Gather children, and listen to a story that might as well be long forgotten.

In the time before time began, as Vakama would begin a story like this, the Matoran lived peacefully in a city called Metru Nui. The time was peaceful, Toa Lhikan and his fellow Toa watched over the city as it flourished. One day, a ship wrecked off the shores of Ga-Metru. The Ga-Matoran, the water Toa of the time and Lhikan investigated the ship and found several dozen frightened people that where not Matoran. They were Humans, exactly like you and I. Most of them where only children, while the rest were fully-grown. The men bravely stood in front of the women and children, but thankfully the Toa intended no harm and helped everyone to shore. Turaga Dume was not sure about letting them stay, but allowed them to live quietly in an abandoned part of Po-Metru.

All the Matoran helped the Humans settle in and taught them many things, seeing as Humans were curious creatures and most of them enjoyed learning.

The Po-Matoran taught the humans the art of building and carving with the stone around them. The Ga-Matoran showed them what fruites where edible and helped them plant gardens for their own food, and also taught them the ways of healing. Onu-Matoran told them about the different Rahi, or in our tonge, animals that lived in the Metru's, the gentle and dangerous ones. Ko-Matoran enjoyed showing the humans how to read the stars, but sadly only a few caught onto the art while others merely used them to navagate. Le-Matoran may have taught them the most important lesson, how to have fun. Together they made gliders and the most daring humans would jump off cliffs with them and race through Po-Metru with the Le-Matoran. And the Ta-Matoran enjoyed telling the younger humans stories, and earned a new nickname from the humans; Fire-hearts.

Years passed and the Matoran learned many things of their new neighbors as well. The Le-Matoran enjoyed it when the Humans threw a ceremony called a wedding, but all the Matoran were baffled when the woman was soon pregnant and gave birth to a baby. What baffled them more was that all humans turned into Turaga in their old age, but once too old, would die. It was always a sad day when a human died. All the humans would burry their dead and the ones closest to them would mourn for weeks, and sometimes months.

Years passed, and the humans and Matoran grew close neighbors. The humans felt free to travel the Metru's and trade with the Matoran. Some humans even grew close with the Toa. One orphaned girl named Thalia was taken in by Lhikan, where she learned the ways of a Toa, how to fight and defend her people. Thalia was soon part of the Toa team. The Toa called her their Human Sister, and the Matoran called her a Bonded Human.

Other humans became close to the other Toa. Though their names are forgotten, Nidiki bonded with a human named Rand. Thalia and Rand soon fell in love and married, with Lhikan performing the ceremony.

But these days of peace were not to last. Nidiki betrayed his fellow Toa as did most of the team, leaving only Lhikan and the bonded humans. Rand was heartbroken when Nidiki left, and if it wasn't for the kindness his wife and Lhikan showed, he might have not made it. Soon, the Dark Hunters started hunting the humans to study them, and cause them to fear the Toa.

To protect the remaining humans, Lhikan thought it would be better to hide the humans until peace was restored. Thalia fought and argued with him on the matter, but since she was with child she soon agreed. But she swore she would see him again soon. And so, the Humans were the first to leave Mata-Nui and pass through the Great Barrier.

Lhikan, never saw his human, or her child again. Before his death as a Turaga, He told young Vakama to someday find the humans and rebuild the bonds. Vakama promised, and he and the other Toa Metru Searched their Island home of Mata Nui for the humans while they scouted to be sure it was safe for the Matoran. But their searching proved fruitless and it was believed that the humans had been too few to continue and had died away. So when the Matoran woke, and the new Turaga took watch over them, the legend of the Toa bond remained as it was.

A legend.

That is, until curiosity, and perhaps destiny, wormed its way into the heart of a child, and my close friend, Zephyr. She's known for her adventures and stories, but was seen as the outcast of her small village. But this never stopped her. She continued to explore, until she wound up in a place and with beings in stories and fables she heard from the Council of Elders.

This is her story.