Note: So this is my first fanfic - I chose Oliver and Hermione because I think they make a cute couple - It starts a little slow and let's pretend Harry actually caught the snitch instead of fainting at the dementor ;) But other than that I'm proud of it :) ) (also please try to ignore my horrific punctuation xD)

Hermione Granger was smiling secretly to herself as she wormed her way back to her place in the damp quidditch stands. She was smiling not only because she'd just helped her houses (Gryffindor) star player and best friend Harry with his problematic glasses during the heavy rain, but also because she'd been called 'brilliant' by the quite-nice-looking team captain.

The weather was easing up after the match as she was walking back to the Gryffindor common room with her other best friend Ron Weasley (leaving Harry to change) to celebrate their victory over Hufflepuff. As she was walking into the majestic building that was Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she began to wonder how much she knew about the boy who had praised her for her magic talent...and she realised, not much!

'Hey Ron' she began, turning to face her friend 'What's the name of the Gryffindor quidditch captain?'

'Hold on!' he exclaimed as he grabbed her by the shoulder.

Oops, Hermione thought to herself as she realised she was just about to step on to a non-existent moving staircase as they neared their homely destination.

'Ha!' Ron snickered happily 'That was a close one! Anyway I think his name is Oliver Wood. Why? Someone caught your eye?'

'Don't be stupid Ronald' she huffed going a wonderfully bright shade of pink 'You know I need to focus on my studying' Pushing the books she had bought for a little light reading during the match (sometimes they could go on for far to long) under Rons nose.

'If you say so!' Joked Ron with a sneaky grin as they came to a halt at the Fat Lady's portrait.

'Password?' Muttered the Fat Lady sulkily, rumour had it that she was in a week-long argument with the soprano from the 'Night at the Opera' painting on floor two.

'Fortuna Major' said Ron quickly, no-one liked the Fat Lady when she was in a bad mood.

The Gryffindor common room was warm, circular room with lopsided tables, squashy armchairs and comfy sofas. It was the type of room that made you feel at home and welcome no matter what the weather and how bad your day.

There was a distinctly jolly atmosphere in the air, as the win that late afternoon had put everyone in a good mood. Hermione soaked up the atmosphere then decided to look for somewhere to sit as it was getting late (the heavy rain during the match had slowed things considerably). She'd just found the perfect armchair near the fire, and had just been getting absorbed into her copy of 'The Standard Book of Spells Grade Three' when a shadow fell upon her book, she looked up to see Oliver Wood smiling down at her.

'Hermione Granger isn't it?' Oliver inquired still looking down at her.

'Yes that's right' Hermione said , meeting his gaze and blushing ever so slightly.

'Thought so' Oliver replied 'Harry was telling me all about how smart you are after the match, and that really was a genius idea'

'It was honestly nothing' Hermione modestly said, now a brilliant shade of magenta.

'Well it certainly helped secure us the victory beamed Oliver 'You come and watch Harry practise sometimes don't you? Well maybe I'll see you soon!' and with a quick sly wink he wandered off to commend Fred and George (the teams beaters) on their accuracy during the match, leaving Hermione still blushing and beaming to herself as she said silently

'Maybe I will'

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