There's a place that I know.

It's not pretty there and few have ever gone

If I show it to you now, will it make you run away?

Or will you stay? Even if it hurts?

Even if I try to push you, out will you return?

And remind me of who I really am...

Will you love me... Even with my dark side?

It was close to 3:00 in the dead of night when a knock at the door came to Roma's silent flat. She had been up working on another case for Malik, but was dosing off near the end from over working her brain. Trying to find a needle in a haystack was far easier said than done, and that was a phrase to denounce ease.

Roma frowned toward the door, not wanting to leave her desk, but didn't excuse the fact someone was beckoning her to attend their desired task.

It was altogether possible it was the neighbor again, complaining about the lights coming from her window flooding into his bed room. There wasn't much that could be helped about that though, until she got new curtains or he decided to buy some himself. She was busy with work and often very scatterbrained about things concerning her own place of living, leaving it up to her to remember to replace curtains was never a good idea.

Still, she was willing to debate laziness over work with him this one last time, in fact, the more she thought about it, anything to get her away from the case would be nice. Maybe she could even go out after talking this over and get some ice cream. Or take a shower and get some sleep.

She dragged herself up from the chair with a groan, stretched some and walked over to the door. It seemed a bit odd though, as she approached, that her neighbor wasn't being more aggressive about her not answering right away.

Slightly confused, she unlocked the nob-lock but left the chain on, swinging the door open as far as it would allow, irritatedly glaring out at the disturber of her peace and concentration.

"What is it this time, Raj?" She asked, before her eyes adjusted to the dark hallway and the form of a completely different man came into view... One that she knew well. She froze, her eyes slowly widening, as he swept into the light blaring from behind her.

"Hello Roma." A familiar, smokey voice said back. Don smiled at her, cocking his head to the side in a amused manner, one of his messy dreadlocks falling over his face some.

"Don..." Roma gasped, hardly able to find her voice. It had been a whole year since the last time they saw each other in Berlin. How was she supposed to react? What was she supposed to say?

Without really thinking Roma slammed the door in his face, leaving him whining some outside from the pain in his face upon impact with the door.

"Roma! Open the damned door!" He yelled out, pounding the back of his fist against it.

"What do you want with me Don?" Roma asked, finally gathering her wits enough to speak soundly. "I have a gun you know!"

"What are you doing to do with that? Shoot me?" He mused behind the door, laughing some before launching into a coughing fit.

"Are you... Coughing?" She asked, hardly able to believe what she was hearing.

Don wheezed in a lung-full of air and cleared his throat. "No..." He answered, unconvincingly in a deep low tone. Rather he was trying to hide it or just sound tougher was unclear. Ultimately, he was coughing and it sounded painfully wet as if there was probably clogging in his throat or lungs even... But how could she be sure he wasn't just faking these sounds for his own personal gain? He'd played these tricks one too many times for her to fall for it again.

With her back against the door, Roma's eyes darted around her apartment madly as she tried to choose her next course of action. She didn't have many options here that didn't consist of her locking the door and hiding in her room until he left or calling some backup.

"Roma..." His voice called, gently parted the silence between them in such a pleasant easy way. He wasn't barging in or forcing himself on her as he could. He wasn't fighting the door to get inside or screaming at her... He was clam and almost... Desperate sounding? Roma was unsure rather to be worried about him, curious as to what was really going on, or just pleased to hear him in pain and suffering.

"What is it?" Roma demanded, putting her angry voice on, trying to cover up her confusion.

"Can we talk... Please?" He asked her, still sounding very quiet and gentle.

Roma rolled her eyes to the roof and leaned the back of her head against the door, her curiosity winning the war. "There's nothing for us to talk about... And I'm going to go get my cell phone and call in backup to come get you." She threatened making no moves to actually do this, but hoped it'd be enough to make him back off or make a move so she could react. She honestly didn't know how to handle this situation right now.

"Roma, listen!" He nearly interrupted, with a harsher more anxious tone, but it was rather muffled so he probably had his face against the door itself, plastering himself closer to try and stop her, since he couldn't physically keep her from moving "I need your help. If you call them, I'll have to leave and I don't know if I'll ever see you again. So stop being a child and just open the door." He explained heatedly into the door, leaving Roma gaping. Why was he saying these things?

"Wait-... You need MY help? What for? And what do you mean you'll never see me again?" She asked, having a hard time getting coherent words out of her mouth without screaming in sheer panic and frustration. What did he want with her now?

"Yes, yes, YES!" He growled, his voice growing louder and more frustrated every time he repeated the word. "I need your help, Roma.. It's not safe for me to be out here standing for so long in the open, so can we go inside together and talk it over?" The sound of someone ruffling around following after his words. "Please." He added at the end.

Roma shook her head some, but was running out of good excuses why not to let him in to find out exactly what was going on and what he wanted with her. Showing up out of the blue with no warning was very much in Don's nature, he'd done that same thing to her before, twice. But he'd never pleaded with her to this extent over anything.

Very vaguely could she even remember their "departure" in Berlin when she was shot. Once impact from the bullet was made with her flesh, she went into a feverish shock and passed out into consuming darkness... She could see him staring down at her, a terrified, sorry expression on his usually confident face. The final thing she remembered seeing of him after this. was his blurred form from a distance, with police lights all around, clashing over his shadowed body along with the freezing air as he stood there, pausing his own escape just to get one last look at her...

Later, when she came to in the hospital, Arjun told her that once the hostage situation was over and everyone was allowed inside, he rushed right in and carried her out to the medics that were waiting. Don left her there alone to die... Given this information, she had a hard time grasping that Don could have ever acted or treated her that way, so she determined it must have been her mind playing tricks on her. Wicked, cruel tricks...

Again she repeated to herself... He really had left her there to die and though his face and actions told her two different stories completely, she refused to believe he could be anything more than a deceitful devil with nothing in his nearly-non-existent heart but hate for her and love for himself. But it was so hard to hate someone who you felt attached to without any logic or reason. The confusion of why she felt this way and why it was, almost, strong than what she should feel toward him was more than she could take.

She struggled to collect her thoughts, but finally managed to connect words and form sentences which made sense and prioritized the situation.

"Don. I don't know what you want, But you should know better than to come to me with your personal problems. I'm your... Enemy for God sakes. So, I'd like you to give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't shoot you or turn you in right now!" She nodded some after she finished, pleased with the firmness and execution of her statement.

There was silence on his end for a long moment "I'm bleeding. Is that good enough reasoning for you?" He asked sarcastically but humored.

"You're bleeding?" Roma nearly shrieked in disbelief and shock.

"Yeah, bleeding. You know, when you get cut open and that bright warm red liquid oozes from it?" He said back, laughing and coughing some after.

"Why are you bleeding? What is going on, Don?!" Roma demanded, not holding herself back anymore. The confusion was rising to the point where she was about to explode with curiosity and frustration.

More silence on his end before a painful grunt sounded followed by the tumbling of someone falling to the ground in a helpless heap. Roma's eyes widened as her mind raced with all the worst possibilities.

"DON?!" She called out, her hand grabbing the door-nob and turning it. Fear kept her from removing the chain from the door as she pulled it open, searching for his face at the level of her eyes, where they burned into hers once before, but found no comfort or familiar gaze. She searched the floor for his feet, only to catch a shadowy glimpse of his collapsed limp body on the floor.

She closed the door and removed the chain, flinging it open to reveal the rest of his form in the light from behind her. A shuttered sigh escaped her lips as she stared down at him, feeling her blood run cold with fear at the thought of him being... Dead.

"Don?" She whispered, suddenly remembering – and caring – she had neighbors she'd rather not have see this as she moved closer to him, leaning down toward him some. "Don?"

He groaned lowly, pulling his forehead up from the chilly floor, his braided messy hair shadowing his snarling face. "Can we go inside and talk now?" He asked in his usual sarcastic way, seeing what just happened to him as enough evidence he needed her aid.

Roma rolled her eyes and knelt down next to him, grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking his head back to where she could see his face. He yelled shortly and tried to reach up and rip himself free but her grip was currently tighter than his and the tug of war was more painful than what she was doing originally.

"What am I going to do with you?" She said, shaking her head, looking his bloody, bruised face. He looked like he'd been in numerous fights... Or thrown out a window onto a car.

He laughed and bit his busted lip with a smile. "What are you going to do with me?" He returned.

"Maybe I'll turn you in and finally be rid of you." She said back, glaring at him.

"Ooohh... Please... I know you won't do that, Roma." He said, closing his eyes.

"Oh? Do you now? You're out here on my door step after abandoning me, again, and not showing up for a whole year, asking for my help with whatever is going on you won't just tell me about and and you honestly don't think I'm not just doing to ignore your words and turn you in right now?" She vented, pulling his head up farther as she waited for his reply. "Hmm?" She pressed.

"Aghhh... Yep." He answered through a groan. "I know you better than that, Roma."

"So what do you think I'll do then?" She asked, her glare deepening.

"You'll-" He started, but broke off into a cough. "You'll take me inside... And let me explain myself. Because you're curious and you don't want to see me die." He answered, opening his eyes and looking up into hers, arching his eyebrows in a apologetic way.

Roma crouched there in silence, feeling invaded and exposed though she knew what he said was true. Something in his eyes was so weak and tired looking. The powerful all knowing Don coming to her for a talk and help... It seemed impossible and unrealistic. She really wanted to slap him and throw him out more than anything, cause him the pain he caused her... But something inside her kept her fury at bay. What was it about this man that confused and conflicted her so?

"Who said you'd die? They'd give you some time before you would get death row you know..." She replied, pushing her thoughts and feelings aside.

Without saying anything Don pulled his hand up from under him, holding it in front of her so she could see the warm blood dripping and draining from it. She gasped some and released his hair, immediately taking hold of his hand and examining it carefully. "OW! No you twit- My hands' not bleeding." He growled, yanking it away."

"Then what is?" She asked with a huff.

Using more energy than he cared to burn off, he rolled over onto his back painfully, biting back a scream and pulled his jacket away from his white shirt, which was drenched in blood. He swallowed loudly and squeezed his eyes shut, refraining from losing his cool.

Roma cringed at the sight and put a hand to her mouth. Though she had many negative feelings toward Don and his well-being, it was obvious he was suffering badly from whatever was inflicted upon him and despite her hate... She hated to see anyone suffer like this.

"Alright, listen... You have 30 minutes to explain yourself and what you want before you have to leave." She caved, dropping her shoulders. "And while you're talking I'll... I'll see what I can do about that-" She pointed at his stomach before standing up and reaching down, taking a hold of his upper arms and dragging him to his knees. He cried out in distaste for this quick movement but didn't fight her as he stood to his feet, his legs shaking and nearly bucketing beneath him.

"You good?" She asked, steadying herself under his weight when he leaned against her. He wasn't as heavy as she expected.

"Yeah." He confirmed, wrapping his arm limply around her shoulder as she helped him inside.