A Spanish guitar and exotic set of drums ruptured the air with outstanding energy and excitement. Delicate but pungent it was both light weighted and deep in each change of string or pound against the straining leather. However, it was the only instrument getting any attention, leaving the drum player quite beside himself.

In the courtyard of a usually quiet town, a large group of people gathered to dance and sing, all of them joining in the celebration of a newly married couple whom stood closest to a watering fountain, holding hands and accepting all the appreciation and blessings for a long happy life together.

But despite what one might picture a perfect wedding being from the outside, everyone being excited, family's united and the newly weds pleased, the whole get-together seemed stuffy and forced somehow. There was no genuine expression to much of anything going on here. Among all the clustered and boring music, chattering of the elders and bickering of the priests, one solid and graceful call rose up high above all others, separating confusing and hatefulness from the occasion.

It was such a sweetly triumphant vocalization, seeming to last forever in it's beauty, but not even so was still quite long enough. Nearly everyone stopped what they were doing in order to discover the location of such a god-like voice, eyes scanning the crowd and muttering between persons increasing as the search continued.

Finally, just when no one could handle the suspense any longer, one modestly dressed man took a stand up upon the edge of the fountain with his arms spread wide and a huge smile on his face.

"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums~!" He sang carrying out each word to his own accord that suited his deep tone. Everyone around him stood completely still, just staring at him in awe and bewilderment, none of them quite knowing what to do seeing as he had intruded on their wedding.

The newcomer gave a glance to the neglected drum player, winking at him shortly as if to request his assistance here, but only when he deemed worthy. The drummer beamed from the attention he'd been lacking all evening and complied, giving his drums a few loud beats, looking back at the man with a desire to be approved. The man nodded his head in confirmation and mouthed the words, "When I tell you."

"I hear your heart beat-" He sang loudly once more, clapping his hands to give direction to the band, who started in playing quietly, allowing the song a build. "To the beat of the drums..." He finished, flashing the drummer another look which queued him to drum a perfect setting.

"It's not a shame that you came here with someone..." He continued, giving the newly married couple a flirtatious nod each, batting his eyelashes like crazy, causing everyone watching to laugh in unison, including the slightly less amused groom and grouchy elders.

"So while she's here in your arms-" He jumped down off the fountain and landed behind them, pushing them closer together and wrapping the groom's arms around the bride more, both of them smiling and blushing uncontrollably now. "Let's make the best of tonight 'cause we're not gonna die young!" He threw his hand up in the air and the band went crazy, throwing their best performances into the atmosphere, getting everyone up on their feet and dancing to this new song they improvised along with this mysterious stranger.

"Let's make the best of tonight 'cause we're not gonna die young." He repeated, moving to the center of the crowd, encouraging people along the way, dancing to music with a effortlessness that could cause anyone a spell of envy, but on such a night, everyone only felt empowered and inspired by his talent, linking them back to the celebration and enthusiasm they felt before.

He shook his hips for one of the older women who seemed frisky enough to withstand his slightly inappropriate actions. She lowered her head to the height of his bucketing hips, rocking it back and forth with his luscious movements as she'd seen the lead actors do in the Bollywood films. The crowd was greatly humored, all of them stepping closer to get a better look at what this man had in store for them.

"In the heat of, summer sunshine she'll kiss you..." He sang, giving the bride a naughty point then dragging his finger through the air over the groom, spinning around and throwing some fancy foot work down as the band did their part. He sprang around on his feet like he was the wind itself, bouncing closer to the bride and taking her hands, leading her out farther into the group and dancing with her, giving her new husband a apologetic and pardoning gesture with his ears as he did.

The groom huffed some in protest, but began laughing when he saw how much fun his wife was having, clapping along to the beat as his heart melted into amusement rather than blind jealously.

"You're looking for some trouble tonight--" He suggested in song to the bride, who playfully went along and crossed her arms, giving him a short shrug. "Just take my hand, I'll show you the wild side-" He added, holding out his hand for her, but pulling it away before she could take it and pointing toward her husband. They made eye contact when her gaze followed his hand, the reality of how foolishly they were behaving set in, causing them both to laugh more and giggle.

The bride stepped closer to her husband, extending her hands for him to take as he did the same, but the newcomer appeared from below between them, a silly expression on his face.

He glanced from one to the other then back, "Like it's the first night of your lives-" He said, taking each of their hands and placing them in the others. "Now you keep dancing 'til you die." With that, he sped away once more into the middle of the crowd, leaving the newly weds together to stare into each other's eyes lovingly, feeling reminded all over again why they adored each other so much.

"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums-" He called again, spinning around in the center of the courtyard, throwing colored dust with the elders, who put aside their differences to rejoice with this youngster.

"It's not a shame that you came here with someone, so while he's here in your arms-" He sang, wrapping his arms around himself while giving the bride a look to recommend she do the same. As she did the groom burst into laughter again, feeling very ticklish. "Let's make the most of tonight 'cause you're not gonna die young~!"

The stranger motioned for the band to stop all but the drummer, who was nearly crying from the happiness he felt of having his own solo. Along with the lone drums everyone raised their voices and sang with him: "I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums. It's not a shame that you came here with someone, so while she's here in your arms. You make the most of tonight 'cause you're not gonna die young!" As they all repeated the line over and over, he overlapped the lines he'd sang before, his voice blending with their counter melody perfectly. "In the heat of summer sunshine, he'll kiss you and nobody needs to know."

"He'll kiss you and nobody needs to know~" With that last long note from the humble newcomer, everyone was back to silence, no one able to comprehend just exhilarating happening had just occurred.

The stranger stood before them all, appearing to be just as confused as they were as to why he just behaved in such a manner, panting heavily from all the action he'd caused before sucking in a desperate lungful of air and bracing himself to be beat up.

Instead of fists reigning down upon him, though, to his pleasant surprise, he was greeted with a thick round of applause from everyone who'd witnessed him repair their wedding and bring them closer together. No longer had they been bickering and arguing over the smallest of things nor harboring differences for any reason. They'd all let their opinions go and just had a good time together as a newly united family.

"What a show!" Some of them yelled. "Do it again!" Said others, everyone still clapping and cheering.

Stunned that they had enjoyed what he had to offer in the heat of passion for love to prevail against all feuds, he took a dramatic bow. He straightened back up and blew a kiss to the newly weds who both gave him a relieved nod of gratitude for kindly removing the tension from the picture.

With that, he fled the scene at last and slipped through the crowd before any of them could really notice he was gone, not that it would have mattered if they did, all of them returned to singing their new song and dancing...