up and pay her a visit. She could only dream she supposed.

Putting the letter from the Ministry in the drawer of her desk, Rose grabbed the thick stack of letters from her friends and placed them in her lap as she untied the string holding them all together. As she shifted through them, she wondered which to read first. She decided to start from the top of the pile and work her way through it.

The first letter was from Ron, asking how she was, telling of the trouble the twins had been brewing at home and how his sister Ginny couldn't seem to stop talking about her, Rose. He ended the letter by asking if she wanted to come and visit, and that she was welcome over any time.

The next was from Hermione that asked politely how her holidays were, and spoke of her own vacationing with her parents and how she had already begun her studying for the new school year and recommending she do the same.

Then there was Tracey.

Dear Rose,

How are you? It must be awful living with those Muggle relatives of yours. I could never imagine living amongst them like you do, it must be absolute torture and my heart goes out to you for bearing with it.

My offer still stands for you to spend the summer with my family and me. I've already spoken with my mother and father and they would be happy to welcome you into our home for the holidays. Oh, we would have so much fun together and it would be so great. I think my mother is getting a bit annoyed that I won't stop talking about what we would do if you came to stay with us.

I honestly miss you, so hurry and write back as quick as you can so we can start planning what to do together when you visit us.


Rose had wanted nothing more than to spend the summer with Tracey and her family and was thrilled when she had been invited at the end of the school year. She had gotten her hopes up that she wouldn't have to spend the entire summer with the Dursleys. But when her uncle had locked away all her things and refused to allow her to let out Hedwig, all her hopes of spending the summer with her best friend were deflated – and then completely destroyed when she did not receive any of the letters her friends had promised to send.

Draco's letter was pretty much rubbing in the great time he was having during the summer, and listing all the things he had been doing and the places he and his family had visited on holiday. Rose was pretty sure he was either just trying to show off, or wanted to make her feel bad that she wasn't with him having so much fun. But in the end a few little words sent her mind whirling.

"It would be much more fun if you were here," is written near the end of the letter. Rose never knew what to think of Draco. He always seemed to have these two sides to him. And sometimes she got the feeling when she saw him, that he was actually very lonely. Crabbe and Goyle were more his goons than they were his friends.

'If only Draco wasn't so rude and mean we could be friends,' Rose thought with a sigh as she put his letter to the side with the others that she had read.

The letters continued from her friends, all asking why she hadn't wrote back, and if she was all right. They were all worried about her. Rose only paused her reading to listen as Mr. and Mrs. Mason thanked the Dursleys for the wonderful evening. It seemed that all had gone well as the couple was shown out. There was also a genuine cheerfulness she heard in her uncle's voice that gave her a good feeling that he had landed the deal he had so wanted.

She heard the door open and close before the entire house seemed to fall into a cold silence that had Rose nervous and on edge. She put her hands together, intertwining her fingers as she closed her eyes tight almost in prayer as she waited for something, anything. Not even she could predict how her uncle would act now that she knew the evening had gone well for him.

'Please, please let him forget about the owl. Let him be in a good enough mood to leave me be for the rest of the night,' Rose thought hard, her eyes closed tight. But her prayer would not be answered.


Rose winced, and quickly hurried to hide her letters as she listened to the pounding sound of his footsteps as he ran up the stairs and towards her room. Behind him she could hear her aunt call out to her husband. Standing, Rose faced the door and used her courage to steel herself as she clenched her jaw and waited for what was to come. The burns on her legs itched and the bruises on her cheek and arms began to feel sore as she shook with fear.

Her door was thrown open to reveal her Uncle Vernon; his teeth bared, looking much like a rabid bulldog. Rose could barely see past him to her Aunt Petunia behind him as she tried to pull him back by his shirt, trying to stop him. She yelled for him not to do it, to leave Rose alone, frightened for her niece as she saw just how furious her husband was. "Vernon, don't! She's been in her room the entire time!" she shouted, trying to pull him back out of the room, but he only shoved her none too gently off of him and out of the room, shutting the door behind him before turning on Rose.

"I know it was you who called that bloody owl into this house, you and your freakiness. You were trying to sabotage my deal weren't you? I told you I would make you wish you were never born!" And then he brought a hand across her face hard, wailing on her as her aunt pounded on the door, begging for her husband not to hurt Rose as she listened to the girl's pleads and cries for him to stop.

"I'm going to lock you up, girl... You're never going back to that school... never! ...You'll rot here!" He laughed like a maniac when he was done with her, kicking her one last time in the stomach and knocking the air from her lungs, coughing as she struggled to breathe while her body already started to grow black and blue.

"I hate you, I hate all of you... and one day I will get my revenge, I will make you pay!" Rose spoke in a broken whisper filled with pure loathing as she laid a crumbled and trembling mess on the floor, her words unheard beneath the loud laughter of her uncle as he left her room. Locking her in.

She heard his footsteps walking away, the sobs of her aunt muffled as the woman sat of the other side of the door apologizing not to Rose, but to her dead sister Lily, begging for forgiveness that Rose knew she would never receive. Rose didn't even have the strength to crawl into her bed that night, barely able to move and she fell asleep on the floor, sleep being the only peace from the pain of her beaten body.

The next morning, her uncle paid a man to fit bars on her window while Vernon himself fitted a cat-flap in her bedroom door, so that small amounts of food could be pushed inside three times a day. They only let Rose out to use the bathroom in the morning and evening. Otherwise she was locked away in her room around the clock. It was sick and degrading. They were treating her like a wild, caged animal.

A week later Uncle Vernon showed no signs of relenting, and he was the only one with the key to her room. There was no escape for her, and not even her aunt could help her. She really was going to rot in her room. All she could do was sit curled up on her bed every day, her body in pain, waiting to go the bathroom and for her food, watching with blank eyes as the sun set and rose beyond the bars of her window.

'What's the point in using magic to get me out of this room if Hogwarts will just expel me for doing so? Where would I even go?' Rose thought miserably, her stomach growling violently with hunger. Rose had tried to threaten them with magic she couldn't use, but even that hadn't seemed to sway her uncle who was filled with a feeling of power and invincibility after beating her black and blue so badly that she could barely move for two days afterwards.

Dobby hadn't saved her from the horrible things that would be happening at Hogwarts, he hadn't saved her or protected her at all, just left her to a worse fate with the Dursleys.

'Despicable Muggles. At this rate I'm going to starve to death,' Rose thought weakly with malice, feeling lightheaded.

The cat-flap rattled and Aunt Petunia's hand appeared, pushing in bowl of canned soup into her room and Rose didn't hesitate to pounce on it, starving and hungry. She didn't care if it was stone cold and drank it in one gulp, little dribbles going down her chin that she quickly licked up.

"I'm so sorry, Rose, I wish I could get you out, I really do."

Rose didn't hear her aunt's words as she stood and crossed the room, walking with a limp, to Hedwig's cage. The owl was her only friend in this place of despair. Picking the soggy vegetables from the bottom of the bowl, Rose dropped them into Hedwig's empty food tray, and the bird her feathers and turned her golden eyes onto her owner with a look of disgust.

"No point in turning your beak up at it you little snob... I'm sorry but it's all we've got," she told the owl grimly. Looking into Rose's green eyes, Hedwig hesitated before she started to nibble at what she was given. "That's a good girl," Rose told Hedwig. Turning from the cage she placed the empty bowl back near the cat-flap and crawled back atop her bed, somehow feeling even hungrier then she had been before the cold soup.

Rose wondered if she survived the next four weeks, what would happen when she didn't arrive at Hogwarts. Would someone be sent to come and check on her, to see why she had not come back? Would they see the abuse she suffered from the Dursleys and take her away again, and this time she wouldn't have to go back to her awful relatives? Maybe Tracey or Ron's family would let her live with one of them for a while.

As the room was growing dark, Rose changed for the night into a nightgown to sleep in. Her head was spinning and her stomach ached with hunger, along with the rest of her body from her uncle's beating. Her body was covered in bruises, her bottom lip swelled with a scabbed over cut while her burns seemed to become more irritated as they healed, the bandages around her legs dirty and stained. Wanting the pain to end and her head to stop spinning Rose laid herself gently down on her bed, her head resting against her lumpy pillow as she fell into an uneasy sleep for the night. And though her sleep took away her physical pain, her mental scarring manifested in her dreams.

In her dream she was on display at a zoo, and there was a card attached to her cage that read UNDERAGE WITCH. Muggles goggled at her through the bars as she lay there starving and weak on a bed of straw as people poked her with sticks. In the crowd she saw Dobby, who she shouted at to help her, begging him to free her from this prison. Dobby only called back, "Rose Potter is safe there, Miss!" and then vanished. But she wasn't safe; she was dying. Then the Dursleys appeared and Dudley rattled the bards of her cage, laughing at her.

"Stop it," Rose whimpered as the rattling of the bars pounded into her already sore head. "Please, just leave me alone." And then she opened her eyes.

Moonlight shone through the bars on her window, giving her room a tiny bit of light. And like her dream someone was goggling her through the bars: a red-haired, freckled-face, blue-eyed someone.


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